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Jublain's Funeral and Pyre Burning

February 24, 2004

Those in Attendance: Rane Christian, Volgar Doomhammer, Cassy Nix, Lost Claw, Meredith Turner, Vivian Weiss, Niklas Kohl, Annalise Wade, Kenneth Turner, Asheford Graham, Austin Baxter, Swante Taggart, Amber Jackson, Brad Mullins, Cindy Ramirez, Bubba and Bob

* * *

Meredith Turner (DoW Mom): [8YR97] *Slowly moves through the path from the Junkyard, holding little Annalise on her hip. Speaking softly to the little girl, explaining softly, eventhough she might not understand it all.

Vivian Weiss: [DA8FA] Parks and walk the rest of the way to the site with her sleeping nephew in her arms.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [P7YVV] *arrives, with STAT*

Swante Taggart (STAT): [3DGHZ] *The STAT van arrives at the edge of the woods, and those of the pack that are coming along head down the trail.*

Meredith Turner (DoW Mom): [8YR97] *She standing by the body with Annalise on her hip, right next to Lost Claw. However when people start arriving, she slowly ends her conversation with him.*

Vivian Weiss: [DA8FA] A nods to Mere and Lost Claw and Viv sets a bottle of vodka by the pyre.

Jublain (i.e., setting, background, etc.): [MPK3J] *The pyre is one that most of the Dogs of War know of already--tall and built strong many years ago by Jublain's own hands for his wife, it had waited until her body could be recovered. It never has been, and so the wood dried and seasoned here, in this clearing where he sometimes came to stand and think.*

Lost Claw of Hjarta Villtnur (DoW): [YA36K] *kneeling in front of the massive Pyre silently*

Meredith Turner (DoW Mom): [8YR97] *She nods to Vivian and moves over, whispering softly* I know you already have one sleeping baby on you... but could you hold Annalise for a moment... I do something.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [P7YVV] *she enters the clearing, glancing at Lost Claw first*

Vivian Weiss: [DA8FA] Mere> "Sure.." she adjusts Kenneth in one arm and takes Annalise in the other.

Jublain (i.e., setting, background, etc.): [MPK3J] *The construct is actually three platforms--one more than 12 feet high, where Jublain's body rests in the center, and another to each side, no more than four feet high, that Jublain had intended to decorate with the bodies of those who had defiled and stolen his wife's body.*

Meredith Turner (DoW Mom): [8YR97] Viv> Thank you.. *She nods and hands her over. Slowly turns and makes her way back to Jublains body. Very slowly, with a soft touch, she pulls out a black ring box and opens in. Inside is a stunning and quite expensive looking wedding set for a Husband and Wife. The men's ban she'll carefully take out of the box and slip on Jublain's Ring finger. And the Woman's band and ring set, she places in his hand, and closes it.. Whispers softly, teary eyed* I kept my promise old friend...

Lost Claw of Hjarta Villtnur (DoW): [YA36K] *trophies have been pulled from their previous spots... readjusted. Wood added to several spots... those with a keen nose might realize the new is american white oak. Personal items once belonging to Jubs've been inserted here and there *

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [P7YVV] *she walks to the pyre, taking something from her pocket....only Lost Claw is close enough to possibly feel the presence of silver. She stands at the pyre for long long moments, apparently debating*

Lost Claw of Hjarta Villtnur (DoW): [YA36K] *doesn't look up. doesnt move. Just breathes*

Meredith Turner (DoW Mom): [8YR97] *She'll slowly make her way back down to normal ground, looking to Rane then Lost Claw. Her sights lingering on Lost a bit longer obviously than Rane. But then moves over to Vivian to take one the kids*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [P7YVV] *finally she nods, and places the blade on the pyre....hoping she didn't make a mistake*

Vivian Weiss: [DA8FA] Viv notices Meredith lingering look at Lost, but does say anything.. lets her take which ever child she wants too.

Lost Claw of Hjarta Villtnur (DoW): [YA36K] *slowly rises from hsi kneeling position... moving silently to Jublain's body. Another long pause before he makes a move... with the utmost of care, he removes the leather thong from around his neck... examining the human canine tooth held at the end. For those close enogh to see (that'd probably just be Rane), it bears a series of glyphs for "Shield Brother". Lost Claw uncurls the fingers of Jublain's left hand, pressing the tooth in until it breaks the skin and lies embeded before he clutches the hand shut about it once more. The big man leans over, whispering silently to the fallen hero, words meant only for him*

Bob and Bubba: [LT4BL] *the two arrive on their own, Bubba driving cuz just like at Jurg's funeral, Bob is blubbering like a schoogirl*

Meredith Turner (DoW Mom): [8YR97] *Will take Kenneth, but will pause to bend down and give Annalise a kiss on the top of her head. Vivan get's a soft squeeze of her arm, and Kenneth is curled up close to his mother, being nuzzled softly*

Vivian Weiss: [DA8FA] She shifts Annalise a bit so she can hold her with both arms, whispering soft to her when she stirs.

Lost Claw of Hjarta Villtnur (DoW): [YA36K] *glances over his shoulder to Rane a moment, then reaches for the silver knife with a leather clad hand. Pushes hte sleeve of the jacket up with the blade before he carves Jublain's deednames into the arm, encircling it with the rather lengthy series of glyphs.. The familiar sizzle of silver on flesh hangs in the air, and the arm shakes with the obvious pain... and once it's done, he clutches forearms with his brother one last time, mingling their blood. A final silent word, and the DoW's newest member steps back down, returning to kneeling before the pyre without another word, though his arm still shakes slightly*

Meredith Turner (DoW Mom): [8YR97] *She swallows a quick gulp of air, when Lost Claw starts carving into himself. She understands, but doesn't enjoy the sight. She moves over slightly, Kenneth in her arms, who is quietly chewing on his stuffed animal, watching everyone with those startling bright blue eyes. *

Vivian Weiss: [DA8FA] She watches Lost Claw.. pack devotion seems strong in the new guy.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [S4I99] *she stands next to the pyre in absolute silence, whatever thoughts she has are her own*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [S4I99] *after a bit, she turns to look at everyone gathered, and clears her throat*

Bob and Bubba: [LT4BL] *Bob breaks into a new series of blubbering sobs, and Bubba just shakes his head slightly and pats his cousin on the back, speaking in the same voice he did at Jurg's funeral* Believe me. The secret of reaping the greatest fruitfulness and the greatest enjoyment from life is to live dangerously.

Vivian Weiss: [DA8FA] Her attention goes to Rane... Annalise keeps he head tucked in close to Viv's neck.

Meredith Turner (DoW Mom): [8YR97] *Her eyes are watery, but no tears fall. No more....she's so tired of crying*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [S4I99] *she's quiet for a moment longer, then* not a Skald. In fact, if there is an opposite of a Skald, that would be me. Words are...not my strong suit, but I will still try to say something to night... Something that is worthy of the life we are here to celebrate.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [S4I99] *again, she tries to gather her thoughts* When I arrived here, less than a year ago... I had a very set notion set in my head of what a Get should be. And upon arriving I was...disappointed and disconcerted to find that the honored Get I had come to train with was not as I expected him to be. the weeks went on, I came to realize that he was...more than what a Get should be. He was what a Get ~could~ be. And that was....more than I'd even fathomed, in my inexperience.

Meredith Turner (DoW Mom): [8YR97] *She just closes her eyes, hand rubbing Kenneth's back. Just listening and thinking*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [S4I99] Not all of you like me. *a ghost of a smile for Vivian and Meredith* And I've made no secret that I couldn't care less. But...despite that particular personality quirk of mine...or maybe because of it... Jublain made every effort to draw me out. To...make me what ~I~ could be, rather than what I must be. I'm not nearly the Garou that he was. And I doubt I'll have time to become so. But... I will be able to return Home, to see Jublain-rhya, and be proud to tell him that I tried. That he made a difference to me.

Vivian Weiss: [DA8FA] Can't help but smile a little as Rane speaks.

Meredith Turner (DoW Mom): [8YR97] *Her eyes slowly open at Rane's words, looking at her, but of course doesn't say a thing*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [S4I99] *she opens her mouth to speak again...then sighs and shakes her head. She's done, she's run out of words*

Lost Claw of Hjarta Villtnur (DoW): [YA36K] *speaks lowly, not rising from his position* if others wish to speak... let them do so now.

Meredith Turner (DoW Mom): [8YR97] *She looks around to see if others wish to speak, before she does*

Niklas Kohl: [9LG07] *lurks quietly at the edge of the gathering...*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [S4I99] *she moves aside, leaving the floor to anyone who wants it...moving to stand close to Swante*

Vivian Weiss: [DA8FA] Doesn't appear that Viv will be stepping forward, she didn't know Jub like the others did.

Swante Taggart (STAT): [3DGHZ] *Nods to Rane and waits silently.*

Meredith Turner (DoW Mom): [8YR97] *Slowly steps forewards, wetting her lips and looking around to all of those gathered before she speaks. *

Meredith Turner (DoW Mom): [8YR97] *Her voice is raised for all to hear as she speaks* Many of you knew Jublain as the fierce warrior of Fenris. As a great Alpha of a strong pack. As a Inspiring Skald, that made the blood boil and the inner fires within your spirits Rage with a sense of duty. I knew Jublain as a man. As a loving father, and eternally devoted husband. I have seen the way he cares for and loves his family and his pack. It pains me that his time here could not be longer. I know there was so many things he wished to tell and show his family, his pack. I made a promise to him before he left, and I intend on keeping it, untill the end of my days. His daughter will be cared for and loved, and taught the true ways. This promise I make, as a mother I could make no other oath that is more important. He will be missed... but never forgotten. *She sighs softly and looks to Annalise and the rest of the gathered group, finished*

Vivian Weiss: [DA8FA] She nods.. a hint of a smile forms at Meredith's words.

Lost Claw of Hjarta Villtnur (DoW): [YA36K] *bows his head a bit further*

Meredith Turner (DoW Mom): [8YR97] *She slowly slips off to the side, to stand somewhere near the front, not too far from Rane and Lost Claw.*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [S4I99] *she looks to see who else wishes to speak*

Lost Claw of Hjarta Villtnur (DoW): [YA36K] any others?

Niklas Kohl: [9LG07] *remains silent*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [S4I99] *and as the group goes on in silence, she looks to Lost Claw* Brother...if you would do the honors?

Cassy Nix (DoW, For like 10 minuits): [70CO3] *Has been there the whole time, stewing silently as Mere speaks.*

Lost Claw of Hjarta Villtnur (DoW): [YA36K] *nods and finally stands, shifting to Crinos... he takes in a full lung of air and raises his voice to carry* ~ht~ We will not fail you... *brings both claws to his chest, concentrating on the alcohol-loaded wood... with a snarl and a flash of his claws against the pyre, flame ignites... it's not explosive or amazing, but it gets the job done. Wood beginning to slowly crackle and catch fire as he continues to speak* Farewell...Hjarta Villtnur, Dslg-Dvergr, Defeator-of-Ragnorak, Vissman Skald of the Fenrir, Alpha and founding member of the Dogs of War, Child of Wolverine, Blood-Price for the Talking Junkyard Varthi, Slayer of Razhoreg, Mate of Honeysuckle Wade, Father of Annaliese Wade, Son of Holder-Ledning son of Hver Mors Raseri, Daughter of Et Slag, Son of "Finner-måten", Son of Beviser-blodet, son of William "Iron-Balls" Wade... Jublain Wade. Returns-the-Lost... Shield-Brother beyond Niffleheim.

Meredith Turner (DoW Mom): [8YR97] *She closes her eyes, head tilted down. A few tears escape, and she nuzzles her son, really the only one can comfot her now*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [S4I99] *silently watches the fire flare to life, reflected in her dark eyes*

Swante Taggart (STAT): [3DGHZ] *Wraps an arm around Rane and watches himself.*

Vivian Weiss: [DA8FA] Remains quiet and watching... and speaking to Annalise when she gets scared or weepy, comforting the child the best she can.

Meredith Turner (DoW Mom): [8YR97] *Looks up a little teary eyed at Lost Claw, and then just looks to the pyre, wiping her eyes*

Lost Claw of Hjarta Villtnur (DoW): [YA36K] *doesn't back away from the pyre... ignoring the heat that causes sweat to bead up on his face and begins to make his shirt stick before the sweat evaporates. His eyes transfixed on the fire almost hypnotically as he repeatedly flexes and unflexes the shaky left arm*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [S4I99] *allows herself to slip an arm around Swante's waist in return, the smallest bit of comfort she'll allow herself*

Cassy Nix (DoW, For like 10 minuits): [70CO3] *Moves to Lost Claw, also ignoring the heat* He was like my father. *said in a soft whisper*

Lost Claw of Hjarta Villtnur (DoW): [YA36K] *No response... its not that he's ignoring Cassy, he just seems to be mentally lost*

Cassy Nix (DoW, For like 10 minuits): [70CO3] *Takes no fact...she wasn't even speaking to him. It was more of a thought she expressed out loud*

Vivian Weiss: [DA8FA] She actually watches Lost Claw for several minutes.. there just something odd about him.

Meredith Turner (DoW Mom): [8YR97] *The heat makes Kenneth a little fussy, and she steps off to the side for a bit, calming the little boy down, speaking softly to him, off by a tree*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [S4I99] *she looks up at Swante, speaking softly* I'm ready to go... I...can't stay the night out here and still function as I must tomorrow.

Swante Taggart (STAT): [3DGHZ] *Nods to Rane.* I understand....

Lost Claw of Hjarta Villtnur (DoW): [YA36K] *visibly shudders a few times before snapping out of it, at which point he simply backs away a few steps* there's deer meat and mead on the table. help yourselves...

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [S4I99] *she leaves Swante just long enough to pass among her packmates, touching a shoulder here, a hand there, lightly...then to the kin as well, kissing the little ones on top of their heads in a rare display of affection...and then she's ready to go*

Meredith Turner (DoW Mom): [8YR97] *Once calmed she'll move up to Cassy* Cassy.. can you take Kenneth for a bit.. I. I just need some time alone....You can take him back to the Junkyard if your headed there.... *a weak smile*

Cassy Nix (DoW, For like 10 minuits): [70CO3] *smiles softly to herself and turns back to the table for food*

Cassy Nix (DoW, For like 10 minuits): [70CO3] *Nods to Mere and Cradles Kenneth in her arms* No problem...I'd love to.

Meredith Turner (DoW Mom): [8YR97] *She nods and hugs her friend, before moving off to the side, away from the others*

Swante Taggart (STAT): [3DGHZ]  *Nods and waits, but doesn't push himself into the situation, and eventually leaves with Rane.*

Niklas Kohl: [9LG07] *Stands silently away from the crowd, and therefore outside any natural paths the others might be taking... should anyone wish to talk to him, they'd have to cross out of their way...*

Vivian Weiss: [DA8FA] Viv does remain there for a while, Keeping Annalise with her...

Meredith Turner (DoW Mom): [8YR97] *She stands off to the side, away form most of the others, looking out at the trees and the surrounding area, her back to the pyre*

Lost Claw of Hjarta Villtnur (DoW): [YA36K] *reverts to lupus. Shutting his eye as others spread out away from the pyre. Slowly rolls out a mournful howl... one after another, filling the night air with promises, oaths and guarantees that mingle with the smoke swirling in the night sky. Its many lungfuls later that the tone turns at the high point of it's forcefulness to one of determination*

Vivian Weiss: [DA8FA] After a while, viv will let Meredith know that she'll take Annalise home with her and drop her off tomorrow, if that okay with her.

Meredith Turner (DoW Mom): [8YR97] *She's just nod to Viv and give her a hug* Thank you Vivian...

Meredith Turner (DoW Mom): [8YR97] *She'll slowly sit down, leaning back against a tree, knees brought up, looking out over the land*

Vivian Weiss: [DA8FA] She hugs Mere back, and gives a nod to Lost Claw.. trusting him to watch over Mere.

Vivian Weiss: [DA8FA] Viv heads back to the city...

Niklas Kohl: [9LG07] *Turns and leaves when the formal aspect of the funeral are finished.. getting into his car and driving off*

Lost Claw of Hjarta Villtnur (DoW): [YA36K] *continues staring at the fire until it burns down to nogthingness* OOC: and I need to head out and get some much needed sleep

Meredith Turner (DoW Mom): [8YR97] *Mere will stay out here for quite some time before returning to the DoW vans*

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