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First Raid on the Yard
May 13, 2004

Assault Team: Raider Alpha: Ashfard Graham, Raider Beta: Kayla Marks, Raider Charlie: Swante Taggart, Raider Delta: Amber 'Jax' Jackson, Raider Rookie: Sonia Sanchez

Target: Michael Stevens

Defenders: Assigned Bodyguard: Anja Stormbringer, Caliban, Team Evil-Bodyguard: Janet Santos, 'Twomoons' Maier, Zhao Huangmei, Robert E. Lee, Cassy Nix

'Twomoons' Maier : [EN855] *once in the umbra, concentrates very briefly...activating the Wonder Twin Power Form of Bigass Rat*

Anja Stormbringer(Bullet with Butterfly Wings): [S10UQ] *cracks her neck, the sound of spectral wings able to be heard in the air...Her familiar settles on her shoulder and speaks quietly to her in Russian. She nods* ~ht~ The Glasswalkers. Kin will be among them. Check your targets. No silver or claws. Michael, stay next to me, but out of my way.

Michael Stevens (Baitmaster): [BILBW] *stays next to Anja and keeps ducked a little low so her claws can go over his head. And not right up against her, either.*

Zhao "Plum-Wine-Song" Huangmei: [A8ZQU] Zhao turns to Robert, speaking a heavily accented form of the High Tongue. "Why would the Glass Walkers attack us?"

Anja Stormbringer(Bullet with Butterfly Wings): [S10UQ] ~ht~ It's an exercise, Zhao. Practice. *points at Zhao* You. Go into the Umbra with Twomoons. Watch all Umbral approaches. Robert, I need you to watch the entrance to the gathering area. Caliban, scout. Tell me who's coming and from where.

Robert E. Lee (My computer sucks): [BNAOC] Zhao>>Practice run. Don' kill 'em, but go 'head an' bust 'em up.

Zhao "Plum-Wine-Song" Huangmei: [A8ZQU] Zhao crosses over and appears in the Umbra near Twomoons.

Robert E. Lee (My computer sucks): [BNAOC] *Nods to Anja and draws the Mecha-Nagasaki-Baka-Baka-noh-Hentai Whip in his left paw.*

Zhao "Plum-Wine-Song" Huangmei: [A8ZQU] Zhao, his Crinos fur braided with small pieces of jade in places, a curious stone hanging from his neck, crouches low and begins to quietly pray.

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [AZQ2E] *the trip lines set.. she shoves the wire back into her bag.... moving back to michael.. to gaurd where anja and rob can't*

'Twomoons' Maier : [EN855] *BigassRat speaks in High Tongue* ~ht~ Follow me dude. *And bolts for the entrance, activating a few gifts along the way* ((Resist pain, Mercy))

Anja Stormbringer(Bullet with Butterfly Wings): [S10UQ] *draws her dagger, and her throwing knife, which looks very, very tiny in her Crinos paw...She pops her neck, then suddenly grabs Michael, pulling him back into the shadows with her and moving from their position, just in case any snipers are getting any ideas*

Michael Stevens (Baitmaster): [BILBW] *grunts in surprise as he's suddely yanked into the shadows with Anja... crouches down once the realization of what happened kicks in*

Anja Stormbringer(Bullet with Butterfly Wings): [S10UQ] *purposefully makes noise as she moves, kicking a piece of junk, eye scanning up, around, anywhere an attacker might come from, as she grabs a handy length of pipe, testing its heft with her dagger*

Anja Stormbringer(Bullet with Butterfly Wings): [S10UQ] ((In the HAND with her dagger...Dammit.)) *nods, sheathing her dagger again, keeping hold of the pipe, shielding Michael with her body as she listens and watches in silence*

Raider Charlie: [J1T56] *Settles into his position, wishing he'd found a way to put a scope on this thing.*

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [AZQ2E] *a few feet away from anja and michael.. she makes it look like she gaurdign the other side of her.. not the side michael is on, for what its worth*

Raider Rookie: [W855] *settles near Raider Charlie, ready*

Robert E. Lee (My computer sucks): [BNAOC] *Watches the entrance to the Maze, weapons drawn.*

Zhao "Plum-Wine-Song" Huangmei: [A8ZQU] Zhao looks down at the paintballs and crouches back behind a large piece of scrap metal.

'Twomoons' Maier : [EN855] ~ss~ Oh shit. *happy feets start dancing...get behind something and wait*

Raider Charlie: [J1T56] ((*G* Nobody's shooting yet...))

Raider Delta: [UBJM1] (I am tryint to archive this.. though I didn't think of it right off so I missed the very begining. And PMs will be edited out.)

Raider Beta: [J410] ((Yeah...that was my body is shooting yet...Just taunting, and then running away))

'Twomoons' Maier : [EN855] *paw-motions to Cassy and Zhao* ~ht~ Down and wait guys. Zhao, peek and see what you can see.

Zhao "Plum-Wine-Song" Huangmei: [A8ZQU] Zhao peeks his head over slowly and takes a quick scan outside the fence before popping back down.

Anja Stormbringer(Bullet with Butterfly Wings): [S10UQ] *whispers, as best a monstrous wolf-woman growling can whisper* ~ht~ Caliban, I hate to ask this of you, old friend, but I need you to use your abilities. Track down the alpha. Ash. Tell me where he is exactly.

Cassy Nix (DoW, I'm Cassy Nix BITCH!!!): [1D8PI] *Pulls out her hammer* HT- They did that yah money this shit is gonna go down in the real world.

Raider Charlie: [J1T56] *Waits silently, hidden in the shadows, for someone to step into his field of fire.*

Raider Beta: [J410] *Rendevous with Rookie and arms up, having brought a couple Flash Bangs with her in the process as well*

Raider Rookie: [W855] *passes a weapon over to Beta*

Raider Rookie: [W855] *waiting silently, near Beta and Charlie*

'Twomoons' Maier : [EN855] ~ht~ Born in the dark but not last night. Zhao, ~Peek~. Across the gauntlet.

Raider Delta: [UBJM1] Somewhere out there others are moving.

Zhao "Plum-Wine-Song" Huangmei: [A8ZQU] Zhao grins and chuffs his laughter. "Oh yes." and peeks across the gauntlet.

Raider Beta: [J410] *Using a series of silent hand signals she lets Rookie and Charlie know what the plan is*

Raider Rookie: [W855] *having excelled in hand signals in training, she nods to Beta, understanding perfectly*

Raider Charlie: [J1T56] *Nods, already knowing how it'll follow out.*

'Twomoons' Maier : [EN855] *Flips through the possibilities rapidly, working out a fast defense plan. Mongo needs recon*

Anja Stormbringer(Bullet with Butterfly Wings): [S10UQ] *quietly, to Michael, forcing her maw to form the words* One...Is...Here. Stay...Down.

Raider Alpha (ST): [DSUWJ] *and on some signal, a 9' tall black-furred crinos, teeth an unhealthy shade of green.. a paintball gun in each clawed hand with an AS-115 slung at its side comes charging down one of the back-paths to the GA...... and damnit, deftly steps over the trip wire* OOC:figured roll to see it was diff 9

Michael Stevens (Baitmaster): [BILBW] *remains crouched*

Raider Beta: [J410] *Looks to her two companions* GO NOW!!!

Raider Rookie: [W855] *nods to Charlie and follows his lead*

'Twomoons' Maier : [EN855] *keeps it low* ~ht~ 5-count. If they're not over us by then, flip back and play rude.

Raider Delta: [UBJM1] A much smaller form hot on his heals, if you came see behind the crinos form, jumping the trip wires as well.

Raider Charlie: [J1T56] *Races into the street and down one of the back alleys. In through a window, down a hallway, then squirms under an old bed and into a space beneath. From there he runs through the tunnel.*

'Twomoons' Maier : [EN855] *counting and listening for all he's worth*

Raider Rookie: [W855] *follows close behind Charlie*

Raider Alpha (ST): [DSUWJ] OOC:a'ight... init. Figure... oh. 4 rounds for the gate-group to get to the GA? sound fair?

Raider Beta: [J410] *Moments later there is a howl of frustration as one of the gaurdians gets taken by suprise. Soon after that black Crinos appears on top of one of the walls surrounding the GA from a secret passage, and opens fire while using her free hand to pull the pin on a flash bang*

Raider Beta: [J410] ((Eesh...DLP THEN))

Anja Stormbringer(Bullet with Butterfly Wings): [S10UQ] ((Init 23.))

Raider Alpha (ST): [DSUWJ] OOC:init 12

Raider Delta: [UBJM1] (pack init or individual?)

'Twomoons' Maier : [EN855] (( 4 rounds sounds about right. FYI though, I gotta be in bed in 90 minutes, max))

Zhao "Plum-Wine-Song" Huangmei: [A8ZQU] ((init 11))

Raider Alpha (ST): [DSUWJ] OOC:let's go pack init to speed things up a bit.

Cassy Nix (DoW, Not so patient): [K8Z6B] TM>> I'm going back across...

Raider Delta: [UBJM1] (alrighty)

Raider Charlie: [J1T56] ((Good by me.))

Raider Delta: [UBJM1] Paint bombs in hand, ready to throw them.

'Twomoons' Maier : [EN855] ~ht~ gogogo.

Raider Alpha (ST): [DSUWJ] OOC:((after Robert's init post)) dec: firing one shot from each paintball rifle. Both for Anja's head.

'Twomoons' Maier : [EN855] *Spending this round counting 3, 4, 5.*

Raider Delta: [UBJM1] (grumble, now I know why y'all don't archive and run in a battle scene at the same time. It get's confusing.)

Robert E. Lee (My computer sucks): [BNAOC] ((9))

Cassy Nix (DoW, Not so patient): [K8Z6B] *Speeds thru the maze after hearing the commotion physically*((will wait the 4 rounds to get there))

Robert E. Lee (My computer sucks): [BNAOC] ((declaring 2 shots at the each attacker.))

Robert E. Lee (My computer sucks): [BNAOC] ((ugh. 2 shots. one at each.))

Raider Delta: [UBJM1] (Paint bomb being tossed toward Anja.They aren't met for direct hits, but splatter "damage".)

Zhao "Plum-Wine-Song" Huangmei: [A8ZQU] ((Are there any spirits around?))

Raider Charlie: [J1T56] ((2 shots. One for Anja, one for Robert.))

Raider Alpha (ST): [DSUWJ] OOC:there's always spirits around in the JY. only one on the "raider" side, though. an electricity elemental by Alpha in the umbral GA

Raider Rookie: [W855] ((Charlie and I gotta wait 4 rounds?))

Zhao "Plum-Wine-Song" Huangmei: [A8ZQU] ((Zhao is going to try to politely ask a rat spirit to look around outside the Umbral gate for him. Should I roll?))

Raider Charlie: [J1T56] ((ayup.))

Raider Alpha (ST): [DSUWJ] OOC:Zhao>>no need. nothing out of the ordinary outside the gate umbrally.

Zhao "Plum-Wine-Song" Huangmei: [A8ZQU] ((Okay.))

Anja Stormbringer(Bullet with Butterfly Wings): [S10UQ] *and then, she bursts into motion, her eerie reflexes almost making the others look like they're standing still. She looses the knife at the Garou, but before it's fully left her hand, she's leaping towards him, pipe ready to hit him in the head* ((Splitting primary action: Knife throw, leaping rake. One Rage for the attack part. Rolling...))

Zhao "Plum-Wine-Song" Huangmei: [A8ZQU] ((In that case, can he ask a rat spirit to jump in the face of one of the Raiders?))

Raider Alpha (ST): [DSUWJ] OOC:Zhao>>not really, since Zhao's 4 rounds away at the gate.

Anja Stormbringer(Bullet with Butterfly Wings): [S10UQ] Anja Throw(WP): 2,7 - Three successes on the knife throw, Anja Damage: 1,1,5,4,3,5,7,10 - a mighty two damage.))

Anja Stormbringer(Bullet with Butterfly Wings): [S10UQ] ((Uh, TWO successes. I can do math.))

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [AZQ2E] ((soul is doin' math soul is doin' math.. everybody duck.. soul is doooin mAAAATH))

Robert E. Lee (My computer sucks): [BNAOC] ((*G* I did not understand that at ALL.))

Anja Stormbringer(Bullet with Butterfly Wings): [S10UQ] ((Make that four successes on damage, now that I've rolled the correct number of dice. Stupid math.))

Raider Rookie: [W855] ((it's ok, Soul..... a lot of people have trouble with 1+1 *G*))

Robert E. Lee (My computer sucks): [BNAOC] ((Waitin' on the soak now, I think, then Alpha and Beta's actions...))

Anja Stormbringer(Bullet with Butterfly Wings): [S10UQ] (Anja Soak 1: 9,8,9,7,8 Anja Soak 2: 3,1,1,10,3))

Raider Alpha (ST): [FV0C4] *Anja's knife flies true... only to hit the alpha with no more effect than maybe a tiny droplet of blood. As Anja comes leaping through the air, both paintball guns train on her form expertly with a double "pfft" as both weapons discharge their first shots directly into the face of the shadowlord*

Raider Delta: [UBJM1] (Dangit!!!! the archive shut down on me again.) Anja tango's with Ash... Jax keeps the target in mind and toss the paint bomb from where Anja came. The paint bomb flies through the ahd splatters next to Michael and Jantet.. (1 HL bashing and diff 8 to dodge)

Raider Alpha (ST): [FV0C4] ((Ash Damage1: 8,6,4,1,7,6.... Ash Damage 2: 3,10,6,5,1,6))

Michael Stevens (Baitmaster): [BILBW] ((Mike Dodge (wp): 7,3,2,5.. 1 succ.))*Leaps to the side as the paintbomb comes flying, hitting the dirt with his hands over his head... just barely slinging himself out of the radius*

Raider Delta: [UBJM1] (Thank gawd for auto recovery. I think I've got it all.)

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [AZQ2E] *she dodges, into michael to try to block for him* Janet Dodge: 6,7,6,5, ((whole lotta no))

Robert E. Lee (My computer sucks): [BNAOC] *Lets loose with the Ventilator, blasting double-charges of buckshot at each intruder.* HT--EAT LEAD, YOU SHITMONKEYS!! ((3 suxx on Alpha, missed Beta.))

Michael Stevens (Baitmaster): [BILBW] ((correction to last post: with Delta's 2 succ to throw it there, that's a hell no for both)) *no succ on soak. yep, that's a bruise.... get's spattered forcefully with paint*

Robert E. Lee (My computer sucks): [BNAOC] ((dodge?))

Raider Alpha (ST): [FV0C4] OOC:me? never. roll through.

Robert E. Lee (My computer sucks): [BNAOC] ((crap. 6 Lethal))

Raider Alpha (ST): [FV0C4] OOC:vs Ventilator- Ash Soak: 9,10,10,9,8,8,

Raider Delta: [UBJM1] Jax loves her bombs, too sweet. *grin*

Robert E. Lee (My computer sucks): [BNAOC] ((Damn.... Rage actions?))

Raider Alpha (ST): [FV0C4] OOC:go ahead and do rage. Keeping init for next round to roll things through faster

Robert E. Lee (My computer sucks): [BNAOC] ((one Rage here, then. Any from Anja and the attackers, since Rober's last?))

Raider Alpha (ST): [FV0C4] OOC:*dusts off knees and whipes mouth* roller loves me. Ash Soak: 1,7,6,10,7,4. soaked 4, down 2.

Raider Alpha (ST): [FV0C4] OOC:just Robert. left. roll through.

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [AZQ2E] *eyes the sniper tower.. looks back to michael... eyes the sniper tower again... leans in to hiss a whisper to him*

Raider Alpha (ST): [FV0C4] *as the Ventilator opens up.. hell. Must be some good shit in the fur-dye, 'cause those bullets just kinda graze or bounce off bone and muscle to be pushed out by regeneration soon after*

Robert E. Lee (My computer sucks): [BNAOC] *Triggers the huge pistol again.* (3 suxx, 7 Lethal))

Robert E. Lee (My computer sucks): [BNAOC] ((and that's all I got for this round.))

Anja Stormbringer(Bullet with Butterfly Wings): [S10UQ] ((Anja Damage: 2,9,4,3,8,6,4,1,6,1,7,2,4))

Raider Alpha (ST): [FV0C4] OOC:me and my big mouth... soaked 2 vs Robert's 7. incapacitated with lethal. failed roll to regen next round. He's down by the end of round 1.

Raider Rookie: [W855] *running behind Charlie.... she swears she hears live gunfire..... she lets the toy gun hang fron the strap around her shoulder and readies her AS-115*

Raider Alpha (ST): [FV0C4] ((round 2... Anja, Delta and Robert.))

Raider Charlie: [J1SR7] *Running out of the tunnel and into the Maze. Not at the battle yet, but pouring on the speed and hoping he's not too late.*

Raider Alpha (ST): [FV0C4] *Anja's clubbing knocks him quite decently... and opens him up for the next round of the ventilator... which drops him to the ground, filled with enough lead to be used for a pencil*

Robert E. Lee (My computer sucks): [BNAOC] ((One shot into Delta and changing cylinders, 1 Rage))

Anja Stormbringer(Bullet with Butterfly Wings): [S10UQ] *she continues soaring right past Ash, claws digging into the ground as she skids to a halt* ((Init. 25.))

Raider Alpha (ST): [FV0C4] *correction. auto-heals one of Anja's bashing. 6HLs down... and on the ground. stunned anyway for a round for taking 7Hls in one second*

Raider Delta: [UBJM1] (Real gunfire and Ash falls hard.. screw the exercise.. she'll be heading for Ash, field medic mode.)

Raider Alpha (ST): [FV0C4] ((just keep the init from before to save time))

Robert E. Lee (My computer sucks): [BNAOC] ((oops. Beta, not Delta.))

Raider Rookie: [W855] ((I don't think Beta's there yet... she was behind us..... and I think the player's gone anyhow))

Raider Alpha (ST): [FV0C4] ((got permission to NPC Beta))

Raider Rookie: [W855] ((ok...... but she was still behind Charlie and I wasn't she? *G*))

Michael Stevens (Baitmaster): [BILBW] *picks himself up and starts heading for the sniper tower at Janet's suggestion*

Robert E. Lee (My computer sucks): [BNAOC] ((Alright, is Beta there, or just Delta?))

Raider Delta: [UBJM1] (I was gonna say.. Delta be dead)

Raider Alpha (ST): [FV0C4] ((Ryan>>yes))

Raider Alpha (ST): [FV0C4] OOC:ken>>Delta and Alpha. Alpha down for the moment. Mike and Janet paint-spattered. Anja's face partially spattered.

Robert E. Lee (My computer sucks): [BNAOC] ((Got it. Going to fire into the air for a fake attack on Delta, then, and tell her she's dead.))

Raider Delta: [UBJM1] and she'll get her ass chewed for it later.. but she'll be damn if she going to loose her Alpha in an exercise.

Anja Stormbringer(Bullet with Butterfly Wings): [S10UQ] ((I'm guessing Anja goes first...)) *a snarl as she takes a moment to wipe the paint off of her eye, and then, she bursts into the air again, launching herself at Delta, pipe extended* ((Splitting pool...Null action to wipe the paint off, then leaping rake. One Rage, to complete the maneuver.))

Raider Rookie: [W855] *grabs a flashbang grenade off her belt as she runs, readying it*

Anja Stormbringer(Bullet with Butterfly Wings): [S10UQ] ((Anja Leap: 8,10,3,9,8...25 feet ought to be enough to get her there?))

Raider Delta: [UBJM1] Flying crinos.. she bloody well is gonna try to dodge. (Jax Dodge DexDod: 1,8,2,8,)

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [AZQ2E] *on michael's heels.. running.. up the sniper tower.... digging through her bag the whole way..t here has to be somthing good in there*

Raider Alpha (ST): [FV0C4] OOC:Soul>>decidedly so.

Michael Stevens (Baitmaster): [BILBW] *gets to the sniper tower. Climbing next turn*

Anja Stormbringer(Bullet with Butterfly Wings): [S10UQ] ((Lemme know when to roll the attack/damage.))

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [AZQ2E] *ah-ha! Glitter! perfect... a positivly evil grin... climbing will be next round*

Raider Alpha (ST): [FV0C4] OOC:onto rage actions. Delta/Jax's got 1 succ against Anja's evilness.

Robert E. Lee (My computer sucks): [BNAOC] *And fires the pistol into the air, the double-barrels shattering the night, and forces the words in English.* Dead.

Anja Stormbringer(Bullet with Butterfly Wings): [S10UQ] ((After THREE times correcting the damage...Sorry about that; I'm having trouble tonight. Anja One more time: 7,10,1,2,9,9,4,6...Five bashing.))

Raider Delta: [UBJM1] (Jax StaArmor soak: 9,2,9,2,6,9,9, )

Raider Delta: [UBJM1] Bone not broken but damn if she not goint to feel that for the next week or so.

Raider Alpha (ST): [FV0C4] ((round 3. reinforcements arrive on next. Alpha heals one more bashing damage, stun over. at -5 HLs. Dex: splitting main action to switch his claw from the dropped paintball gun to Doomsday. Secondary action to use Trickshot on Anja's pipe.))

Michael Stevens (Baitmaster): [BILBW] *starts climbing*

Raider Alpha (ST): [FV0C4] ((and one rage))

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [AZQ2E] *tucks the glitter in her cleavage. don't laugh, the extra weight has to be good for -somthing- and starts to climb behind michael*

Robert E. Lee (My computer sucks): [BNAOC] *Let's Anja take care of the Alpha, taking the time to look around and reload.*

Raider Delta: [UBJM1] She sure as shit doesn't see Ash moving.. not while Anja right there with a pipe.

Anja Stormbringer(Bullet with Butterfly Wings): [S10UQ] *Alpha? Oh, no. She's not taking on Alpha. She decides to remove the other attacker from the equation, swinging her pipe quickly* ((Splitting main pool three times, one Rage.))

Raider Delta: [UBJM1] jax is dodging plain and simple.

Anja Stormbringer(Bullet with Butterfly Wings): [S10UQ] ((Anja Pipe(WP): 4,8,6,9,6,2 - 5 successes. Anja Pipe: 8,10,4,3,7 - 3 successes. Anja Pipe: 2,3,9,3 - One success. Waiting for dodges before rolling damage.))

Raider Delta: [UBJM1] (My mistake, the armor also add +1 to Dex rolls. didin't see that at first.) (Jax Dodge ( WP): 1,4,2,1, OUch.)

Anja Stormbringer(Bullet with Butterfly Wings): [S10UQ] ((No botch thanks to the WP. *s*))

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [AZQ2E] *maybe everyone's focused enough on anja and the fight that they didn't see them sneak out.. that'd be cool... *

Raider Delta: [UBJM1] (Still gonna hurt. *chuckle*)

Anja Stormbringer(Bullet with Butterfly Wings): [S10UQ] ((Anja Damage: 8,4,7,1,6,3,3,4,1,10,8 - 5 damage. Anja Damage: 7,7,1,1,3,5,5,8,2 - 3 damage. Anja Damage: 1,3,6,2,1,5,1 - 1 damage. Good Lord.))

Raider Delta: [UBJM1] (Jax soak: 5,8,3,9,8,10,5, )

'Twomoons' Maier : [EN855] (( and with that, I am outta here. Twomoons' swims back across in about 45 seconds, and stick around to help the badl wounded before zonking))

Michael Stevens (Baitmaster): [BILBW] OOC:night, Auggy. Sorry this took me so long.

'Twomoons' Maier : [EN855] ((meh. No worry.))

Raider Delta: [UBJM1] (# 2 ax soak: 3,1,3,5,10,3,10, and #3 Jax soak: 7,3,5,1,8,3,2, )

Raider Delta: [UBJM1] Grunts, groans and grits her teeth as she beat on but damnit she ain't down and out yet.

Raider Charlie: [J1SR7] ((I got about 20 minutes and then I got to be gone too.))

Raider Alpha (ST): [FV0C4] ((round's almost over)) *as Anja proceeds to pound "delta", "Alpha's" rifle comes to bear on Anja... from 25 feet away. Fires a single shot that causes an impressive spark as the caseless round pings against her pipe*

Anja Stormbringer(Bullet with Butterfly Wings): [S10UQ] *the pipe launches into the air...Not one to be taken by surprise, Anja's supernatural reactions kick in. She moves in, grabbing Jax in her powerful Crinos arms, squeezing the air from her lungs even as she whirls, putting the Kin between her and the Garou with the gun*

Robert E. Lee (My computer sucks): [BNAOC] *Turns as the gun goes off, two round of the three fired reloaded in his own pistol, and lets another go at Ash.*

Raider Alpha (ST): [FV0C4] *spending a WP to alter actions... firing a shot for Anja's shoulder... whichever one Jax isn't covering*

Raider Delta: [UBJM1] She can't dodge that, gets grabbed and squeezed... even with the armor she's gonna feel that.. there goes the air in her lungs and labors for a breath if the squeeze continues.

Robert E. Lee (My computer sucks): [BNAOC] ((with -2 diff for him bein' on his back, 4 suxx--10 Lethal))

Raider Alpha (ST): [FV0C4] OOC:did Robert move around behind Ash? thought he was just reloading where he was standing? Either way, Robert's shot goes through after Ash's.

Robert E. Lee (My computer sucks): [BNAOC] ((No, it's where he was standing. I had the -2 diff because Ash was down. If he's gotten up, then it's just one suxx and I'll yank 3 suxx off the damage (3 less dice, after all) for 7 lethal.))

Robert E. Lee (My computer sucks): [BNAOC] ((Either way, 5 more minutes and I got t'get gone.))

Anja Stormbringer(Bullet with Butterfly Wings): [S10UQ] ((Sorry, just working something out real fast.))

Robert E. Lee (My computer sucks): [BNAOC] ((NP. Happens to me too.))

Raider Alpha (ST): [FV0C4] *as Jax gets spun around, rises his rifle quickly, causing a shot to patter off against some junk randomly. And then the Ventilator opens up and he DROPS. not just drops, but crumples like a carcass. Fortunately he's not human, so he's not dead. but damn, that's a lotta holes in 'im.* OOC:5 below incap lethal. No one fall on him too hard. BIC:*reverts to a naked homid form, the black dyes sticking to his skin on blotchy patches... of course, it's covered up by the blood and bits of bullet embedded in his body* OOC:next round. reinforcements enter.

Raider Delta: [UBJM1] (Is Delta facing Anja or is Delta's back to Anja's chest?)

Raider Rookie: [W855] *she and Charlie get to the clearing and she drops to one knee, using a junked car for cover... letting Charlie go on*

Michael Stevens (Baitmaster): [BILBW] *up in the sniper tower*

Anja Stormbringer(Bullet with Butterfly Wings): [S10UQ] ((Probably facing her.))

Raider Delta: [UBJM1] (okay.) Hears the gunfire, hears the body drop.. Not much she can do when she doesn't have any air in her lungs other then struggle no tender groin to kick either. Struggle to get free is what she does.

Anja Stormbringer(Bullet with Butterfly Wings): [S10UQ] *she crushes Delta to her, powerfully muscled arms keeping her clamped to her chest* ((Oi. This is ridiculous. Anja Grapple damage: 3,8,6,1,3,5,6,2,4,6 - 4 damage.))

Raider Delta: [UBJM1] (Jax soak: 10,8,1,3,4,2, )

Raider Rookie: [W855] *pulls the pin on the flash grenade and chucks it toward Anja and ducks behind the car* ((Sonia flashbang : 8,8,9))

Raider Rookie: [W855] ((splitting actions, BTW... flash, then fire))

Raider Alpha (ST): [FV0C4] OOC:I believe that puts Jax at -6 HLs. Flashbang, roll per, per, dff 7 and hope to fail.

Raider Delta: [UBJM1] (Like broken ribs and out like a light, kind of thing?)

Raider Delta: [UBJM1] (?=.)

Anja Stormbringer(Bullet with Butterfly Wings): [S10UQ] ((Crippled as in at the Crippled Health Level, not that her spine's broken or anything.))

Raider Delta: [UBJM1] In either case she is not snuggling with broken ribs.. she'd like for them not to go into her lungs.

Raider Alpha (ST): [FV0C4] *out of nowhre, Caliban shows his beaked face. wings flap and an excessive gust of wind hits the grenade.. not only blowing it back to Sonia, but pegging her forcefully with it before it goes off* OOC:5bashing. roll wit, diff 8 and pass to only be stunned one round. fail and be blind and deaf for three.

Raider Rookie: [W855] ((Sonia wits: 6,8 .... Sonia Soak: 9,9,9))

Raider Alpha (ST): [FV0C4] *Sonia takes one hell of a blast in the chest, realizing what's about to happen, she shuts her eyes in time.. but that shit's still bright and still deafening. gonna take a bit to get her bearings. 1 round* Anja~>*apparently took a cue from Caliban and shut her eyes and flattened ears in time, Oh it's still painful, but not quite so debilitating. meanwhile, Kayla manages to fire off a single round at the sniper tower. Mike tries to leap to the side, but without a lot of diving space, gets pegged with more paint. jax is, mercifully, ignorant of the flashbang as thing are really kind fuzzy*

Raider Rookie: [W855] *grumbles curses in spanish, getting her bearings*

Raider Alpha (ST): [FV0C4] OOC:I've gotta be gone in 10 minutes. 2 hours until a double shift. Right now, Ash is gonna be out like a light until sometime tomorrow at the earliest. Mike's pretty splattered and roughly bruised. Kayla shifts sideways as her senses go nuts

Raider Delta: [UBJM1] (Sorry about the kink Jax tossed in there. *sheepish grin*)

Raider Rookie: [W855] ((Anja gonna do anything other than bear hug Jax this round?))

Raider Alpha (ST): [FV0C4] OOC:*chuckle* no worries. I blame Soul. speaking of which. I'm gonna spend my ST-exp (4 points) to raise "multi-task" from 1 to 2. for ST-renown, Ken gets 2 dots of Overkill and Soul gets 3 temp Sadism.

Raider Delta: [UBJM1] She gets toss like a rag and won't being getting up anytime soon, but at least she can breath now.

Raider Alpha (ST): [FV0C4] OOC;alright. I'm gone y'all... nobody get killed 'till I get back. Tomorrow night around 10, I think

Anja Stormbringer(Bullet with Butterfly Wings): [S10UQ] ((Okay, since Ryan wants to roll...*s* She soaked all the damage from the punch.)) *with speed granted to her by her Rage, one hand flashes out, taloned fingers wrapping around Sonia's throat, lifting her off the ground with one hand*

Raider Delta: [UBJM1] (Night Greg... thanks for the scene.)

Raider Rookie: [W855] ((thanks Greg!))

Raider Alpha (ST): [FV0C4] OOC:glad to do it. Next time I'll make sure to get things going faster and smoother.

Raider Alpha (ST): [FV0C4] ***gone***

Raider Delta: [UBJM1] (still archiving, unless you're finished.)

Raider Rookie: [W855] ((*L* we're still duking it out))

Raider Delta: [UBJM1] (Okay, I'll wait for the public posts *s*)

Anja Stormbringer(Bullet with Butterfly Wings): [S10UQ] *a quick jerk, and Sonia's obviously in pain, though she nearly manages to wriggle free...Still, Anja's powerful grip tightens, choking her even more firmly*

Raider Rookie: [W855] *dangling from Anja's grasp..... she struggles a bit...... then stops, strength running out.... she happens to glance up at the tower... and manages a strangled chuckle*

Anja Stormbringer(Bullet with Butterfly Wings): [S10UQ] *she doesn't follow Sonia's glance...Instead, she casually hurls the Kin away, head first into the nearby pile of junk. Thankfully, Twomoons is on hand, to heal both the wounded Kin*

Raider Rookie: [W855] *lands, crumpled........ then, after Twomoons heals her enough to get up...... she takes her facemask off and glances at the tower where Michael is standing, covered in paint from Jax's bomb and from Kayla's shots...... Sonia glances at Anja and speaks a little hoarsely* you lose....

Raider Delta: [UBJM1] (Yep Greg said Twomoons would be doing his healing mojo. I figure he heal Jax enough that her ribs are no longer broken, since he's got a few people to heal. Sound fair?)

Anja Stormbringer(Bullet with Butterfly Wings): [S10UQ] I killed three of your pack almost single-handedly. I feel fairly good about that, all things considered.

Anja Stormbringer(Bullet with Butterfly Wings): [S10UQ] ((Fine with me, Anna.))

Raider Rookie: [W855] Anja>> *smirks* killing us wasn't the excersize.... you lost.... *rubs her neck.... then heads over to Jax*

Raider Delta: [UBJM1] (Okie dokie)

Anja Stormbringer(Bullet with Butterfly Wings): [S10UQ] *shrugs* Against superior numbers, hampered by my inability to use my knives, with a charge that wouldn't listen...I didn't lose. I did my job. Michael lost.

Raider Delta: [UBJM1] Off comes the mask once she's heal and straight to Ash's side.

Raider Rookie: [W855] *laughs at Anja, which causes her to cough a bit* You did what any garou would do against a team like us..... you lost..... and there's no shame in that.... *helps Jax up.... then, together, they help Ash to his feet*

Raider Delta: [UBJM1] "Finer points of the exercise can be discussed later."

Raider Rookie: [W855] Jax>> *nods* yes, ma'am.... let's get him into the tent.... *still speaking hoarsely*

Anja Stormbringer(Bullet with Butterfly Wings): [S10UQ] In a real raid, I would have killed each and every one of you before you could have reacted. I didn't have access to my best weaponry this time. *shrugs* Say what you wish, girl. But if I'd had my klaive and dagger, I'd have killed that one *nods at Ash* and both you Kin before you could've blinked. I feel no shame in performing how I did. I will discuss Janet's decision to have Michael flee with her tomorrow, though.

Raider Rookie: [W855] *ignores the sore loser and helps Jax*

Anja Stormbringer(Bullet with Butterfly Wings): [S10UQ] *absently retrieves the throwing knife she caught Ash with, cleaning his blood off of it before sheathing it again*

Raider Delta: [UBJM1] "In a real raid I would not of stop when My Alpha went down. This was an exercise and live fire was not suppose to be use." Her voice is not raised, Anja is Garou so Jax remains respectful for the moment.

Anja Stormbringer(Bullet with Butterfly Wings): [S10UQ] *looks over at Jax* In a real raid, you wouldn't have had the chance, because I wouldn't have been distracted with your alpha in the time for longer than it would have taken to open him up with my klaive, which is less than five seconds.

Raider Rookie: [W855] Jax>> ignore her, ma'am.... *helping her lift Ash* let's get him inside....

Raider Delta: [UBJM1] "Ash would have has his weapon of choice as well, not a paint gun.. But to argue what if is pointless. the object here was to get in and hit the target.. That was done." With that said... she takes Ash into the pack tent with Sonia's help.

Raider Rookie: [W855] *helps Jax with Ash*

Raider Delta: [UBJM1] (paint ball gun)

Anja Stormbringer(Bullet with Butterfly Wings): [S10UQ] I'll put my klaive up against his gun any day, Kin. *shrugs* I did my part. I feel good about that. Good evening. *turns and walks out*

Raider Rookie: [W855] *smirks as she watches Anja go..... then glances at Jax and speaks softly* sore loser...

Raider Delta: [UBJM1] ~end archive~

Raider Delta: [UBJM1] "Maybe, but shoving int in her face will get you no where."

Raider Rookie: [W855] I know.... makes me feel better, tho..... sorry...

Raider Delta: [UBJM1] Sore as Jax still is, she get Ash out of the gear and cleaned up as best she can.

Raider Rookie: [W855] *helps Jax get Ash cleaned up and into his bed before she heads out* good night ma'am...

Raider Delta: [UBJM1] "This isn't about making your self feel good.. it abut the defense of the Caern." speaking calmly the whole time. "Good night, Sanchez."

Raider Delta: [UBJM1] (Now ends the archive. Night you two)


Note: Private Messages to and from me have been edited out of the archive.

Secondary Note: My apologies if I missed a post here and there, it's quite a challenge to participate in a scene and archive it at the same time. *smiles*

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