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Bone Gnawer Moot

September 18, 2004

*The place is the same as usual--cleared space in Danni's old  garage. Likewise,there is plenty of food offered alongside a 55- gallon drum of stew cooked by the FMT; nobody in the family leaves hungry. Robert stands among the group.*

We got a lot t'work over, an' we need t'do these-ere gatherin's as often as possible. I ain't th'one t'start with th'issues, though, so I'll leave th'startin' on that t'somebody else.

*And with his little piece said for the time being, he steps back, lighting his pipe.*


*janet finds herself a tire to flop into, after putting up a big vat of mexican beans by the stew, and waits, and watches*


*Cassy lights a smoke while sitting side saddle on her bike. Taking Roberts cue she begins to speak, more so for those that have only been recent additions to the sept* About a year and a half ago...The Fenrir got themselves into some trouble. Jurg and Jublain went too far during a spar with the hippy and they humiliated him. A few weeks later, during a just challenge...Jublain killed Danni Rhya. They lost the trust of a lot of gnawers. Some of whom are in this garage right now. *Hits her smoke again* When I came to their defense, a lot the members of this sept called me a traitor and a lapdog...among other things.

*looks up for the first time to the group, eyes addressing everyone* My own pack...the Seeing Eye Dogs, were even wary of my loyalties although they never stopped defending me...*her eyes fall on Flea for only a brief moment before moving on. She takes a deep breath...getting to the point* In the end...a tribal moot was called...a lot like the one we're having right now. A moot where I was confronted by my own family and asked to make a choice. I could choose the gnawers, and prove my loyalty to mamma rat, or renounce my pack and tribe and hope the fenrir would have me. *continues looking around* I chose my family...even though, to this day I feel they were wrong for a lot of reasons.

If I felt this way, then why didn't I just leave the tribe and my pack?  *spits and takes another hit and looks right at Cindy* Because family is family, and blood is thicker than water...always. I would have rather put a bullet in my head then abandon my family just because I didn't agree with some of their logic.

* Hops off the bike and looks to Flea, then Robert...finally Cindy* That's why...I'm calling you out right now Cindy. I want to know where you stand. You've already been booted from the tribe once before and you barely made it back in afterward.

The FMT adopted you despite you're poor judgement because they saw hope  in you...potential. And because you are FAMILY. *lights another smoke* They came to your rescue when you had all but been forgotten by everyone else, and when they needed you the most you cut them loose. You sold out your own family, just so you could feel accepted by another lesbian and an admitted murderer of our own Grand Elder.

You situation is not that different from the one I was in a year and a half ago.*hits her smoke* Except for one important thing. I... NEVER... NOT ONCE...failed to come to my pack's defense for ANY reason. I chose my family....

So here I am you the same choice you all gave me a year and a half ago. You choose to be family, and prove your loyalty over time like I did. can choose to renounce the gnawers, and embrace your lifestyle and your current friends with the hope that you can find acceptance with them.

*Looks at Flea* Ultimately rhya...this is your call. And I can't speak for anyone else here but myself, but feel that in these times we can't afford to have garou among us that are just gonna tuck tail and run when things get ugly...


*Nikki snuck in... almost late, slinking around the parimiter of the room to settle in next to Janet. While she listens, she twists the ring on her finger around and around in a nervous, absent gesture*


*Ari is there, the cheerleader for once not smiling in the least. She watches in silence, Truth of Gaia active, nodding a bit here and there, having been one of those to call most loudly for Cassy's own "loyalty check"*


*And occasionally poking his head out from near or behind Ari is the skinny ass bastard Jesus, looking really worried by this whole thing for some reason*


*Cin's there, pad of paper in hand*

ok... let's get a couple confusions straight..... first... I'm not friends with Anja because she's a lesbian and I'm sick of hearing that.... for everyone's information, I was friends with her before she came out to me..... second, she didn't murder our Grand Elder... she killed a criminal condemmed to death, so stated by the next Grand Elder... a criminal that, if she hadn't killed, I might've had to... and as far as getting kicked out of the tribe... who was it that kicked me out? Oh, that's right, your precious Get....

now I got curious when you said the tribe was pissed at me... so I asked around... *indicates the pad of paper she has* I asked: *reads from the paper*

"do you feel any of the following is true, yes or no:
A: I have betrayed my tribe in any way
B: I should either appologize to the tribe or leave the tribe?"

and here's the answers I got....

Ari: no/no
Jesus: no/no
Nikki: no/no
Steel: no/no
Heather: no/no
Georgia:.... no/no... *smirks a bit at that one*

the yes's I got should come as no surprise...

Robert: while I never actually asked him these exact questions, I spoke with him once and he pretty much made his opinion clear... I'd mark him as a yes/yes... Honeysuckle: yes/yes... as if that's any big shock... she takes anything Robert says as the gospel truth...

I never ran into Wields to ask him..... and, of course, I didn't ask you Cassy, but I can guess how you'd answer...

Flea refused to comment, saying all would come out at the moot..... and Janet refused to comment saying quote "This is juvenile..." and, frankly, I agree with her.....

so, at final count, I have 3 against me, and 6 with me...... so, I'm curious, Cassy..... what tribe have you been talking to that's so pissed with me and questioning my loyalty? Because this tribe, or at least the great majority of them... think I'm doing just fine.... and feel that I have nothing to appologize for...


*Robert still leans against the wall, smoking his pipe.* Three points....

*Puffs, thinking.* 'Fore any of them, don't go on about this "'fore she came out t'me" line--I got forty years experience livin' among the Black Furies; I know what "gay-dar" is.

But first, I don't b'lieve Cassy's tryin' t'say the tribe's voted t'give you th'boot--t'ain't a votin' matter, anyways. That's why this meetin', t'see how folks think an' to make sure they know what's goin' on--an' I know the folks you asked for that little paper didn't know alla what's goin' on, 'cuz after you used my packmate f'y'politics she come talkin' t'me 'bout this conspiracy it seems you been accusin' me of.

Second, bullshit. She snuck up behind our Grand Elder and lopped 'im open with that Klaive. She's a murderer, an' you can go on 'bout how she ain't so bad, but we know what th'truth is.

An' third, *Pushes away from the wall to stand on his own two feet and faces her, eyes narrowed down and pipe clenched grimly in his teeth.* You be careful how you talk 'bout my wife. I don't go t'callin' th'woman you're livin' with brainless, an' ifn' I don't get th'same courtesy then after Cassy knocks you out'n th'challenge circle I'm gonna drag ya back in.


[Cidy] ok, first... yes, gay-dar.... but I never suspected Anja... hell, I was surprised as anyone else when she came out... as far as I knew, she was celibate and would remain that way...

and politics? You're one to talk about politics... I didn't "use" your packmate... I asked her an honest question and recieved an honest answer....

and Anja did not "sneak up" behind our "Grand Elder"... she snuck up on a criminal condemmed to death.... he was relieved of Grand Elder duties before he even left.... you can believe whatever you want, and hold whatever useless grudge you want, but ~that's~ what the truth is....

and I didn't call the woman you're living with brainless, I merely said she takes everything you say as 100% true.... which she does...


*Robert grunts.* Honest question, hell. You 'cuse me of some conspiracy, left out a whole bunch of im-portant details, an' then asked her--likely th'same as you did t'th'rest of th'folks on your little paper.

That' "Criminal" was our Grand Elder, who put his butt in the kettle t'save this place;includin' you. An' instead of th'chance t'die with honor he was granted, somebody he reckoned he could trust--an' not bein' fool enough t'make ~that~ mistake ag'in ain't no "grudge"--snuck up behind him an' cut 'im open. He was betrayed an' murdered.

An' considerin' what I done said was one hunnerd-percent true, there wouldn't be a problem with doin' just that--but my wife didn't need t'listen t'me, Cin; she seen what you done with her own eyes.


*It's likely louder than anybody's heard her speak to date, Nikki's voice ringing out on the very heels of Robert's words* And ya need t' be careful how ya talk 'bout MY wife. *Ballsy? Goddamned right. She looks away from Robert, to Cassie and Cindy* This ain' 'bout Ahnnie. She don' need ta be dragged in'ta it. So don'.


[Cindy] *looks at Nikki* Unfortunately, Nikki... my friendship with Anja is actually the source of all their problems... all their distrust... as much as I wish it weren't...


*Nikki nods, slowly, finally unfolding herself from her spot near Janet* Th'n I prolly don' b'long here. 


[Cindy] yes you do... you're Bone Gnawer... no one here can deny that...


[Cassy] *Looks at Cindy* were one of first people to point the finger at Jublain rhya behind his back and call him a murderer after Danni-rhya died. Although unfortunate, her death was the result of bad judgement on both the combatants part, but in a JUST challenge sanctioned by the MoTC. What Anja did was NOT just, it was murder. In the human world, a cell mate who shivs a death row prisoner is still considered a murderer. This society aint no different in that respect. Anja ~is~ a murderer, she confessed to it deny that is to spit in the face of your former Grand Elder who, like Robert said, risked his ass to save everyone of us, including you. But then again...talkin shit when people aint is somethin you've always been good at. Which is why we're here tonight.

*She looks around to the rest who've gathered here* As Robert also pointed out, this isn't a witch hunt, and I'm not speaking on behalf of the entire tribe as Cindy believes. But considering the circumstances, and obvious disrespect she's shown for her elders not only tonight, but many times over in the past, and the fact that she abandoned her own pack, a pack that went out of their way to make her apart of the family, I think it's more than fair to ask her to make a decision on where her true loyalties are.

*Looks back to Cindy* I went through the same thing Cindy, and for a lot can disrespect me all you want. Call me names, disobey orders...whatever. That'll get taken care of in the challenge circle when this is over, but right now...I think you have a choice to make. You're either family...or you aint.

*Looks to Flea and Robert, and Ari* If any of you feel this is an unjust request...please...speak your mind. 


*Robert grunts.* Unfortunately, you're lyin' through y'teeth. Ifn' nobody could stomach you bein' friendly with th'shadderlord, we woulda done somethin' 'bout it months ago--hell, Cap woulda tol' you t'break it off back when he was still your alpha; an' likely should have. Th'source of th'problem, much as I wish it wasn't, is that you put a higher value on your friendship with Anja than you do y'own pack an' tribe.

*Grits his teeth, then continues. Lying about him, apparently, is going too far.* That's why you took th'Shadderlord's side in arg'ments ag'in y'own pack. That's why you left th'pack what took you in when nobody else would rathern' show a little loy'lty to 'em. An' that's why you THANKED the Shadderlord for murderin' our Grand Elder. *And those using Truth of Gaia will note that the statement is indeed true.*

*To Nikki he only shrugs.* If'n the shoe fits...


*Spits and jumps up off her bike at Roberts claim about her thanking Anja for murdering the GE...Rage filling her eyes to the point where she can help but shift to Crinos, though not in frenzy* HT- You gutless...honorless...deceitful bitch!!!! Criminal or not, HE WAS ONE OF OURS... *Growls and steps foward* I oughta gut you like a fish, like Anja did to Jacob rhya for your disgrace. *Pulls out her unfriendly looking Kris*


*calmly looking at Cassy... not about to back down* My reasoning for that was that if she hadn't done it, I might've had to... and I don't know that I could have... and if I didn't, that psycho Get woulda killed me... so, in doing what she did, she possibly saved my life..... by executing a man condemmed to death....


*Ari finally makes her presence known, and loudly* ENOUGH!!!!!!!! Cassy SIT DOWN! *well, when the prom queen gets pissed, she gets pissed* I swear to god, I heard this same argument back in high school. "He said this" "Well SHE said this" "Well HE'S a big doody-head!" Oh for fuck's sake. *eyeing every person present with disgust* Has it never occured to you that THE END OF THE WORLD IS COMING???? And quick? I and my pack, and Janet, and how many others BUST OUR ASSES to try and get the septs to unite. Beyond pack, beyond tribe. Because we've got a helluva fight coming, and we're gonna get our asses kicked. And all the lot of you can do is sit here and whine about whether or not Cindy is Gnawer enough for you! Yeah, so I don't like Anja either. Whoop-di-shit. In the end, I'd rather have her fight beside me than against me. And y'know what, Cassy, I don't like you either, but the same goes for you. You're more Get now than you ever were Gnawer. You pissed off a shit load of people, and half the place doesn't trust you. And you know what? It doesn't matter. NONE of this matters. There has been no law broken. Having an unpopular opinion, or an unpopular friend, is not a punishable offense. And YOU, Robert, should by god be old enough to know better. If Danni-rhya were still here, she'd turn you all over her knee and give you a good spanking, and I'd fucking sell tickets.


*Robert spits.* Ari, it seems next time you oughter pay 'tention t'what's goin' on.


*Ari crosses her arms over her chest* Then enlighten me on JUST what part I missed?


*Nikki offers Janet a smile that could pass for apologetic, and moves to slip out the door*


*Georgia takes a place where she can step in and break up fights, unless she's the one in the fight...* [player sick, wasn't up on emails]


*Sighs, finally speaking quietly when he gets the chance* When we get time-...Flea left a letter concerning the matter on Cindy. *His jackal like voice likely grating a few ears*


*Georgia, the usually quiet Ahroun, stands up, and scratches the back of her neck before speaking* This's gone on 'bout long 'nuff I reckon. Either someone actually do somethin' or I'm headin' back t' patrol so's no Thunderwyrms 'r nuthin' come eat us all while we're arguin'.

But, f'r th' record. I weren't used by no one. I don' like how Cindy'd go an' hang out with the Shadderlord an' hardly never speak t' me, but that's a pack matter, not tribe.  An' 'bout Anja...well I can't stand th' woman, an' she's done things I don' like neither, but I ain't never lied t' no one when I said I was relieved I didn' have ta kill Jacob myself.

Anyhow, we 'bout done here?


[Cassy] *Growls at Ari* Fuck you Ari...I never alienated my pack or tribe for anyone...not even the Get. And yah know what...don't ever fucking talk to me about unity between tribes ever again. You were the first one to scream murder when I stood behind Jurg after that Shadowlord wanted to Satire him. Which it turns out was completely unjustified via the Don. You tried to crucify me, just because I did the right thing. You don't trust me...fine with me, but I don't see you out there bleeding, and busting your ass to try and get folks home alive during raids. *flips her off with a big garou finger*. We all associate with different groups of people here...thats what we do. You like to hang out with the hippy to the point where even you were thought more CoG than Gnawer, but I never said shit, neither did the S-E-D...why? Cause assiciations aren't important. You and the rest of the other gnawers that don't trust me because I'm bonded with the fenrir can eat my ass, cause you all do the same in your own way. Same for Cindy...I don't give a fuck who she hangs with...shadowlord or not. But she sold out her pack, and praised the murder of her GE. that's some fucked up shit.*Turns to Cindy* Since I've been here and gotten to know you...It's become apparent to me that you only think about disgraced my former pack and momma rat kicked outta the tribe...not the get. Now you sell out the one pack that was willing to offer a kind hand, and praise the murder of someone who bled for you, all of us.

*looks back to Ari* Danni Hated me...but I never praised her death. Why don't you get your facts straight before making comparisons...*Still standing...knife in hand...fuck em*

*Turns to Georgia* No...we are not done...That bitch is going to answer for her actions...period. *looks to Nate* What's Flea got to say?


*Robert nods first to Georgia.*  You're tribe as well's pack, sister Georgia, an' a little relieved you didn't have t'do th'deed y'self  ain't th'same as thankin'  'is murderer. But anyways, you're right.  'Bout time this was settled, on account of I know there's other matters t'deal with.

*And then turns to Ari.*  Well, first off, you seem to've missed th'part where we ~didn't~ set a punishment, seein' as you're talkin' about punishable offenses.  What Cassy's askin', an' what I reckon she deserves an answer to, is where Cindy's loyalties is at--her fellow Bone Gnawers, or her fellow lesbians. 

Then ag'in, mebbe you missed th'part where we ~didn't~ say she wasn't "Gnawer enough for us", seein' as the question ain't how Gnawer, but how loyal an' how trustworthy. 

Then ag'in, mebbe it was th' high-school argument part, seein' as I don't know of many folks in high school choosin' a murderer over their fambly.  If you're thinkin' of your tribe as some sorta high school social circle, you got a lot to learn.

Or, it could be what you got wrong is how Danni woulda turned us over her knee for wantin' a straight answer on how we stand in our tribemate's priorities.  Did you figger Danni woulda turned ~you~ over her knee when you was wonderin' 'bout Cassy?

But ifn' you want th'wonderin' an' th'confusion an' th'anger t'end, there's a real simple way t'do it--Cassy can ask Cindy ag'in.  Cindy can either say yes, or say no, or refuse t'answer.  Whichever it is, th'rest of us'll know whether or not we can put any trust in 'er.

It's all well an' good to unite th'tribes an' unite th'septs, an' t'go beyond pack an' tribe.  But when th'gun's unloaded an' the Feds are comin', there's only one kinda folks that Gnawers can depend on--an' that's Gnawers.  Our tribe, our fambly.  If Cindy's truly a part of this'ere tribe, she'll be willin' t'defend 'er fambly ag'inst outsiders.  Ifn' she ain't, then mebbe she'll side with them outsiders.  I b'lieve that th'rest of us got us a right t'know, one way or t'other, an' I b'lieve that ifn' Cindy cain't come up with enough loyalty to 'er tribe to at least defend her fambly, then even ifn' it cain't be forced on 'er until she commits some sorta crime worthy of it, it's her duty to 'er tribe an' to 'erself t'find a tribe she ~can~ come up with that sort of loyalty to.


*and from Ari* Ok, point by point, since you seem to like it that way: The high school comment was meant to illustrate how juvenile and ridiculous I find this whole thing. Having never gone to high school yourself, maybe you're missing the comparison.

And as for loyalty or trustworthyness. Just because Cindy disagrees with you, she's not trustworthy? A person can't have a differing opinion from yours, without their loyalty coming into question? Boy am I fucked. Because I haven't agreed with a single thing you've said here.

And y'know what? Danni was dead before the discussion on Cassy, but yeah, she probably woulda paddled my ass right alongside y'all's. I'm not saying it was a GOOD discussion. Just that it happened. The key to learning from your mistakes is not repeating history. Looking back at that whole thing, what would it have mattered? What did it change? It only alienated Cassy, and she's STILL in a Get pack now. For better or worse, I don't know, and probably won't live long enough to know.

And Cassy, thank you for reiterating my point. NONE of the associations matter, just like you said, and that's what you're all questioning. You all wanna know if Cindy would rather hang with Anja, or hang with you guys. And it's a fucked up choice. You keep saying this is family. Well y'know what? You don't get to choose your family. Family is family, whether you like everyone or not. I don't like Cassy, I said that already, but she is STILL family, even when I'm pissed at her.

Maybe Cindy said some stupid shit, thanking Anja for whatever. But I think we can all understand that the sentiment was similar to Georgia's, even if she worded it VERY poorly. No one wanted to kill Jacob. Anja's way wasn't right. But it was going to happen, whether on her hands or ours. Be pissed at Cindy, that's your right. That's EVERYone's right, for every other person here. But don't drag the tribe together for this kind of bullshit. It demeans what these gatherings are supposed to be for.


*Robert sighs.* An' apparently, I didn't quite explain it right. Or mebbe Cindy didn't let you know all th'details when she ran her little poll. Nobody's questioning her loyalty because she disagrees with us. Hell, we all disagree. I questioned her loyalty before she abandoned her pack, an' Cassy's questioning her loyalty now, because she puts others before her tribe an' pack--when she had one--an' takes the side of them others ~against~ her tribe an' pack. Hangin' out with someone else is one thing--in the Shadderlord's case I didn't like it, but when I coulda put the dee-rect cut to it, I didn't because it was Cindy's decision. Joinin' someone else t'mock your own fambly is another thing entire. Takin' someone else's side ag'in your own fambly is another thing entire.

Like I said, ifn' she's got any lo'lty to her tribe, she'll be willin' to defend it. Hell, she won't even say whether or not some murderer is more important to 'er than 'er tribe is! Even if what we seen suggests an answer right strong already.

Cassy had a question t'ask, an' th'rest of th'tribe has a right t'know. That's why she aske for a Moot t'be called, an' I for one would like t'hear th'answer. I reckon that makes it important enough for a tribal meetin', but I know there's at least one other matter to discuss, along with th'fact that these meetin's are ~supposed~ t'hash issues like this out. Plus there's th'challenge, an' a chance f'fambly t'gather t'gether. Like I said already, when it all comes down to th'wire, the only folks what Gnawers can count on, is Gnawers.


[Cassy] *Crinos Jaw Drops at Ari* Do even fucking hear yourself? Who the fuck do you think you are questioning our motives, and telling us to remember that "Family is Family". You had me put on the chopping block for doing a whole lot fuckin less than that *points at Cindy* And to imply that I'm STILL in a Get pack means that you thought I might as well have been in one before the S-E-D got seperated which is bullshit, and a disgrace to them. But that's neither here nor there...I've proven my loyalty over and over again...if you're not satisfied with can come see me anytime and we'll work that out...*turns back to Cindy* *Asking...AGAIN* You wanna keep arguing or are you gonna step up, and make your decision...Do you, or do you not want to be apart of this family?


[Cassy] *Looks to Georgia* That'll come after she answers the question...*Referring to the challenge*


*Georgia seems to be thinking hard, because some lines form over her nose, between her eyes.* C'n I ask y'all a question? How come we're wastin' time on this when all anyone shoulda done is smack 'er upside the head an' say "Bad Cindy!"?  I'd be glad ta do it right now an' get this over with so's we c'n get back t' our lives.


[Cindy]*sighs* Robert, I've told you this isn't a fucking lesbian thing.... I like Anja more than you... and it's NOT cause she's gay.... it's because you're an asshole and obviously a homophobe... you wanna know why I "sided" with her? It's not cause she's gay... it's because I agreed with what she was saying... and the more you talk, the more I agree with her about you...

*looks at Cassy* anyone except for you and Robert knows that I've never been anything but loyal to my tribe as a whole... there's been times I've disagreed with Steel, he's even tried to kill me in frenzy, we're cool now tho.... Ari is my sister, in all ways but blood... Jesus is my bud... I've always respected Flea, even if I feel she's made some mistakes recently... Georgia's cool, and I'll honestly miss being her pack sister... Wields is nice, even tho he's gone too far with his pranks a couple times...... except for you, and Robert... the ~tribe~ has no reason to question me... ~two members~ have a problem with me.... two members doesn't make up the whole tribe...... so, honestly, I couldn't care less what you and Robert think of me... but I'm a Bone Gnawer... and anyone else in this tribe will back me on that...


[Cassy] *Shakes her head and reverts back to Homid* I'll take that as a "yes" for wanting to be Gnawer...*lights a smoke* Cindy...Robert and I don't care if you hang out with Anja...who you're friends with makes not difference to us.

The point we were trying to make is that you humiliated your former pack, and continue to do so with little disregard for the effect it has on them or anyone else except your own self esteem.

The way I like think about a tribe is like Family of course...Aunts, uncles, Grandparents, Cousins...whatever. If you're in a Gnawer pack...they are your brothers, and sisters, and Moms and Dads kinda. does that make sense?'s perfectly acceptable to disagree with your family if you feel they've done something wrong...*points her herself* Case in point. However, let's say one of my sisters, like Flea. Has major issues with a friend of mine, lets say it's Brad. Doesn't mean she's gonna step in and forbid me to see that person...they just have a beef, whatever, it's my life. But, She's still my sister and blood is thicker than water...and I would NEVER openly entertain a humiliating and disrespectful conversation about Flea to Brad when Flea is sitting 20 feet away. If Brad has a problem with Flea...that's their beef, but when push comes to shove...Flea is my blood, my sister...I stand by her.

When Anja was humiliating Robert that night...openly so he could hear. Your duty as family to Robert should have been to end the conversation, and wait until you two are in private to talk as much shit as you want. could have been a little more diplomatic and tried to mediate their dispute between the two.

Now before you jump in...I know I'm not the most diplomatic Garou here. But I do have common sense, and I do have a sense of loyalty to my family regardless of the pack I'm now currently bound too. Anja and I have worked out a lot of our distrust, some of those wounds may never fully heal, but it's a start.

And you wanna know the biggest mistake I made since being here Cindy? One I still regret? Not stepping in when Jurg and Jubs slit your tongue. That was completely wrong of me to allow that, because you're my family...they were just friends. I made my contritions for that, and that would never happen again.

Whether or not you feel a contrition is in order for Robert is between you and him, but the situation with you and Jurg that night is a big reason why I was called out by some of the tribe as well, even though I had an entire Gnawer pack standing behind me.

You think we've alienated you. Left you to rot. But Cindy, if you still walk out of here feeling alienated, the only one you can blame for that is yourself. It's been your decisions that prompted this meeting. Have some integrity Cindy...Stay with the family...and just remember that when the shit hits the fan...we're the ones gonna be fighting along side eachother one day, and I want to be sure that you have my well as everyone elses.

*wow. for someone with only and 8th grade education she ~is~ capable of rational thought. Who'd a thunk it*


[Cindy] *arms crossed... she regards Cassy for a long.... LONG time...... just looking at her.... wheels turning in her head... then glances at Ari, who is always preaching about unity.... then back to Cassy.........* so... who are you, and what have you done with Cassy? *smirks just a bit, tho for a change, it's good natured.... she pauses for a moment... then extends her hand* what do you say you an' me call a truce?


*Robert snorts.* Yeah, I hate 'er 'cuz she's a lesbo, that's it. Nothin' t'do with 'er bein' a lyin', carpet-baggin' murderer, accourse, because that kinda stuff don't matter none. T'you, mebbe, but that kinda stuff matters plenty t'me, Cin. Likewise th'tribe didn't have any reason because they didn't know alla what you been doin'. High time they figgered it out. So if you're certain you're a member of this fambly, then are you goin' t'start sidin' with it ag'inst outsiders, 'stead of th'other way 'round? Because you been plenty but loyal in th'past--which is why this whole matter's bein' discussed. *Looks around.* but at least she's answered th'question. I'll b'lieve it when I see it, but at least we got an answer one way or t'other. What ~I~ wanna know, is which side'll you be on when th'chips are down? Your fambly, or th'Shadderlord ag'in?

Georgia>>I tried t'do jus' that, after I overheard her thankin' th'Shadderlord for th'murder. She jus' walked away an' went t'find Anja.


[Cindy] and what you need to understand... is that, when the chips are down.... REALLY down... when it REALLY matters... the pocalypse........ us and Anja are on the same side...... so it won't matter...


[Cassy] *Crosses her arms and continues to lean against her bike while watching Cindy* Don't offer to shake my hand Cindy...not yet anyway. We still have a challenge to complete. After that...we'll see what happens. Right now though...I think you and your former pack have some issues to discuss, seeing as how this whole mess started because of what you done concerning them.

Whether you feel justified in your actions or not, you hurt and humiliated a lot of people when you slandered your alpha in public to someone who never liked him anyway. *Gestures to Robert again* If you really wanna make peace Cindy...then offer a truce with him, and the rest of the FMT. Of cource...time is the only real judge of how any truces out. it or not, you got a lot to prove to folks around here, in this garage anyway. Hell, you heard it straight from Ari. It's been a year and half since I was in your shoes and she still don't like me, or trust me. There's always gonna be critics. But I've worked real hard to mend some of the wounds that were created during that time, and with the exception of a small few...I've done a good job. Kiddo, show us who you really are, and what you really stand for and, over time, You'll find that your life here aint gonna be nearly so hard to deal with. Loyalty is all we got Cindy. The rest of the tribes mock us and call us the omega's and Urrah's.

Well I for one, aint gonna be the omega of shit, and anyone callin my family Urrah's is gonna get their throat cut. But it's the lack of respect other tribes have for us, that makes it that much more important for us...*gestures to the group* to stick together. If we can't count on the loyalty of the nation...then at least we can count on the loyalty of the family. And it's the family that really counts Cindy. Friends come and go...but you're family are the ones who've seen you at your best, and at your worst...and who will be there to pick up the pieces if you ever fall apart. Try and remember that. *Hits her smoke again.*


[Cindy] Cass... I never said one thing about Wields... he's the Alpha... Robert is the Omega...


[Cassy]((That was a player error on my part...sorry. I'm still thinkin about Cap, not Robert.))

Revision: " Shake the hand of Robert who not only holds rank, but is the one you helped deface." 

((Or something like that...whatever corrects the mistake...cept Cassy wouldn't have called him the Omega))


[Cindy] *glances over at Robert..... then back at Cassy.... then shakes her head* I can't do that...


[Cassy] *Looks to Robert then back to Cindy* Well...that's between you two now. As far as you an me go. said you wanted to be Gnawer...and that's really a relief...believe me. But...before we beging the "healing process" between us, we're gonna take care of that challenge as per my terms during our discussion about respect a couple of months ago. After that...we start picking up the pieces. *Steps back...Having said all she's going to say on this matter*

*She looks to Nate* said Flea left instructions? Seeing as how Cindy made her decision, I don't know if the letter needs to be read still, but she's the ranking Gnawer and deserves to be heard...So why don't you start reading.


*Georgia inserts one little question somewhere in there* Cassy, I don' recall what the challenge was an' what it was for. C'n ya tell us again? It might be important t' me, seein's I made a promise t' Cindy afore all this came out.


[Cassy] *Turns to Georgia* That challenge is non lethal combat. And it's for her continued disrespect of me, even after I told her I wasn't going to tolerate it...*said plainly, then hitting her smoke*


*up until now, Wields hasn't been showing himself in the garage. For good reason... of course, now, folks are gonna start noticin' he's here, and apparently with something to say. Blur of the Milky eye drops, revealing the FMT's current alpha and sept's #1 most confusing ragabash, wearing a pair of large sunglasses. Amidst the back and forth conversation, mouths start stuttering as Wields' claws start making the Dr Evil "shhh!" motions left and right (via the "Hush" gift. obviously it won't work on everyone, but for the sake of RP I'd assume it'd get enough people to draw some attention). When everyone's finally looking at him, he steps up without his usual grin* ~eng~ I's Wieldsy  Knoxville... and dis am Ragga-ass. *then switches over to the garou tongue, showing in one of his rare moments that he's actually fully capable of speaking clearly as he takes off the sunglasses*

Cindy... you're making excuses. Weak, flimsy ones. I've stood by you through everything and you're still my tribesister; maybe that'll lend credibility to what I say and give you something to think about since anything Robert says is just homophobia and anything Honey says is just worshipping Risin' South. You're using your fuckin' preferances as an excuse. Rob says "Cin, you're fuckin' up" and you say "oh, you just think that 'cause I'm a lesbian and you're a homophobe"... "Cin, it ain't cool how Anja's trashin' your pack and you're supportin' it" "oh, that's just 'cause she's a lesbian and you hate her because of it". Is it any surprise you gave the impression that you're siding with her _Because_ she's a lesbian? I never... Robert never. not once.. made it a primary issue. If we had, would you have even been in the FMT in the first place? Do you think we didn't know what Rat kicked you out of the tribe for in the first place? Did you really think so lowly of your own pack to pretend we were stupid? Or maybe thought that we had some hope of 'reforming you', when we didn't care in the first place? you were looking for excuses to rebel against when they weren't there in the first place... like it validated your every mistake by claiming it was a lesbian thing and we chose not to understand? Did you ever hear Cap say someone just had it out for him because he was a metis? Or that what got the furies after him was just because they didn't understand and he wasn't in the wrong? nuh-uh.

Anja Murdered Jacob. She dishonored the punishment rite, herself and this sept. She was not only a murderer.. and you can defend that however you want. Say it's 'cause she was a lesbian, I don't care... but she was a thief. The Hunt is for those who retain enough honor to redeem themselves, and damnit, those who put up a good chase at least regain their honor in death. She ROBBED him of that. *wipes his nose and looks around at everyone, Georgia included* Damnit, I didn' wanna kill 'im any more than any of you did; but since when is it okay for us to be so cowardly and pathetic that we're relieved at not giving an ELDER the chance for redemption he's due? huh?

Does that clear it up any for you? You thanked her for robbing an elder of our tribe who we owed the survival of this sept to, for skipping over justice with some personal vendetta. Would you thank her if she'd murdered Cap? How about if she murdered Danni for what she did with Puck? Would you thank 'er for murderin' Hope for givin' birth to a Metis?  *looks around* were any of you even around back then? When Granpa Lost-N-Found wasn't even in charge?

How about this Cindy? Would any of US thank her, or anyone else... for murderin' you for what got you kicked out of the tribe? Did any of us thank the barbarian heathens for slitting your tongue? Hell no! we rallied at your side!  What really _Really_ pisses me off is that despite all we did, you left.  You abandoned us when you decided we weren't useful to you anymore. That hurts... I don't doubt Rat's okay with it. After all, that was a perfect Ratkin move. Rat's abandon ship... *lays his ears back slightly* but wolves don't abandon family, and that's what you did.

As for my pranks... you never did figure out what it means to be a Ragabash. We're questioners of the ways, Cindy. Not clowns for the entertainment of the shadowlords and silverfangs and not lap dogs for the Viking-mutts. Every prank we pull has a purpose and a reason. You wanna know why I made your life hell those last few nights? it's because I was desperate to keep you from abandoning us. Robert got far worse than you did that night. I kept real busy.. an' y'know why? *points to the small claw scar on his rump* 'cause it got y'all workin' t'gether. If only for a few seconds. I went out with the Rabble and busted my ass to learn how, and when all was said and done, you were so stubborn, so close minded, so hell bent and determined to show loyalty to that murderous, cowardly backstabbing bitch, that you completely overlooked it and didn't stop to think for one second _WHY_. You're a ragabash, Cindy, not an Ahroun. you're meant to ask the questions.  I don't see you doing that, ever. I see you tossing out plenty of answers to everyone... wrong answers that aren't thought out; but you ain't askin' an' thinkin' none.

I ain't wantin' you out of the tribe. Even if it were my call, you're still family, no matter what, an' I don't turn my back on family. Lose enough of 'em an' you might realize how valuable they are.  What I want, what Robert wants... is you to show you _are_ family and not just waiting for an invitation to Anja's fan-club.

So far, you ain't showin' it. You publically badmouth us, you insulted and lied about Robert in front of everyone and pretty much spit on all the friendship and hospitality we showed you.  Why Cindy? why would you do something like that? I ain't gonna say it's 'cause the carpet-munch connection... that'd be doin' exactly what you're doin'.

I just wanna ask why you gonna treat us like shit? You ain't some silverfang or shadowlord. You're better'n that, deep down and I know it. Show it.

*looks to Nikki if she hasn't left by now, shifting to homid for a moment so she can understand* fer you, you choosin' who you loyalties with.  Ain't sayin' cain't be both.. but gotsta shows you's gots wid uses toos *nods*

*shifts back to Crinos so he can speak to Ari, briefly folding his not-so-muscular arms over his chest* and instead of solvin' this, why're you trying to sweep it under the carpet and hold it together with scotch tape until the apocalypse instead of fixin' it? Ain't no time for that...  we need this fixed and fixed now without any lingering questions. We needs real leadership. Instead of askin' what Danni would do, ask what Ari needs to do. *snorts, reverts to lupus and takes a seat by Robert*


[Cindy]  *looks at GA* Georgia, thanks, but I'll handle this, ok? *looks at Cassy* Cass, lemme tell you a little somethin about me... I'll NEVER respect you merely because you can kick my ass... you want me to respect you? Keep saying things like you did a couple minutes ago.... but beating my ass? That kinda has the opposite effect on me.... but if you wanna kick my ass? Fine.. I don't even care... I've been beaten by bigger and badder than you..... you wanna kick my ass, go ahead... I won't even fight back...... beat me to your heart's content... it will not change a thing.........


[Cindy] ok, first, it's not me callin the lesbian thing... it's Robert... *imitates him, badly* "yoo gomma side wif yer famblee or yer fellow lezbeens?" and I never said a thing about you Wields..... matter of fact, I defended you against Anja when she wanted to tear you a new asshole for insulting her klaive... a move that Twomoons approved of.... ~I~ stood up and said 'hold on, now"... I got her to back off... because I cared about you and didn't want to see you hurt... and the reason I left, is cause you an' Robert saw a threat to the pack...... me... so, bein Beta, I did what I had to do to free the pack from that threat.... I left... I had no other choice.... I wish I did...


*Robert shrugs.*  That warn't an answer, Cin--much less that it don't hold up.  Th'Apocalypse won't matter a bit ifn' we ain't around t'see it.  An' seein' as it seems you ain't goin' t'answer... I'll believe it when I see it.  At th'moment, I just cain't trust you to stand by y'fambly when th'chips are down.  Mebbe that'll change, dependin' on what I see... *Sighs.*  But I doubt it.

An' you did have another choice.  You coulda put your own pack at a higher priority than some murderer--or even equal woulda been an improvement.  You coulda showed some loy'lty to th'fambly what took you in when nobody else would.  Abandonin' your pack warn't no ~service~.  It warn't you that was a threat to th'pack, it was your refusal to show some damned closeness to your fambly.  Obviously, you'd rather abandon your pack than stand up to your "friend" in favor of y'pack.  Don' be feedin' us no line 'bout how  you done your duty by ditchin' th'pack what took you in.  That ain't how this tribe does things.


*Indeed, Nate pocesses a letter of a few pages in Flea's familur scribble scratch hand writing with all the mis-spelled words and such*

"Dear Family,

If your reading this, I'm either dead or you guys have just managed to come together before I got back. Which ever, I leave this to my Tribe brother and student to read for you.

Your first case is likely Cindy. So I'll start with that...Over the past few months, I feel Cindy's behavior has bounced up and down. A lot on the bad side...She's insulted my pack mate a few times, done a rather shitty thing by abandoning the Throwdown, and thrown...I think hypocrisy is the word for it? At me. She doesn't like to be judged by me that she hangs around with the Shadow Lord that I veiw as a Murderer, and yes, go tell Anja if you like. She goes around and says I make a mistake by joining my new pack and family. I feel that's two fold...She dropped her last pack as well as not liking to be judged. But, back to the issue. Cassy has called for a challenge or an apology and I except that as Ranking Gnawer. It seems it's gone as far as Cindy wanting to talk to Momma herself. So be it if Nate or Robert are there and it comes to that. If the issue of a members loyalty and behavior is so far out there Momma needs to be the judge, let her answer. Should Cindy except the challenge though, I ban Georgia from stepping in as a "second". I find that rediculous, or else I could be there and step in for Cassy and so on. Also, I didn't like Cindy's grinning the night of the Moot when Georgia came to her defense. As if using that to her advantage. Ragabash forgiven, that just aint right. But, I do ask you do this things as civil family members. We are one big family and if we can't trust one another, who do we got? No one...Maybe our shadow but that's it. So, considering all actions carefully before they take place......The Final Battle is coming"

*The letter goes on into a few more things, but player feels that's all thats needed for now*


*Georgia nods after Flea's letter is read* Flesbitten Mongrel's always had a lotta sense, but y'all best remember I promised t' be Cindy's second only if she was ta fight Cassy, not fer anythin' else. I'd still like ta pound her fer jus' up an' leavin' th' pack, and I'd like ta pound Wields *nods to him* no disrespect meant, fer mishandling Cindy too far, an' I'd like ta pound Robert, much as I love 'im, fer gettin' too riled ta talk ta the girl like she needed. An' most of all, I oughta pound m'self fer lettin' it get this far, cause I shoulda been tryin' harder t' help my packsister get sorted out. So, are we gonna get this settled now, or go on like a buncha Silver Fangs with a lotta hoity-toity hurt feelin's?

*The Ahroun's beginning to get antsy* I'll be glad ta hold her while you hit her, Cassy, so long's we DO somethin' stead a all this yammerin'. (Rank 1, Rage 5...what can I say? *G*)


[Cassy] *Looks to GA* Actually...I havn't decided what to do about Cindy's challenge yet...I have an Idea though. However, if it does come done to me kickin her teeth in...I won't allow you to stand in her yah'll want to take me on at the same time...we can discuss that. But like I said...I havn't decided yet...* Rank 2, Rage 6...she's cocky*


[Cindy] *shrugs* like I said Cass... if you wanna beat me... fine... you won't be the first.... I ain't even gonna fight back......... but I'm telling you now that beating me ain't gonna change shit...


*Robert shrugs.* Wal, looks like that's 'bout as settled as it's goin' t'git. At least now folks is aware of th'problem, an' they can see ifn' more signs come up.

So we got other matters t'worry over, too. One of them is what happened when Cassy sang that song. Twomoons up an' tried t'shoot 'er in th'back. Me... I stood aside.

*From behind the 55-gallon drum that's part-full of stew, he takes a small bottle that once held Pepsi, and holds it out in offering to Cassy.* I stood aside when my tribe was in danger, outn' some idear of keepin' th'peace. It was one helluva messed-up thing t'do, an' I offer m'apologies. *Not just a half-assed "sorry 'bout that", but a full-fledged Rite of Contrition.*

*With the Rite finished, he continues.* Problem is, what are we goin'  t'do 'bout some outsider tryin' t'kill one of our own? We cain't jus'  let that slide, y'all.


[Cassy]*Is genuinely touched at the contrition. She accepts the bottle with a nod and smile, not needing to say what she's already voiced before. That it was uneccassary for him to do this. When the matter gets to bein discussed she nods with Robert* Before we start to arguin again. I'd like to be the first one to say that singin that song...though amusing for some folks, was bad form on my part. The words weren't my own, and I don't like the hippy, but I prolly shoulda used a little more...discretion when reciting the lyrics.

*Lights another smoke and stands up.* 

That being said however, that mother fucker not only fully intended to shoot me in the back like a coward...he also tried to bait me into a trap that he and the shadowlord had set up in the umbra. I have zero doubt that she would have cut me down from behind just like she did Joseph [editor's note:  Jacob "Gaia's Drunken Fist" something-or-other] had I been dumb enough to take the bait. *She looks carefully to Ari* I know you're his packmate, but before you jump to his defense, just know that there almost a dozen people there that night that watched the whole thing and can corroborate what Robert and I are sayin...

*Exhales a cloud of smoke and turns to Robert and Flea* I don't have the rank nor the respect to challenge for GE right now, but Flea you do...and I know you had mentioned it before. If not you, then Robert.

*looks to him* You'll be Adren soon. *looks between the two* Either one of you would have my full, unwavering support were you to decide to challenge for the GE. This is a Gnawer sept, and should be governed by one. *sits back*


Honeysuckle is at the tribal moot, however she remains quiet.. she would of spoken up in her own defense, but others, namely her husband spoke up before she could. She continues to just listen for the time being.


*Nate speaks up again, on behalf of the still missing Flea(In that time at least)* Says here in Flea's notes that she has intentions of challenging unless Robert steps up to the plate. Robert has her full support, as she believes he'd make a better leader then she of the Sept in general. *Nods* She feels she makes a better war leader but if respected time passes and Twomoons hasnt been challenged, she will. *Goes silent*


*Robert nods.* I done made my Adren challenge, still gettin' things ready t'go an' do it. An' I've considered challengin', but th'problem with this is, soon's someone challenges they're goin' t'haul out "The Leader May Not be Challenged During Wartime". Ifn' he don't whip it out, you can be sure th'Shadderlord will.


*Georgia blinks and straightens up* Cassy, what'd they do? I hadn't heard 'bout all this.


[Cassy] Turn to GA. I sang a song, that said some not nice things about the hippy. He got mad and tried to gun me down when I wasn't lookin. Some yelled to me before he could pull the trigger though, and I rolled to the side, shifted, and almost took his arm off with throwing knife. He went umbral, expecting me to follow...and I almost did, but I knew something was up. Instead I waited for a couple minuits to see if he was gonna appear somewhere else. When he didn't I just fuckin gave up and went to bed. Later the folks that stuck around says that he was up'n the heaps waiting to snipe me, while Anja was hiding in the shadows to cut me down If I had crossed the gauntlet. Mother fucker.


*Georgia frowns* So, if he went an' was tryin' t' kill ya with silver bullets, how come th'rest o us who was there didn' gang-rush him? We ain't got nuthin' t' be 'fraid of if we all do somethin' t'gether.


[Cassy] *Shakes her head* I didn't allow it. I nearly took his arm off before he could fire, and when he slipped into the Umbra I just let him go. If we'da ran him down we wouldn't be any better than him. No... can't just be runnin down the GE like that, no matter what tribe. I figured he'd be brought to justice soon enough...But after that night, me and Robert decided it was damn time we started comin together as family, having regular moots to ourselves, and getting along better with the rabble and such. That event just proved that the family is all we got in the end. *nods*


[Georgia] Then let's get us some justice! Ain't no way we oughta let that kinda thing jus' go. We got Ari fer Truthcatcher, and Steeleyes fer Warder ta handle somethin' like that. An' we got solidar-ty!


[Cassy] *Nods to Georgia and replies in a oddly diplomatic tone for her* We will have justice, but we can't just go beating ass all over the sept. People are right, we need to stop fuckin off and fightin with eachother. *thinks and looks to Robert* Whattya you think Grampa? I agree with Georgia that somethings gotta be done, but are we gonna content ourselves with waiting to challenge for someone to challenge for GE, or do we seek punishment? I mean shit...I'm down for doin both myself, but I don't have the rank demand either in an open forum...


Robert nods, thinking carefully.* T'be honest, I don't rightly know ifn' I'm ready t'take on Grand Elder, an' like I said, I don't even know ifn' a challenge would be met with anything moren' "wait a few months, we're at War." An' that ain't even countin' whether I could take 'im in a challenge. But it seems events gone too far t'worry 'bout that, so come th'next moot, I'll be issuin' challenge. We cain't jus' go on follerin' a Grand Elder what reckons he's got th'right t'kill th'folks under him over a song. On top of that, we need t'have a truthcatcher look this'ere over--I cain't see even him gettin' out of this without at least losin' some renown. Cassy, you was th'wronged party, so you definitely do got th'right t'charge 'im with th'crime. But jus' 'cuz he was punished f'is crime don't mean it didn't happen, so after th'trial comes th'challenge.

*Looks to Georgia.* I don't know ifn' th'bullets was silver or not, but with her in 'er breed form an' not seein' it comin', it don't take no silver t'make a killin'. Ifn' a couple other folks hadn't seen 'im aimin' an' warned 'er, she'd be one dead Gnawer.

But one thing needs t'be right clear--this kinda thing don't never happen ag'in. Next time him or someone like 'im tries startin' some stunt like 'at with a Bone Gnawer, they're tryin' t'take a member of our fambly 'way from us. We ~need~ our fambly--when it comes to an empty magazine an' th'feds a'comin', ain't nobody a Bone Gnawer can count on but Bone Gnawers--an' we can't let nobody take our fambly 'way. We ~won't~ let nobody take a part of our fambly away.


*Cin kinda raises her hand a bit* uh.. ya... Ari's actually not his packmate... *shrugs*


*Cin stays carefully silent about her opinion of the idea of Robert as GE...  biting her lip to do so..... and tries not to ask Robert to learn how to fucking ~say~ 'family' if family's so freaking important to him...... god that's starting to get on her nerves


[Cassy] *Nods with her arms crossed over her chest.* Okay the next moot, before any challenges are made, I'll bring up my issues in front of a truthcatcher, and his punishment can be decided then...


*In another part of Flea's letter to the family Nate will likely bring up, goes as following*

"As most of ya'll know, I was preety pissed over the event of my packmate being shot at by the current Grand Elder and then was to be baited into a trap by his Lord Packmate. So pissed I went as far as to challenge that murderin' Lord for her Klaive before it can claim any more of our family's blood while she preaches about the Apocalypse and fightin' side by side. If that's the case, and I aint back in time, I want Twomoons and the Lord to stand trail. Both of em, in front of a Truth Catcher...Twomoons blew it off last Moot, which was bullshit and what I think is call procrastination and said "Show it to the counsil".

Well, I'm counsil and say that's bullshit. It's okay to get angry over a song, but be damned if you up and try to kill someone over it. Nate has full privlage to show this letter as proof of my vote, should this happen to go to counsil, I want them both punished. That aint bein' a Grand Elder. That's bein' a youngin with a temper which I wouldn't expect from a Child of Gaia to beat it all"

*The letter, of course, continues on to more things such as the issue of Robert or her stepping up to Challenge for GE etc*


*Ari's stayed mostly quiet, except to correct Cassy's misconception* I am not now, nor have I ever been, a part of D-......Twomoons' pack. I am alpha of my own pack, thank you very much.

And as for the situation with the charges and stuff, I'll be glad to stand TC over it, knowing ya'll wouldn't trust Anja, but considering how my relationship with him is apparently perceived, are you all going to trust me?


*Georgia, puzzled once again, looks at Ari.* Why th' heck wouldn' we trust ya, Ma'am? Yer one o' us.


*Cassy gives an apologetic look* Sorry...*then she hits her smoke* Ari...I've never not trusted your judgement I would much rather have you represent us then that murderous bitch...


*the entire time Steel has remained pretty quiet*((and was not ON the damm list even though iu said i never was and needed the addy))


((Dude, I already apologized. Don't know how I missed the requests, but somehow I did. If you need to catch up, I've got the whole thing archived into one text-file so you don't need to click through the whole archives to read it--want me to fire it off to ya?))

*Robert nods.* Don' believe it'd be up to the Council t'run trials. We make it a big enough issue at th'moot, an' somethin'll have t'come of it. Might be up to th'Council, though, 'bout th'Grand Elder, so jus' keep it in y'thoughts. Some places it's done by challenge, some by th'Council, an' I b'lieve it's been done by both here on diff'nt occasions.

Otherwise, anybody got stuff? We got us a challenge t'figger, an' I reckon we need t'have us one of them Gnawer ee-vents--mebbe jus' somethin' with a little dancin' an' music an' whiskey--anybody wantin' t'hear that "rap" stuff is goin' t'have t'bring their own radio; I ain't pluggin' none of that int' th'General's player--or somethin' a bit more t'ditional. Somethin' we all do as a fambly, like.

*And were he able to read Cindy's thoughts, he would actually be saddened that she didn't say it aloud--because it leads to ~such~ a perfect one-liner to the effect that he'll work on learning the pronunciation if she works on learning the definition.*


[Cassy] *Nods* Yeah I think an event would be nice. In fact, I got the keg-o-jack refilled just the other day. In the next few days or so I'm gonna head out and see if I can't bring down a nice dear early in the season so we can have some good meat.

Anyone got anything else on their minds? We need to start making plans to raid the dump. We really gotta raze that shit hole to the ground, before it gets to nasty for us to handle *not expressing her concerns that it already has*


*Cin just prepares to leave, seeing things winding down.... she has a wife to get home to*


*When Cindy gets up to leave, she holds up a hand* Hold...I have one more thing for you. *Stands up straight and rest a hand on her shoulder* We still have to settle the matter of our challenge...*stares her blankly in the eye*. I've been thinkin about this for a while now, and have talked to a couple people about it. Seeing as how a challenge is supposed to be, just that, kicking your teeth in wouldn't really prove anything. So...instead I offer these terms. *she reaches into her pocket and pulls out a $10 dollar bill*

For your challenge, I want you to spend a week with the rabble, getting to know them, helping them out in anyway you can, and more importantly learning something from the experience. That $10 is for you to by food with, and it needs to last for the full week, and you can only bring one extra change in clothes and a blanket. At the end of the week you'll come back here and explain to me what you learned that week about family and why it's so important to our tribe. Cause when you think about it...the Rabble are the perfect example of what family should be like, they ~really~ are all each other has and with out the support of the others behind them, they wouldn't survive. Compared to the rabble we live in luxury, and that's why it's so necessary for us to be close with them, cause we're in a position to help them. Do this successfully, and you and I start over, I can't speak for the others though. If you fail, which means getting sent away by them, or coming home for any reason during the week, or being bitter when you back. Then we're back to where we are now, and then we will have problems.

I think this is more than a fair challenge, especially for a Ragabash, cause you're supposed to be able to think on your feet, and make the best out of bad situations.

Do you accept?


[Cindy] *bites back several comments, knowing they wouldn't help anything.....  instead she sighs a bit* I'll see when I can arrange to do it....


[Cassy] *Shakes her head* You start next monday Cindy...


[Cindy] look, I'll start after I arrange to get time off from work, and since I'm out of vacation days it'll have to be unpaid, and after I make sure someone can watch Elizabeth since Heather'll have to work even ~more~ overtime to cover the money I won't be making...... I'll start 'learning about the importance of family' after I make sure ~my~ family is gonna be ok... I'll let you know...... it might be Monday, or it might have to wait a few days.... I won't know till I talk to my boss...


[Cassy] *Nods* Ok...


[Cindy] *blinks a bit, genuinely surprised Cassy ddn't push the issue* ..... ok then.... I'll let you know...


*Robert snorts, then looks around.* Wal, folks, eat up--looks like th'business part's done. Anybody else got any troubles we oughta figger?


*Cin doesn't eat.... she just waits to be allowed to leave*


*Robert looks around again.* Alright... Far's I see it, we got ever'thing settled, lessn' somebody f'got somethin'.

Th'dump raid... It'll be in a few days, I reckon ((*G* Can't say when, because it's Greg's call, but he said it'll be soon.)). Flea's goin' t'put up a list, where folks what want t'go can put down their John Hancock.

Ramirez is goin' t'be doin' her challenge once she clears 'er schedule, so I reckon we'll hear 'bout it when it happens.

Come th'moot, Cassy will be bringin' up Twomoons' tryin' t'Drunken-Fist 'er, an' once that's done with I'll be makin' th'challenge. Now, there's two things important 'bout that. First of all, he's li'ble to jus' decide that since we're at war he don't have t'answer no challenge; an' ifn' that happens it might be goin' to the Council. Second, jus' 'cuz I didn't hear nobody disagreein' don't mean ain't nobody does. Ifn' y'all got a problem with it, speak up--'cuz I'm goin' t'be tellin' th'sept that I'm doin' this on behalf of my fambly, an' I don't want somebody settin' there thinkin' "He ain't doin' it on behalf of me!" So far's I seen, th'fambly come to the decision, so lessn' I know otherwise that's how I'm a'gonna treat it.


[Cassy] *Nods in a agreement* You got my vote grandpa...


Steel FINALLY pipes up..((heh i love 14 hr work days)) ever oh.. ASK him what you did to set him off? or you just confront him?..

As for challangeing him*looks at Rob* what rank are you?..Fostern? hes Athro Rob.. he could brush it off saying your to low a rank *shrugs*.. not saying you shouldnt buit..well hes two ranks higher..i mean me and Flea could were Adren. but fostern challangeing Athro would just yea laughed at *snorts*..and not just by TM...the other septs we now ally with would laugh at this sept if he accepted it..

*shrugs* just sayin..and bein Devils advocate too..*grins* all know how much i love causeing trouble..


Honeysuckle been quiet, which really isn't surprising. She has noted that Cindy can't get away fast enough which troubles her and makes her frown, but she doesn't say anything, Cindy's made it pretty clear that she doesn't believes Honeysuckle can't think on her own.

After the way Cindy spoke to Cassy about the challenge, Honeysuckle's not so sure Cindy will stand with her family when push comes to shove. A depression settle in over Honeysuckle.

She finally speaks up after Robert mention challenging Twomoons at the next moot. "I have no objections t'your challenge," she give Robert a brief little smile. Then she pauses a moment, "About the War thing, when are we not at War?" just a simple statement and true if you think about it, the fight is everyday, not when we feel like fighting. "That tenant can go either way, it all depends on who says is wartime or not." It looks like she has more to say, but decides not to continue at this time.

Then she goes quiet again and will serve up plates/bowls of food for those that want it.


*Hits her cigarette and looks at him* devils advocate my ass...

*Exhales* Robert's accepted his Adren Challenge, and I'm pretty sure he's gonna succeed before the next moot, so he'll be more than qualified to challenge the hippy. As for "asking" him what I did to set him off. I was there asshole, you weren't. I know what I did to set him off and I feel a bad about it...but murdurous fuck was gonna shoot me in the back, when I was in this form *human form* so I couldn't regen. THEN...he tried to lure me into a trap so his OTHER murderous packmate could cut me down from behind just like she did to OUR Grand Elder. Don't preach to me about that "Devils my Advocate" Bullshit. There were  at least a dozen other people there who saw the whole thing go down from the begining who'll back me up. If you don't want to back me and Rob up on don't have too...that's your choice. But don't come here and try to defend that fuck when you weren't even there.


*When Cassy and Steel start in, Georgia suddenly looks bulkier (as if she isn't bulky enough already).*  Dang y'all! Rhyas, I mean. Aw heck, can't we act like fam'ly an' say "yep, that's yer opinion and I got mine, an deal with stuff what's important 'stead o' gettin' all fired up over simple questions? There's beer waitin' all by hisself over there an' we always talk better after a couple. Now I don' mean ta disrespect either one-a ya's, but I'm gettin' antsy here an' can't help it no more. *Ahroun twitch*

*And then she'll strive to shut up- the effort is obvious and regret for what she said apparent in her expression.*


*begins to growl deep in his chest*..  oh yea you feel BAD about it..thats bullshit.. if the hippy wanted you dead you WOULD be dead...dont give me that shit about him being murderous..ive seen him use that gun of his..i wouldnt be talkin to you if he wanted you dead you arragant little WOULD be dead..and dont tell me about whats what... yea i wasnt there so i didnt see what i dont know   what he had planned.. what i do know is that TM's ISNT a murderer...

and YEA he bitch of a packmate is..but i love the fact that you are allwhining about her killing the GE yet when Jurg((or jubs player cant  rember)) killed said JACK SHIT..*getting closer* GET of you Cassy..


*Sound of impatience and strained self control from Georgia followed by "Rhy-ee-as!"


*Robert grunts.* I seen it, an' I say he tried t'kill 'er too. Just how much of y'fambly are you goin' t'call liars without even seein' it, Steel? Plus two Get an' one a'them crows. An' Cassy's done spent plenty of time talkin' 'bout the ree-sults of that problem.


As tempers rise, Honeysuckle moves closer to the exit should she need to leave in a hurry.


[Cassy] *Stands up and tosses her cigarette away...meeting Steel's gaze* Don't ever tell me what ~I~ should feel. *Takes a step closer*'re a friend and you're family...I like you, but lets get something clear right here and now. That fucker *meaning Jason* tried to kill me...he even told Jeremiah he was gonna...the only reason he didn' cause I had a good trainer and was faster than him on the reaction time after Rob and LC [Editor's note--*G*  Tell "Firebird" Sackett, and LC] shouted for me to watch my back. I all but took his shooting arm off with a throwing knife just as he was squeezing the trigger. *shrugs* seem to have a differing opinion about this incident and judging by the fact that you've never once come me to get my side of the story I take it you've only considered the hippy's side and that offends me.

I know you have you're opinions of me and the pack that I'm with, but if you've got something against the way that I'm reacting to this situation then don't sit back there all silent and then proclaim that you're just "being the devils advocate" cause that's horse shit. If you think that I'm acting unjustifiably in this situation or that I'm for some reason not performing the way I should be then challenge me...rhya. *takes another step foward* Challenge me right here and now and if you win I will personally make a contrition to TM at the next moot and step down as your assitant warder. *stares at him dead in the eye and waits for a response*


Yeah well, for what its worth *janet stands up, brushing off her pants* I dissagree, Robert. When we are in a situation like ours, we focus far too heavily on the negitive - the despreate need to bring others down lower then we are, so we can feel like we are on top of the shit heap. Cassy- *she shrugs* sorry chica, Jason has more things to do and worry about then plotting your death. I can't count the number of times I have cussed aloud and said 'Fucking Garou' or... 'I am gonna kill you, Steeleyes' Both statements are utterly and completely misleading. I support my garou- and I would never even attempt to plot a death of another living being. Would I raise my hand in anger? Damn right, I have smacked my fair share of Garou *She gives ari a sheepish smile* and payed the price - if you're gonna go after jason for attacking you, don't make this into a big whinefest of "oh woe is us" good mother - I am so tired of listening to the whining that floats about. Challenge for the dishonerable act of shooting cassy, yes - go ahead, have fun with it. But like I said - jason dosn't want any garou dead. Call me bias, but fuck- sorry to say I am closer to jason then any other garou in this sept.

And while I'm running my mouth, I am a little dissapointed that everyone here was alright with ignoring the mother of not one- but TWO kin to the bonegnawers. I don't know about youall, but that's a bigger feat then I will ever accomplish- and she didn't even get a nod of goodbye from youall. Screw who she's fucking this week - that's irrelivant when it comes to the children she has borne.

*she shakes her head slightly, and crosses her arms over her chest, proving how stubborn she is- vs honey's smartness.

Well, no one could accuse her of not giving her opinion*


[Cindy] *shakes her head and speaks softly* you're not speaking for me...


[Steeleyes]*levels his gaze with hers.. a deep growl in his chest*..challange you*smirks*..why would i wanna due that..Cass..i dont want you to step down  hell your the best assistant i got..and yea mabee i am just looking at The  Old mans side..*pauses thinking*..

Ok fine..i dfont want a gang pile on the hippy we gotta be united though..*thinsk frowning*.. some days i hate being an ahroun..*rubs his temple*..ok ok i back not gonna tell you im sorry..and im not gonna take back my words..I just want you to think on challange him go ahead..if you can prove to the REST of the sept what you say is true..then im gonna beat the hippy too..

Just rember..he didnt shoot you hit him first..and hes gonna say that..also..the Walkers in the camp are gonna wonder whats the big deal..their alphas from what i hear shoot them ALL the time..and Cass..IVE said i was gonna kill you over and over..*grins that insane grin of his*..and whave i?..or even tried to?..

Emotions run high now Cass..look you say im full of bullshit..thats fine..*gets nose to nose*..and you wanna get yer ass kicked in the ring*grins insanely again*.. id love to..but dont tell me that what ive feeling about this is bullshit..*steps back*

Ive ben around Caerns longer then almost anyone in this place..*nods to Rob* cept mabee one..i care about the Hippy cause well..when i first arrived here he was one of the only ones that DID give a shit about me..

*rubs his temple* mabee im getting emotional hell i dont know..Cass you want the hippy in the ring..go for it..just pointing out flaws that hes gonna use against yea..

*sits back down*


[Nate]*Twitches and finally speaks up* Steel, I don't like you all that much but you are family and I'm going to give you the benifit of the doubt. *Rubs his forehead* We Gnawers like to say "stick yerself" in our shoes at times. Well, stick yerself in Cassy's a second. Can you truely tell us that, if you merely said something-..Granted it might have been bad, I aint heard it-...And got shot at, and were vulnerable to bullets you wouldn't want justice as well? I aint no philodox, but I mean damn-- ...That's some serious shit and we might -need- a new Grand Elder. *Shrugs and hushes*


*As the Moot drags on after it started to look like it was finally ending, Georgia's eyes seem to be glazing over.* Fine..y'all.

*Huffs out a short burst of a sigh* I'm gonna use th' ladies' room. S'cuse me.

*She walks off to the bathroom, carefully shuts the door, and bangs her head against the wall several times.*


[Cassy]*Relaxes and a sits back on the bike...ignoring Janet and watching Steel* I aint gonna challenge him...can' low in Rank, but Steel...again I'll weren't there. I acted out of self defense. Sure you've said things like "I'm gonna kill you for that Cass" but common now...don't patronize me...I know when it's in good fun, and when it's not *Shrugs* Look...we'll see what happens at the moot...Ari will be the Truthcatcher, and If it's found that my accusations are bullshit...then that's life


*Robert shrugs.*  First off, Steel, we ain't talkin' about findin' 'im somewheres an' dogpilin' 'im--we're talkin' about bringin' it up all formal-like at a moot an' chargin' 'im with 'is crime.

*Looks around.*  I was there for it.  Cassy sung a song that the midget Get had written, an' th'lat verse was 'bout Twomoons' Athro challenge.  Apparently somebody had murdered six kids, all of 'em Get kinfolk, an' Twomoons went an' got 'er off th'hook. That's how th'song went, an' Cassy tol' me that's what happened.  Th'song warn't exactly polite about it, though.  Said he "Cochraned" her outta trouble, an' the last line was "His price for Athro rank was about six Fenrir children."  Yeah, I know all the words--'cuz after that little incident, I been teachin' it to th'Rabble.  Me, I don' feel guilty 'bout it none--if he done it, he done it, an' if hearin' a ree-minder ever' now an' then bothers 'im some, that's his problem.  Hell, it ain't the only time he's defended a murderer--*Looks right at Steel.*  So the idear that murder sours his stomach jus' don't wash.  It cain't bother 'im all that much.  After she finished up th'song, he took out that rifle-gun he carries around with 'im an' aimed it at Cassy.  She was in Homid, didn't see it comin'--ifn' she hadn't been warned an' ducked down, she'd mos' likely be dead right now.

*Shrugs at Cindy.*  Didn't figger I would be.  That's alright, though, I'm only askin' fambly.

Janet, Twomoons din't have any problem with seein' our Grand Elder dead, an' there's a few parents out Fenris' Triumph way who could tell you murder don' chill his bones none.  Moren' that, when you take a high-powered rifle an' point it at somebody's back, it ain't t'play patty-cake.  An' then he enlisted th'Shadderlord t'help him--what else is she around for but murderin'?

As for Nikki, ifn' her tribe ain't good enough for 'er t'hang around, she don't need no goodbye.  I done a bit here an' there m'self to help out th'young'uns, but if you wanna see how much you oughter ree-spect 'er, talk t'Leon some.

As f'th'rest, *shrugs.*  Cain't quite call it crap yet, seein' as I dunno who you're talkin' about.  So I'll bite--how are we focusin' too heavy on th'negative, an' who do I--or we, I reckon--got this "desperate need" t'bring down lowern' we are?  An' should we start by murderin' their elders?


[Janet] Robert - jason IS -our- grand elder. And I know the story of Fenris' Triumph - I have told it myself. We make difficult decisions every day- all we can do as the Mother's servants is do the best we can. That being said, Jason is not perfect. But frankly, neither are you. Infact you are one of the most biggoted, narrow minded, stubborn *she stops herself short of calling him a mule* Jerk I have -ever- encountered. You have been shut down for six months on the witch hunt against Anja, so you target jason, with hope that it will be more sucessful. You know what, I am not even going to try to convince you otherwise, I am just going to sit by as I have and continue to count the months you waste trying to push at the lone wolves.

And with regard to nikki- I am the first person to tell you that she is missing some respect for herself.  But that does not change the fact she has birth two -TWO kinfolk for THIS tribe and no other.  I wouldn't want to hang around either, and neither would you if someone spent hours upon hours telling you what a murderous bitch your lover was - she takes it from this tribe every day, every time she is looked at.

and what am I talking about? have you been listening to yourself? this moot has been 75%"oh no, they are such bad people, we must punish them" and 25% "oh yeah, we have this wyrm thing to combat too" it makes me sick robert - sick. I do not expect people to get along at every moment, but mother save me, could we perhaps get something done that actually helps WIN the apocolypse, instead of speeding it along?


*when Janet's done, Cin stands and applauds... smiling*


*Robert shrugs.* Sorry, Janet, but y'lyin' through y'teeth. I seen Anja for what she was long ago, but when I seen she warn't even goin' t'git moren' a slap on th'wrist for murder, I put my time t'avoidin' 'er much as possible. There ain't no "witch hunt". I got tired of her constantly lyin' 'bout me an' brung it out at a moot a few months back, an' I even gave that up when I figgered out her pack was goin' t'keep her p'tected from what she done. A few weeks before that she throwed a hissy-fit because I wouldn't give 'er a couple of strawberries, an' she went an' vandalized th'greenhouse my pack built. It 'uz obvious she was goin' t'git away with it, so seein' as there ain't nothin' I can do 'bout it anyways, our pack moved th'greenhouse out of 'er reach an' now I set back an' jus' make sure t'not be one of th'ones kilt when she betrays us ag'in. That ain't a witch-hunt, it's common sense. An' I didn't ~"target"~ Twomoons until 'e tried to murder one of my tribe. Cain't say's he was my buddy, seein' as how quick he was to defend Anja whenever she pulled some stunt, but the idear that I spent six months tryin' to "get" Anja an' switched t'Twomoons 'cuz I couldn't is a pure-dee load of crap. An' so's tellin' me I'm "bigoted" on account of I don' hold with murder an' betrayal.

Yeah, bad people git punished--at least, in an ideal world they do--an' I sure as hell think Twomoons oughter be punished for tryin' to murder one of our tribe. But what this moot has been ~about~ is protectin' our fambly. It's all well an' good to git along with th'other tribes, but like I said before--when it comes down to th'wire, there's only one kinda folks that Bone Gnawers can trust; an' that's Bone Gnawers. Even over th'last couple a months, we been learnin' that th'hard way--stubborn I may be, but when a lesson gits pounded int'my head hard enough, it stays there.


[Janet] again, robert I dissagree.

For one, for me to be lying, I would have to be intentonally telling a falsehood. I am not, I am telling you, point blank, what it looks like, and what it will look like to the rest of the sept.

for two, so, what you are saying is the big bully wanted somthing of yours, you said no, she wasnt punished so you took your toy away. *she pauses, thinking about it* yeah, ok. that makes sence. Its not life-or-death, but it makes sence.

And I still maintain that jason did NOT try to kill her. For one: I know for a fact, homid or chrinos, a garou can take more then one bullet and still take down their enemies. It was inside of the sept, so there was NOTHING stopping her from shifting to heal.

Also, if jason REALLY wanted to kill her, he wouldn'thave bothered with a damned shotgun, we have all seen him tear apart enemies with his claws- a shotgun is just.. truthfully... insulting.


*Robert shrugs.*  I reckon th'rest of th'sept'll know better.  F'two, what I'm sayin' is that when the "big bully" figured vandalism within 'er rights an' we realized our "toy" was hers to do whatever she wanted with, we put it out of her reach.  Now it feeds th'tribe's rabble, an' we don' have to give of the sweat of our brow to them what ain't worthy of it.

An' finally, a Garou in homid is just as fragile as a human--at least, when they're shot in th'back without a chance for any Rage or Gifts.  He didn't try an' plink 'er with a pea-gun, he tried t'shoot 'er in th'back with a military rifle--them things are ~designed~ to kill folks; I'd invite you t'ask them australian folks how effective a rifle-gun is.  Usin' claws might be more effective, but he wouldn't be able to put one of them int' her back; an' since he was already lookin' t'backstab 'er, I don't reckon he was worried none 'bout bein' in-sulting.


*Georgia has come out of the bathroom with a plastic cup of water in hand and drops clinging to her buzzcut hair, damp around the collar, but much more stable-looking.*

'Kay, 'bout that thing with th' Shadderlord an' punishment.  Now, I ain't defendin' any o' her actions, 'cause Lord knows, I can't stand that woman. But why'd Gran'daddy Eddie go an' jus' let 'er off th' hook like that?   If'n she had some kinda blackmail goin' on him, or if Twomoons Gran' Elder had him over a barrel 'r somethin', that'd explain it.  As I'm seein' it, we shoulda been doin' somethin' bout it a long time past.  We done missed th' boat.   But fer this here biz'ness, maybe someone oughta find out what kinda things were done ta them in th' past what shot or near kilt someone an use it 'gainst them as shot someone more recent.


*to robert, janet shrugs* As I said robert, I am not going to try to argue this out of you. You are going to do this and I will simply continue to do the duty that mother has given me.

*She looks to Georga, her eyes almost angry at the ahroun when she says that* No. Fuck no. I flat out REFUSE to do that, and I will call to task ANYONE who thinks that is a bad idea. For one: 3/4s of the "past stuff" has been payed for, challenged for, and PUT TO BED. Bringing it up again only gives the spirits that grant you the power to protect people the big ole finger and says " Fuck you mother, I don't care if you approved of the outcome, -I- want to persucute my fellow garou!"

second of all, you know what that makes you? That makes you as sneaky, low down and dirty as any shadowlord. and I want -no- part of it in my tribe.


*Georgia gives Janet a squinty glare*  I done said as much.  Get the taters outta yer ears afore I have ta come over there an' knock em out. I said we done missed the boat on it.  There ain't no goin' back on what's been a'ready done.

What I said 'bout this shootin' thing is, we oughta figure out what happened t' those what shot someone in th' past, afore we suggest anythin' bein' done ta those what shoot someone now. Has anyone shot anyone else here b'fore?  If'n they did, what happened to 'em? It don' take no Philodox t' figure out that's the right thing t' look into.


*Robert grunts.*  Janet, you even been at th'same moot  I have?  We been talkin' about three issues; one of 'em bein' settled here--at least as settled as it'll git--one of 'em goin' t'be settled at th'moot; an' Drunken-Fist's murder mentioned in passin'.  So you can git off this kick about "persecutin' my feller garou"--it's a crock.

Two of them three hadn't been dealt with a'tall yet, an' as for th'slap on th'wrist Anja got--paid for, hell.  Put to bed, my bald leathery ass.  Th'damned carpetbagger murdered one of our Elders, an' if you can "get over" that, it didn't hit you hard enough t'begin with.


[Cindy]*sighs and shakes her head..... and checks her watch..... christ... she's been listening to this broken record for too damn long.... she gets up and starts for the door*


*Nate replies to Georgia* Flea tol' me the reason she figures Eddie, who was the next Elder, didn't do more is the Moot she confessed at was one with a few pyres and it was solom. He said wait til next moot. Sadly, Flea werent there or things mighta been different, she said. Flea werent there when she confessed to the killin' and was told months later I think she said. Thus didn't get much a say of shit in it as the high ranking Gnawer. *Nate eyes Cindy-..How many times she gonna get up and leave and sit back down? Thought she left awhile ago*


[Georgia] Nate, I c'n respect Flea wantin' t' have had a say in th' whole killin' thing, but it was Gran'daddy Eddie's job an he saw fit t' do jus' what was done.  I was jus' wonderin' why he chose t'do jus' that, since he was Gnawer an' all.

An' 'bout this biz'ness with us all gettin' at one 'nothers' throats and fergittin' that th'Wyrm's out there creepin' closer while we're talkin...  Well, Janet's right.  We oughta wrap it up, 'cause now even ~I'm~ startin' t' yakk too much.


[Honeysuckle] To Janet: “She didn’t just vandalize the green house. She threatened t’pull all the plants and salt the earth so nothin’ could grow in there.” Said just a little louder then she normally speak so she’s heard.

To Georgia: “He didn’t just let her off. Folks wanted more, but Gran’pa said any challenges would have t’wait ‘til the next moot when tempers weren’t so high.” (OOC: the next moot wasn’t much of a moot with several people missing.. So things just didn’t get done then.)

Honeysuckle looks at Cindy and says softly, “It ain’t right t’leave before the moot’s over.” It’s one thing for a kin to leave when things are heating up, but another to just up an leave cause you’re tired of the discussion.

She is still standing next to the exit, just in case tempers go up again.


[Cindy] *rolls her eyes at Honey.... the fucker's BEEN over... Robert just won't let shit drop.... she leans on the wall by the door, checking her watch again.... obviously quite ready to go*


*Robert shrugs to Honeysuckle.*  Let 'er go, darlin', we don' need 'er.  Although ifn' she leaves now, she loses th'chance t'rattle off whatever th'Shadderlord was sayin' about me.  *Again, he would be unhappy that she did not speak, were he able to read the thoughts she were keeping hidden.  But such is life, and he feels no regret for the chance of the perfect retort that he isn't aware he's missed.*

Th'Shadderlord did git a punishment.  It was a slap on th'wrist, but it was a punishment--but that don't mean we got to f'git what she done, or let it happen ag'in, an' I don' plan to.

Janet>>An' Honeysuckle's right.  It ain't a matter of seein' a lock git cut; it's th'fact that she claimed th'right t'do whatever she wanted with it, an' with Twomoons p'tectin' 'er she wouldn't git nothin' for 'it.  Simple matter of p'tection--we up an' put it out of her reach.


[Cindy]*rolls her eyes again and almost looks like she could laugh.... this would be comical if it weren't so fucking sad*


((Just let it be said, that during this moot, and over the next couple of  weeks, People are gonna start noticing that Cassy has become ~very~ short  tempered. More so than usual even the ahrouns can sense that there's something  not right about her, but if asked...she'd just chalk it up to stress.  Those who know her well would see that here, others might just figure  she's still the cunt that she's always been.))

Cassy>>*Just listens for now, then looks up at them all* Oh for  crying out loud...this kinda thing is what tribal moots are for. To get shit out  in the open and discuss it in an open forum. I don't wanna hear any more about  "we should be out there protecting the caern instead of arguing in here". Fuck  that...we've only been in here for about 15 minuits. Jesus Christ I've seen sept  moots go 10 times longer than that. And some of you folks are away from the caern for days on end, so just shut the fuck up and listen to what  people have to say for the next few minuits. If you ain got nothing to add, then  don't add it, but this shit is gonna get settled one way or the other, and if it  takes an hour out of your precious time that would normally spend drinking, or socializing 20 feet away in the GA...then I'm sorry. God damn...we aint even  left the yard and people are already whining about what's important...*slams her  fist down* THIS SHIT IS IMPORTANT!!!! If we can get our dirty laundry out as a  family, then fuck trying to protect this place from anyone cause we'll all be to  worried about what our brothers and sisters are doing next. That's why we get  this shit out now, and deal with it. Half the problems we fuckin have here  result from people having a beef, and instead of comin out and sayin it and  workin their shit out with the other person, they just keep it inside and let it  fester. this moot...RIGHT helpin us get some of that shit out, so we  don't gotta let it eat at us right now.

*Turns to Cindy* You wanna fuckin go...then fucking go, I'm tired of your  passive aggressive eye rolling, snorting, bullshit have 2 weeks to prepare for your challenge, that should give you time to get off work, and find  a sitter or some shit. Those are my terms. PERIOD.

Janet: obviously have your doubts...*Looks to Robert* You and I,  we feel differently. *looks back to them all* This is why we're going to bring this up at the moot, and either let the council deal with it, or bring to the TS  *motions to Ari* And we'll see what TM has to say against my accusations. Simple  as fuckin that folks.

*Looks back to Janet*


*Nate raises his fist to Cassy* Here here, well said Sister-..


Honeysuckle nods to Robert about Cindy.

Then jumps when Cassy pipes up. She doesn't know Cassy all that well, so her outburst doesn't alert her to a problem. She just figures the 'discussion' is grating her a bit.

Time to be quiet again and stays close to the exit.


Steel nods: Cassys saying it right..w eget together to air this crap out..but im beginnin to feel liek were beatin a dead horce*looks at Cassy*..Your gonna congront TM's about what he did.. i dont have to agree with it..but i accept thats closed for me..*looks at Robert* Yea..Anja murrdered the GE..but have you forgotten he was SENTENCED TO DEATH..*holds up a hand* let me finish..i dont have to like what happened to her..hell i hate her liein sack of shit ass too murderin ass too..but she was punishedf as the GE wanted..and TM's  the current GE said its over as well..*looks aorund* so unless a NEW GE comes forwards and says its reopen..the MATTERS CLOSED..

I dont like dont like one in here likes it..but you would not only be opposeing the ruling of the TWO GE's but Albrect hisself if i rember right..Yea she jumped the fuckin gun and im as pissed about it as the rest of yea..but ITS CLOSED.. so until i see a new alpha mutt around here..i doint wanna hear anymore about it..

as for the raid on the dump.. i wanna know whoes NOT gonna have the yard undefended

*looks to Cindy..snorts and looks back*..leave if you want..dont mean nothing to me either

*looks to Cassy* last thing.. *gets that insane grin of his* if you think you got the balls for it.. i challange you to subway surfing..but i dont think you do*winks*..


*Robert nods and waits until Steel finishes.*  Steel, I don't reckon anybody's tryin' t'claim she's anything but a murderer.  An' that  th'punishment for it's out'n our hands--which don' mean we got to pretend she's somethin' othern' what she is, an' I don' plan to.

Anyways, I never reckoned f'what she done t'become th'topic here anyways--ever'body knows what she is already.  Like Cassy said, I'll be Adren by th'time of the Moot.  ((*G*  I'm certain of that, because he is now, although wasn't when the Tribal Moot started.)) So by that time I'll be ready t'challenge.  There are two things involved here, though.  One is that I need to know I got th'tribe behind me--'ceptin' Cindy, accourse; she done made her loy'lties clear--an' th'other is that he's likely t'say I cain't challenge 'count of we're at war, an' that means it's li'ble t'go to th'Council.  That's where I'll need y'all t'put y'votes in, them of you what's on it.

*And chuckles.*  An' ifn' you're wantin' some fun, I still got them sui-luges....


*Ari, silent for quite a while, finally pushes off her seat to stand up*  If all we're gonna do is go round and round, I need to get home and feed my son before I start leaking all over the place.  Though, sitting here, I do have one more thing that has just occurred to me.

Everyone keeps going on and on about this being our family... Lemme tell you what I know about family.  My family, my real mother and father, booted my ass to the curb the minute they figured out what I was.  My oh-so-proper mother was terrified that some of her society friends would find out she'd given birth to a freak.  Of my two brothers, one has gone totally psychotic, and tried to kill several of you here.  The other has cut himself off from me, and anything remotely Garou related, in order to try and keep what little bit of sanity he has left.

So, if family means we only love those who are like us, and do things we approve of, then yeah.  This is JUST like my family.

I'll be your Truthcatcher.  It's my job. But if you want my honest opinion, Cassy was wrong in what she did, and so was Dad.  Yeah, I call Twomoons "Dad". He's the only father figure I have.  Cassy needs her ass kicked.  And Dad does too, probably.  I think it's one of those things that does everybody good, from time to time.  Let's throw Robert and Cindy in there, for good measure.  We can have a giant "Remove broomstick from ass" party.

I don't see a single faultless person in this room, and that's including myself.


*Robert shrugs.*  So ifn' there's these problems you say you see, what do you plan t'do 'bout 'em?


*Ari pauses*  At this exact moment, Robert?  I'm not doing a damn thing.  I'm so absolutely furious with everyone here that I'm not acting in anyone's best interests.  I'm going home, to my son.   Maybe, if we do this again later, I'll have some better answers, but right now, i don't want to be around any of you.


*Robert shrugs.*  Wal, this 'ere gatherin's t'find these problems an' air 'em out, so ifn' you ain't willin' t'help, at least git y'self a bowl of stew on th'way out.

I'm sorry t'hear 'bout y'folks, ma'am, but if y'lookin' t'give us a sob story, I got one t'top that, an' I'm right certain I ain't th'only one.  An' as for th'little jab there 'bout the folks what are like us an' do what we approve of, I still got to wonder whether you even been payin' 'tention to what's been goin' on.  I surely hope you had you a better grasp of th'sit'ation when you was callin' out Cassy,  a ways back.

By all means, git y'self some rest.  Ever'thing's near t'settled already, anyways.


[Cassy]*Snorts as Steels last comment* Please old pack perfected the  game...bring it on.


*Shrugs to Ari* Go then Ari...whatever. You got a baby to raise, everyone  understands that, but personally... I think you and Cindy both are just using  your kids as an excuse to not have to hear what you don't want to hear. I've  seen yah'll spend hours yapping away with your friends in the yard, and crying  about life's tragedies and all that, but you didn't seem to worry to much about  your kids then, and you've all known this moot was scheduled for weeks. *shakes  her head and lights a cigarette*

My pack Alpha's little kid is in more danger right now than you all could  imagine. I love that kid as if he was my own, but the shit we're discussin right now...whether we agree or not, is also a priority for me, cause you all are a  priority for me, so I made the time to come and take care of this when I could be standing gaurd over Aaron. Leave if you want, I dont care...but when ~you~  put me on the roasting block a year ago, despite the fact that I hated what was  being said, I didn't walk out on anyone. And i'd also like to remind you that it  was my friendship with "people that are different" that provoked you into taking  action against me, so save your hypocritical bullshit for your "DAD"

*Turns away from her and addresses the rest of them* we've

1.Settled the matter of Cindy's loyalties for now. Nuff said

2. Decided that Anja's innocence or guilt is moot at this  point, and that any negative feelings for her are personal ones. This issue  is dropped as far as tonight goes.

3. Decided that I will call TM out during the next moot regarding his  actions against me which have already been thoroughly detailed, so I  won't do so again until the moot. He might be punished, he might not  and the same goes for me. So that's over.

Now...the way I see it...we got two things left to do.

- First...We need a show of hands of who's gonna support Robert if his  challenge gets taken to the council. Don't be afraid to vote against him if you feel he's not right for the job, we're done fighting about that.  And  I won't feel any differently about anyone here for having their own opinions.  But let me say this...despite my distrust for TM, I also feel that this sept  needs to be in the hands of a Gnawer. We're a Gnawer sept and it should stay  that way.

So please...everyone who is willing to support Robert if his challenge gets  taken to the council, please raise you're hands ((and for simplicities sake, in your post type an OOC "Yes" Or "No" so we don't get confused on vote  counts))

*After the votes are taken she nods and raises a second finger*

- Second...We need to organize this raid like Steel rhya said. I believe  there is already a bulliten board for those who wanna go, but I think as protectors of these scabs, we should all trying and contribute something to this  effort, even if you don't want to be on the raiding party, or are Kin, we all  have skills and contacts in the city that we may be able to utilize...If you  feel you have something offer, or if you aren't even to Steel and  Flea about it so they can work out a strategy...


[ Votes:

Janet: No
Honeysuckle: Yes
Cassy: Yes
Cindy: No
Ari: No
Georgia: Yes
Nate: Yes
Flea: Yes
Robert: Yes

NO: 3
YES: 6



[Cassy] *Is among the first to stand up*


[Cindy]*frowns a bit and nods to Ari, still right next to the door*  c'mon, sis, I'll walk with ya.... *and definately does not raise her hand in support*


*from Ari*  Gnawer, yes.  Robert, no.


*Both his hands go up to support Robert* I got Flea Rhya's vote, remember that. *Grins*


*Steel looks up at Robert*  i got one question..

why YOU

i dont wanna hear cause a Gnawer needs to be in charge..or that were all family and should back you..or that TM's needs to step down..or yer the best for the job ...all that is me or Flea

so..*leans back arms crossed* why should we back YOU ..and im callin Warder privaledge on this..i need to know whats best fer the*looks aorund* no one says a damm thing... untill you answer Rob


*Robert nods.*  Makes sense, I reckon.

First off is that someone's got t'do it.  I'm willin'.  I got th'time for it, I got th'experience for it, I got th'skill for it.  I can act'lly p'tect th'Gnawer tribe, rather'n lettin' it get run roughshot over--or doin' some of th'runnin' m'self.

Folks among the Gnawers'll know me--I done a bit here, an' in Blacktop Swamp, an' done some good deeds with th'Rabble; word's bound to've spread there.  I can put a good bit of time into gettin' our Sept back on their good side.

I'm goin' t'challenge for it either way--I reckon it's what's best for th'fambly, an' what's best for th'sept--but it's important f'me t'have my tribe's backin' on this.


*Robert nods once Steel gives his answer.*

My answer's yes--*Chuckles.*  Else I wouldn't be tryin' for it.  I reckon that's enough f'a solid m'jority, 'specially once Wields puts 'is two cents in.

There anything else we're needin' t'discuss?


*Steel just has one last thing to say*.. we aint never done it as a tribe..and i wanna *looks around*

I dont know the rite..hell i dont know many at all..aint my job to..but*looks at Rib*.. we got dead Gnawers that as a tribe we should howl for..even though we did once.. i feel they need to hear us standing as one tribe..wether we agree on this or not..*looks around*

anyone NOT wanna do this?*arms crossed*


*Robert nods.*  Sounds like a plan t'me.  Matter'r fact, there's a Rite that'll do somethin' like 'at, ifn' I 'member right.  I'll ask around about it, but as for gittin' t'gether t'ree-member our fallen.... hell, ain't much more important'n that.

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