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The Aftermath of the Green Dragon

February 21, 2004

'Twomoons' : [L7YXE] *There's a large crackle of electricity, and a portal opening about 4 feet in the air*

Cap Rountree: [K88AK] *shrugs--old LC doesn't exactly look like the friendly talkative type anyway.*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma) : [WVRG5] *Looks up, standing slowly....*

Michael Stevens: [UTTNI] *eases a little further back into the couch at the crackle*

Cap Rountree: [K88AK] *Gets to his feet quickly, careful not to bump Honeysuckle off the chair, and steps down off the porch, hand on the Pistol.*

Lost Claw: [Z8PL0] *heads to the DoW compound in utter silence, a bit of a scowl on his face, but it seems damn near practiced*

Anja Stormbringer ~ST~: [Y6GLK] *shakes her head* One gets used to it after a while. *looks over at the portal, hand immediately going to Lawgiver's hilt*

'Twomoons' : [L7YXE] *For those familiar with suh things, it heralds the arrival of Dustin Ellsworth, theurge of some repute-but nobody steps through stays open, waiting*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [ICBFU] *It sounds like Ellsworth. Turns to look*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma) : [WVRG5] *Just waits, shuffleing a bit...Closer....Thinks it's broken...*

'Twomoons' : [L7YXE] *Finally, Twomoons steps through, falling to the ground in crinos, with the bodies of the Don and Jube in his arms, and a shattered hilt, the heads of Scott Timmons and Rahzorheg knotted into his fur*

Cap Rountree: [K88AK] *Shifts to Crinos, draws the Pistol, and waits, aiming at the remaining Gate in case anything else is on its way through.*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma) : [WVRG5] *As soon as she sees Jubes....She squints, like someone fighting off tears and bursts into Crinos.....A long, sorrowful howl roaring out....She couldnt help it...*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [ICBFU] *Goes forward toward him more numb than anything*

Spuds : [DLSYQ] *wound wise, the Don has a massive hole in his chest all the way through and what remains of his chest is pulverized. Jublian, is cut cleanly in half below the waist*

'Twomoons' : [L7YXE] *the gate snaps shut with a light spark and a crackle, the faint smell of ozone hanging in the air. Twomoons himself looks like...well, crap. Blood up to his elbows, a nice bright line along his cheek, and a slowly healing knot on his head*

Honeysuckle: [C7P7E] (back) Cap gets up and Honey hops off the chair is soon standing behind it.

Michael Stevens: [UTTNI] *jaw... drops*

Cap Rountree: [K88AK] *Holsters the pistol and simply looks, silent.*

Lost Claw: [Z8PL0] *his eye widens, then promptly narrows, dropping to all fours and moving towards the bundle of corpses, trophies and hippy before his body even hits crinos*

'Twomoons' : [L7YXE] *softly* ~ht~

Honeysuckle: [C7P7E] With wide eyes she looks on.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [ICBFU] *Stops several feet away with too many conflicting thoughts, but one is clear* To the Ritecircle. Cleansing. *It's the automatic thing to say*

Anja Stormbringer ~ST~: [Y6GLK] *removes the hand from her klaive's hilt, watching, silent, unmoving*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma) : [WVRG5] *When the howl is done...Her ears are plastered to her head...To Twomoons* ~gs~..Want me to heal you?

'Twomoons' : [L7YXE] ~ht~ Here. No need to spread it...further.

'Twomoons' : [L7YXE] Flea>>Save it.

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma) : [WVRG5] *Bobs her head to Twomoons....Swallowing down another howl....Just watching....*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [ICBFU] *Nods. She was prepared to handle it either way. Goes to the Nova for the tools quickly, and returns with the bowl and asperge to begin*

Lost Claw: [Z8PL0] *taint. wounds. possible poison. beatdown from incarnae... nothing really seems to matter as he rushes for Jublain's body. Every hair stands on end, every breath ragged and shaking.*

Cap Rountree: [K88AK] *Steps back and continues to watch.*

'Twomoons' : [L7YXE] *reaches out with a claw and absently smooths the Dons' hair into place, and putting Jubes' legs and torso back together*

Michael Stevens: [UTTNI] *lights a fresh cigarette, making a note to celebrate Jason's survival later*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma) : [WVRG5] *Glances at Lost Claw....Wanting to say something, but.....Can't*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [ICBFU] *With the utmost respect and decorum, the cleansing is being carried out thoroughly and every detail attended to as never before.*

Cap Rountree: [K88AK] *Remains silent--he has no place in this--and simply watches over them all.*

'Twomoons' : [L7YXE] *waits quietly for Val to finish the rite before he looks around a little, waiting for her to nod that it's okay to move*

Honeysuckle: [C7P7E] She steps to Cap's side, grasping his arm gently.

Cap Rountree: [K88AK] *Would squeeze her hand, but in this shape he's liable to either crush it or run it through with talons.*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [ICBFU] *The howl to send the taint fleeing comes at the appropriate time, and all is finished* It's done. They're free of taint. *After checking, that is*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma) : [WVRG5] *Almost wants to move to Twomoon's and give him...One of those hug things...Knowing he's been through hell most likely....But is just solidly planted where she is....Jubes is...Gone....*

'Twomoons' : [L7YXE] *Nods absently* ~ht~ kay. We need to...get a hold of New York. Let them know.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [ICBFU] They already know. They said they'd be watching.

Cap Rountree: [K88AK] HT--I'll call t'night, an' let 'em know.

Lost Claw (DoW: Always there are Three): [N3DUL] *the normally patched eye already shut, his right eye shuts as well, sniffing at Jublain's body.. prodding with his snout and heedless of the blood*

'Twomoons' : [L7YXE] *Nods a little, looking around with blank eyes* Oh.

Anja Stormbringer ~ST~: [Y6GLK] *when nobody's looking, she slips out*

Lost Claw (DoW: Always there are Three): [N3DUL] *it tears free from his lungs, like a force of nature. No gifts empower it, no rage rolls behind it, save that echoed by wolverine himself. There could be no greater tribute to the leader of the pack as Lost Claw shifts down to hispo, shaking with a powerful inhalation... held only for a moment to let the chaos of thoughts devolve into raw emotion as something within seems to snap. There's no frenzy, no tears... only the howl. Rising up lowly.. a long slow start that doesn't seem to be near ending anytime soon. The tone rises slowly in pitch, a howl of mourning, of tribute, of farewell. It carries no words, no translations.. only raw emotion of pain and regret. From the one who's seemed otherwise emotionless since his entry, it's a bit unexpected. The howl carries on... The two full lungs seem to weaken slightly just before where Jublain's would normally have given out, only to kick back in full strength where his would falter, then quickly increasing in power until the vocal chords

Lost Claw (DoW: Always there are Three): [N3DUL] tremble as they grind against each other*

Honeysuckle: [C7P7E] Tears rolls down her cheeks as she looks on, even though she doesn't know those that died.

Lost Claw (DoW: Always there are Three): [N3DUL] ((Stam 9, expression 4.. for the dot-curious))

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma) : [WVRG5] *Lets Lost Claw howl....It's not her right to join at the moment*

Valerie Karydikrotos: [DNB7X] *Frowns slightly at something, but comes to Twomoons* Come on. Shower, healing, rest.

'Twomoons' : [L7YXE] *looks up to the sky adding in his own howl as best he can-nowhere near as impressive as Lost-Claw, and his one lung does finally give out before his muzzle finally drops to look at the two bodies*

'Twomoons' : [L7YXE] ~ht~ no.

Honeysuckle: [C7P7E] She winces at the howl..from the sound and the beating her ear drums are taking from it.

Valerie Karydikrotos: [DNB7X] Of course. To NTI.

Valerie Karydikrotos: [DNB7X] ((I have to go now so...)) *Steps sideways to attend to details on that side* ((Sorry **GONE**))

Spuds : [DLSYQ] *NTI is closed up and locked tight, and remains so for the next few days* ((And I too have to go crash. See ya'll later.))

'Twomoons' : [L7YXE] ~ht~ Yeah. NTI...they'll want to know.

Cap Rountree: [K88AK] *shifts down to Homid, wraps an arm around Honeysuckle's waist, and watches.*

Lost Claw (DoW: Always there are Three): [N3DUL] *and the howl goes on... no sooner does it finish than he takes in for a new one... somewhere in the distance, dogs bark, someone calls the cops and bums curl a little tighter in their makeshift shelters. It's not spiritual... just raw power. a tribute of sorts to what Jublain's voice once was. and then it rings out... a recitation in the wolf tongue. Jublain's name as a wolf would know it.. shifting awkwardly to the garou tongue as it dies down, speaking only for the dead to hear*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma) : [WVRG5] *Moves, shifting to Homid....Going to The Wall.....Gaia they've lost so many....Now....Jubes....She wishes she could trade herself for him...*

Lost Claw (DoW: Always there are Three): [N3DUL] *recites Jublain's name, every deed name he's been assigned, entire lineage, one hell of a list of deeds... and that's just the adressing. before he lowers his voice more* ~HT~ I'll take up your mantle. This time, you won't be failed.

Lost Claw (DoW: Always there are Three): [N3DUL] OOC:err. make that "before he lowers his voice further". was already talking to a corpse. now whispering to it

Honeysuckle: [C7P7E] She leans into Cap's side not bothering to wipe away her tears.

'Twomoons' : [L7YXE] *goes to NTI, and comes back a little while later, the Don's body still in his arms as he meanders to the van, then to the rites circle to put the Don's body on a blanket*

Lost Claw (DoW: Always there are Three): [N3DUL] ~*a little while later*~ *finally makes a move again.. slicing the thong around his neck. The single remaining tooth, claw-carved in detail with a short series of glyphs hanging from it. Reties the leather around Jublain's bloodied neck wordlessly*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma) : [WVRG5] *She remains...Studying the Wall for a while....But puts no names....That is for their Pack, their family to do...*

Cap Rountree: [K88AK] *Nods, squeezing her hand, still watching silently.*

Michael Stevens: [VL1PF] *remains silent. so long as he's not noticed, it's all good*

Lost Claw (DoW: Always there are Three): [N3DUL] *shifts to homid, carefully lifting the two halves of Jublain into his arms and scowling like he's profaning the corpse by simply touching it with his own body, a numb look to his eye... and whatever fight and snap was in him a moment ago seems dissipated, or worn out one*

Honeysuckle: [C7P7E] she finally turn her gaze away from the other turning to Cap and simple wraps her arm around him.

'Twomoons' : [L7YXE] *please gaia, no Galliards...*

Cap Rountree: [K88AK] *Nods and strokes her hair, whispering.* I know....

Honeysuckle: [C7P7E] She softly cries.. not letting go of Cap until she has too.

Cap Rountree: [K88AK] *Doesn't plan on that anytime soon--just keeps stroking her hair.*

Lost Claw (DoW: Always there are Three): [N3DUL] *glances to Twomoons briefly with something bordering between hate and contempt, and it's probably just the light of the yard flickering oddly, but there almost looks like something red on the eyepatch. just for a second.. with some slight maneuvering, his jacket and shirt get removed to cover the body in his arms and he heads for the maze*

'Twomoons' : [L7YXE] *Looking over at Lost Claw and making room or something*

Meredith Turner: [BWLAP] *Slips into the Junkyard. Meredith is the picture of your all American hometown sweetheart. This striking and beautiful young woman, stands at about 5'8. She seems older these days. Her once long mousy hair is styled short and cute, almost pixie like. The color is a soft chestnut brown with golden highlights. Her skin is the color of peaches and cream, her complexion soft and fair. Soulful brown doe eyes with eyelashes out to forever, have a gentle quality to them; very calming and soothing to behold. But they seem serious, more mature now with a hint of sadness to them. Soft pink full lips have a gentle bearing to them. Every now and then she'll smile, however it's more reserved. Around her swan like neck she bears a wolf head pendant that she never takes off. Her ample bust leads down to her toned waist, and her quite feminine and curvy hips. Her body seems mostly of legs however, which are both athletic and eye-catching. She's obviously a runner and takes damn good care of her body.

Honeysuckle: [C7P7E] She doesn't have a heart wrenching cry... and she gets herself under controll soon enough.

Cap Rountree: [K88AK]  *Kisses her forehead.* Any better?

Meredith Turner: [BWLAP] *She stops dead in her tracks, seeing Lost claw and.... oh no...*

Honeysuckle: [C7P7E] She shakes her head, no... "No, but the tears are finished." whispered.

Lost Claw (DoW: Always there are Three): [N3DUL] Jubs>>we're going to her now... you've earned it.... *and into the shadows he steps. The shadows do not embrace him. the shadows do not caress him. the shadows do not bow and rever him as master... The shadows wisely shut the FUCK up and step their asses back before they get run down by a slow moving juggernaut with a cargo of the stuff legends are made of*

Cap Rountree: [K88AK] *Nods.* I know what you mean.

Meredith Turner: [BWLAP] *She steps out of Lost Claws way, clutching her coat tightly and closing her eyes. Swallowing air*

Honeysuckle: [C7P7E] She rests her head on Cap's chest.

Cap Rountree: [K88AK] *Kisses her forehead again and just holds her.*

'Twomoons' : [L7YXE] *finally gets up and moves to the coffeepot automatically, drinking 3-day-old coffee straight from the pot and pretty much oblivious to the fact that it's three days old and there's still a couple heads dangling from his waist fur*

Meredith Turner: [BWLAP] *She just sinks to the ground, drawing her knees up and hugging them, head tilted down.*

Michael Stevens: [VL1PF] *pulls out another clove, rips off the filter and chainsmokes*

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