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Junkyard Moot

June 2, 2004

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] Rodrigo*nods* good to see you////hey Old man 

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC): [GGKRV] Dad! *grins, waves* 

Jeremiah Seymore: [4JBYW] Clarice- How about that. Are you staying for the moot? 

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] *waves a little* Hey Ari. /// Steel>>Good news? 

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] *Directs himself to the coffee with a quickness* 

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] TM*shakes head* 

Clarice Macy Templeton : [633T] Jer> Should I? Are kin permitted? *Eyes widen in surprise and even a little disapproval*

Rodrigo San Rafael ~Faces Down the Wyrm~: [5Q4T] **accepts the nod, and offers one in return.** 

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] *looks grumpy before bellowing* ~val!~ *before looking around and realizing she's not there*

Jeremiah Seymore: [4JBYW] Clarice- Yeah, we are. 

Rodrigo San Rafael ~Faces Down the Wyrm~: [5Q4T] **A small, compact, man walks into the range of your senses. Of "latino" descent, and air of "deepness" exudes from him as he walks towards you. 4 feet 9 inches tall, he is wiry, and he moves with a "slipperiness" or the sinuousness of a snake. His dress might be considered odd for someone that is in the city, but it is easily recognizable as someone that has traveled from the mountainous regions of South America somewhere along the western coast. An alpaca fur poncho adorned with red and black glyphs both easily recognizable as mystically umbral, hang low to his knees. It obsures the large leather pouch he wears on his right, and currently concels his right arm, and the fact that he's missing his left. His pants are simple homespun canvas in a natural color, and he wears extremely well worn, but serviceable mountain boots that scuff the ground as he walks. His hollow brown eyes are deep set, and bore into you with an intensity not often seen in urban folk.

Rodrigo San Rafael ~Faces Down the Wyrm~: [5Q4T] And his wavy shoulder length black hair is tucked up into a woven sombrero of the same natural color as his pants. His face is shrouded in a "permanent" 5 'o Clock shadow. Over his shoulder is slung a very advanced crossbow of aluminum design, and a worn leather quiver with several hand made bolts is strapped low on his right leg.**

Clarice Macy Templeton : [633T] *Leans back at the bellowing small bull of a man* Jer> Well, maybe... 

Rodrigo San Rafael ~Faces Down the Wyrm~: [5Q4T] **As well this evening, Rodrigo's face is painted in stark blue and rust geometric squares, and a head dress of varicolored feathers cascades over his shoulders from under his sombrero, and boar's tusks are added as a mask that covers his jaw.**

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] I'm here, whaddya want I should do a ritual thing or what? 

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] *Voice from the kudzu* 

Jeremiah Seymore: [4JBYW] Clarice- I assure you it isn't interesting in the slightest. *s* 

Ivy Thomas: [IUD6Q] * she finds a quiet place to sit * 

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *leaning on the car..watchign the yard* 

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] Give 'em...I dunno, whenever Steel gets good'n'ready. *flickflickflickflick* ~ps~ Can we administratively hold off until Eddie shows up?

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC): [GGKRV] *chuckles, listening to Val and Twomoons*

Clarice Macy Templeton : [633T] In that case, I'll join you. 

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] ~ps~ Til how long? Rat might understand, but it's not good.

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] ~ps~ Till Eddie shows or the final battle, whichever comes first? Please? With espresso on top?

Honeysuckle: [A7ING] Honeysuckle enters the gathering area her apron fill with various vegetables, moving toward the ritual circle, where she leaves the offering for the caern spirits. heads back to the gathing area and settle on the steps of the FMT van.

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] *coffee. More coffee. Chug and refill...* 

Jeremiah Seymore: [4JBYW] Clarice- You probably won't regret it. *s* 

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] Well.. *Breathes deeply and pours a cup of coffee.* 

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC): [GGKRV] *waves to Honeysuckle, then pushes herself up out of her chair and makes her way over to Twomoons, putting one hand on top of his, stopping the caffeine overdose* Quit.

Clarice Macy Templeton : [633T] Jer> You've done this many times before, then? 

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *sighs watching the yard*... 

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] *Shock and awe* Ari, it's the sacred caffeine. 

Rodrigo San Rafael ~Faces Down the Wyrm~: [5Q4T] **Rodrigo goes to the fire, and with a flick of the wrist, produces a small bundle of grass. He lights it, and begins to walk the perimeter of the gathering area, letting the blend of sage, tobacco, and mountain grasses waft a light aroma into the air, and a slight haze of smoke to form a circle.**

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] I'm fine, Ari...*flick* ~ps~ Plllleeeeeease?!

Honeysuckle: [A7ING] Gives a little wave back to Ari.

Jeremiah Seymore: [4JBYW] Clarice- I been to a half dozen at least.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] *Her eyes follow Rodrigo's activities* I, he can't know I already Cleansed the circle and I like what he's doing. ~ps~ I'll try?

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC): [GGKRV] *gives Val a look* Yeah, and if he has any more, he's gonna vibrate off this plane of existence.

Clarice Macy Templeton : [633T] Jer> Are they as peaceful as I've heard Bone Gnawer moots to be? 

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] Ari> You say it like it's a bad thing. 

Jeremiah Seymore: [4JBYW] Clarice- I dont know what you've heard. *s*

Clarice Macy Templeton : [633T] I've heard there's usually drinking and talking. 

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC): [GGKRV] *gives Val a look* 

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] Ari> What?

Howling-Sky & Rabbie: [718H2] *Howling appearsin the GA & heads for her packmates* 

Jeremiah Seymore: [4JBYW] Clarice- There might be a challenge or two, but I haven't seen major violence at a moot.

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC): [GGKRV] You're not helping. *to Val* Thought we were supposed to stick together?

Clarice Macy Templeton : [633T] Jer> And do they settle things by equal votes?

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] Oh shit, I forgot to stick. 

Jeremiah Seymore: [4JBYW] Clarice- Not really. Maybe for a few things.

Ivy Thomas: [IUD6Q] * she just observes everyone * 

Honeysuckle: [A7ING] Remains quiet waiting on the moot to begin.

Howling-Sky & Rabbie: [718H2] *Howling grins, carrying a notebook* Hey Val, Hey Moony. 

Howling-Sky & Rabbie: [718H2] *Rabbie appears much later. meandering into the GA & heading for Ari* 

Rodrigo San Rafael ~Faces Down the Wyrm~: [5Q4T] **letting the bundle burn completely, he moves to the fire, and offers a handful of corn and grain to the fire, then turns to Steel and awaits the call for starting.**

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] Hey Howling. *Looks around* 

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *sighs lookign aorund.. thinks..this is it...shakesa head..looks over at TM*

Howling-Sky & Rabbie: [718H2] *Howling makes a glancing around then looks to TM* Moot's about to start?

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] Hi Honovi. 

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] Steel>>We ready when you ready. 

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] *Nods* ~ps~ Val, whack him upside the head. 

Howling-Sky & Rabbie: [718H2] *Howling waves to Val* // *Rabbie reaches Ari & stays beside her packmate...but doesnt look like her cheery self*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *shakes head* HT OK THOSE THAT CAN.. GO ACROSS *walks over to Rodrigo putting a hand on his shoulder..and goes umbral*

Rodrigo San Rafael ~Faces Down the Wyrm~: [5Q4T] **passes across with his packmate**

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] *slips across to the penumbra* 

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] Uh, Steel...We need Ed, right?

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] Oh shit too late. *Crosses* 

Howling-Sky & Rabbie: [718H2] *both go umbral* 

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC): [GGKRV] Rabbie! *grins, and grabs her by the hand so they can cross together*

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [MCZHW] *enters, late, which is very unusual. Her hair is wet, like she just got out of the shower. her skin has a pink/reddish tint to it, a little like a boiled lobster, or someone who spent all day in the shower scrubbing onesself*

Clarice Macy Templeton : [633T] They do it all on the other side? 

Ivy Thomas: [IUD6Q] * she rises and then follows the rest*

Jeremiah Seymore: [4JBYW] Clarice- Just the first part. I don't know what they do over there, though 

Jeremiah Seymore: [4JBYW] Janet- Hey, where have you been? 

Anja Stormbringer: [XQZWU] *is waiting in the Umbra* ((Will be slow and/or distracted for most of the moot. Homework.))

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *looks around* HT.. well looks like those that are gonna be here.. are here..

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] ~ps~ Sorry.

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [MCZHW] *To Jere* sleeping *she says kind of soflty, not looking at him, putting her bag by her papasan and heading toward the ritual area, kneeling and closing her eyes.*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [QQY8H] *awaiting in the umbra already, in Crinos* 

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC): [GGKRV] *a quick whisper to Rabbie, before things start* Glad you made it!

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Is there in the Umbra, waited with Crinos arms folded* 

Clarice Macy Templeton : [633T] *Whispers to Jeremiah* Is she all right? 

Honeysuckle: [A7ING] (there are other characters that would be here, but the players are not able to get on-line until later.)

Rodrigo San Rafael ~Faces Down the Wyrm~: [5Q4T] **Rodrigo shifts to his war form, though he barely tops 7 feet, and his clothes melt into the form, the mask, and head dress shift to remain adorning him. He is a wiry, and "runty" form, though he exudes an initmidating prescence. A large dagger tattoo is present on his forearm.**

Jeremiah Seymore: [4JBYW] Clarice- *shrugs* 

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] *Perks a little and gives Flea a big smile* 

Brad Mullins: [CLA79] *heads in, just in time* 

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *looks to Rodrigo*...HT.. begin 

Rodrigo San Rafael ~Faces Down the Wyrm~: [5Q4T] **And the loss of hiss left arm is completely appearant without any clothes to mask the wound.**

Howling-Sky & Rabbie: [718H2] *Rabbie slips to her breed form, with just a bare nod to her packmate* // *Howling eagerly shifts to crinos & waits with anticipation*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] *Shifts up to Crinos* 

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [JJE3C] *heads in*

Rodrigo San Rafael ~Faces Down the Wyrm~: [5Q4T] ~UMBRA~ Soy caras trago el Wyrm por el hecho, encargado de la canción de Cliath de los Uktena. I am ~Faces-Down-the-Wyrm~ by deed, Cliath Songkeeper of the Uktena. Welcome Garou, one and all, my Changing brothers and sisters, dancers in the high moonlight, welcome! I call thee, summon thee, bring you hence to witness this circle, this everwidening circle, the Moot that we call. Hear me! Hear my howl!

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC): [GGKRV] *is unbelievably happy to see Flea...and it shows*

Jeremiah Seymore: [4JBYW] Clarice- This part involves sitting around waiting for everyone to come back. *sits on the couch*

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] *makes the slow shift to Crinos, battle-scarred and furry.*

Ivy Thomas: [IUD6Q] ( player has to go character will stay) 

Brad Mullins: [CLA79] *joins his packmates*

Clarice Macy Templeton : [633T] I can see this part must keep you riveted. 

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC): [GGKRV] *standing between Brad and Rabbie, grinning ear to ear*

Clarice Macy Templeton : [633T] ((Bye Ivy!)) 

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *A soft smile as the Uktena seems to taken the Master of the Howl...Her bulky arms drop and she prepares to howl when the time is right...*

Brad Mullins: [CLA79] *quirks a brow at Ari, seeing the grin.... what's she so happy about?* 

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [MCZHW] *kneeling near where the garou dissapeared.. her shoudlers shudder and she wipes at her hands, then rubs them on her pants... taking a few long breaths in*

Rodrigo San Rafael ~Faces Down the Wyrm~: [5Q4T] ~UMBRA~ **Rodrigo draws a breath into himself, and lets his howl rise on the wings of the Great Mother, and as it builds, it flies far into the Umbra. It is a howl of war, and of upplifting the spirits of comrades, but it is also a howl that is meant to strike fear in tot he minions of Grandfather Smoke, and send them running for their dens.**

Jeremiah Seymore: [4JBYW] Clarice- Absolutely. 

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *lifts his head ..joining the howl with his packmate..letting his own rage join in*

Rodrigo San Rafael ~Faces Down the Wyrm~: [5Q4T] ((Gift ~Call of the Wyld~ used.))

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] *starts howling loudly right after Rodrigo does venting....uhm...something...* 

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Her howl echos after Rodrigo's....Mighty, one from a still young Garou...But nothing too special about it*

Howling-Sky & Rabbie: [718H2] *Howling-Sky eagerly adds her voice to Rodrigo's howl & does so with much gusto* // *Rabbie also lends her howl*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [QQY8H] *raises her dark-furred muzzle to the sky, joining the call* 

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [JJE3C] *shifts to lupus and joins in the howl* 

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC): [GGKRV] *isn't even going to try to howl in homid, she just waits* 

Brad Mullins: [CLA79] *shifts to crinos and howls* 

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] *Shakes back some long hackles that have caught on her muzzle and lifts up for a good howl. The white streak on her underside and the very thin, scar-wrought one down her spine catch the moonlight against the black fur*

Anja Stormbringer: [XQZWU] *shifts up into her night-furred warform and joins the howl*

Clarice Macy Templeton : [633T] When they reappear, where will that be?

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *lowers his head*

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Steady...She lets her howl drift off...Eyes back on Steeleyes and Rod...* 

Rodrigo San Rafael ~Faces Down the Wyrm~: [5Q4T] **lets the howl carry, and allows others to join the howl. As the howls begin to lower, he will quiet and let the howls finish and then carry for 3 heartbeats.**

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [MCZHW] *she shudders her hands covering her face... perhaps somewhere in the back of her brain the thing that linked her to wendigo made her sensitive to the going-ons of the shade of the universe. or perhaps she was just exhausted and praying. either way... *

Howling-Sky & Rabbie: [718H2] *Honovi seems a bit reluctant to end her howling, so enthused was she in doing so, but she quiets none-the-less* // *When is appropriate, Rabbie becomes stoicly silent*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *looks at Val*..HT Mistress of the Rite...*nods*...bring forth those we follow

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [QQY8H] *her voice falls silent, and she waits* 

Brad Mullins: [CLA79] *stops howling* 

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] *Silent*

Jeremiah Seymore: [4JBYW] Clarice- Wherever they are standing in the umbra, I guess,

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] ((Was slow to post. Heh heh)) *Steps forward, taking up a piece of wood sharpened on one end and begins to inscribe something in the soil*

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] *lets it drop* (( For them that wants mechanics from Call of the Wyld, add 2 to your temp WP, and -1 to combat diffs. Said bennies disappear at the end of the moot.))

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC): [GGKRV] *leans on Brad, because she can and that's what he's for*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] *Lines here and there, none of them connected and not making any sense yet.* Together we come to you Rat, different tribes, different traditions, different forms of one Litany. Here we gather for Survival, and honor your wisdom. *Lines come together to form Rat*

Brad Mullins: [CLA79] *reverts to homid and lets Ari lean on him... rolling his eyes*

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Shifts down to Homid slowly, reaching into her pocket as Val goes about calling Momma Rat*

Brad Mullins: [CLA79] *blinks at something and looks around.... and spots Flea...... then frowns*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] Rat, we come together in You as these disconnected lines meet to form your image. Let your teaching and your strength guide us tonight. *Stabs the stick into the ground nearby and softly chants the Moot Rite's final lines in spirit speech, sounding like rodent chirps and grating squeals- and is done*

Howling-Sky & Rabbie: [718H2] *Rabbie just keeps her eyes focused on the proceedings & nothing else* // *Honovi anxiously waits to give her offering to the totems*

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [MCZHW] *her hands slide off her face to press her hands together in a quiet prayer ... *

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] *Kneels a little as Val does her theurge thing, hand dropping the now-traditional cheesy popcorn to the ground*

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Moves closer, emptying a bag of cheetos and offering up a Gnosis point...The bag going in her pocket to be place in the Recycling bin later*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] ((Slow. Browser's a wanker and bugs are crawling on me))

Howling-Sky & Rabbie: [718H2] ((Um...ew?)) 

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [QQY8H] *steps forward at the appropriate time and offers gnosis*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] ((4,4,6,2,2,9,8, )) *Lays down Gnosis and honeyed valerian root*

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] *And gnosis, after a brief pause* 

Anja Stormbringer: [XQZWU] *offers no Gnosis, since she has so little, but blood instead, shed by dragging her klaive across the palm of her hand*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] ((Freak doublesize mosquitos))

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *watches the others...havng nothing at this time* 

Clarice Macy Templeton : [633T] *Whispers* I don't normally notice this kind of thing, but maybe your roommate is not well.

Rodrigo San Rafael ~Faces Down the Wyrm~: [5Q4T] **he lets his form shift back to homid, and draws from his pouch a symbollic representation of his gift to the totems. Aa rat trap that he has invested with his spiritual energy, he sets it on the ground, and slashes/destroys it with one swipe of his fang dagger. It shatters, and small sparks/motes dance off into the shadows.**

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC): [GGKRV] *just stroking a hand over her belly, watching happily*

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] ((*kills ISP*)) *when it comes time to make the offers, Honovi places a few bits of very shiney metallic stuff. it's not silver of course, but it glimmers like so* // *when it's her turn, Rabbie steps forward to give her own offering, that of her own blood & pain. a sign of the sacrifices all must make. once done both step back & stay with their packmates*

Brad Mullins: [CLA79] *watching.... frowning now* 

Jeremiah Seymore: [4JBYW] Clarice- *quietly* I noticed. I will ask her about it later.

Clarice Macy Templeton : [633T] *Nods to Jeremiah and glances at Janet, sincerely hoping the unsettled-looking woman doesn't vomit or cry.*

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [MCZHW] *neither. she is praying*

Honeysuckle: [A7ING] Still quiet as a mouse.

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *watches* 

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] *And yes, The great Crinos sized Rat appears, looking at each of the Garou in turn, nodding, perhaps testing each of them in a certain way. As she looks around, a near-horde odf rat-spirits arrive from all corners of the caern, running over and around each sept member to get at the if on command, they disperse, leaving no trace of the offerings beehind except for a general feeling of goodwill from the spirits for keeping the place alive for another month*

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Smiles widely at the smaller rats and Momma herself...* 

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *grins watching the Rats*

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [JJE3C] *the wolf bows to Momma Rat, showing respect*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC): [GGKRV] *laughs softly as the rats appear, always glad to see them, and nods to Momma Rat*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] ((Heck, bug spray went all into my keyboard!))

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] ((Well at least yer keyboard is repulsive to bugs *lol*)) 

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] ((Comedian. *L*)) *Views the last of the rats with some satisfaction, maybe even joy*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [QQY8H] *silent, still, watching*

Jeremiah Seymore: [4JBYW] ((I am closing this window. Jere sticks around anf behaves himself and all that))

Rodrigo San Rafael ~Faces Down the Wyrm~: [5Q4T] **watches to see how this caern comports itself, he is respectful to the horde, and the totem.**

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] as the last Rat leave..bows head to Momma Rat.. then looks around" HT OK MUTTS..BACK ACROSS*

Clarice Macy Templeton : [633T] ((Later Zach))

Brad Mullins: [CLA79] *goes back across with Ari*

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool... blame Steel): [52UW2] *is here.. was here. has been here. However, has been here in the form of slinking about in the shadows all sulkily and whatnot. He's not the sort to dress up, but damnit for moot fool, he went all out tonight. black Vinyl stripped from the interior of some poor car is held to his homid form with duct tape to form pants and some semblance of a sports bra, as well as being layered over his sleeveless trench coat in a poor imitation of a leather duster. His normally unruly hair's been slicked back and down his shoulders, as well as dyed black using no less than axle grease. A nice long stick hangs at his side, covered in folded layers of aluminum foil in a rough approximation of a blade, glyphs reading 'justice robber' are finger-painted on in more grease. And of course, his greatest prop, a cardboard box, taped shut and with a slit cut in the top... apparently the whole thing's filled with towels from the medvanw ith the end of one poking out the top in a rough approximation of

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [JJE3C] *heads back across... padding over to the FMT area* 

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool... blame Steel): [52UW2] a kleenex box. And be sure not to forget the wet rags stuffed into the vinyl/tape sports bra in imitation of breasts.*

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] *Nods, shifting back to homid and scooting back across, heading right for the coffee*

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Steps back across when the order is issued, making her way close to up front since she is one of the packless wonders and doesn't have a crowd to bunch with*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] *Fades across where she stands* 

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] *both pop back to the tellurian. Honovi quickly goes to where she quickly stashed the notepad then hands it over to Janet*

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] *naturally both shift back to homid* 

Clarice Macy Templeton : [633T] *As they come back one by one, she watches out for that nasty Javert fellow*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC): [GGKRV] *heads back across and immediately finds a seat, propping her feet up with a soft groan*

Rodrigo San Rafael ~Faces Down the Wyrm~: [5Q4T] **waits to move across with his alpha.** 

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [JJE3C] *then spots Wields.... and rolls her eyes... and ~doesn't~ head over to the FMT area.... just sitting off alone somewhere*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [QQY8H] *returns to the real world...and then shifts down to homid, moving to sit on the steps to her van*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *holds Rodrigos shoudler and goes across* 

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [QQY8H] *catches Flea's eye, nodding a bit to an empy place near her* 

Anja Stormbringer: [XQZWU] *follows the others across the Gauntlet, not sparing Wields a second glance* 

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [MCZHW] *still on her knees as the garou come back, she lifts her head feeling the bodies rejoin the clearing area.... getting up slowly... *

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] *Moves in for a coffee refill* 

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Smiles at Rane, slowly shuffling over there...Nodding a thank you* 

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] *Just patiently waiting* 

Honeysuckle: [A7ING] Seeing Wields gets Honeysuckle to giggling.

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] *Honovi holds the offered notepad & mouths "Take good care of it". when Janet takes it she heads over to her packmates*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *looks around ,* HT..OK.. cracking of the bone time...anyone got an problems..issuses..reasons to be pissy..step forwards...also..NO ONE talks unless i call on them.. well*looks to TM* cept for those higher in rank them me..

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Raises her hand to Steel* 

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [JJE3C] *lays on the ground.... just watching.... not looking at Wields.... embarrased of her Alpha*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [QQY8H] *quirks that scarred brow at Wields' appearance, but has no other reaction of note*

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [MCZHW] *She shakes her head nad looks up at honovi, as if she just realised what was being offered.. she takes the notepad and nodded her head.. and took it back to her seat, tucking it away carefully, before moving to sit between jason and val*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] FleA:*HT*..whats yer beef? 

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] *Squats with Janet well inside her usual immense personal space*

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool... blame Steel): [52UW2] *doesn't smile. no not in the least. Just takes a brooding seat in the FMT area and watches the proceedings. with exagerated dignity (if he can actually be said to have any right now), reaches to his shoulder to pick of an invisible piece of dust, looks at it a moment and turns his nose up a bit*

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] *kicks back against the Van, casually nodding to Steel*

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] *both are hanging with their packmates. Honovi's absolutely enthused, Rabbie's just stoic*

Rodrigo San Rafael ~Faces Down the Wyrm~: [5Q4T] **he remians quiet, and watches the proceedings. His prescense helps lend weight to his alpha's authority.**

Clarice Macy Templeton : [633T] *The frown she offers wields' appearance is so well controlled- wouldn't want wrinkles forming*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *looks over TM*>.HT can u umm translate like last time? In case the kin wanna say summin

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [JJE3C] *just ignores Wields..... he's begging for an ass beating and she suspects he's going to get it...*

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Stands, shifting up to Crinos..But more so as if to relax* ~gs~More so as a suggestion as Wyrmfoe. Signs have suggested the Apocalypse may be right under our noses, or who knows next week...My concern is our Kinfolk. I dunno what the Apocalypse will be like. I just know it'll be nasty...But should we survive, without our kinfolk...We're lost. My suggestion is we get to building a shelter for em'...I know we might not have much money, but most of us is Gnawers...We survive, so we can comprimise....I was just wonderin' what others thought on the suggestion

Anja Stormbringer: [XQZWU] *just waits, in silence...She's a simmering cauldron of violence, of course, but it doesn't show in her face or posture*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] *Nods in agreement with Flea* 

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *It's obvious she might have shifted so as not to startle some of the kin...But she also knows they know...*

Brad Mullins: [CLA79] *remains silent* 

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [MCZHW] *She is quiet, just listening to the garou translation* 

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] *Nods* Yeup. *quietly* For those of you who can't understand Steel and would like to say something, here's the basic deal. You gotta problem, raise your hand and wait to be called on.

Honeysuckle: [A7ING] Doesn't have a clue what Flea is saying but still watchs her as she speaks.

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] HT: Flea i like the idea..but as for wyrmfoe...*crosses arms*..where you ben?

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] *keeps up the running translation, waiting for appropriate pauses to fill everyone in*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] *Eyes Wields a little and just hopes that if everyone ignores him, he'll go away.*

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] *neither think nothing of Wield's presence & most everyone else's reaction to Wield's presence*

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Flicks an ear* ~gs~Here, as usual. Either in the training area, patroling or in my den, Steeleyes-yuf

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [JJE3C] *quiet..... is obviously embarrased of Wields...*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *raises an eyebrow at that yuf*.."HT so you passed your adren challange then

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] *Maybe Steel forgot...happy thought* 

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool... blame Steel): [52UW2] yeeeeah,,, kinfolk inter-mint camp! so's can watch 'em... an' makes sure they's not screwin' 'round. an an an.. yeah., fence 'em in. make ani'mals pay t'see 'em in cages. *grins happily to flea* turnabout fair an' stuff! *then clears his throat, brushes a hand through his hair to toss it behind a shoulder* it am... inevitable. *he's been practicing that line all damn day.*

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Same thought as Twomoons* ~gs~Yes... 

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [QQY8H] *swallows hard...trying very very hard not to look at Wields*

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [JJE3C] *covers her head with her paws..... shut up, Wields, please shut up....* 

Clarice Macy Templeton : [633T] *Her mouth actually opens a little in total perplexity and something beyond words at Wields' speech*

Anja Stormbringer: [XQZWU] *absently reaches into her coat pockets, slipping on her gloves, then crosses her hands over her stomach, watching silently*

Honeysuckle: [A7ING] Might of kicked Wields if he was close enough for her to do so.

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] *Honovi furrows her brow, then looks to Val, inclines her head makes a slight (unoffensive) gesture with a hand*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] HT and the Fool speaks..((etting ALL the garou know WHAT wields is))

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] *Coffee...painkillers. Lots of painkillers. Knew there was a reason for that awakened moonshine*

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [MCZHW] *she eyes jason and puts out her hand for painkillers. if ANYONE needs them, its her. she eyes him for just that reason*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] *Makes small handsigns back at Honovi*

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] *Honovi blinks a bunch & purses her lips & inclines her head again* 

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *nods* HT..ANYONE ELSE got anything to say??*looks around*

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] *passes the painkillers to Janet silently* 

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [MCZHW] *She dryswallows the painkillers wordlessly*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [QQY8H] *stands* One small announcement, Warder..? 

Anja Stormbringer: [XQZWU] I believe Twomoons needed to speak. *voice absolutely calm, just like always*

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool... blame Steel): [52UW2] *reaches for one of the towels in the oversized 'kleenex' box, honking his nose loudly then considering Steel's request. shakes his head no and keeps listening*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] yes Rane?

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] *Rabbie just stoicly watching*

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [JJE3C] *just covering her head with her paws.... mortified by her Alpha* 

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [QQY8H] For those who haven't heard.... I now hold the rank of Krigare...Adren.

Rodrigo San Rafael ~Faces Down the Wyrm~: [5Q4T] Weilds>> These words of wisdom are false. For the kinfolk of our tribes are the strength of our tribe. Yes they must be protected, but if we cut them off from the world, then they would only wither and die as quickly as any of the Great Mother's animals that get caged.

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Tiny congradulating grin for Rane* 

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] *Stands up* and gives Rane a "thumbs up"*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *nods*.. HT very well Rane-yuf 

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] *Honovi whoops cheerfully to Rane* 

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [MCZHW] *She lets out a breath, hearing rodrigo and wields debating, and raises her hand almost limply*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [QQY8H] *nods to those who acknowledged her...even Valerie...and retakes her seat*

Anja Stormbringer: [XQZWU] *inclines her head slightly to Rane, about the only gesture of congratulations she's going to give*

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] *sketches a quick wave to Rane and a nod of approval*

Clarice Macy Templeton : [633T] *Rodrigo gets an appreciative nod*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] TM: HT you had summin to say?..

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] *Nods, stepping forward a little* Basically, there's been no word from Eddie as to his whereabouts. Whether he's alive or dead, we need the leadership of a Grand Elder, so I'd strongly recommend the council get together if not now, then tonight.

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Attention flickers to Twomoons*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] *Touches Janet feather-lightly on the shoulder and walks over to Anja to stand beside her*

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool... blame Steel): [52UW2] Rane>>I'd cheer on, but givin' 'tention to 'complishments of others be undigneefieded. *reaches into his coat for a pint flask of Hennesy, spray painted chrome and most likely filled with just water., Takes a swig with his nose in the air and replaces it*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *looks to TM*..HT i agree..we do need a GE..*looks around then back to him*..wanna do it now?

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool... blame Steel): [52UW2] TM>>what 'appened to Eddie? him not go same way Drunken-Fisty did?

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Hand raises again*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [QQY8H] *hard to tell, but she might be biting the inside of her cheek, doing her damnedest to ignore Wields*

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] *shrugs* Looks like everyone's here. 

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [MCZHW] *She nodded weakly to val... silently waiting to be acknowledged*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC): [GGKRV] *watching Twomoons now, quietly* 

Clarice Macy Templeton : [633T] *Looks around troubled and annoyed, for the Grand Elder*

Anja Stormbringer: [XQZWU] *uncrosses her arms, hands at her sides now, her right arm just ever so tense* 

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] yea Flea? 

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] *both watching* 

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] *Crosses her arms over her ribs and solidly stands next to Anja, looking at all speakers but Wields*

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] *Standing with the rest of his pack.* 

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Grunts* ~gs~I'm on the counsil, correct? (*Player also making sure...*) 

Brad Mullins: [CLA79] *glances at Anja* 

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] Flea: yer Wyrmfoe..that means council..

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] (Heh, she wasn't on the Webpage list last I seen) *Nods, giving a clawed thumbs up that just looks silly*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *looks around* HT cept for the Keeper of the land i think were all here

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] *Nods to Steel.* That'd be me, rhya. 

Honeysuckle: [A7ING] (That because no one's told me to add anyone to the list. I can't read mind folks.)

Brad Mullins: [CLA79] ((aww, c'mon flutterby.... sure you can...... what am I thinking right now? *G*))

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] *points at Robert* he be here. 

Brad Mullins: [CLA79] *keeps his eyes on Anja* 

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *nods to Robert*..HT ok..guess thats everyone then*looks to TM* yer highest in station Old man... who you say should be alpha mutt?

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC): [GGKRV] *quietly, listening* 

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] ((She can, it's just that after RPing with some of the folks here, she's scared to.))

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] ((*Gasp* Ryan! I heard that thought!)) 

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] *just observes, Rabbie being as emotional as a rock*

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Watches in silence for now...Scratching her jaw with a claw...* 

Honeysuckle: [A7ING] (*chuckle*)

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [MCZHW] *she lowers her arm, listening* 

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] *Shrugs* Someone with Rank, preferably a Bone Gnawer, proven to be able to lead, and have folks follow.

Brad Mullins: [CLA79] ((*G* Sorry, Val... that thought was just for flutterby *G*)) 

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] *Gives Flea a long and pointed look..hint hint* 

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] ((*bap* Nuffa the ooc)) 

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] ((Then someone else thought it. Eww!))

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [MCZHW] ((sorry, this mind is rated NC-17 for graphic content0) 

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *nods to TM*..Val HT yer next highest...who you think?

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Ears fold back.....You can nearly see the steam coming outta this ones ears...But she's thinking at least*

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool... blame Steel): [52UW2] *swings his eyes pointedly to Steel at TM's comment.. strokes his chin as thoughtfully as he can while tapping the foil-covered stick dubbed 'justice-robber'*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] Steel> Flea or..*glances at Twomoons, but doesn't quite say it*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *nods looks at Flea*..HT yer next highest..what say you? 

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [QQY8H] *curiouser and curioser* 

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Looks up, thoughtful* ~gs~Well, Twomoons -is- the highest of Rank but he did suggest a Gnawer so...Suppose you Steel if ya got some Charisma under ya belt *Toothy grin*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *chuckles at that*..HT ok Flea..*looks at Robert*..what does the Keeper of the Land say?

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [JJE3C] *perks her head up at that..... Steel as GE? Oh christ, no....*

Honeysuckle: [A7ING] Quietly listening.

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool... blame Steel): [52UW2] *to Robert, but not whispered* him _bulging_ with chris-ma! *nods* but not m'type. Likes 'em with titties. oooh.. but him gun jammed. so maaaaaybe *gives Steel as serious an evaluation glare as he can. then his lip trembles a bit more and he grabs for the kleenex/towel again to honk his nose*

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] *listens* 

Brad Mullins: [CLA79] *gets wind blown in his eye,,, making him blink a bit*

Anja Stormbringer: [XQZWU] *the very next time anyone glances in her direction, she's simply not there, having slipped into the shadows*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC): [GGKRV] *rubs her belly, fidgeting in her seat a little, trying to get comfy*

Brad Mullins: [CLA79] *rubs his eyes and looks around....* 

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC): [GGKRV] *glances to Brad, then pushes herself up to standing* 

Brad Mullins: [CLA79] *heads over toward Wields, moving behind him, looking around*

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] *Nods.* I reckon with th'tribal makeup bein' mostly Gnawer, an' with th'caern dedicated t'Rat, it oughter be either Steel or Flea. Steel, I'm sorry, Rhya, but I reckon that f'matters th'Grand Elder would have t'take care of, Flea would be a better candidate, an' with your skills you'd be a better shot for Wardern' her. I reckon it oughter be Flea-Bitten Mongrel.

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] *Rabbie doesnt even budge when her packmates move* // *Honovi is on the edge of her seat*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *nods turns to Ari*..HT Truth catcher? 

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *A claw scratches her jaw some more...Glances around a bit* 

Honeysuckle: [A7ING] Keeps her back to the FMT van when she notices Anja gone... wonders if anyone's going to say something about her leave during the moot like that.

Brad Mullins: [CLA79] *looking around... ready for wind this time*

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] *Setting on the ground next to Robert are two bottles--one used to hold Johnny Walker, one distilled water; both are now filled with a clear, malevolent-looking substance.*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC): [GGKRV] *she sighs a little* Well.... I think Rat's a lot more accepting of folk then you're giving her credit for...she takes my Walkers just fine in my pack. So I'm not sure that having the Grand Elder be BoneGnawer is absolutely essential. IF it is...then I'd say Flea. If we're willing to entertain other options....I'd say Twomoons. *giving him an apologetic look*

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Notes Anja having done the poof...Ears flicking back, pondering why she didn't wanna vote...Ah well...*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *nods looking around*..ANJA??

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] *simply nods to Ari, face pretty much neutral*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] Anja is momentarily indisposed.

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] *since Honovi's not part of a council she'll most likely not get a say. Naturally she'd suggest Moony but she'll be fine with whomever is decided upon*

Brad Mullins: [CLA79] *indisposed my ass.... he keeps looking around* 

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *nods looking at Rodrigo* HT Master of the Howl? 

Honeysuckle: [A7ING] *Frowns that is very disrespectful to the moot.. just leaving like that.*

Brad Mullins: [CLA79] *covering Wields' back and looking around....*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [QQY8H] ((Guys, time for me to turn into a pumpkin. Rane'll watch the rest of the moot in silence, and not partake in any of the libations afterward))

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] *Frowns himself and whispers something to Honeysuckle.*

Rodrigo San Rafael ~Faces Down the Wyrm~: [5Q4T] **................hmmm.. that's interesting him getting asked................** It seems there are 2 perhaps 3 candidates. I would follow whoever wins the necessary challenges.

Anja Stormbringer: [XQZWU] *simply materializes again, as if she never left, a good hundred feet to the right of where she was standing, brow arched* Am I so important that the moot stops dead when I take a moment for myself?

Honeysuckle: [A7ING] Leans closer to Robert to listen.

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC): [GGKRV] ((Ari'll stay here, Auggy's got the power to NPC her as needed))

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] ((Night Kari)) 

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *...Blinks...Peeks around for the Lord again...* 

Brad Mullins: [CLA79] *hears Anja and watches her.... relaxing a bit*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] *Alloows herself the luxury of a slight smirk* 

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *nods..* HT..Wields? and i ask Wields...not the Fool

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [JJE3C] *breaths a very quiet sigh of relief when Anja comes back..... she didn't hurt Wields.... good*

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Then peers at Anja, head tilting...Ears perked...More so saying "Vote? Vote now"...*

Honeysuckle: [A7ING] She nods to whatever Robert whispered to her and whispers back.

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *growls deep in his chest* Ht You are Truthcatcher..that should be reason enough..also..i DID say none speak unless called on..or higher in rank them me...

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool. Satires have Rights too...): [WPHGK] *as Anja appears, does an ostentatious mental check* candy-dates still alive. kay. good.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [QQY8H] ((G'night!)) 

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *When Steel goes to Weilds, her head swings that way...Ears still perked....Ready to catch his vote and praying it makes sense*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC): [GGKRV] *~*~*gone*~*~* 

Anja Stormbringer: [XQZWU] Then I believe you should be chastizing the mule and his mate as well, Steel-rhya. See them whispering like old women? But forgive my lapse in decorum. *inclines her head contritely* I do not believe that Flea is appropriate for the position.

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool. Satires have Rights too...): [WPHGK] OOC:sorry. Window closed. one sec.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [QQY8H] *)(*gone*)(* 

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] *Shakes his head to Honeysuckle and squeezes her waist.*

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] *both watching, Honovi more emotional than Rabbie* 

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *growls a little..but looks over at Flea* 

Honeysuckle: [A7ING] She nods, staying close to Robert.

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *growls a warning at Robert about speaking*

Justin "Searches-For-Truth": [A850S] *Is here* ((In other words- I'm still alive.)) 

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Gives a shrug to Steel...Is totally open for critisim...That and she looks rather thoughtful for the time being*

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool. Satires have Rights too...): [WPHGK] *reaches into the coat and lights the shorts of a camel. thinking for about five seconds before speaking* Steel>>thinkin'... you be best choice. Gots respect, know can lead 'cause warder.. got gnawer backin' an' Rat support. But if Twomoon-rhya Grand Elder, then no worries about 'mysterious' dissapearin'. But maybe that why others done dissapeareded already. I sayin' challenge 'tween Yous and Moons an' let spirits decide who better choice. good fight. *nodnods*

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] *casually rests a hand on Honovi's shoulder to keep her steady* 

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] *Nods to Steel and tilts his chin to the side to expose his throat, to show he got the point.*

Brad Mullins: [CLA79] *crosses his arms over his chest and keeps his eyes on Anja.... wary of any wind now.... staying near Wields*

Honeysuckle: [A7ING] Would snort but doesn't.. Robert and herself were not interrupt the proceeding.

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] *Honovi nearly jumps when TM puts a hand on her shoulder* 

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *nods* HT so the council has spoken..*looks to TM*..

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Head swings to Twomoons, ears perked and alert*

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] *Nods a little* Let's hit it then. *ambling over to the challenge circle*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *heads to the challange circle*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] *Looks over at Anja for a moment, and then elsewhere with her eyes half closed.*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *nods to Flea* HT..looks like its a 3 way

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *The Crinos lopes over on all fours, standing outside the circle and crossing her arms...Eyes sweeping the circle...*

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] *Shifts up to Crinos, making sure all the medics are nearby in case this gets really nasty.*

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Blinks....Takes a step into the circle then* 

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] *Stays back of the crowd, but moves so that he can see the challenge.*

Rodrigo San Rafael ~Faces Down the Wyrm~: [5Q4T] **moves nearer the circle, but raises his hand to be acknowledged.**

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] HT yes Rodrigo?

Honeysuckle: [A7ING] Stay at Robert's side.

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Also unfolds her arms...Waiting for the rules...Smirks..* 

Rodrigo San Rafael ~Faces Down the Wyrm~: [5Q4T] I would think that since the Master of the Challenge is participating in the challenge, the the definition of the challenge be declared by someone else.

Justin "Searches-For-Truth": [A850S] *Justin (fka Sparky) walks toward the circle, shoulders down a bit, knowing that there's probably going to be need for the good ol' blue glow*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] Rodrigo:*nods*HT wise choice..*looks at Val* yer next highest...whats the challange?

Justin "Searches-For-Truth": [A850S] ((Crap... I messed up my own deed name!)) 

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [MCZHW] *she stares down at the ground, summoning the effort to get to her feet and follow tot he challenge*

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] (Justin>>Faith *G*)

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] *Beckons Justin over as she goes back to stand by Honovi*

Justin "Searches-For-Faith": [A850S] ((Got it *smile*)) 

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] *Honovi looks to Val then to those heading to the challange circle* // *Rabbie only moves her head & eyes so she can watch*

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] *flicks and ear, but waits* 

Justin "Searches-For-Faith": [A850S] *He heads towards Val with a nod of assent to her will*

Rodrigo San Rafael ~Faces Down the Wyrm~: [5Q4T] **will move towards Val, as he has a sugestion if she needs/wants one.**

Brad Mullins: [CLA79] Steel>> *raises his hand* 

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] Let's hear Rodrigo. He looks like he wants to speak.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] ((Sorry, I had missed Steel's post way back there)) 

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Stretches her arms up, just to stretch out her muscles some....But who knows, might not be a fight*

Rodrigo San Rafael ~Faces Down the Wyrm~: [5Q4T] **leans closer to Val to offer his suggestion to be rejected if that is her wish, but at least no one will no what was rejected.**

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] Brad: HT yea? 

Brad Mullins: [CLA79] Steel>> perhaps, Rhya... since, like he said, the MotC is in the challenge..... overseeing the challenge might fall to a Truthcatcher? *glances at Anja pointedly.... hoping to keep her occupied with something*

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] *Stares wide-eyed at Brad's suggestion.* 

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Ear flicks at Brad's suggestion...But says nothing...To be Grand Elder, she would have to get to know even the Lord and build......Trust...*

Honeysuckle: [A7ING] Looks at Brad like he's nuts.

Honeysuckle: [A7ING] Wants to speak up, really does.

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] *Doesn't really react to Brad's suggestion, simply waiting for the Word from on High.*

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] *Rabbie fidgits..but she's just a lowly mule & cliath so doesnt make an effort to attract attention for her suggestion*

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] *And keeps a hand ready to cover Honeysuckle's mouth in case she does try to speak up. That shit could be deadly.*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] *Listens and clears her throat*

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Steadily watches Val* 

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *nods at Brads idea waiting on val* 

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [MCZHW] *janet, oddly enough, seems to have not a damn thing to say, she is kneeling nearby val, Justin and Honovi, by the challenge circle, her hair still damp from a shower, her skin slightly reddend like someone that spent a day under hot water*

Anja Stormbringer: [XQZWU] *glances around at all the goggle-eyed sept members, then says mildly* If there's a question about my honor, I'll await the first challenge for the Truthcatcher position.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] I like it. *Speaks up* How about this- the three need to lead others to retrieve what they feel is best needed by the Sept. The challenger is not allowed to touch the object itself.

Justin "Searches-For-Faith": [A850S] *He gently pats Janet's shoulder* 

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *.....And there's that blank look Flea gets sometimes. Goes about thinking...* 

Cassy Nix (DoW, Who wants some?): [SKXD4] *Crawls out of the van...takes a seat in her chair...yadda yadda yadda*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] Val:*nodss HT sounds like an idea...*Looks to TM and Flea*...well?

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Nods to Steel, then looks at Val* ~gs~How long do we have in this Challenge?

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [MCZHW] *atthe pat on her shoulder her face contorts in pain... she dosn't yelp.. its just a pretty bad wince... she swallows and lets out a soft breath and nods to justin*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] Then the result will be judged by the council. 

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] Flea and others> One week. 

Rodrigo San Rafael ~Faces Down the Wyrm~: [5Q4T] **backs away, and looks to the circle, though he keeps any comment/feelings to himself as the higher in rank alters his suggestion. But of course, she is not a shaman of the Uktena and does not have the same............whatever it she doesn't have.**

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Nods her head, silent and having that look of thought still...* 

Cassy Nix (DoW, Who wants some?): [SKXD4] *Sits back and listens as she lights a smoke* 

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] *Nods, shifting back to homid* Works for me. 

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] ((oops, didn't think it was altered but paraphrased))

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] HT..and as i cant leave the yard? 

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool: Slim Shadylord): [GGXZY] ((okay. I'm caught up on what I needed to finish. PM anything directed to me I may've missed))

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] *both are watching* 

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [JJE3C] *reverts to homid and stands... waiting for an opening to bring up something new*

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [MCZHW] *she just.. looks at steel.. shaking her head slowly..... letting out a long soft breath*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] Steel> Lead others to do it however you may. 

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool: Slim Shadylord): [GGXZY] *raises his hand, indicating he's got something non-fool to say*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] ((and wonders how the kin understood him *nyeh*)) 

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] HT yea wields? 

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] *looks to be contemplative at the moment* 

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] Steel> Since you can't touch it yourself, you can use a cell phone. The others can be bound by that too if you wish.

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool: Slim Shadylord): [GGXZY] OOC:Steel>>TM translating by request, is my guess. nyeh

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *...Think, think, thinking....* 

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool: Slim Shadylord): [GGXZY] Steel>>when Twomoon were warder, him left bunches times an' left 'sistant warder in charge. why not you can't?

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [MCZHW] *she let out a slow breath and raised her hand softly again, still having somthing to say regarding the kin-thing*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] Val: HT its ok. thanks for the making sure 

Cassy Nix (DoW, Who wants some?): [SKXD4] *Hits her smoke cooley, watching the stars while silently overhearing the perameters of the challenge*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] *Wry look at Wields* 

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] Wields: HT ..good point..ill think about it..//*nods to Janet* *bark* speak

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Ear flicks at the mention at the former Assistant Warder...Was her last Alpha...Misses Linda...But Life goes on...Grunts, coming back from thought wondering*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] ((Rodrigo> You're right about her thoughts. *L*)) Steel> You guys work that detail out, ok?

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] *keeps the running translation going* 

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *nods to Val* 

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool: Slim Shadylord): [GGXZY] *reaches for the towel/kleenex again and blows his nose. this time for real, but without lip trembling or misty eyes*

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [MCZHW] Regarding the suggestion of a kin safe-house, the wyrmfoe mentioned earlier. My suggestion would be to expand upon that, and utilise an older method perfected long ago - an underground railroad, with more then one "safe" place, for kin, and even trueborn, if needed to get in and out of the city without detection from police, mundanes, or the wyrm. and I would suggest Ms. Templeton spearhead the project in conjunction with the appropraite title-holder of the caern, utilising her vast organizational skills.

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [MCZHW] *her tone is rather soft, for janet-speak, but steady and strong*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] Janet:*nods*..HT sounds like a plan..and a good idea.. OK ANY ONE ELSE?

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Head swings to Janet, ears perked. It takes her a moment to understand what an "underground railroad" is but then she nods*

Clarice Macy Templeton : [633T] *BLINK* 

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] *just watching* 

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] *Nods to Steel and steps forward.* 

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [JJE3C] *raises her hand* 

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] yea Robert? 

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [MCZHW] *maybe THAT will shut the bitch up and give her somthing to do instead of whine*

Clarice Macy Templeton : [633T] *Views Janet askance neath lowered silvery eyelashes* 

Rodrigo San Rafael ~Faces Down the Wyrm~: [5Q4T] ((well, I hate to say it, but I'm practically crashing on my keyboard, so I need to get to bed. Rodrigo would of course remain a steady guardian through the whole proceedings. Thanks for the scene.))

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [MCZHW] *She dosn't even look at Clarice* 

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Peeks at Robert..* 

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] ((Night Matt)) 

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool: Slim Shadylord): [GGXZY] dime bag to first person that make fang kin do anythin' involvin' unner an' ground. Payin' to see fang kin get hands dirty. or grease spot on nose.

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] ((NIGHT))

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] *Nods.* I'm afraid I've got a few problems that I reckon need t'be addressed by th'sept, Rhya. Mainly the events of a couple nights past, an' a few of them preceedin'. Anja-Rhya, apparently angered that I wasn't willin' to give her a couple strawberries that m'wife an' I had raised, reacted by cutting open a lock which I had made--it appears that since th'Greenhouse is on Sept lands it's no longer any terr'tory of the Foggy Mountain Throwdown no matter who put th'work int'buildin' an' raisin', but that lock, I made m'self, an' an act of vandalism like 'at's a purty clear indication or refusin' t'respect th'territory of another. That she later claimed it'd be "just" t'tear up several plants an' pour salt on th'face of Gaia--or even t'force m'wife t'do so--is even more disturbin', an' that's only th'tip of th'iceberg.

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Keeps a straight face at Weilds...Will not snicker, nore will she make some sort of cackle*

Clarice Macy Templeton : [633T] *Lofty ignoring of Wields* 

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *nods listening.. looks at Anja with a ..keep it quiet until hes done speaking look*

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] *Rabbie observes the proceedings with a dull gaze* 

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Looking at Robert still, but looks for Anja out of the corner of her eye*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] *Sighs and looks at the sky, hoping for a big giant corax to fly over and dump on peoples of her choice*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Who wants some?): [SKXD4] *Sits up at this new revalation and becomes visibly more interested in the proceedings...*

Anja Stormbringer: [XQZWU] *just shakes her head, looking vaguely amused* 

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [JJE3C] *waiting, silently* 

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [MCZHW] *She glances at val and echoes her sentimants.. although the thought of more shit makes her shudder and scractch roughly at her hand almost to the point of bleeding*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] *Gently covers Janet's hand with hers for a split second* Careful...

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] *Honovi stretches to ease the discomfort of her back* 

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool: Slim Shadylord): [GGXZY] *reaches into his coat again and pulls out the chrome spray-painted flask, swigging more of the water before he gives Robert the most mock-displeased glare he can. which isn't very*(

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] I've heard of moren' one accusation against ol' Cap Rountree, who some of y'all remember--one of them a claim that he was deliberately lettin' a theft slide because of her tribe even though that claim had been proven false th'~last~ time she made it, proven so by the Elder Gaia's-Drunken-Fist-rhya, an' another that he was usin' a weapon that wouldn't have done no good to stop Cassy at a time when she was in Frenzy an' might've kilt her. Recent she tol' us that she'd given an eye to protect th'sept--or at least said she given of 'er flesh an' lifted her eyepatch t'show us th'hole--when ifn' I remember hearin' right she done it to try an' get Nikki's boyfriend back--not to serious a crime, but to lie 'bout such a thing casts a few doubts.

Honeysuckle: [A7ING] Silently listening.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] *Raises her hand for when the opportunity to ask a question comes*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Who wants some?): [SKXD4] *Crosses her arms and cocks her head...nodding here and there*

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [MCZHW] *she takes a breath in as if distressed... looking to val wordlessly. perhaps fear in her eyes a moment... very un-janet like behavior*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Who wants some?): [SKXD4] *In the midst of the speech her gaze slides over to Val's razed hand and she rolls her eyes before turning back to Rob.*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *nods continueing to listen..watching Anja* 

Anja Stormbringer: [XQZWU] *just waits her turn to speak, silent, still vaguely amused* 

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] *Just sips his coffee and remains quiet* 

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] Wields was a packmember of the... deceased, so's any questions in that ree-gard can easy enough be d'rected t'him. An' an event which might trigger memories *Glances to Cassy* is her claim that Jublain of th'Fenrir was... an honorless midget murderer, ifn' I 'member right--I ain't exactly a fan of Jublain-rhya, but I'd thought he was proved not t'be a murderer by none other'n Twomoons-rhya, an' to claim otherwise is a purty definite breach both of honor and of respect for th'Garou Nation. More recent, her claim that I had laid claim to a "huge swath" of sept lands--th'greenhouse, I'm assumin', when the founders of the Foggy Mountain Throwdown gained permission for it. I cain't dispute th'wisdom of th'Council of Elders, but I can say that they ain't always got all the inf'mation--for example, her betrayal an' murder of th'Grand Elder. I b'lieve with this new inf'mation, th'Council might wish t're-think it's decision as to th'fitness of Stormbringer-rhya to hold a position...

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] *Rabbie's heard well half of it all before...not that she'd be in the mood to bother to show any emotion beyong a stoic, glazed look*

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] requirin' such trust as that of Truthcatcher. In all honesty, it worries me quite a bit.

Cassy Nix (DoW, Who wants some?): [SKXD4] *Nods to Robert* Well said mano...I second that notion. 

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Blinks...Murder of the Grand Elder wha...?*

Clarice Macy Templeton : [633T] *Her eyes dull in disbelief of what she's hearing* 

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Hand shoots up* 

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *snarls at Cassy...with a did i say you could talk look* 

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [JJE3C] *remains silent... waiting*

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool: Slim Shadylord): [GGXZY] *continues to mock-glare at Robert and makes a show of tapping his hand on the hilt of the aluminum foil blade, "Justice-Robber" at his hip*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] HT that it Robert?

Cassy Nix (DoW, Who wants some?): [SKXD4] *Glances at Steele...nods apologetically, and leans back in her chair again*

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [MCZHW] *She leans over and whispers very soflty to val.. and stands up, heading away from the moot proper... slipping behind the coggie van*

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] *Nods.* It is, Rhya. *Steps back.*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *nods*.. Ari..truthcatcher time 

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Hand still up...* 

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] *Nods at Janet and watches her go til she's where she's going*

Honeysuckle: [A7ING] And Honeysuckle step right back to Robert's side when he's finished.

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] yea Flea? 

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] *Honovi glances to Janet then looks back to the proceedigns*

Anja Stormbringer: [XQZWU] Not to get in the way of Flea's doubtlessly vital conversation, but may I defend myself against this dishonorable attack on my own honor?

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *snarls at Anja*..HT..did i ask you to?..or you gonna wait til i call on you?

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] ~gs~Shoot who? Who murdered the Grand Elder and which one? *Blinks...* 

Ari's Evil Twin (complete with cheerleader skirt): [H2SDI] *Waddles her butt forward, hand on her belly and looking serious*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Who wants some?): [SKXD4] *Snickers as she takes a hit from her smoke...despite the ass chewing she knows she's gonna recieve later anyway*

Anja Stormbringer: [XQZWU] *just shakes her head again* 

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] Flea: HT..old news.. Anja did...and the last one we had 

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [MCZHW] *behind the coggie van, Janet runs a hand through her damp hair, swallowing, taking deep, long breaths*

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Blinks...Then nods, eyes flickering to Anja once...Keeping from narrowing them...Is supprised that Truth Hammer fellow hasn't showed up again*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] ok anja.. you wanna speak.. you can.. BUT you answer me YES or NO...nothing else unless i ask..UNDERSTOOD?

Anja Stormbringer: [XQZWU] No. With all due respect, Steeleyes-rhya, I cannot let that go. I murdered no one. I will not tolerate being called a murderer again, when the current - or former, perhaps - Grand Elder of this sept himself said I was no murderer.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] *Walks over to Flea while taking her notepad out and writing rapidly*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] *Walks over to Flea while taking her notepad out and writing rapidly*

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] *Honovi listens on the edge of her seat* // *Rabbie...well let's not dwell on Rabbie*

Ari's Evil Twin (complete with cheerleader skirt): [H2SDI] *And yes, has Truth of Gaia on and running*

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [JJE3C] *looks down a bit, remaining silent* 

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool: Slim Shadylord): [GGXZY] *starts drawing in the dirt with his finger... some large four legged livestock it would appear*

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [MCZHW] *she paces behind the van.... rubbing her hand over her face.. over her hands again.. stopping herself from scratching and takes a breath again. trying to compose herself... and focus on her job tonight.. *

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Takes the note from Val, able to half read it...Nods and makes note to put the paper in the Recycle bin like a good girl*

Anja Stormbringer: [XQZWU] I executed him. I was punished for doing so outside the bounds of the Rite. I am not saying I was right for doing so, because I wish I hadn't done it. But I did NOT murder him, and the next person to call me a murderer will fight me to the death.

Clarice Macy Templeton : [633T] *Working hard to keep her thoughts to herself at these frightful tidings.* 

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] on whoes orders did you execute him?

Ari's Evil Twin (complete with cheerleader skirt): [H2SDI] *frowning a bit, but listening* 

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool: Slim Shadylord): [GGXZY] *throws some horns on that livestock and completes the image by drawing a big cow pie behidn the bull*

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] *face absolutely flat* 

Cassy Nix (DoW, Who wants some?): [SKXD4] *Watches her with a steeley eyed gaze...* 

Anja Stormbringer: [XQZWU] *calmly* On no one's orders. Under my power as a Judge of Doom. If you disagree with Edward-rhya's ruling, Steeleyes-rhya, then I suggest you bring it up with him. An Elder Philodox has already ruled on the matter, and my prestige in the eyes of the Garou Nation was already damaged for my overstepping my bounds.

Honeysuckle: [A7ING] Listening several of the things said just not adding up.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] *Rejoins Janet and Honovi* 

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] *Honovi smiles at the return of one of her packmates & of Janet* 

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool: Slim Shadylord): [GGXZY] *contemplates Anja's words a moment... and decides it's appropriate to expand the pile behind the bull significantly*

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] *Raises a hand, but doesn't speak yet.* 

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Scratches her muzzle...Damnit, just wanted to know who killed which Grand Elder....Huffs some air out her nose*

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [MCZHW] *janets off behind the coggie van, not near the moot proper* 

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] ((okay *chomps on Janet bit*)) 

Brad Mullins: [CLA79] *just standing near Wields.... looking very.... bodyguard-ish* 

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [MCZHW] ((Owie! Be nice *pet*)) 

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *nods raiseing a hand* HT not disagreeing..just for the rest Ed-rhya DID declair the matter closed...AND I ALSO DECLAIR IT CLOSED...*looks around*..GOT IT!!

Cassy Nix (DoW, Who wants some?): [SKXD4] *Raises her hand* 

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] ((*gnaws instead*))

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] *Keeps his hand up.* 

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] yes Robert? 

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool: Slim Shadylord): [GGXZY] Steel>>closed like never happened? or closed, it's over, she dishonored, move to next in list?

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] Wields: closed as in..its over..shes dishonored..move on 

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Watches, arms folding and waiting for next on the Lord's list....Damn justice night....This might actually be the longest moot shes had while here*

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] Rhya, I was there at th'moot where's she confessed to th'crime, an' I don't remember Edward-rhya sayin' at any time a'tall that she warn't a murderer. It could be I missed that part, Rhya, but I b'lieve a quick show of hands'd show you that nobody else heard 'im say that neither.

Anja Stormbringer: [XQZWU] ((Ahem. Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] *He nods* I figured it had to be someone with a klaive... and you did come to mind. Still, as secrets come and go- it's not a powerful one. You killed someone markled for death before anyone else got a chance to kill him... a minor loss of wisdom, I suppose. Should anyone choose to challenge you for an apology or atonement, it will be conducted at the -next- moot. I won't tolerate hotheaded reactions tonight... not after last night's losses.))

Cassy Nix (DoW, Who wants some?): [SKXD4] *Keeps her arm raised* 

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] I'd rather not dwell on the subject, rhya, but such a claim is exactly th'sort of thing I'm becomin' more an' more concerned about.

Cassy Nix (DoW, Who wants some?): [SKXD4] ((Yeah...but he didn't say she wasn't a murderer)) 

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool: Slim Shadylord): [GGXZY] *nods and stands, walking over to the FMT van for a moment and reaching under it*

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] ((As stated above--no mention at all of the crime not being murder. I checked the Archive to make sure before I posted it.))

Honeysuckle: [A7ING] shakes her head, thinking it wasn't declared as closed..

Anja Stormbringer: [XQZWU] ((The punishment for murder is The Hunt. If she was a murderer, she would be an ex-Shadow Lord.))

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] Robert: what...part ..of...its..CLOSED.. do you not understand?

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] ((*G* And if OJ was really a murderer he'd be in jail...))

Cassy Nix (DoW, Who wants some?): [SKXD4] *Waits her turn to speak* 

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] *Nods.* I 'pologize, Rhya. 

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool: Slim Shadylord): [GGXZY] *retakes his seat with a pair of big black trash bags*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] yes Cassy? 

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B15SN] *Trades off to her left hand up because the right one went to sleep*

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] ((*so not going to comment on the OJ thing...*)) *watching, each expressing differing emotions (or in the case of Rabbie: none)*

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [MCZHW] *She rubs her eyes and comes out from around the coggie van, her arms around herself,coming up behind Honovi, Val and company*

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Scratches her ear, waiting and listening* 

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [521PE] ((Connection went kaputt, repost PM's please?))

Cassy Nix (DoW, Who wants some?): [SKXD4] *Stands and hits her smoke one more time* Well issue that has yet to be resolved is the matter concerning my own packmates honor. Jublain was the fenrir nation, the same fenrir who judged Jacob, to be worthy of all the honor a Garou of his position holds, and that he died a good death...*looks to Anja* I want an apology from her and an admission that what she said was slanderous and untrue...or else I wish to meet her in the combat circle...

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [521PE] *Bonks head against the CoG van softly, repeatedly* 

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *niods to Cassy*..ok ill add that ti the list of stuff she needs to be i start qestioning her?

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool: Slim Shadylord): [GGXZY] *grimaces when Val bonks the CoG van... waiting on the wheels to fall off*

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [MCZHW] *she wordlessly puts her hand behind where val is bonking so she's not hitting her head on the metal directly*

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] *passes the painkillers over to Val without a word*

Anja Stormbringer: [XQZWU] I would like to formally protest the fact that, while my honor can be impugned at will, I am not allowed to speak on my own behalf.

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] *Honovi sympathizes with Val, wanting to do the same* // *Hell even Rabbie would want to if she wasn't an emotionless zombie right now*

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool: Slim Shadylord): [GGXZY] *pulls the trash bags on over his legs, tying knots in them above the knees*

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Another huff of air blown through her nose, looking at Steel hopeing he starts questioning*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Who wants some?): [SKXD4] *Nods to Steel, having said what she needs to say she sits back down*

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [521PE] *Picks out three painkillers and washes them down with coffee*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] Anja:HT.. i wanted to make certain ALL the charges were out..that OK with YOU?

Anja Stormbringer: [XQZWU] And yet I still can't speak in my own defense without being forcefed a series of questions. Ridiculous.

Ari's Evil Twin (complete with cheerleader skirt): [H2SDI] *actually does snort softly, if Steel wants that, they'll be here till the next moot*

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool: Slim Shadylord): [GGXZY] *makes the 'shoveling over the shoulder' motion*

Honeysuckle: [A7ING] Frowns, but remains silent.

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] *Simply watches--it's out of his hands now.* 

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *.....Scratches her muzzle, listening to the Lord get iffy...If she doesn't have anything to hide, whats the big deal? Looks up at Luna*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] HT.anja..FINE..1..defend against the acuation that you broke into the FMT garden

Anja Stormbringer: [XQZWU] What Robert didn't say, despite knowing it full well, is that I broke the lock with the full permission of Twomoons-rhya, my elder. And yours.

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] TM: well??

Anja Stormbringer: [XQZWU] I destroyed nothing but the lock, and that was done with the permission of my elder. Anyone who says differently lies.

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] *simply nods* Yes I did. And I have told Robert that I would purchase a new lock for him.

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] *Waits to see if he's asked to speak.* 

Ari's Evil Twin (complete with cheerleader skirt): [H2SDI] *frowns more* 

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] Robert; you bringing this shit up cause you dont like her?./.cause if thats the gonna be VERY unhappy

Cassy Nix (DoW, Who wants some?): [SKXD4] *Looks to Robert, and motions for him to put his hand down for now...*

Honeysuckle: [A7ING] Bumps her hips against Robert cause she wants to say something to him but can't.

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Looks towards Ari...Ears folded forward and perked to see if she's going to speak*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] as for what cassy said...anja.. you gonna do as she asks..or does TM need to get out the bandages?

Anja Stormbringer: [XQZWU] *shrugs* Certainly. I apologize for my words. 

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] *both watching* 

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] Of course I don't like her, Rhya, but I'm bringin' this up because I don't like my work an' effort bein' destroyed on account of I didn't see fit t'feed her with th'sweat of m'own brow. She's been committin' these crimes f'a good long while now, an' somethin's got t'be done, rhya. She surely did have Twomoons' permission, but that don't change the fact that she broke th'Litany. An' I didn't claim that she destroyed any plants, rhya--I said that she claimed it would be "just" to tear 'em up an' to pour salt on th'face of Gaia--or force m'wife t'do it.

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] that good enough for you cassy?

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *looks to Anja*.. HT You say that? 

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Looks at Anja, head tilting slowly....* 

Honeysuckle: [A7ING] She nods slightly agreeing with what Robert is saying.

Anja Stormbringer: [XQZWU] Yes, I did. It WOULD be just. They use the sept's lands, and feed the whole sept, yet they make a point of not doing so for me or my mate. The sept's resources - in the sense of land - are being used to benefit one pack. That is wrong.

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] *Raises a hand.* 

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *walks over* just to salt Gaia...just to ruin the Mothers face..because you WANTED a strawberry?

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [521PE] *Keeping her hand raised against the van because her arm's getting tired*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Who wants some?): [SKXD4] *Sighs then nods* I accept.... 

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] *now it's Honovi's turn to hit her forehead with the palm of her hand with a resounding smack*

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Stands, ready to grab Steel if he feels the need to take Justice in his own hands without it taken into account with all the other nessacary steps*

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [JJE3C] *lowers her head a bit..... this wouldn'ta happened if she hadn't tried to take the strawberries over to them*

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [MCZHW] *She tugs on honovi's hair when she gets into the slapping too*

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] *Honovi only does it she's shaking her head while it's still cradled in the palm of her hand*

Anja Stormbringer: [XQZWU] I wanted nothing. I asked for nothing. And he makes a point of snubbing me regardless. Ridiculous again, but what else is new? Robert can do no wrong simply because he managed to be born serving Rat. He's certainly never been punished for drawing on me constantly, or threatening to draw on me by putting hands on weapons whenever I'm near, or refusing to recognize my Rank. Or the results of an honorable challenge overseen by the Master of the Challenge.

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool: Slim Shadylord): [GGXZY] *reaches into his coat after staring a Val a bit. Pulls out a piece of cardboard with a "10.0" marked on it.. apparently a joke he was gonna use later. Pulls out a box cutter and carves the cardboard in the shape of a giant hand. Takes a strip of duct tape from the dashboard vinyl on his coat and heads to Val and the CoGgie van*

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [521PE] Not one step closer, Wields.

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] *Keeps his hand up.* 

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool: Slim Shadylord): [GGXZY] *grins happily to Val and simply tapes the upraised hand onto a nearby car with the palm pointing towards her.... and as requested, doesn't get any closer inside her bubble of personal space* Val>>arms done worked out 'nuff. *and skips.. yes, skips.. back to Robert*

Ari's Evil Twin (complete with cheerleader skirt): [H2SDI] *waddles back, brings out a chair, and sits in it. Nobody ever said she had to stand to hear the truth. Bites the inside of her cheek to keep from laughing at Wields**

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [521PE] Thank you Wields.

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] HT.. fine..people here dont like each other..WHAT A SUPRISE..*throws arms in the air* as we have no GE and i seem to be in charge tonight*sidelong glance knowing TM is smirking*...heres what were gonna do boys and keeper of the Land..which mean.. if he feels that you doing summin isnt gonna make this a happy place...he can say matter rank.. or*looks at Robert* if i hear about it..and i believe its cause you dont LIKE the gonna be VERY unhappy..understand?

Anja Stormbringer: [XQZWU] If I had DONE anything, that would be RELEVANT, Steeleyes-rhya. I did NOTHING. I SAID something. If words are suddenly grounds for punishment, then I demand justice for being called a murderer.

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] *simply lifts an eyebrow and smirks* 

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] *Nods.* I unnerstand, rhya. Can I--an' I don't mean no sarcasm--can I answer th'charges just laid ag'in me or should it wait until this here matter's done?

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [521PE] A-HEM 

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *then snarls looking ay anja* next time you speak.. you loose your throat

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] robert...wait.. yes Val?? 

Honeysuckle: [A7ING] Puts her own hand over her mouth to keep from speaking.

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Looks at Anja to see her reaction to Steels demand* 

Cassy Nix (DoW, Who wants some?): [SKXD4] *Takes a hit from her smoke to keep from smiling openly....go Steele*

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [521PE] Steel> Your permission to speak freely? 

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool: Slim Shadylord): [GGXZY] *and in mid-skip back to Robert, gets mired down in invisible muck... conveniently as Anja demands justice.* gettin' thick.. *struggles to lift one leg then the other to continue trudging to Robert. Reaches into his coat for a greasy rag, which he spreads out on the ground daintily before taking a seat*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] Val: go ahead

Anja Stormbringer: [XQZWU] *spits on the ground in disgust, but says not a single word* 

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [521PE] If nobody else has noticed, we're Gaia's warriors here. We're at war. We're not here to pick and bitch over old business, we're not here to persecute each other, we're not here to piss and moan and try to get the better of each other with petty insignificant minutiae like this. If there's REAL business, I'd like to hear it. Shit, I am so goddamn ashamed to be associated with this crap sometimes. Instead of this social masturbation, I'd so love to see more Garou acting like Garou once in a while instead of kinderfuckinggarteners!

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [521PE] Rat! Rat hrself just gave us her blessing and it's sure as hell not a blessing to carry on like this. She didn't come here to be the totem of petty vindictiveness. If someone has a problem with Anja, do what you must to challenge and then goddamn drop it. We don't have TIME for this crap. *Inhales to continue* And if you think I'm done, you're wrong.

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [521PE] There's the matter of the greenhouse. Since when did this Sept get divided up into territories? What the hell's with that? That's ridiculous. There's no such thing. The Sept is for the Garou and spirits. If the greenhouse is Foggy Mountain Throwdown's personal den, they need to say so. Ferfuckssake, Bone Gnawers are supposed to be some kind of big happy damn family, not petty dogs in the manger. I've seen Lords with closer ties than some of you people.

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] *Honovi looks up at Val...her packmate & tribesister has expressed her thoughts in kinder words* // *Rabbie's loose some of the dull glaze as she looks to Val*

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [521PE] This miniscule nonsense takes a crap on the very purpose we exist and it's no wonder the other Septs think we're retarded. Spirals must laugh at us. *Rant finished*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *arms crossed listening* 

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] *Doesn't say a damn thing* 

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool: Slim Shadylord): [GGXZY] *looks at Val a moment* that one dysfunctional family you come from... didn' think Furies threatened own. *grimaces and winces actually apologetically to Robert* often.

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] *Honovi...must...not...laugh*

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Scratches her nose with a claw, ear flicking as she listens....But does she really need to hear it when she sees it? Hand raises...*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *nods* Vals words speak wisely.. i myself am sick of this shit..*looks at Robert* you got a SERIOUS and =i mean SERIOUS challange to make against Anja..speak it.. i agree..breaking into what was the FMT DOES constitute a break in the Litiny..BUT she had permission to due so from TM...there fore..*looks at TM* admitted to giveing her the ok.. you agree you therefore gave her permission to break into another territory?

Cassy Nix (DoW, Who wants some?): [SKXD4] *Thinks...Ummm I did challenge*

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [JJE3C] *sighs softly... looking down.... all this over two little strawberries.... she just waits till their finished so she can speak*

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [521PE] *Blinks and shakes her head in disgust*

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] *Shakes his head.* Simply the string of matters I mentioned, Rhya, prob'ly none of them a serious charge in and of itself. Th'focus of my statement is that in light of these ee-vents, th'Council might wish t'reconsider its decision.

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] *Honovi gives Val a comforting pat*

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [521PE] If the inside of a Caern has "territories", it's not a Caern. Oh, yeah, punish me for speaking out of turn and deduct in advance for anything else I may say when I hear something stupid.

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Keeps her hand up, still scratching her nose*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] Robert: nods..then matters are closed and the councils gonna talk..

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [521PE] *fingersign to Honovi*

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] *Nods and waits.*

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool: Slim Shadylord): [GGXZY] *at Val's words, just stands up and heads over to her with a grin.*

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] *Gives Wields an "aw, hell...." look.*

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] *grins at Val*

Anja Stormbringer: [XQZWU] *shakes her head, looking absolutely disgusted*

Brad Mullins: [8OFQI] *keeps his eyes on Wields*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Who wants some?): [SKXD4] *Watches Wields with the same "aw, hell" look...*

Honeysuckle: [A7ING] Raises her hand.

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] I gave her permission to break a lock. And as I said, the lock is being replaced, by me.

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [521PE] *Smiles a tad despite herself, at Honovi*

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool: Slim Shadylord): [GGXZY] *rather anticlimactically takes a seat within a foot of Val.*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] HT fine..*shakes head.. clenching his fists..oh yea..hes got that im about to snap look* ANYONE.. got..summin...SERIOUS.. that needs to dealed with.. that indangers THIS CAERN...

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Hand still up...*

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] *Raises his hand as well.*

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [521PE] *Got her groove back...starts petting Wields' head proprietarily*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] yes Flea?

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool: Slim Shadylord): [GGXZY] *and Val's gonna get a palmful of axle grease used to slick and blacken his dirty hair. but he doesn't freak out*

Brad Mullins: [8OFQI] *still has her hand up*

Brad Mullins: [8OFQI] ((DLP))

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [JJE3C] *still has her hand up*

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] ((Brad's a girl? *lol*))

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [521PE] *When her hand is blackened, his face is smeared congenially*

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [JJE3C] ((hush, you *G*))

Honeysuckle: [A7ING] Keeps her hand raised, they may not think what she has to say is important, but she does.

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] ((*evil giggle*))

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [MCZHW] *she watches val absently. blinking rapidly watching the grease smear over her hand... and she turns her head sharply away*

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool: Slim Shadylord): [GGXZY] *grins to Val* Space bubble disspeared when meant no 'one violatin' lit'ny, huh.. *nods and smears the grease on his face a little more*

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [521PE] That's right sweetums. *Plants a handprint in the middle of his face*

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Nods to Steel* ~gs~This isn't just on this case so don't get me wrong...I've noticed it on -several- occasions and I gotta say with Val, it does get old and if not boreing after awhile when we go through these mini trials of things...I admit, yes they are things that need to be dealt with *Gives Robert a nod* But, also a lot of the stuff we bring up as a whole guys doesn't warnt punishment rites as most of us sit and squirm for....*Shrugs* That's why we have that Ring over there *Points at the Challenge circle* I was born a wolf and when wolves have a beef, such as something little...They fight it out until someone surrenders...And I know some of us are not all fighters *Shrugs* There are two other forms of Challenges...Staredown and Gamecraft...But my point is, guys...Instead of taking two, three hours of a moot doing this...Why not do a Honorable Challenge as is with our society then at the Moot announce who won? We are half wolf guys, at least act like it *And smiles*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] yes robert?((gonna speed it up..its 2 am here))

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool: Slim Shadylord): [GGXZY] Val>>stoooop... smearin' mascara. gonna make cry, then gon' haveta threaten an' pout an' be cenner of attention... *thinks for a second* still.

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [JJE3C] *still has her hand up.... waiting*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *nods*...HT..good idea flea..

Anja Stormbringer: [XQZWU] *snaps* I DID challenge him, and I WON. He refuses to abide by the results of the challenge, and yet his honor is not lessened.

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] Steel>>Rhya, I'd like t'answer this false charge.

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] ((looks at ST' i gotta?..i did say next time she talked))

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Nods to Steel* ~gs~My point though....Loose of face when it isnt acknowledge by the looser.....

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] *Waits for Cindy before going*

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Sighs at Anja, looking at Steel*

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [521PE] Wields> Aw. *Wraps blackened greasy hands around his neck without squeezing...yet*

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool: Slim Shadylord): [GGXZY] Val>>it not workin'. Iain' machine.

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *turns to anja*..HT what did i say?...about ..talking without being called on?..

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [JJE3C] *waits... hand up*

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] *even Rabbie's getting uncomfortable sittin' there. at least when she's on patrol she gets to move around...*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Chin Check Your Ass Bitch): [IEJ3T] *She made her challenge, it was returned by a just apology...she's done...for now*

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] *coughs politely* Steel...I believe Cindy would like to say something.

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [521PE] *Looks at Honovi, grinning, and mimes twisting Wields' head off*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] YES Cindy?

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] *Honovi giggles at Val*

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Softly* Steel...I think she was trying to make a point and Robert also said he would like to Counter her statment...Also, Cindy would like to speak...

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] TM: take anja and robert to the challange circle before i loose control please

Anja Stormbringer: [XQZWU] *gestures expansively as she answers Steel's question* Then fucking punish me. Fucking punish ME, Steeleyes-rhya, even though ROBERT breaks the laws of our people with impunity. What else is new? I defeat Robert in an honorable challenge, and STILL I have to defend myself at yet ANOTHER moot. Yet ANOTHER moot I am harassed by accusations from the mule who has already proven he has no honor. I challenged Robert honorably, and WON, as decided by the Master of the Challenge, and NOTHING has changed. Still he questions my honor openly with no repercussions, and I am expected to raise my fucking hand like I'm in grade school. This is ridiculous.

Honeysuckle: [A7ING] Keeps her hand raised.

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] *Raises his own hand.*

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] *squirm from Rabbie*

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [JJE3C] Steel>> *blinks at getting snapped at* well.... this is completely off the current subject *thank GOD*...... but I put out a call for Flea a while ago and she never answered... but since she's here now I'll just say it..... I wanna challenge her for th' position of denmother *nods*

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Nods to Cindy* ~gs~Challenge Accepted, lets wait and see if the Master of the Challenge takes Anja and Robert then we will hit the circle *Smiles*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] Robert:*snarls* MOVE IT

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool: Slim Shadylord): [GGXZY] 'Merica... homelan' of the gnawers... love it 'er leave it. *while Val rings his neck. looks over at Val, sticks out his tongue and readjusts his 'boobs'*

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [JJE3C] Flea>> *nods* ok, rhya...

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] Cindy:*nods HT*.. she accepted the challange..when times right.. you to can...go for it

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [JJE3C] *nods to Steel*

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] ~gs~And for the record, the challenge will be Gamecraft...Riddle Contest *Smiles with those teeth still showing*

Honeysuckle: [A7ING] "why is robert being taken to the challenge cirlce for Her speakign out of turn?" Yes, she spoke out of turn just now but doesn't understand why the Warder ordered this.

Cassy Nix (DoW, Chin Check Your Ass Bitch): [IEJ3T] *Shoots a look to honeysuckle saying "quiet**

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [JJE3C] Flea>> *grins* ok...

Brad Mullins: [8OFQI] Honey>> *since he's near* shh.... *politely*

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] Honeysuckle>>Shhh, darlin'. *Heads to the Challenge Circle.*

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [521PE] *Quietly to Wields* If the greenhouse is personal den space, I better get that marijuana plant out of there. Ike planted hr way back and I Awakened her. And the mugwort, vervain, ephedra, lemon balm, damiana, feverfew, and other herbs out of there. Sorry they took up your housing space while I was working in there as Keeper of the Land.

Honeysuckle: [A7ING] Frowns deeply as she shooshed, it was a legitmate question.

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Moves to make sure no one makes a move towards Honey...Looking at her softly with a "shhh" finger to her nose. Moves to the circle to watch...Ready to heal*

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [JJE3C] Steel>> would it be ok if Flea-rhya and I discussed the terms of our challenge while the other challenge is going?

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] *growls softly* In a minute. First off, I'd like to take a moment to disseminate some information that my packmates and a few others have been working on recently, and I feel it is something that the sept, and in particular the Wyrmfoe should know about. The summary is, there's a company out there called Lunar Technologies. What they do on paper in one thing. One of their side projects is child abuse, for the express purpose of creating better, more malleable fomori. I stongly feel it's in the best intrest of this sept that this company be investigated to its' fullest possible measure.

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool: Slim Shadylord): [GGXZY] Val>>if gotsta. gotta 'tect food, though. Not Den, but no one threatenin' _yer_ stuff.

Anja Stormbringer: [XQZWU] *doesn't move an inch* I already won one challenge, and the results have been entirely ignored.

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] Cindy*nods*..

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [JJE3C] *moves over to Flea to speak quietly*

Honeysuckle: [A7ING] She doesn't say another word.

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool: Slim Shadylord): [GGXZY] Val>>'cept when Anja said shim were gonna pull up all da weeds. but dat pack prob'em.

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [521PE] Wields> Hey, it's FMT land. I'll tell Rat, too, to keep her brood out. *Looks up at Twomoons* We need the Walkers in on this if we can get them.

Cassy Nix (DoW, Chin Check Your Ass Bitch): [IEJ3T] *Looks to TM for second...then considers recent events and nods, remembering the events at that apartment complex....* Good call rhya....*oops...she spoke out of turn...DAMNIT*

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] *Honovi looks to TM, thinking this might have to do with the girl spirits they found*

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] Twomoons>>Ain't tried it afore, but I reckon I could come up with a few things t'help th'findin' out. *Then sighs.* Rhya, this charge has been levied at me four times in one night, and I would like t'answer th'charge.

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *nods* TM: ill gladly talk to you and the wyrmfoe about it...also any that want to due it would be wise to listen

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Stops, nodding to Twomoons* Gotcha cheif..Recon will be done when I can have one of the locations pointed out *Flicks an ear at the name*...They Spirals? Lunar a odd name that is?

Anja Stormbringer: [XQZWU] After I was already denied the food, Wields. Get it straight.

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] Flea>>Ain't met up with any spirals yet, but I'm not gonna say there aren't any hanging around.

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool: Slim Shadylord): [GGXZY] *doesn't even answer Anja* Val>>oooh... voice throwin'. teach how?

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] anja..: the charge you gave about go to the challange circle..

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool: Slim Shadylord): [GGXZY] *then giggles* heh.. straight. that funny.

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [521PE] *Grabs Wields' greasy head and turns it toward Anja* She spoke.

Cassy Nix (DoW, Chin Check Your Ass Bitch): [IEJ3T] *Looks to Steele then TM...figuring it be appropriate to speak at this point* If any of you have anything physical regarding this company...I'm game for hunting the bastards down for you...*Business come before personal differences*

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] ((Already in.))

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] Cassy>>Don' got much yet, but I think having Flea around might help spin things up a little bit.

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Salutes Twomoons. Nods to Cassy, just to show she was heard...Still waiting for Anja to move her ass to the circle*

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool: Slim Shadylord): [GGXZY] Val>>Ooooh. she do it again while you drinkin' water? that impressive. Anyway, if'n you wants to move stuffs out, guess can if wants. *shrugs a bit* not my stuff to say yep err nep.

Anja Stormbringer: [XQZWU] I would have my formal complaint against Steeleyes-rhya noted. But I do as my better orders. *heads to the challenge circle, shaking her head*

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [521PE] Wields> Well, now, I wouldn't want to start a little war over going in there to tend the plants or use some, now would I?

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] Val>>Rhya, Twomoons has decided after th'challenge that seein' as it's on Sept lands, it's f'ever'body. You or anybody else got all th'access they want to it, now.

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Nods softly to Cindy with a tiny smile, turning to finish the treck to the circle...Again, posted to heal and bash and frenziers silly*

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool: Slim Shadylord): [GGXZY] Val>>why that start war?

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] *both watching*

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] (Any frenziers, even)

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] HT complaint noted..

Brad Mullins: [8OFQI] *watches*

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [521PE] Robert and Wields> It just feels weird now. I never knew I was trespassing before, all those times I fertilized the plants and crops, taught lessons, and- oh yeah, I screwed Niklas in there too.

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *heads to the circle*

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool: Slim Shadylord): [GGXZY] Val>>an' never threaten t' kill in there.. oh an' knows. *nodnods* smells it good. got chick-funk in air.

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *looks over at Val then shakes hes his* HT i..dont wanna know.. i dont wanna know

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] Val>>Rhya, you've always had p'mission t'go in there--ifn' you'll remember, when I first locked it, I gave you one of th'keys. Either way, 'cordin' to th'decision of th'challenge, it wouldna been tresspassin' anyways.

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [521PE] *Nods at Wields* Cool. *The battle to appall is on* It gives a whole new aspect to strawberries and cream.

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [JJE3C] *hears Val... and shudders*

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] *Honovi blinks at Val then pouts*

Brad Mullins: [8OFQI] *also hears Val... and also shudders*

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool: Slim Shadylord): [GGXZY] Val>>*cocks his head* how?

Honeysuckle: [A7ING] she never had a problem with Val tending the pants in the greenhouse, nor did honeysuckle mind tending the palts Val planted or the roots and seeds she brought back that one time. She even tends the outside garden, that Val's.

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Head swings to Val........BlinkBlinkBlink....Poor, little, innocent Lupus mind...*

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [521PE] Robert> But you considered it yours and I never knew. Anyway, the things will be out where Nikki can do some work with them tomorrow. I'll make a plastic tent for the marijuana.

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] ((Oh--did Steeleyes have any comment about the pressure-sensors?))

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool: Slim Shadylord): [GGXZY] Val>>*grins* kaaay. you get yers. I get mines. Mines don't talk though.

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] ((never was brought up))

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [521PE] Wields> I'll tell you when you're much older. ((Yeah! Appalled many))

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] ((I thought he said he (Steeleyes) liked hte idea?))

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool: Slim Shadylord): [GGXZY] Val>>old 'nuff... what old meaning of?

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] *Honovi isn't appalled...jealous, yes. appalled, no*

Honeysuckle: [A7ING] (palts=plants)

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] ((Or nots *rubs temples*))

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] ((he did say he liked it..and approved was what setting they should be on wasnt yet to be decided))

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] ((*G* You musta missed the post. Basically, he said Janet got some pressure-sensors, and after looking them over he's pretty sure he can make more, and does Steel want to set down some time and decide where they go, or wait to see if he wins the challenge and work it out with whoever the replacement Warder'll be?))

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [521PE] Wields> Old enough to understand the varying nuances of multilayered innuendo.

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] ((OK--I missed it, then.))

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Grunts, watching and waiting*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] Robert: HT tommorow..we can sit down and and place them...i anna get them in as soon as possible

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool: Slim Shadylord): [GGXZY] Val>>don' matter how many layers in yer windows have... you still breaks 'em *snickers*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *arms crossed ..waiting on TM's*

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] *Nods to Steel.* Got it, Rhya.

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [521PE] How sweet. *Patting Wields on the head...hard.*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Gaia Bless Jack Daniels): [OS5W5] *Gets up stealthly, and moves near Flea, her sister. and rests a hand on her pelt calmly...knowing she's frustraded*

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] *scratches his head a little* I think I got something here.

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Flicks an ear, nodding to Cassy with a toothy grin before returning her attention to the challenge circle*

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool: Slim Shadylord): [GGXZY] *dunks his head with each pat* GAAAACK! heavy petting! *and the grease gets smeared more* by the way... this stuff real good for warmin' self up. *pauses* oh yeah... gon' need wipe off door hannle. *reaches out and gives Val a hug with both greasy hands*

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [MCZHW] *is just staring away from all of them*

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool: Slim Shadylord): [GGXZY] OOC:btw, gettin' tired. gonna be bailin' here in a bit.

Honeysuckle: [A7ING] Quiet and waiting.

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] *Honovi grins at Val & Wields* Just be careful. Heavy petting will lead to seat wetting

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [521PE] I'm wearing black so it doesn't bother me you freak. *Knuckle rubs Wields' head. Hard.*

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [521PE] Honovi!

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] *disappears into the Coggievan for a good long time, finally coming out with a small mat, 24 chips of 4 different colors, and a cup. Sets the mat down, 6 chips on each corner with the cup in the middle* I give your challenge. Tiddlywinks.

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Blinks at Twomoons then looks at Cassy* ~gs~...What is Tittywinks?

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] *through sheer force of will Honovi has kept herself from busting a gut*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] HT*looks betwen the two*...this is it... no more bickering between you sick o it..this challange settles it...i dont wanna hear anything more about old news...from either of you..

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] *Nods.* Alright, Rhya... ((*G* This is gonna sound fucked up, but I've never played tiddlywinks...))

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [JJE3C] *blinks at Twomoons.... and purses her lips to keep from chuckling........ must..... not..... laugh...........*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] *and tries hard not to loose control as TM walks out....smirks fighting back the laughter*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Gaia Bless Jack Daniels): [OS5W5] Flea>> What?

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [JJE3C] *then hears Flea and covers her mouth with her hand to keep from laughing..... tittywinks!*

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] ((Neither have I))

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] (( For those of us who don't how to play it... ))

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] (Ken>>Don't feel bad, neither have I *L*) *Points at what Twomoons set out* ~gs~He set out Tittywinks...Whats that?

Honeysuckle: [A7ING] Not finding any of this humorous, she just watches quietly.

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool: Slim Shadylord): [GGXZY] *starts tickling Val's ribs* color don't 'fect smell. *cackles and grimaces at the head knuckling. Praise homid regeneration*

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [JJE3C] *clamps her hand over her mouth tighter as Flea says tittywinks again.... fighting the laughter*

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [521PE] Hey! No touch! *Literally picks Wields up a few inches and tosses him. It's not easy, but under the circumstances, she does it quickly*

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [521PE] *Grins at Twomoons' challenge* He just doesn't want to heal anyone tonight.

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Peers at Val* ~gs~I would have..

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool: Slim Shadylord): [GGXZY] *grins to Val* I win. *and sashays over to Cindy, bouncing his fake breasts a bit*

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] *Honovi looks to Val* Oh! That healing statement reminds me. Maybe that should be a Gift I should learn?

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [521PE] Flea> I know, and you're good at it. // Wields> Nope, I just illustrated how far I trust you.

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] *Shrugs, nods, and has a seat.*

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [521PE] Honovi> That's not a bad idea.

Cassy Nix (DoW, Gaia Bless Jack Daniels): [OS5W5] Flea>>It's a game...a childs game...

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] ((steel watches. yeadda yadda..polayer go sleep now...night night))

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] Val>>It's either that or figure out how to talk to Perch *grins*

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [521PE] Perch talks to you in English when it's important. *Grins*

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool: Slim Shadylord): [GGXZY] Val>>heh. you smarter than smell. *and drops down to sit beside Cindy, leaning against her fondly*

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] Val>> Yeah. When it's important. *grins*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [LHXOD] ((kathuds..niiiight))

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [JJE3C] *chuckling a bit at Flea.... then glances at Wields... shaking her head a bit, whispering* why'd you do that? *indicating his costume*

Honeysuckle: [A7ING] A quick glance at Wields and Cindy, before looking back to Robert and Anja.

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] (Night Steely)

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [521PE] Well, I'll be watching from the Penumbra. *a little quieter* Look out for Anja for me, ok? I try, but she doesn't want to be around me much. *Starting to fade across*

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] Night Val *Rabbie heads off on patrol when its all over & stuff* ((Im gonna hafta go too))

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [MCZHW] ((ugh, ssoooo sending the stories to the list *snores*))

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool: Slim Shadylord): [GGXZY] *grins to Cindy* Moot fool. did good, thinkin'.

Anja Stormbringer: [XQZWU] ((Let's get the challenge resolved, folks. Dex + Athletics?))

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [JJE3C] Wields>> *shakes her head* I don't think you thought at all..... you're begging for her to kick your ass....

Honeysuckle: [A7ING] Moots still going on, she does not talk.

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] ((Im gonna hafta go. Ive got the headache the size of Alaska & I think Im starting to go cross-eyed))

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] ((Sounds reasonable to me. TM?))

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Still watching this...Tittywinks challenge....*

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [521PE] ((Story good, send to list, yes.))

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [521PE] ((Night, Headache Girl *Salute*))

Honovi // Rabbie: [S6EBZ] ((Night all)) -pif-

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] (( ayawp)).

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool: Slim Shadylord): [GGXZY] *grins to Cindy* thought more than think. yep.

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [521PE] ((Night all **GONE**))

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] (Night all ya'll leavein)

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] ((*Nod.* Resisted or flat-roll?))

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] ((flat out extended roll, first one to 12 successes wins. diff 6.))

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool: Slim Shadylord): [GGXZY] Cindy>>anywho... got somethin' to git ready fer... *grins a bit. um... wow, that's not a comforting grin. that's downright frightening. he's got something planned and it's not a simple prank*

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [MCZHW] ((All stories sent, I am crashing *flop*)) 

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [JJE3C] Wields>> You know what the worst thing is? *points at his fake klaive* that...... you know you're making fun of a klaive, right? The Holy Grail of garou weapons? Regardless of what you think of her... you oughta respect the klaive... that's just wrong man... *shakes her head* you're just asking for trouble.... you're trying to piss her off.... then she'll hurt you.... then you talk about how mean she is...... you're asking for it... if I was in her shoes and you did that.... I woulda hurt you... *sighs* I don't want you to get hurt, Wields...

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Watches the titty...Winks...Fly...*

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool: Slim Shadylord): [GGXZY] Cindy>>*Shakes his head* now you not thinkin' it out. Everythin' done done did doin' for reason. *brushes off his chest as he stands again and heads towards the FMT area in an insanely cheerful mood* OOC:3 hours before another double shift. I'm about to crash very very hard.

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [JJE3C] *watches Wields go.... talking to herself* you're just gonna get yourself hurt Wields..... and I won't be able to stop her.... *sighs*

'Twomoons' Maier: [AIPZL] ((must...crash...__

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] ((This frickin' die-roller hates me... 5 rolls, unless today's update is counted in.))

Wields-Plastic-Death (Moot Fool: Slim Shadylord): [GGXZY] ***gone***

Cassy Nix (DoW. Yes I'm what)): [RKGZY] ((I want to make a premtive apology for that long ass tag...I'm what.))BIC>>*Snorts at Cindy's she's one to talk about honor...She stays for the challenge thought, before hitting the rack. ((READ: Player is completey smashe and barely able typre out his response. Needs bed drastically. Night all))

Anja Stormbringer: [XQZWU] ((Everybody, send RoA's to the list, please.))

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] (Night Greg, Night Mike)

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] ((Later, y'all.))

Cassy Nix (DoW. Yes I'm what)): [RKGZY] ((*Gone*))

Anja Stormbringer: [XQZWU] ((Five rolls to my four...Anja wins.)) *perhaps she just more deft with her hands. Perhaps it's luck, or the fact she put every last bit of her will into winning. Once it's over, and she's victorious, she slumps, absolutely exhausted*

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [JJE3C] ((I gotta get to bed.... Flea, please post the challenge when it's time since we already rolled it *G* night, y'all))

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] (*Nods* Night Ryan *G*)

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] *Settles back on his heels, drained.* TM>>What was this challenge to decide, rhya?

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] *Blinks at Anja*...~gs~Uhhh, she need healin? *Blinks*

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] ((Later, man.))

Honeysuckle: [A7ING] (Auggy went to bed)

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] ((*G* Well, shit, that makes things a bit more difficult...))

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] (Have him post it on the list tomorrow?)

Anja Stormbringer: [XQZWU] ((That's fine. Or somebody could ask him, since I won't be on 'til late, if it all, tomorrow night. Either way.))

Honeysuckle: [A7ING] (Out of curiosity, Did Anja have any negative for only having one eye. Aiming isn't exatly easy for her, like it use to be.)

Honeysuckle: [A7ING] (exatly=exactly)

Honeysuckle: [A7ING] (Hello?)

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] ((I believe that would count in.... on the other hand, it'd make the contest somewhat lopsided, so TM might have wanted to find a different challenge instead...))

Honeysuckle: [A7ING] ( I really need to end this archive soon. I've got to be up in less then three hours. and it not looking like I will be posting this archive to the web page until Late thursday night or friday morning. We're going out of town.))

Flea Bitten Mongrel: [YW28A] (Since the moot is over and it's late, Flea will stick around and such then head off for the training area and patrol some. Night ya'll)

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] ((Possible, but I'm not all that pleased with it bein' so lop-sided either. *G* Not that I mind the idea of winning, but...))

Robert E Lee (here the whole time... frickin' work...)): [IX5TZ] ((Anyways, I've got work tomorrow, myself, so I'm gonna head on out, I think. Posted an ICQ to TM-p about it, and I reckon it'll get resolved.))

~end archive~

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