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Junkyard Moot

October 8, 2004

Wields-Plastic-Death (Mongrel-of-War?): [KI9SI] *steps out of Robert's van dramatically... His unruly hair's been pulled back into a pony tail and bleached blonde, along with the scraggly few hairs on his chin and the mass on his upper lip that doesn't seem to want to grow beyond a centimeter. Without his overcoat, but wearing his same boot and jeans. Boot.. singular. Because apparently he's duct taped his left ankle to his thigh to give the illusion of being legless in his baggy pants. Apparently also felt the need to do the same with taping his left wrist to his shoulder, leaving the elbow to wave free as he hobbles out on a sledge hammer.. the kind for breaking rocks, not for combat. An eyepatch with a big smiley face sits over one eye and the other side's ear has been covered with a cut-up rubber glove and rubber cement to give the illusion of a missing ear. An entire sleeve of aluminum foil wraps about his right arm, from wrist to sleeve. Almost drawing attention away from the gas can hanging from a string around his neck.

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, WyrmFoe): [RZW30] *Smiles as Rane comes down. Softly* ~gs~How is Aaron?

Wields-Plastic-Death (Mongrel-of-War?): [KI9SI] Musta spent the better part of the day giving himself 'scars' with red and black magic marker.*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [I204L] *slight nod to Robert*

Robert E. Lee: [ZVZA5] *Chuckles.* I think 'e had both legs still, alpha.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [I204L] The same. *to Flea*

Ash Graham (STAT alpha): [48E5G] *nods and smiles to Jax* evenin', amber. *equally as quiet. gingerly deposits himself onto the ammo crate*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [I204L] *quirks a brow at Wields*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC): [TWHRG] *a slightly puzzled look at Wields*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [8HZDW] *Slams the rest of the coffee, peels off her flannel shirt so the black chiton is exposed and walks to the Ritual circle*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, WyrmFoe): [RZW30] *Blinks at Weilds...Lost on who he is....Like the Anja one best...Nods to Rane...*

Tell Sackett: [3S8DB] *The snow-white bird with pink eyes glides in, landing on a junkpile high enough to give him a good vantage-point.*

Wields-Plastic-Death (Mongrel-of-War?): [KI9SI] Robert>>*as gruffly as he can make his voice sound. And with the chain-smoked four packs of swisher sweets, that's pretty damn gruff. at least until he hocks it all up* den 'e ain't fought long enough! back in my day, we fought 'tills we's jus' bouncin', howlin' heads. Den we chokeds da enemas when deys swallered us!

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] *aw, hell. Wields hath arrived....* Aight, them that can go across, now'd be the time.

Nathanial "Of Mice and Men" -MotC-: [DE8MQ] *Heads across and once there, hits breed form*

Swante Taggart: [3S8DB] *The lucky bastard. All he suffered during the fight was a twisted ankle, and it's fine now. Steps out of the STAT Van, in uniform with rifle slung over his shoulder.*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC): [TWHRG] *she steps across quietly*

Georgia Hooper: [52U05] 'At's a new one Wields.

Misty "Paws Painted Red": [78ZOE] *Steps sideways*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [I204L] *Swante gets a small smile before she vanishes across the gauntlet*

Tell Sackett: [3S8DB] *Pops neatly across the Gauntlet.*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [8HZDW] *Is waiting in the Umbra quietly. *

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, WyrmFoe): [RZW30] *Steps across....Shifting up to Crinos, standing by her packmate...Yet keeping Robert in her line of sight*

Ash Graham (STAT alpha): [48E5G] *doesn't step, so much as just slide across the gauntlet*

Georgia Hooper: [52U05] *Goes across*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [I204L] *once across, she shifts up to her charcoal gray Crinos form, stretching some. She's been spending too much time in that cramped van*

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] *Slips across and shifts it up to Crinos*

Robert E. Lee: [ZVZA5] *Pops neatly across the Gauntlet.*

Wields-Plastic-Death (Mongrel-of-War?): [KI9SI] *does his impression of a mime trapped in a box, feeling along a wall. pounds at it a few times... then finally steps sideways*

Robert E. Lee: [ZVZA5] *Shifts to Crinos himself, a rather strange sight. Lacking fur as much as any other kind of hair, his overalls and flannel shirt--and cap--expand to fit him.*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC): [TWHRG] *shifts up to Crinos also, nondescript gray color*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC): [TWHRG] *shifts up to Crinos also, nondescript gray color*

Nathanial "Of Mice and Men" -MotC-: [DE8MQ] *Moves so he is near Robert and the Wyrmfoe, crossing his arms*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [8HZDW] *Watches each person come as she grows to crinos leisurely*

Georgia Hooper: [52U05] *Bulks up in earthy greys and browns*

Misty "Paws Painted Red": [78ZOE] *Grows up into Crinos as everyone else does*

Jax: [HMS7W] she sits down next to Ash just as she slips sideways. Then to Swante, "Evening Swante."

Swante Taggart: [3S8DB] *Nods to Jax.* G'day. Feelin' better?

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, WyrmFoe): [RZW30] *..Alright, someone smack a Galliard up front...*

Honeysuckle: [HMS7W] Once the garou start disappearing, she moves over to the porch and sits in robert's chair, she'll move up to the arm when he gets back.

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] *Double checks to make sure nobody's going too slow* ~ht~ Kay. Galiard, front'n'center.

Wields-Plastic-Death (Mongrel-of-War?): [KI9SI] *grins ear to ear*

Jax: [HMS7W] Swante> "I'm not as sore as I was, being tackled by a crinos garou does leave bruises even when you have body armor on."

Misty "Paws Painted Red": [78ZOE] *Glances around slowly...Checking to see if anyone else is going to step up before taking one big step towards Twomoons, ears folded up to indicate she'll volunteer*

Nathanial "Of Mice and Men" -MotC-: [DE8MQ] *Grins as the new kid steps up*

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] *Nods to Misty* Hit it.

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, WyrmFoe): [RZW30] *Blinks...It's record timeing....*

Swante Taggart: [3S8DB] *Nods.* I got lucky. Probably should have broken my bloody neck.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [I204L] ((Gotta reboot, brb))

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC): [TWHRG] ((Brb))

Misty "Paws Painted Red": [78ZOE] *Nods before feeling her chest up, swelling it with air then letting rip a loud howl to echo through the Umbra scape. She doesn't make anything special about it really...She's just one of those Fianna that know how to howl*

Robert E. Lee: [ZVZA5] *Nods, smiling.*

Nathanial "Of Mice and Men" -MotC-: [DE8MQ] *Not a sound comes from him. He doesn't want to make everyone suffer*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, WyrmFoe): [RZW30] *Tilts her head back to join in the howl..*

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] *Breaks out in a howl of...yeah, the usual*

Robert E. Lee: [ZVZA5] *Raises his own muzzle, letting loose.*

Wields-Plastic-Death (Mongrel-of-War?): [KI9SI] *throws out one FUCK of a howl. he's got somethin' planned...*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [8HZDW] *Raises her muzzle and joins in, cuts it off soon however.*

Georgia Hooper: [52U05] *Joins in with enthusiasm.*

Ash Graham (STAT): [ZIKCX] *shiftts just his head to lupus. tosses in his own howl.. but damned if it don't look weird*

Misty "Paws Painted Red": [78ZOE] *Gives everyone a chance to join in before finishing off...Head tilting back then looking back to Twomoons after going through the Litany*

Jax: [HMS7W] Swante> " You think fast on your feet Swante, you always have." and she does not bring up the fact she damn near killed there alpha and the rookie, but the guilt she feels is there, a glimpse of it anyway.

Wields-Plastic-Death (Mongrel-of-War?): [KI9SI] *After the howl... as the litany is being recited. The moot fool does his job. In character...* "Garou shall not mate with Garou? fuckin' of course not! hell, Garou shouldn't mate with anythin'.. 'cause then they'd be happy. An' happy means they ain' got no balls fer fightin!"// "Combat the Wyrm wherever it dwells? hell.. when you get to be my age, you see the wyrm everywhere.. fuckin' kill everythin' that moves an' half what don't! aah! Wyr.. nevermind. was a hair in my eye"// "Respect the territory of others? well hell.. if they ain' got no Grand Elders of their tribe, then it ain't their ter'tory no more"// "Accept an Honorable surrender? fuuuuck that! *takes a swig from the can* ain' no surrender honorable! fight tills ya die, I says. So what if it means only five folks left at the 'pocalypse. Thems be the strongest five folks. maybe dumb, but strongest!"//"Submission to higher in station? Ain' no one higher'n station'n us!we don' gotsta submit to no'un!"

Nathanial "Of Mice and Men" -MotC-: [DE8MQ] *Gives a nod to the Fianna*

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] *Cuts it out, and then after the Litany-ish bits, nudges Val*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [8HZDW] *Tips an ear to Misty approvingly*

Wields-Plastic-Death (Mongrel-of-War?): [KI9SI] "no Eatin human flesh? *snorts. picks something from his teeth* shit happens."//"Respect those beneath me? all are of gaia? well.. yeah.. Unless they cain't beat me, then obviously they wyrm. Otherwise Gaia woulda made em strong enough to survives mys ass-whoopin'."//"The Veil shall not be lifted.. eh. yeah. Unless I can git on TV playin' 'kick the carcass' with m'pack!"//"Do not suffer they people to tend thy sickness?" *looks down at his 'mangled/scarred' body. shrugs* next question, please.//"The Leader may not be challenged durin' wartime? fucks yous! is always war time! Is never time for weak leader.. I's says do whatcha gotsta do to uneefy. Under me. obviously."//"Ye shall take no action that causes a caern to be violated... except strikin' deals with the wyrm that fucks over the entire sept until the end of the world. But it don' matter 'cause IIII HAAAVE DA POOOOWEEEER!"

Nathanial "Of Mice and Men" -MotC-: [DE8MQ] *Blinks at Weilds and looks down*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [8HZDW] *Then the Rite begins in earnest, with all due chants and motions. * ((6,7,3,4,8, 5,2)) ((Lost my cool description thingie))

Ash Graham (STAT): [ZIKCX] *blinks... the moot fool should be shot. or given lessons on comedy*

Georgia Hooper: [52U05] *Leans back to better see Wields..or to try to figure him out. He's scary sometimes.*

Tell Sackett: [3S8DB] *He ~could~ howl.... but it'd probably be a bad joke.*

Misty "Paws Painted Red": [78ZOE] *Well, Weild's renders her to gawking*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC) : [QF3HG] ((Back))

Swante Taggart: [3S8DB] *Shrugs.* Sometimes. *Chuckles.* Wasn't bloody fast enough.

Robert E. Lee: [ZVZA5] *Sighs and shakes his head, muttering.* Dammit, boy...

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, WyrmFoe): [RZW30] *Just looks on...*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [2RKTG] *silent, despite (or maybe because of) Wields' antics*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [2RKTG] *silent, despite (or maybe because of) Wields' antics*

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] *Absolutely zilch in the reaction department from the GE - just kneeling and dropping the usual popcorn and goodies to the ground*

Nathanial "Of Mice and Men" -MotC-: [DE8MQ] *A point a Gnosis and some cheetos are given to Rat*

Wields-Plastic-Death (Mongrel-of-War?): [KI9SI] *despite the rest of his actions, he at least pays proper respects to Rat. whopping out a little gnosis*

Misty "Paws Painted Red": [78ZOE] *Steps forward to offer Gnosis to Rat out of respect for her new home and the totem*

Robert E. Lee: [ZVZA5] *Drops to a knee. A few dried strips of venison and three polished pieces of quartz join the offerings already present.*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [8HZDW] *Comes forward with her prepared gift of a block of cheese with a pound of bacon wrapped around it. And of course, Gnosis.*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC) : [QF3HG] *gnosis to Rat, smiling to see Her*

Jax: [HMS7W] Swante> "The bloody thing was defeated -at least for now- and the pack is still intact..."

Georgia Hooper: [52U05] *Drops a whole hero sandwich for Rat*

Swante Taggart: [3S8DB] *Nods.* I know. Got to be a bloody way to finish those things off, though.... we might be seeing that bloody dole-bludger again.

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, WyrmFoe): [RZW30] *Flicks a claw over her left palm...Offering drops of blood out as well as Gnosis*

Ash Graham (STAT): [ZIKCX] *tapped out on gnosis.. but he peels a bit of dead skin off of where fresh is healing beneath it. sets it down in the pile of offerings to at least indicate he's not just sitting on his thumb*

Robert E. Lee: [ZVZA5] *Waits, head bowed, for the totem to show, offering a touch of his own Gnosis.*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [2RKTG] *similarly to her packmate, she also offers blood and Gnosis*

Jax: [HMS7W] Swante> "something to bring up with the thuerges, if not here at the moot, then afterwards."

Swante Taggart: [3S8DB] *Nods.* Might as well do it at the moot.

Swante Taggart: [3S8DB] ((BRB))

Ash Graham (STAT): [ZIKCX] ((BRB))

Honeysuckle: [HMS7W] Honeysuckle is silently listening to Swante and Jax's conversation.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [8HZDW] *Watches the donations and notes who gave what.*

Jax: [HMS7W] Jax nod to Swante as she shift slightly in her seat, wince and rubbing her side a little bit.

Honeysuckle: [HMS7W] (Don't for get Honeysuckle's offerings.. it's not in the umbra but is was left. *grin*)

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] ((shit. lost my descriptions and crap)) *Short Version - Bigass crinos sized Rat materializes, looking at the gathered, and actually displays a small sign of approval at the rite-as she does so, a rather impressive swarm of ratspirits and other caern guardians appear out of nowhere to inhale the offered food and gnosis before disappearing just as quickly*

Nathanial "Of Mice and Men" -MotC-: [DE8MQ] *Grins at the Swarm and nods*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [8HZDW] ((Hmm, Honeysuckle's offerings could be eaten by real rats.))

Robert E. Lee: [ZVZA5] ((Back.))

Tell Sackett: [3S8DB] *Nods, impressed.*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, WyrmFoe): [RZW30] *A toothy smile at them all....Especially Wolverine if he shows, and Momma*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [8HZDW] *Inclines her head to Rat with more trust and affection than ever before.*

Swante Taggart: [3S8DB] Might do that now. Might as well, or I'll have to bloody hunt them all down...

Misty "Paws Painted Red": [78ZOE] *Bows her head respectfully*

Honeysuckle: [HMS7W] (*chuckle* could be, just thought I mention it is all.)

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] *Nods a little* ~ht~ Okay, back across folks.

Misty "Paws Painted Red": [78ZOE] *Steps across and to a place to sit*

Robert E. Lee: [ZVZA5] *Nods and slips right back across the Gauntlet.*

Nathanial "Of Mice and Men" -MotC-: [DE8MQ] *Back across he goes*

Georgia Hooper: [52U05] *Goes right behind Robert*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [8HZDW] *Fades across in place and then makes moves*

Jax: [HMS7W] [Jax] Swante> "You're probably right. at the very least this way the Master of the Rite will hear about it. Keep her in the loop, so to speak, not that Ash wouldn't have told her about it him self."

Tell Sackett: [3S8DB] *Slips through the Gauntlet, still on his little perch.*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [8HZDW] ((makes moves? WTF? Just "moves".))

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] *Slips back across last*

Swante Taggart: [3S8DB] Makes sense.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [2RKTG] *goes back across, and moves to find a place to sit near Swante*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC) : [QF3HG] ((*snicker* That was Freudian...)) *heads across, just...finding somewhere to hang*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, WyrmFoe): [RZW30] *As Rane moves to sit with Swante, she takes a place up some where near Robert...Not pack like...But she's there and can be right there in a flash...Aka, a few feet away*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, WyrmFoe): [RZW30] *As Rane moves to sit with Swante, she takes a place up some where near Robert...Not pack like...But she's there and can be right there in a flash...Aka, a few feet away*

Swante Taggart: [3S8DB] *Puts a hand on Rane's shoulder for a moment, before standing with his pack.*

Misty "Paws Painted Red": [78ZOE] *Waits for the Cracking to be announce*

Honeysuckle: [HMS7W] Honeysuckle moves up onto the arm of robert's chair as the garou start showing back up.

Ash Graham (STAT): [BJ99N] ((back))*steps back across, reseating himself carefully on the ammo crate. a few moments later, realizes his head's still lupus and reverts it to homid with the rest of him*

Nathanial "Of Mice and Men" -MotC-: [DE8MQ] *Goes to take up post beside Flea, arms crossing as he leans against a car*

Robert E. Lee: [ZVZA5] *Smiles at Honeysuckle, but remains standing.*

Georgia Hooper: [52U05] *Is homid again*

Wields-Plastic-Death (Mutt-of-War?): [ZY925] *pops back across with the FMT*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [8HZDW] *Ye skunk-striped crinos becomes homid again*

Jax: [HMS7W] Rane receives a hello nod from Jax.

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] Alrighty, most of you guys know the drill-for those that don't, here goes. You wanna say something, wave your hand, say yo, something so I know you wanna say something. Try not to be too disruptive. Having said all that....who's first?

Honeysuckle: [HMS7W] Honeysuckle smiles back to Robert, but stays seated. Garou business coming up and all.

Misty "Paws Painted Red": [78ZOE] *Paw goes up*

Robert E. Lee: [ZVZA5] *Shifts to Homid and steps forward.*

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] *Nods to Misty* You're up.

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC) : [QF3HG] *quiet, not a lot to say*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, WyrmFoe): [RZW30] *Silent and looking forward...Just standing with her tribe...*

Nathanial "Of Mice and Men" -MotC-: [DE8MQ] *Blinks, head cocking to see what the Fianna has to say*

Jax: [HMS7W] As subtly as she can be, Jax touches Ash's hand for a moment.

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] *then giving a quick scan and nodding to Robert, indicating he's next*

Misty "Paws Painted Red": [78ZOE] ~gs~Just real quick...Does The Sept need a Master of the Howl or were they just absent tonight? If so, I would like to step up for it...If the Bone Gnawer's don't mind a Fianna feeling it in in their Sept *Glances towards the bunched up Gnawers, then back to Twomoons*

Georgia Hooper: [52U05] *Stays behind Robert and Honeysuckle*

Ash Graham (STAT): [BJ99N] *with equal subtlety, gives Jax's hand a slight squeeze, just trying to reassure her he's not mad at the grenade thing*

Nathanial "Of Mice and Men" -MotC-: [DE8MQ] *Nods-...Hell, give it too her*

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] Misty>>Need one. Fiannas have done it before. Let the folks know anyone who wants it has 3 days to go see Nate.

Robert E. Lee: [ZVZA5] *Shakes his head.* Ain' no problem with me.

Jax: [HMS7W] Ash may not be mad at her, but she feels guilty as hell.

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, WyrmFoe): [RZW30] *Nods* ~gs~No one's wanted it for as long as I can remember...No problem here....Better then having to wait five minutes to get someone up there...

Misty "Paws Painted Red": [78ZOE] *Nods and steps back*

Honeysuckle: [HMS7W] Georgia gets a little wave from Honeysuckle.

Swante Taggart: [3S8DB] *Takes a step forward, although he waits his turn.*

Nathanial "Of Mice and Men" -MotC-: [DE8MQ] *Waits for Robert to step up to the plate*

Georgia Hooper: [52U05] *Gives Honeysuckle a grin to let her know all's going to be well tonight.*

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] *Nods* Cool. Robert, you're up. *Gives Swante the "you're next" signal-thing*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [2RKTG] *a slightly curious glance at Swante, but she turns her attention to Robert*

Robert E. Lee: [ZVZA5] *Nods and takes another step forward (*G* And here's where it gets a little confusing, since Cassy-p asked me to get this for him when he got sidetracked away from the moot))* I got two things--th'first on Cassy's behalf.

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] *Nods* A'ight.

Jax: [HMS7W] Jax laces her fingers with ash's for a few minutes, then draws her hand away.. her attention now on the happenings.

Nathanial "Of Mice and Men" -MotC-: [DE8MQ] *Looks towards Twomoons*

Ash Graham (STAT): [BJ99N] *raises an eyebrow when Swante steps forward. glances to Jax again when her hand departs and scratches slightly at the copper under his left forearm... damn aloe*

Robert E. Lee: [ZVZA5] Some nights ago, Cassy sung a song that... well, t'say it ain't compl'mentary is an understatement. She done said if there's any punishment comin' for it she ain't got no complaint. Th'bigger problem, though, is Twomoons-rhya's ree-action--he taken a military rifle an' aimed it at 'er back. Ifn' she'd been jus' a little bit slower t'move, or th'rest of us been jus' a bit slower t'give 'er warnin', she'd likely be dead--Cassy was in Homid form, not knowin' she was about to git shot, an' them rifles is ~made~ t'kill folks. Bein' angry over a song is certainly unnerstandable, but tryin' t'kill somebody over it's another matter entire, an' somethin's got t'be done 'bout that.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [8HZDW] *Raises one eyebrow fractionally*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, WyrmFoe): [RZW30] *Nods to what Robert says....Looking towards Twomoons*

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] *lifts an eyebrow* Respectfully, I was not trying to kill Cassy.

Jax: [HMS7W] A brief smile goes to Ash and pats his hand reassuring him that Swante is doing the right thing... this time she doesn't pull her hand away.

Georgia Hooper: [52U05] *Leans forward an inch or so*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC) : [QF3HG] *sighs softly and kicks on ToG, knowing she's gonna be needing it*

Robert E. Lee: [ZVZA5] I don' rightly see what else military rifles is made for, Rhya, but I reckon matters like 'at is what we got th'truthcatchers here for.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [8HZDW] *Rubs her forehead between the eyes, squinting.*

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] Frankly, I would have had a better chance of killing Cassy with my dad's civilian model 7mm Savage. We are Garou. With that comes a certain resiliance. I have been shot repeatedly. I shot Puck with that selfsame rifle and he survived. *undedicates Needletooth, handing it to Val* Now, just in case my word is not good enough....

Ash Graham (STAT): [BJ99N] *what else military rifles are made for? hell.. what AREN'T they made for?*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [8HZDW] Oh all right. I've been wanting to do this for a long time anyway. *Takes position, backs up a couple feet and looks down the sight* Ready?

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC) : [QF3HG] Valerie, don't you dare.

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] *waves a hand* Whenever.

Lost-Claw (DoW Pb1): [18UU8] *is here.. was here.*

Lost-Claw (DoW Pb1): [18UU8] *raises an eyebrow at Val and TM... why does this seem vaguely familiar?*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, WyrmFoe): [RZW30] *Holds up a hand* ~gs~You were going to shoot my packmate...In the back......*Wow...That actually came from Flea? She sounds cold as hell...*

Robert E. Lee: [ZVZA5] ((*G*Stuff that doesn't involve killing. You know, the unimportant crap.)) *Waits through the demonstration.*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [8HZDW] *Fires! The bullet goes where it's supposed to, right into Twomoons. The rifle is less than perfect afterwards with a bolt malfunction that happened just now.*

Georgia Hooper: [52U05] *Blinks and leans forward even more to see what happens.*

Nate "Of Mice and Men" (MotC): [UQG0D] *Blinks towards Flea when she speaks-..*

Ash Graham (STAT): [BJ99N] *inhales sharply through his teeth. Not at TM being shot. who cares? but at Val handling the rifle. How _dare_ they direspect the weapon so?*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC) : [QF3HG] *jumps at the shot, and glowers at the pair*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [2RKTG] *quirks that scarred brow*

Jax: [HMS7W] Jax raises her brow at the display.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [8HZDW] ((Ash Graham: Cynic, gun lover, smartass. *L*))

Swante Taggart: [3S8DB] *Mutters under his breath.* Bloody hell....

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] *was about to respond to Flea, however being shot kinda pulls him back to the demonstration portion of the show. He's definitely hit and injured- takes a knee for a moment but stands after a moment, speaking through gritted teeth* You will note, that I am still alive.

Ash Graham (STAT): [BJ99N] *wouldn't let Val touch his rifle.. it's liable to rot, fall off, and never work right again*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC) : [QF3HG] *muttered* Till I get done with you....

Honeysuckle: [HMS7W] Honeysuckle slide down into robert's chair, drawing her legs up to her chest.

Wields-Plastic-Death (Mutt-of-War?): [WKFIT] oooh! oooh! group participation! can we try head shots?!

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [8HZDW] And I got him before he was ready. Say, is this thing supposed to be all cockeyed like this? *Noting the bolt* Anyway, shift thyself, Grand Elder. You're bleeding.

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC) : [QF3HG] *approaching Twomoons* With all due respect, Dad? *and thwaps him upside the back of the head*

Georgia Hooper: [52U05] *Shakes her head at the craziness with some sadness for the rifle's discombobulation.*

Robert E. Lee: [ZVZA5] *Nods.* An' ifn' th'rifle was aimed at y'back by an experienced marksman, while you wasn't expectin' it? Rhya, are you sayin' that you planned t'shoot 'er with military hardware without figgerin' it possible she could die? Seems t'me ifn' it couldn't even kill a human--or an unsuspectin' Garou in Homid--carryin' it around would be kind of a waste a' time.

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] *sighs and walks over to the van , digging out a mirror and some forceps* Inna sec, Val. *pauses before jamming the forceps in and pulling the bullet out, then does a shift-heal and back down to homid, taking the rifle back and setting it aside for now*

Lost-Claw (DoW Pb1): [18UU8] *stands quietly*

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] *murmurs* Sorry Ari.

Lost-Claw (DoW Pb1): [18UU8] *make that "steps forward quietly"*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [8HZDW] *Raises hand* Excuse me, but this is a lot of pantywaste whining. Cassy's tougher than that and it's not like anything actually happened to her. My two cents' worth. Now can we do important things like serve Gaia, please?

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, WyrmFoe): [RZW30] *Absently to Robert* ~gs~If I'm not mistaken...Needletooth belong to Scratch before Twomoons...Who was a Ratkin...I don't see a Ratkin carrying a useless weapon around...But, one sec...*Looks towards Ash..* A moment of your time, sir?

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC) : [QF3HG] ENOUGH!!!! *raising her voice* I don't wanna hear another goddamn word!

Ash Graham (STAT): [BJ99N] *frowns as he's called forward* I'd like to state right now that I don't like where this is going and I have no intention of killing anyone tonight to prove a point...

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, WyrmFoe): [RZW30] *Looks towards Val* ~gs~My packmate is...But she was in the form she was -born- in....

Jax: [HMS7W] When Ash is addressed, Jax does draws her hand away from his.

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, WyrmFoe): [RZW30] *Nods to Ash* ~gs~I know..I just want your opinion on the weapon and if you think it could have been used to kill Cassy...As you are more skilled with guns then me and my...Lupus knowledge might not be ledgit...*Nods*

Robert E. Lee: [ZVZA5] Val>>'Fraid I don't agree--or should we wait until she's dead an' then see if we should jus' let it slide?

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] *folds his arms in front of him and waits quietly*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [8HZDW] *Gives Flea a melancholy but semi-understanding sigh and is quiet as Ari seems a little scary right now.*

Robert E. Lee: [ZVZA5] *Pauses and looks to Ari.*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC) : [QF3HG] *yeah...pissed off cheerleader* Yes or no answers, Grand Elder. Did you intend to shoot Cassy? Note, I said shoot, not kill.

Ash Graham (STAT): [BJ99N] Flea>>to over-quote a bumper sticker... Guns don't kill people, People kill people. The lethality of any weapon is dependent upon its' wielder. Though certain weapons have a greater chance of inflicting a fatal shot than others. *glances.. painfully so... at Needletooth* and I believe the test weapon has been compromised.

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] *Nods to Ari* Yes I did intend to shoot her.

Swante Taggart: [3S8DB] *Almost takes a step back, except that he's not sure that wouldn't mean giving up the right to speak.*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [8HZDW] *Shrugs and looks a bit sheepish at Ash over the gun*

Ash Graham (STAT): [BJ99N] *as subtley as he can, adjusts the bungi cord on Doomsday a little so that the weapon is pulled to his back...a few more inches away from Val. refrains from looking at her accusingly*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, WyrmFoe): [RZW30] *Nods to Ash, glanceing at Ari and going silent. Mainly just to hear her question Twomoons...She has not one hair of fear for Ari, nore her shouting....Her fucking packmate was shot at...If Ari's "Dad" did it to her pack, maybe she'd feel differently*

Wields-Plastic-Death (Mutt-of-War?): [WKFIT] ... 'if da glove don't fit, you must a-... whoops."

Ash Graham (STAT): [BJ99N] *retakes his seat*

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] *

Robert E. Lee: [ZVZA5] *Shudders slightly, remembering that she was actually ~in~ the Truck....*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC) : [QF3HG] Flea, Ash, quiet! *turning her attention back to Twomoons* Not long ago, you punished a kinfolk for pointing a gun at a Garou, despite the fact that she didn't fire. Destroyed her weapon, if I remember. *of course she remembers* You pointed a weapon at another Garou. You didn't fire, for whatever reason. By the standard that's been set, you've already dictated your own punishment, no?

Ash Graham (STAT): [BJ99N] *follows orders. Of course, that's what got Ari to yell at him in the first place. aah the life of a cliath.*

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] *Nods* I have.

Lost-Claw (DoW Pb1): [18UU8] *clears his throat towards Ari. doesn't speak up yet*

Swante Taggart: [3S8DB] *Shudders at Ari's words, more than slightly.*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, WyrmFoe): [RZW30] *Looks towards Ari, growling lowly...Rage glowing in her eyes...*

Swante Taggart: [3S8DB] Rhya?

Nate "Of Mice and Men" (MotC): [JEDDF] *Sighs and moves forward to be ready to grab Flea if she goes off on the cheerleader from beyond the school house*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC) : [QF3HG] Wait. *to Swante, and looks back to Twomoons* Needletooth is a fetish, am I correct?

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] *shakes his head* No it is not.

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC) : [QF3HG] *she nods* Good, that makes it easier. I wasn't willing to order a fetish destroyed, but the gun...? *looking to Ash* Though I think, given that I'm no expert on weapons, that perhaps it should merely be given over to the pack who would appreciate it the most.

Swante Taggart: [3S8DB] *Sighs in relief.*

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] Ari>>Uhm...either way...can I fix it first?

Georgia Hooper: [52U05] *Occasionally looking at Flea*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, WyrmFoe): [RZW30] *Her ears slick back at something....But she keeps watching...*

Robert E. Lee: [ZVZA5] *Shifts to Glabro.*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC) : [QF3HG] Ash can fix it. *looking to everyone else* For the record. This ENTIRE incident is so juvenile I could just puke. And that's saying something. First off...Cassy's going to apologize to Twomoons. No rite of contrition, just a genuine apology, and I wanna be there to see it. *looks to Twomoons* You, of all people, should know better than to get riled over a stupid song. It only gives people an opening, if they know something bothers you. Second, you...and YOU, Val, should know goddamn good and well how suddenly wrong "non-lethal" incidents can turn. You intended to shoot Cassy, but not kill her. But ACCIDENTS happen. It was stupid, and reckless, and beneath you. Beneath you too, Val, for this shit you pulled tonight.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [8HZDW] Ari> For the record, he told me to.

Ash Graham (STAT): [BJ99N] *sighs inwardly*

Nate "Of Mice and Men" (MotC): [JEDDF] *Nods to the -end- of what Ari says. Still ready to tackle Flea if she goes ape shit*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC) : [QF3HG] For the record, you're smart enough to tell him to fuck off for something that stupid.

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] *nods, looking, well, humbled* Yes Ari.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [8HZDW] *Can't help but to grin a little at Ari. Hopes it looks contrite, but suspects it doesn't. So proud of the ass-chewing cheerleader.*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, WyrmFoe): [RZW30] *Flicks an ear finally...My -GAIA-...Did Ari just finally notice Twomoons is a Philodox CoG who shot at someones back?.....Maybe the Lord is rubbing off on him...But she looks to be calm*

Lost-Claw (DoW Pb1): [18UU8] *looking generally disgusted and on the verge of saying something.. not really common for him. but keeps it in for the moment. Does manage to fix Val with a gaze that just rings of personal dissapointment.. TM with a dismissing glance and nothing more*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC) : [QF3HG] The rifle goes to STAT. *looks to Ash* I think you know someone who could use it? *looks to everyone else* Cassy will apologize. And if I hear another goddamn word about this, I swear I will Sweet Honey that person everyday for the next two months.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [8HZDW] *Meets Lost Claw's look, because for some reason she was looking his way, and damn near chuckles of some distant event.*

Ash Graham (STAT): [BJ99N] *steps forward, none-too-pleased, to take the rifle* Ari>>yes, rhya.

Lost-Claw (DoW Pb1): [18UU8] Val>>*shakes his head. Randomly pops his shoulder*

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] *sighs, taking Needletooth and wincing a little as he walks over to Ash, presenting him with the nifty-looking Needletooth, speaking quietly* Bolt override. Be careful.

Robert E. Lee: [ZVZA5] *Nods, although he's clearly not quite pleased over it, and waits.*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, WyrmFoe): [RZW30] *Eye ticks...Looking nearly about to explode...But just looks to Robert...*

Jax: [HMS7W] Jax stands up before ash can so she can retrieve the weapon from Twomoons, unless she's stopped.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [8HZDW] Hands over the rifle. There's something stuck in that..part, there, I think.

Jax: [HMS7W] Or not.

Ash Graham (STAT): [BJ99N] *nods at TM's remark. Gives a sympathetic look, possibly overglorifying the bond between man and gun. Keeps his voice rather low* sorry about this, rhya. *damn.. Sonia's going to slosh when she steps for a week*

Robert E. Lee: [ZVZA5] *Gestures to Flea with a hand to calm down--nothing to be done now. Once the rifle is out of Twomoons' hands, he shifts back to Homid--although at least he tries to be halfway subtle about it.*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC) : [QF3HG] ((-2 wis for TM and Cassy. -1 for Val))

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC) : [QF3HG] Next. *almost growled, and she moves back out of the center*

Ash Graham (STAT): [BJ99N] *(rewinds a few seconds) places a hand on Jax's shoulder to keep her sitting.. sucks it up instead of letting Jax do the retrieving for him. But definately appreciated the gesture*

Robert E. Lee: [ZVZA5] ((Firin' off an ICQ now to let Cassy-p know. He'll see it when he gets online.))

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, WyrmFoe): [RZW30] *Her eyes close....They'll open when Robert goes for part two of his step up*

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] *Quietly goes back, only briefly looking like a 7-year old who's just dropped off the Beloved Family Pet at the animal shelter* Swante, I believe you were next?

Robert E. Lee: [ZVZA5] I had one other matter, Rhya.

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] ((Gah. DLP))

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] My bad. Go for it.

Nate "Of Mice and Men" (MotC): [WZ15M] *Clasps a clawed hand on Flea's shoulder sympathicly*

Jax: [HMS7W] Jax remains seated at Ash's hand on her shoulder and gives him a slight nod.

Georgia Hooper: [52U05] *Relaxes a little since Flea seems all right now.*

Honeysuckle: [HMS7W] Honeysuckle watches and listens.. nibbling on her lower lip a little bit.

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, WyrmFoe): [RZW30] *Eyes open...Ready to protect Robert come hell or Klaive weilding Shadow Lord*

Lost-Claw (DoW Pb1): [18UU8] *rubs at his left arm a bit and mutters something to it with a smile*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [2RKTG] *silent and still...maybe not even awake, but her eyes are open*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [8HZDW] *Walks back to a spot near Twomoons*

Robert E. Lee: [ZVZA5] *Nods.* No problem a'tall. *Pauses, considering his words.* I'd considered it, idly I reckon, when I was comin' close to gainin' my rank. I reckon ever'body does when they git that close, an' while I mighta done it, it probably wouldn't be f'another year or so--'ceptin' f'this incident. I b'lieve that we, as Bone Gnawers, shouldn't be ree-quired t'foller a leader what'll--*looks to Ari*--do things that cain't even be mentioned. I b'lieve that this caern of Rat needs a leader from among Rat's children. *Traces of the Galliard still remain, and the words roll, speaking to the entire sept.* I b'lieve that we need us a leader what can p'tect th'fambly from threats both inside an' out. I b'lieve that the other Septs among the Bone Gnawer tribe, tr'ditional allies of the Talking Junkyard Caern, will look better on us ifn' our sept is dee-rected by a Bone Gnawer Leader. My tribe is behind me on this, an' I b'lieve that I can do these things. Twomoons-Rhya, I offer challenge (more)

Robert E. Lee: [ZVZA5] for th'position of Grand Elder. Ifn' it's decided that the Sept is still at War, I ask that th'decision be brung to th'Council of Elders.

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, WyrmFoe): [RZW30] *Hand raises....Nice and slow....She's calm...Gonna speak her turn*

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] *quirks an eybrow slightly. Again*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC) : [QF3HG] *curls up in a seat, hugging her knees to her chest. Her job tonight is done, she hopes*

Lost-Claw (DoW Pb1): [18UU8] *blinks long enough to pick up on what was just said. eh. doesn't matter. goes back to communing silently*

Swante Taggart: [3S8DB] *Blinks. Blinks again. Then, just for conformity, he blinks again.*

Honeysuckle: [HMS7W] Honeysuckle stand up when Robert mentions the support of the tribe.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [8HZDW] *The other eyebrow, the one that was earlier reserved for further critiquing, is now raised Vulcan style.*

Tell Sackett: [3S8DB] *Well, hell--if he had to pick a moot not to miss, he got the right one....*

Nate "Of Mice and Men" (MotC): [OEPF6] *Steps around Flea as Robert mentions the support of the tribe-...Showing he's there*

Ash Graham (STAT): [BJ99N] *keeps his expression neutral*

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT): [17MB2] *does a little sideways leap accented by a soundless 'tadaaaa'.. and a slight stumble as one leg and one arm are duct-taped into bent-position; to show his support behind Robert*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, WyrmFoe): [RZW30] *..Wiggles her fingers....See...Calm....Just impateint as all hell*

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] *seems to be considering it for a good long while before speaking* Nate, pick it. ((Sorry, had to go fillet my cat.))

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, WyrmFoe): [RZW30] *Hand drops at that....Good, they arnt using that lame ass "War" whine...*

Nate "Of Mice and Men" (MotC): [OEPF6] *Nods* May I be given a second, Rhya's, to think over the challenge? Let a few more issues get thrown on the table and I'll step forward when I got it?

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] *Nods* Acceptable. *looks at Rob, then Swante*

Robert E. Lee: [ZVZA5] *Nods and steps back.*

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT): [17MB2] *glances to Nate, then TM and Rob, and in his best (not good) Cartman* Roshambo ya for it!

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [8HZDW] *Clasps her hands behind her back and waits to see what further delights come her way tonight...maybe it'll be as good as last night if she's unlucky.*

Honeysuckle: [HMS7W] Honeysuckle leans forward and touches Robert's shoulder.

Georgia Hooper: [52U05] *Thwapps Robert friendlily and grins.*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, WyrmFoe): [RZW30] *Quiet*

Swante Taggart: [3S8DB] *Takes another step forward.* Wednesday, we fought those things called "shitmonkeys"... We also fought a materialized spirit. It was a bloody difficult battle, and we all took injuries, but we defeated it--and then, to escape, it simply let go of the body--dematerialized, if I remember the bloody name right--and as soon as it's rested up, it can come right back at us. I'm no theurge--not even a bloody Garou--so forgive me if I'm suggesting the impossible, but if it can bloody be done, there's got to be a way--an easy way--to finish those bloody things off so they don't come back. A fetish, or Gift, or something.... If we don't, we'll just be bloody worn down defeating the same enemy over and over again.

Jax: [HMS7W] Jax's attention is on Swante since he next to speak.

Nate "Of Mice and Men" (MotC): [OEPF6] ~ht~Actually-...Think I got it now. *Nods and looks between the two*

Ash Graham (STAT): [BJ99N] *sighs and raises his hand to speak to answer Swante's question*

Robert E. Lee: [ZVZA5] *Smiles, touching Honeysuckle's hand and waiting.*

Nate "Of Mice and Men" (MotC): [OEPF6] *And shuttts up*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, WyrmFoe): [RZW30] *Tilts her head at Swante..*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [8HZDW] *Fixes on Swante solidly, suddenly, with almost tunnel vision*

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] Ash? *indicating that yes he heard Nate, but finishing this up first might be good*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [2RKTG] ((Gonna have to head to bed. Mom's wedding in the morning, wish me luck. (wish me booze, actually) ))

Ash Graham (STAT): [BJ99N] Rhyas, I apologize for not finishing the spirit off. My primary concern was making sure one of my packmates was stabilized for transportation and would not die. Under better circumstances I would have tried to bind the spirit or drain it into nonexistance.. As it is, I failed to do so due to circumstances.

Swante Taggart: [3S8DB] *Raises a hand again, quickly, turning darker.*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC) : [QF3HG] ((Auggy can NPC Ari if needed.))

Ash Graham (STAT): [BJ99N] *rubs his temples a little.. That spirit definately sucked*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [2RKTG] ((Greg's got control of Rane, if ya'll need her))

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [8HZDW] *Raises a hand to question Ash*

Jax: [HMS7W] Jax looks down at the ground briefly and back up to her packmates... but damn if the guilt she feel didn't just double.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [2RKTG] *)(*gone*)(*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC) : [QF3HG] *~*~*gone*~*~*

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] Fortunes of war. It happens.

Ash Graham (STAT): [BJ99N] *looks to Val when she raises her hand while looking at him with that creepy-theurge way. Not that he's not used to it or anything*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [8HZDW] Ash> Theurge meeting. Under Kudzu. Noon tomorrow.

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] *Now ~that's~ creepy.*

Robert E. Lee: [WKS22] ((Ugh, buggerin' computer.))

Ash Graham (STAT): [BJ99N] Val>>*nods* ~ss~ acknowledged, rhya.

Swante Taggart: [9KM2O] *Hand still up.*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [8HZDW] *That being said, she looks at Nate*

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] *Nudges Val* Still your go Swante.

Nate "Of Mice and Men" (MotC): [OEPF6] *Blinks at Val-...Waiting for Swante*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [8HZDW] *Zeroes back in on Swante wondering if he has more on this matter*

Swante Taggart: [9KM2O] *Nods.* Considering we hadn't seen the Umbra yet, I wouldn't have given chase either, Rhya--what I meant was something that could defeat the form, or maybe drag the spirit over to this side with it, so that we can destroy it when we defeat it instead of having to hunt it down wherever it's hiding and.. *Thinks back to his training--dammit, what was the word?* Harvest? Harvest it.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [8HZDW] *Nods at Swante approvingly*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [8HZDW] Swante> Come to the meeting of Theurges. *An unprecedented invitation*

Swante Taggart: [9KM2O] *Nods.* Yes, Rhya.

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] *A tiny nod* Right.

Ash Graham (STAT): [BJ99N] *raises an eyebrow at Swante with an approving nod*

Swante Taggart: [9KM2O] *Nods again, to the sept in general, and steps back.*

Jax: [HMS7W] A slight smile crossed jax's lips but is fades just as quickly as it appeared.

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] *Looks back over* Nate? All you mano.

Robert E. Lee: [WKS22] *Nods, taking his mind off the idea and looking to Nate.*

Jax: [HMS7W] When her packmates are finished she returns to her seat on Ash's ammo crate, of course leaving plenty of room for Ash to sit.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [8HZDW] ((Ten minute warning.))

Nate "Of Mice and Men" (MotC): [OEPF6] *Nods and steps forward* ~gs~Alright-...I figured I could send you two in the challenge circle, let you beat each other down. But I'm not. Hell, I could send you both on Umbral Quests to better the Sept, but the Apocalypse is comming and we need this done now. So, I decided on something that does nothing-...But it will evolve no healing from us Theurges and should cause no frenzies between you two. I call a Howling Contest. *Nods, looking between the two* (( Btw, details on page 115 in Players Guide to the Garou. *S* ))

Robert E. Lee: [WKS22] Wal... Cain't say as I'm ag'in it, but I ain't quite sure that takes Twomoons-rhya's inj'ries int'account. I got an advantage right off th'bat that might be a little unfair, what with me havin' both lungs workin'....

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [8HZDW] *Nate gets a look of some kind of critical measure*

Georgia Hooper: [52U05] *Sounds good to her, so she nods, hoping to see this tonight.*

Ash Graham (STAT): [BJ99N] *note to self.. get a smaller crate. one that involves maybe a little squishing to seat two*

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] *quietly* Nate...I'm not sure that's entirely fair-I only have one lung.

Honeysuckle: [HMS7W] Honeysuckle remains quiet.

Nate "Of Mice and Men" (MotC): [OEPF6] *Looks to Twomoons, raising a brow-...* ~gs~Oh, sorry Rhya. Didn't know-....*Head bowing down a bit* (( *Player didn't either* ))

Honeysuckle: [HMS7W] Honeysuckle frown a bit for some reason.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [8HZDW] *Thinks back on the riddle contest with glowing warm convoluted cryptic joy*

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] Nate>> You don't have X-ray vision, I didn't expect you to. I believe you're on the right track.

Jax: [HMS7W] As the septs attention is on the coming challenge, Jax does scoots up on the crate a bit, to be more comfortable.

Nate "Of Mice and Men" (MotC): [OEPF6] *Nods* ~ht~Well, then let's make it a staredown. *Looks between the two, waiting for an objection*

Ash Graham (STAT): [BJ99N] *glances over at Jax and smirks slightly.... quickly resumes the stern and mildly creepy theurgy expression. not quite as good as it as Val, of course. But then again, he never pollished a severed penis*

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT): [17MB2] how about sometin'... I dunno... relatin' to bein' GE? mebbeplease?

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, WyrmFoe): [RZW30] *Hand slaps over her furry face at Wields.........*

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] *Lifts an eyebrow, but not raising an objection*

Jax: [HMS7W] Jax has no outward reaction to Ash's smirk. She simply soldier Jax watching the goings on.

Nate "Of Mice and Men" (MotC): [OEPF6] *Looks at Wields, then back at the two* ~ht~You two wanna do something like that that takes a few days or weeks, fine with me. You're call. *Folds his arms*

Georgia Hooper: [52U05] (( 4 minute warning)) *Bows out and goes on patrol*

Robert E. Lee: [WKS22] *Shrugs.* No harm in you takin' advice, but in th'end it's your call.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [8HZDW] *Sighs silently*

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] You are the Master of the Challenge, Nate.

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT): [17MB2] *shrugs* not da master of the challenge. I just asks the stupid questions.

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] *Nudge, making very tiny fingermotions* ~ps~ Quiddit or I get respectful on you so everyone can hear.

Nate "Of Mice and Men" (MotC): [OEPF6] *Nods* ~ht~Fine. Twomoons, you can speak to spirits and summon, correct?

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] *Nods* As can Robert.

Robert E. Lee: [WKS22] *Nods.*

Ash Graham (STAT): [BJ99N] *digs into his pocket.. pops a couple of aleve since he's staying in homid for a while.. and gets very interested*

Nate "Of Mice and Men" (MotC): [OEPF6] *Nods* ~ht~Good, something both of you can do. Here is the Challenge, since the Caern's spirit allies were weakened in that last attack. I want you each to summon a spirit that will become a new alley to this Caern. Not only that, I'm looking for how good they seem around you when you bring them before me. What I'm looking for is that you have befriended them and shown -them- you would make a good leader of this Sept. Then I will be speaking to them and judgeing who will be the Grand Elder. Though, I forbid any use of Gifts, Fetishes or the like and you may not be helped...*Waits for this one to be tossed*

Jax: [HMS7W] stands up and heads over Swante's cooler grabbing a couple bottles of water, opening and handing one to Ash before she sits back down beside him.

Robert E. Lee: [WKS22] *Nods.* It's a Gift that lets us speak to th'spirits--can we still use that'un?

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] Time limit?

Jax: [HMS7W] And the other bottle of water she offers to Swante.

Nate "Of Mice and Men" (MotC): [OEPF6] ~ht~That's the only one. *Nods* Three days time limit. Then I want you, and the spirit you choose, to see me. Either of you two fail to come before me before Midnight are considered failed.

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT): [17MB2] *gives a grin to Nate*

Valerie Karydikrotos: [OY967] *Listens, and then looks mildly apologetic* Business calls. *And steps sideways*

Swante Taggart: [9KM2O] *Nods his thanks, although he doesn't interrupt, and takes a drink.*

Ash Graham (STAT): [BJ99N] *nods appreciatively to Jax with a slight smile, taking a few good swigs of the water to wash down the pills. They'll be metabolized as soon as he shifts, but for now it's useful*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, WyrmFoe): [RZW30] *...Just has a look of "I will smack the first person that bitches that one of them isnt a Theurge".....*

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] *Nods* Works for me. *Nudges Val, murmuring quietly* Later, Mistress Hero-yuf.

Valerie Karydikrotos: [OY967] ((Night all. **Gone**))

Robert E. Lee: [WKS22] *Nods.* Works f'me.

Nate "Of Mice and Men" (MotC): [OEPF6] *Nods* ~ht~Then good luck you two. *Nods and steps back*

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] A'

Jax: [HMS7W] A nod to Ash and Swante after they take the water.

Robert E. Lee: [WKS22] *And now finally steps back onto his porch with pack and tribe.*

Nate "Of Mice and Men" (MotC): [OEPF6] *Steps forward again to speak*

Honeysuckle: [HMS7W] Honeysuckle wants to know what the challenge is but will wait until later to ask Robert.

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] *Nods* Nate, hit it.

Nate "Of Mice and Men" (MotC): [OEPF6] ~ht~-.....Can Anja-rhya please undo this punishment Rite? It's been a month now and I think everyones ears have bleed enough.

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] Ah, yes. *whistles Anja out from whatever shadow she's been hiding in, where upon she places her hand on Nate's throat gently to undo the rite, and walks back into the shadows with only the tiniest of dirty looks at Twomoons*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, WyrmFoe): [RZW30] *...Anja musta been getting freaky with her kin.....Er....Keeps her eyes on her like she's gonna strangle poor Nate*

Nate "Of Mice and Men" (MotC): [OEPF6] *Hallafuckinluja. Gives a thumbs up to Twomoons and goes to sit near the FMT porch*

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT): [17MB2] *grins at Nate*

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] Next?

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] Going once...

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] Twice....

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] Done. Stories, songs, beer and whatnot's over there.

Ash Graham (STAT): [BJ99N] *grabs a beer.. and limps back into the tent with an unspoken invitation for company for whoever gets bored of the festivities*

Swante Taggart: [9KM2O] *Already knows who "whoever" is. Gets two beers out and holds one up for Jax, but doesn't really expect her to take it up.*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, WyrmFoe): [RZW30] *Eventually...Steps up for a RoA in Glory...*

Jax: [HMS7W] She watches Ash go inside. then looks at Swante, yet she declines the beer, "Not tonight, thanks." Waits a bit longer to see if any tales are going to be told, when no one steps up she quiet bits good night to swante and head on into the tent for the night.

Nate "Of Mice and Men" (MotC): [OEPF6] *Stretches with a yawn*

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] *finally exhales, pouring himself some coffee and a dose of medicinal rum*

Ash Graham (STAT): [BJ99N] *might be getting a RoA wisdom. I need to check up on that*

Nate "Of Mice and Men" (MotC): [OEPF6] (( *Might be getting one in Glory depending on Soul's renown reward* ))

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] ((No Roa's for TM or Jesus this go-round. Course, Jesus is also in hiding currently, but that's another story. *blames Greg*))

Honeysuckle: [HMS7W] Honeysuckle nods to Robert, darting off to get the potatoes and garlic.

Honeysuckle: [HMS7W] She comes back with a good amount of potatoes and gets to washing them.

Robert E. Lee: [WKS22] ((Hell, Abel could take him to another rodeo, restore his confidence a bit.)) *Heads back out with half a dozen bottles that once held a variety of drinks ranging from IBC root-beer to Coke--all now filled with some clear liquid--then to the cooler, to come back with several ~thick~ steaks. That 8-ounces-per serving crap is for yankees.*

Ash Graham (STAT): [BJ99N] ((hell.. the only one who should be hiding is Brad))

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] (( I don't think Abel could get him into a cathouse right now. )) *exhales a little, quietly mourning the loss of his baby bullet launcher*

Honeysuckle: [HMS7W] Pan comes out; margarine goes in; flame under the pan; potatoes and garlic sliced up and toss into the pan. Garlic taters a cooking.

Robert E. Lee: [WKS22] ((Hell, you mean a house of ill repute? That'd scare 'im more than the bulls.)) *Chunks the steaks onto the grill, then fires that sucker up, heading back to the cooler for a few more steaks and to grab the cast-iron skillet.... at least it was cast-iron, before he scrubbed the hell out of an engine-block, pounded part of it flat, cut the section off, then shaped it carefully.... for Honeysuckle's potatoes.*

'Twomoons' :-GE-: [ANSHL] (( "There's boobies everywarez!" *faint* )) *Mental note: Clear override when Ari's not looking*

Swante: [6TLF5] *Keeps on drinking, then shrugs and heads for the pack apartment--there's a guidebook on disc somewhere, and he doesn't want to look like an idiot tomorrow.*

Tell: [6TLF5] *Glides closer, looking over the scene.*

Robert E. Lee: [WKS22] *Keeps on a'grillin', stealing a kiss from Honeysuckle when he figures no one's looking.*

Honeysuckle: [HMS7W] (end archive) Honeysuckle blushes at the stolen kiss... quickly looking around to make sure no one saw them.

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