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Junkyard Moot

May 5, 2004

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [A2ZG8] *she shrugs to Vivian* We will plan...something. It seems I'm not meant to do the things I'm planning. *glancing toward the others* Could you put him to bed, Vivian? I have to go...

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [YP8ZP] *she hears somthing, then looks to jason* Has anyone seen Edward in a few weeks?

Vivian Weiss: [A18PP] "Just let me know.. Sure.." taking Aaron from his mother. "Come long handsome, least get you into bed." --- Michael> "Be right back, unless you want to come too."

Ivy Thomas: [OWDRY] * she then comes back to the gathering area with a small piece of metal and slides it in her bag*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [OIH7L] *looks down at Val* HT..ok...OK YEA MUTTS...GATHER ROUND LETS GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD

Jesus 'Graffiti': [AV9WU] *scuttles in quickly, looking around for his packmates*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [A2ZG8] *Aaron easily goes to Vivian, still clutching his little box*

Michael Stevens: [6KPN9] Vivian>>nah, you can do it. I wanted to mention something to Rane.

'Twomoons' Maier: [LVXB4] *Shrugs to janet* Last time I saw him was a couple weeks ago, I think.

'Twomoons' Maier: [LVXB4] *And then shuts up and gathers round like a good lad*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC): [UJLXE] *preggo-bops in* I'm not late!

Howling-Sky: [4PEE5] *tags along after TM*

Jesus 'Graffiti': [AV9WU] *whimpers and scuttles to the gathering crowd*

Lost-Claw-of-Hjarta-Villtnur (DoW Pb1): [P6LXD] *emerges from beneath the DoW vans in lupus, shifting quickly to homid as he moves to Rane's side*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [A2ZG8] *quirks a brow at Michael, waiting to see what he wanted, though she needs to go*

Michael Stevens: [6KPN9] Rane>>nevermind. it'll wait.

Ivy Thomas: [OWDRY] * she looks at the others and waits for the routine*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [N1E1S] *Downs the coffee and gets with Steeleyes, then steps sideways*

Vivian Weiss: [A18PP] Michael> "Okay" Then to Aaron, "It's just you and me." she tickles him and heads for Rane's van, and soon disappears inside.

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC): [UJLXE] Jesus! *she grins, glad to see that he showed as instructed*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [OIH7L] HT.. CROSS OVER...*and goes to the umbra*

Lost-Claw-of-Hjarta-Villtnur (DoW Pb1): [P6LXD] ((also present are Ash. and Cassy's also here. Player may or may not get on))

Howling-Sky: [4PEE5] *and goes umbral as well...muttering thanks for compacts*

Lost-Claw-of-Hjarta-Villtnur (DoW Pb1): [P6LXD] *promptly zips his jacket up, flips up the collar and plants a hand on Rane's shoulder... making certain to stand behind her and tilt his head down a bit*

Jesus 'Graffiti': [AV9WU] *whines a little, scuttling over to Ari* Where to?

Georgia Hooper: [Y4A0Q] *Rushes in from the Maze and steps across*

'Twomoons' Maier: [LVXB4] *Slips sideways rather quickly*

Vivian Weiss: [A18PP] (Jax is with her packmates as well. And Honeysuckle is around watching and listening.)

Ivy Thomas: [OWDRY] * she then steps sideways but not stadning near anyone in particular*

Michael Stevens: [6KPN9] *sidesteps.... all the way to the fridge, which he then opens up, grabs a corona, and heads for the couch*

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [YP8ZP] *a frown follows jason as gives her that answer and dissapears... she'll bother him later about it... she simply watches them dissapear*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [N1E1S] Steel> Take it away big guy. And let me know if I'm doing the Moot Rite this time or not.

Vivian Weiss: [A18PP] Vivian in in the van for a little while, telling Aaron a bed time story, she gets him ready for bed and then all tucked in.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [A2ZG8] *nods to Michael, then steps, dragging Lost-Claw with her*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC): [UJLXE] C'mon, umbral. *takes Jesus' hand and goes across*

Jesus 'Graffiti': [AV9WU] *crosses the gauntlet with Ari*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [OIH7L] Val: HT yer head theurge...yer job...*grins*...OK OPENING HOWL..ANY SONGKEEPERS GOT IT?

Lost-Claw-of-Hjarta-Villtnur (DoW Pb1): [P6LXD] *and once Umbral, crouches down in Rane's shadow... however small it is. Hands in his pockets and otherwise trying to conceal himself... a bit shorter umbrally. But then there's that issue of that heavy amount of webbing that covers the majority of his exposed skin like a halfassed calcification gone wrong*

Michael Stevens: [6KPN9] (physical)Janet>>Ever wonder if they watch you shower from the umbra?

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [N1E1S] *Snorts from trying to not laugh when Steel informes her of that.*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [A2ZG8] *stays near Lost-Claw, waiting*

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [YP8ZP] *she watches the empty clearing... her eyes drifting down to the notebook in her lap*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC): [UJLXE] *gives Jesus an encouraging grin and just watches*

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [YP8ZP] What? *snapping out of her revlverly* oh *a half laugh* nah, I'm not worried about that kind of thing

Michael Stevens: [6KPN9] Janet>>maybe you should... *chuckles mysteriously*

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [YP8ZP] *she rolls her eyes playfully at michael*

Howling-Sky: [4PEE5] ((If I wasn't so MTed right now I'd have Howling do it... *le sigh*))

'Twomoons' Maier: [LVXB4] *quirks an eyebrow slightly, waiting for a Galliard to show up*

Ivy Thomas: [OWDRY] * she looks to Steel curious as to his need to loudly vocalize his voice*

Vivian Weiss: [A18PP] A soft kiss on aaron forehead after the story is finished and he's -hopefully- asleep... she steps back out of the van, her mass of curl now down loose, after Aaron wanted the clip that was holding it up, why he wanted she hasn't a clue, but she gave it to him.

Michael Stevens: [6KPN9] *props a leg up on the couch so Viv can take a seat with him and recline comfortably*

Jesus 'Graffiti': [AV9WU] *looks around a little bit, waiting for someone else to take the lead on this*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [OIH7L] HT: well since no ones stepping up..*lifts his head and HOWLS...*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC): [UJLXE] *nudges Jesus to do it, but Steel beats her to it*

Lost-Claw-of-Hjarta-Villtnur (DoW Pb1): [P6LXD] *looks around a little with his right eye, the other one covered. But he's no galliard and doesn't wish to draw attention. Remains crouched silently in Rane's shadow*

Howling-Sky: [4PEE5] *shifts to crinos & adds her own howl...tho it's a bit on the hoarse & scratchy side at the moment...must have done a lot of shrieking or something*

Jesus 'Graffiti': [AV9WU] *cirnges a little as Steel gets it rolling*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [N1E1S] *Sighs while shifting to crinos and lets out the usual no-frills howl*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [A2ZG8] *flows into Crinos and raises her voice in the howl*

'Twomoons' Maier: [LVXB4] *Kicks in his own homid-level howl fairly soon after Steel, a rather quiet one comparatively*

Georgia Hooper: [Y4A0Q] *Shifts to crinos and howls along with Steeleyes*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC): [UJLXE] *raises a high clear voice in a homid howl, not shifting for obvious reasons*

Vivian Weiss: [A18PP] Michael> "Have you been teaching Aaron to collect things?" she chuckles, moving over to the couch and sits down beside him, leaning back against his shoulder and crossing her legs.

Jesus 'Graffiti': [AV9WU] *Howls...sort of. It'd be impressive...if it were the only sound in a sensory-deprivation chamber*

Lost-Claw-of-Hjarta-Villtnur (DoW Pb1): [P6LXD] *opens his mouth and releases a guttural homid shout. Like something from Pantera's "Cowboys from hell" album. except with much more rumble. fortunately, it's lost in the other howls*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [OIH7L] lowers his head to end the howl

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [YP8ZP] *she shivers.. she can't.. hear the howl.. but she imagines it.. and somewhere in the woods... a real wolf does howl... hearing the warriors in his nightmares.. she stands up and moves to the edge of the rituals area.. whispering somthing to herself*

Howling-Sky: [4PEE5] *and cuts howl with a bit of a cough*

Michael Stevens: [6KPN9] Viv>>actually, no. Beats me what's with his tastes. *chuckles* it's like he's part corax.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [N1E1S] *Yeah, cuts that off pretty quick.*

Lost-Claw-of-Hjarta-Villtnur (DoW Pb1): [P6LXD] *ceases his vocalizations*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [A2ZG8] *her voice dies off*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC): [UJLXE] *gives Jesus a grin when he joins in*

'Twomoons' Maier: [LVXB4] *kills it with a no-nonsense cough kinda thing*

Jesus 'Graffiti': [AV9WU] *Clamps his jaws shut immediately after Steel*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [OIH7L] *looks to Val* HT yer up

Georgia Hooper: [Y4A0Q] OOooooooo...*quits*

Michael Stevens: [6KPN9] *from where he's sitting with one leg behind Viv and one on the ground, brings up his ground-leg and rests it across Viv's lap, covering his ankle with both hands as he grins to her, keeping her slightly pinned* made the thingy this morning. Customized it, anyway

Vivian Weiss: [A18PP] Michael> "It does make one wonder." Watches Janet walk off, then turns back to Micahel, "Look like you had a hot date tonight." lightly tug on his shirt.

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [YP8ZP] *She dosn't go far.. perhaps she's just giving them their privacy... *

Jesus 'Graffiti': [AV9WU] ((brb))

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [N1E1S] Yeh.. *Comes into the clear space reserved for Rat to appear and lays down a gift of honeyed valerian root covered in sunflower seeds, and of course, Gnosis for the Rite* ((5,10,1,5,8,1,9, Not the most stellar performance ever.))

Michael Stevens: [6KPN9] Viv>>don't I? *smirks a little* OOC:BRB

Howling-Sky: [4PEE5] *has her own gift for the totem...ok sure it's cheesy...but if the real deal likes a bag of seeds she's sure (read: hoping) the spirit version does too*

Vivian Weiss: [A18PP] Michael> "What thingy?" she chuckles as he pins her in place.

'Twomoons': [3LHT8] *kneels a little dropping the carmel popcorn and a gnosis that is his usual donation*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [A2ZG8] *steps forward to offer her own gnosis, when the time comes*

Jesus "Graffiti": [UKXF7] *Looks at Ari, distinctly nervous*

Vivian Weiss: [A18PP] Michael> "You do? Where is she? " she looks around with a playful smirk on her face.

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC): [UJLXE] *whispered to Jesus* It's ok..stay with me.

Ivy Thomas: [OWDRY] * she will offer gnosis as a polite guest would in someone's home*

Jesus "Graffiti": [UKXF7] *nodnods twice and stays very close to Ari*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [N1E1S] *Nods to any hesitating to bring forward their gifts in case they were unsure*

Georgia Hooper: [Y4A0Q] *Lays down three cigarettes and a giant parmesan pretzel.*

Howling-Sky: [4PEE5] *is staying quietly beside TM*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [OIH7L] ((and Rat NPC???))

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [N1E1S] *Rat appears in all its glory of red eyes and white sleek fur. Around Rat are the lesser members of the brood, their numbers recovering a little. It seems not exactly bored, but tolerantly content, and disappears soon after appearing.*

'Twomoons': [3LHT8] ((*points at Val* one sec))

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC): [UJLXE] *she grins, seeing Rat, and glances at Jesus*

Jesus "Graffiti": [UKXF7] *looks...awed*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [N1E1S] *The smaller rat spirits consume as quickly as they can and start disappearing soon with their prizes.*

Ivy Thomas: [OWDRY] * she watches the big head hancho rat and then the small er ones *

Vivian Weiss: [A18PP] (brb)

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC): [UJLXE] *quietly, to Jesus* You should come more often...

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [YP8ZP] *another shiver.. another whisper.. her arms around herself as if cold in the sping night and she moves back toward the fire*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [N1E1S] *Looks at Steeleyes with a slight nod for him to take over from here*

Jesus "Graffiti": [UKXF7] *gulps a little, whispering* unno...

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [OIH7L] HT *nods back to Val* ok ..back across for the cracking of the bone

Michael Stevens: [L23JO] OOC:back

Lost-Claw-of-Hjarta-VIlltnur (DoW Pb1): [C9QAI] *plants a hand on Rane's shoulder once more, eager to be back across to the physical*

Howling-Sky: [4PEE5] *follows TM & Val back to the tellurian*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [A2ZG8] *doesn't even look to Lost-Claw, just steps once she feels him ready*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC): [UJLXE] C'mon, back across... *nudging Jesus*

'Twomoons': [3LHT8] *skids back across casually, looking around and waiting*

Ivy Thomas: [OWDRY] * she then sdie steps back over to the physical *

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [YP8ZP] *she gets back to her seat just as they return... sitting down again silently*

Jesus "Graffiti": [UKXF7] *whispers* un-kay. *follows Ari back across*

Lost-Claw-of-Hjarta-VIlltnur (DoW Pb1): [C9QAI] *and back to 6'4", no webs and a bit more comfortable. Rises to his full height and unzips the jacket as he steps around to Rane's left*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [OIH7L] *heads back across*.

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC): [UJLXE] *finds herself a seat on the real side, sighing very quietly at getting off her feet*

Ivy Thomas: [OWDRY] * she doesn't stand near anyone and takes out her small rug and unrolls it and takes the lotus position *

'Twomoons': [3LHT8] *Looks at Steel, silently checking to see who's going to be leading this part of the moot*

Vivian Weiss: [A18PP] (repost) Michael> "What thingy?" she chuckles as he pins her in place. ---- "You do? Where is she? " she looks around with a playful smirk on her face.

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [OIH7L] gonna call on you..and no one talks unless i call them...*looks to TM* unless their higher in Rank them me*grins* got a complaint..step forward

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [N1E1S] ((Back from afk)) *Shifts down from homid and crosses back*

Georgia Hooper: [Y4A0Q] *Walks back across and shifts to homid afterwards.*

Ivy Thomas: [OWDRY] * she reaches into her nap sack and pulls out a small palm pilot*

'Twomoons': [3LHT8] *Nods a little and smiles, leaning against the van*

Howling-Sky: [4PEE5] *once back in the physical revert to homid*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [N1E1S] *Zones out a alittle, looking into the distance at nothing*

Michael Stevens: [L23JO] Viv>>the thingy I mentioned last night. *chuckles at her question of where*

Lost-Claw-of-Hjarta-VIlltnur (DoW Pb1): [C9QAI] *at this, Lost-Claw and Cassy stand up*

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [YP8ZP] *she just watches in silence*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [A2ZG8] *takes up a watchful stance*

Ivy Thomas: [OWDRY] * she uses the small pen and navigates the palm pilot *

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [N1E1S] *Tilts her head back with a bit of an eyeroll...of ~course~ Lost Claw and Cassy stand up...*

Vivian Weiss: [A18PP] Michael> Lowers her voice as folks are returning and the moot is moving on. "So I get the item I'm missing later tonight?"

Michael Stevens: [L23JO] Viv>>*nods with a grin*

Ivy Thomas: [OWDRY] * she pauses to see what the first complaint is *

'Twomoons': [3LHT8] *lifts an eyebrow slightly to see what's up first*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [OIH7L] HT Cassy whats yer beef?

Howling-Sky: [4PEE5] *watches*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC): [UJLXE] *sits up a bit to pay attention, in case she's needed*

Lost-Claw-of-Hjarta-VIlltnur (DoW Pb1): [C9QAI] *LC steps forward* It's mine. but involves Cassy. *Shifts to crinos, leaving his left eye shut* ~HT~ Cassy Reeks-of-Fury Nix is in possession of armor.. Crafted by Fenrir-kinfolk, to be worn by Fenrir. It would dishonor the craftsman for it to leave the tribe but would dishonor more if given to the unworthy. I challenge Reeks-of-Fury to claim it as my own.

Vivian Weiss: [A18PP] She tempted to drag Michael out of here so she can find out what he made for her.... but she doesn't.. she does quiet to listen to what's going on, at least the stuff that is in english.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [A2ZG8] *just quietly watching...this was obviously not unexpected*

Vivian Weiss: [A18PP] Her gaze settles on Lost-Claw..

Ivy Thomas: [OWDRY] * she then goes back to her palm pilot *

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [OIH7L] *looks to Cassy* accept that?

Cassy Nix (DoW. Ms Bitch)(NPCd with permission): [WD9Q0] *she nods as she shifts to Crinos. The armor in question sitting atop her furred arms* ~HT~ accepted.

'Twomoons': [3LHT8] *furrows his brow slightly, looking up at the sky briefly and weighing things in his mind*

Lost-Claw-of-Hjarta-VIlltnur (DoW Pb1): [C9QAI] *looks to TM as the Master of the Challenge*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [OIH7L] *looks to TM* HT yer up

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [N1E1S] *Frowns. Something's not right. Vivian is wearing makeup. Ivy is not. Dogs of War stand up up for the Cracking of the Bone and only pick a fight among themselves... discretely pinches her own leg.*

Howling-Sky: [4PEE5] *blinks glances to Val then to TM*

Ivy Thomas: [OWDRY] * she then reaches into her bag and pulls out the folder and opens it up in her lap*

Michael Stevens: [L23JO] *wishes he had a clue what was being said*

'Twomoons': [3LHT8] *flicks his hands slightly* ~ps~ This is gonna be messy. *speaks up* I strongly advise against the challenge being tonight, however, if you both choose to follow through - Cassy sets the armor aside. Unconsciousness, frenzy, or surrender end the challenge. No killing each other.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [N1E1S] *Gives Honovi a very small shrug.*

Jesus "Graffiti": [UKXF7] *looks at Ari, a little nervous*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [N1E1S] *Nods at Twomoons in agreement*

Howling-Sky: [4PEE5] *shrugs back at Val*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC): [UJLXE] *gives Jesus a small encouraging grin*

Cassy Nix (DoW. Ms Bitch)(NPCd with permission): [WD9Q0] *nods and begins removing the armor with LC's help, passing it to Rane*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [A2ZG8] *gathering the armor silently*

Lost-Claw-of-Hjarta-VIlltnur (DoW Pb1): [C9QAI] *removes his jacket,dropping it at Rane's feet as he heads for the challenge circle with Cassy. The two wait for TM to get ready*

'Twomoons': [3LHT8] *walks over to the challenge circle shifting up to Crinos and flicking his hands a little* ~ps~ Get ready to knock 'em out.

Cassy Nix (DoW. Ms Bitch)(NPCd with permission): [WD9Q0] *as the two square off in crinos, the combat preperations begin. Cassy's begins to emit an odor... but it's another few seconds before her fur parts and the warts and callous hide begins to emerge, a pair of small nubs jutting from over her eyeridges as the stench of the troll comes out in full. Lost Claw shuts his eyes a moment, tilting his head back at Luna before a ripple runs through his fur with the effort of shrugging something internal off. Within seconds his eyes narrow in constrained anger and frustration as nothing occurs, meanwhile Cassy's activated Resist Toxin.*

Lost-Claw-of-Hjarta-VIlltnur (DoW Pb1): [C9QAI] *Lost Claw begins to activate another gift.. but once again, something goes horribly wrong and he just looks far _less_ Fenrisian. A bit less feral and definately disheartened by the overall outcome so far. With a growl of Frustration, Lost Claw lunges forward with a rapid slash for Cassy's gut, his other arm already pulling back for the followup*

Cassy Nix (DoW. Ms Bitch)(NPCd with permission): [WD9Q0] *But Cassy's reflexes are substantially superior and she strikes directly into the oncoming mass of fur and muscle; Lost Claw's face loses a bit of fur, but seems nonetheless alright. The lupus-born's slash strikes hard and true, enough to have cut a human to the spine... but Cassy's rigid muscles and thick fur catch the blow like it's the tiniest of papercuts.*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [OIH7L] *walks over ..arms crossed to watch as well*

Cassy Nix (DoW. Ms Bitch)(NPCd with permission): [WD9Q0] *Cassy's second claw draws upward along LC's chest, sending a shower of blood upwards to rain back down upon the two combatants and any standing too close. A Snarl erupts from LC's throat at the horribly damaging blow, his frustration pushing the pain aside as his second claw rips forward, only to have Cassy's body in too close to connect. The Fostern rolls under LC's arm, bending over sharply after a split-second struggle that ends with LC being flung a good fifteen feet, hitting the ground on his shoulder and fluidly rolling to his feet before his fur's even stopped moving from the impact*

'Twomoons': [3LHT8] *looks at each of them and gives the 'go' with a fractional nod*

Lost-Claw-of-Hjarta-VIlltnur (DoW Pb1): [C9QAI] *Apparently Luna's sway and Gaia's fury is felt by both as they pause, Cassy seething and clenching every muscle in her body with the effort of fighting down the oncoming frenzy... Lost-Claw's left eye almost seems to flash a low deep red for a split second before he rapidly shakes his head.. then drops to all fours and the two lunge once more.*

Lost-Claw-of-Hjarta-VIlltnur (DoW Pb1): [C9QAI] *LC quickly rises up halfway as his right claw rockets for Cassy's eyesocket, the older garou recognizing the assault before it occurs and rips what should have been a debilitating blow for the wrist... what happens instead is an oh-so-brief look of surprise as the arm continues onwards, just barely missing impact as Cassy's head jerks aside.*

Lost-Claw-of-Hjarta-VIlltnur (DoW Pb1): [C9QAI] *problem is there's that other claw... the one attached to the arm carved with the glyphs of Jublain Wade... and it rips upwards across Cassy's face, catching one of the armored callouses below and above her eye, sending them slinging through the air as blood trickles down her cheeks*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [N1E1S] *Glances at Honovi to come along and walks ot the edge of the combat area.*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [A2ZG8] *silently watching her packmates tear at each other*

Cassy Nix (DoW. Ms Bitch)(NPCd with permission): [WD9Q0] *Cassy responds with a growl and another slash for the already bleeding gut of Lost-Claw, sending a few bits of bloody... the ground with the smell of something burning-- the wound should have him barely capable of moving. Cassy's eyes narrow and nostrils flare... Luna's rage striking her again. Lost Claw on the other hand seems unphased and now almost entirely silent, moving to maximize effeciency.*

Lost-Claw-of-Hjarta-VIlltnur (DoW Pb1): [C9QAI] *Lost-Claw throws himself in, his right claws stabbing for Cassy's less-protected eye again while she struggles to control herself, this time making contact, but barely... succeeding in causing a bit of blood to run like tears, and probably blurring vision... but nonetheless nonfatal.*

Lost-Claw-of-Hjarta-VIlltnur (DoW Pb1): [C9QAI] *continuing the assault, LC's jaws lash out, clutching a bit of Cassy's throat and ripping outward with a brief but effective spray of blood. A second bite follows the first.. and once again, Cassy's faster, twisting her head to try and rip at LC's, only to once more tear away fur, a little skin and nothing else. LC rolls his neck, catching his jaws on the back of Cassy's due to the close proximity and rips away again... a rather vicious chunk now missing between the series of bites, and Cassy drops to her knees..*

Howling-Sky: [4PEE5] *follows Val*

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [YP8ZP] *she watches the fight impasivly*

Ivy Thomas: [OWDRY] * she furrows her brow as she pauses and then goes back to the folder*

Jesus "Graffiti": [UKXF7] *meeps at the violence and gets ready to hide*

Cassy Nix (DoW. Ms Bitch)(NPCd with permission): [WD9Q0] *time slows to a crawl, Cassy's eyes flare with the rage that comes from near-certain defeat... putting her entire body into a final desperation strike, she slings herself upwards, a claw coming from behind to strike into LC's throat as he dives in for a clench to Cassy's throat. Blood gouts forcefully from the wound, spraying the attending with blood and ugh. other stuff. Someone oughta tell him not to drink transmission fluid, or whatever that crap is. Lost Claw's body jacks backwards, arcing with disgusting limpness as if he's going over the bar for a high jump. A single bounce and he's not moving while Cassy seethes on all fours, trying her damnedest to stay in control of herself. This challenge is over*

Vivian Weiss: [A18PP] Her attention is on Lost-claw and Cassy..... Still quite aware of Micahel being close, and she starts to nervously drum her fingers on Michael's thigh.

Lost-Claw-of-Hjarta-VIlltnur (DoW Pb1): [C9QAI] ((thank pre-rolling the fight for this real-time display of violence))

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [A2ZG8] *once the brief combat stops, she moves to step between her packmates, kneeling to rest a hand on both, employing her own meager healing skills*

'Twomoons': [3LHT8] *hustles into the circle and drags LC out, already healing like there's no tomorrow...once, then two more times with a slight frown*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [N1E1S] Rane? *Indicates with a move of her head toward Lost Claw, for healing*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC): [UJLXE] It's ok Jesus...

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [OIH7L] *looks between the two*...HT whats wrong?

'Twomoons': [3LHT8] *Not that he has any issues with healing. None at all*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [N1E1S] ((DLP I'z a little slow))

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [A2ZG8] *nods to both Twomoons and Valerie*

Ivy Thomas: [OWDRY] * she pauses looking up to see about the challange and sees it over and goes back to her stuff*

Howling-Sky: [4PEE5] *hovers nearby...doesnt possess any healing skills*

Jesus "Graffiti": [UKXF7] *nods* un-kay.

Lost-Claw-of-Hjarta-VIlltnur (DoW Pb1): [C9QAI] *after a moment, he rolls back to his feet, having reverted to lupus at the impact with the ground. head and tail low, ears layed back... body showing frustration and submission quite clearly. Exposes his throat towards Cassy*

'Twomoons': [3LHT8] *Looks up at Rane* ~ht~ He's okay...*looks over to Cassy* ~ht~ Cassy wins.

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [OIH7L] *nods stepping back*

Vivian Weiss: [A18PP] Vivian did move to get up, but Michael has her pinned down, which is probably a good thing.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [A2ZG8] *she gives Cassy a small smile, and then one for Lost-Claw*

Cassy Nix (DoW. Ms Bitch)(NPCd with permission): [WD9Q0] *gets back to her feet after the healing,wiping some blood off as she looks at LC* Keep training, yuf. *rubs at her throat just slightly*

Cassy Nix (DoW. Ms Bitch)(NPCd with permission): [WD9Q0] ((and that's it. Window closed))

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [OIH7L] *steps abck to the center of the yard* HT anyone else got a complaint or challange?

Jeremiah Seymore: [HNVIF] *has been here the whole time*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC): [UJLXE] *relaxes again since that particular issue didn't need her attention*

'Twomoons': [3LHT8] *slips back to homid, heading back over to his Van*

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [YP8ZP] *she watches silently- not understanding most of it.. closing her notebook and slipping it away.. her hands just holding her coffee now8

Lost-Claw-of-Hjarta-VIlltnur (DoW Pb1): [C9QAI] *slinks back to the general area of the DoW, lying down on the outskirts of the personal space bubbles and refuses to look at anyone*

Howling-Sky: [4PEE5] *heads back*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [N1E1S] *Walks back relieved that it went as well as it did.*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [OIH7L] HT TM wanna tell the kin that they can talk too..if they got a complaint

Michael Stevens: [L23JO] *and yes. holds Viv down*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [A2ZG8] *returns the armor to Cassy, then takes up her seat again, between her packmates*

Vivian Weiss: [A18PP] Watches Lost-Claw... just watching.

'Twomoons': [3LHT8] *Nods* For those of you who can't understand Steel, he does remind you that you are free to speak up if you wish to bring something forward.

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [YP8ZP] *she says nothing, having told val she needed to speak during songs and stories... *

Ivy Thomas: [OWDRY] * she pauses and looks up for anyone to speak*

Michael Stevens: [L23JO] *tries to think of any issues or complaints. nope.*

'Twomoons': [3LHT8] *pauses, waiting to see if there are any complaints or anything*

Vivian Weiss: [A18PP] Currently she doesn't have anything to bring up... still watching Lost-Claw.

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [OIH7L] *arms crossed..watching*HT anyone else?

'Twomoons': [3LHT8] *nods slightly* Yo.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [N1E1S] *None she's going to voice anyway*

Michael Stevens: [L23JO] *turns his head to watch TM, letting a hand idly stroke Viv's stomach in an attempt to keep her calm*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC): [UJLXE] *kicks her feet work for her tonight, yippy!*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [OIH7L] *looks at TM*..HT whats yer beef?

Vivian Weiss: [A18PP] She finally looks away from Lost-Claw.. her gaze stops on rane for a moment then Cassy and then over the rest of those present. --Trying to relax with Michael's help.

'Twomoons': [3LHT8] Not a beef, more of an announcement. Most of you folks know my packmate Sparky - he wanted to let everyone know that he has chosen for himself a new name for the Nation to know him by, that being "Seaches-for-Faith". He would also like to extend his gratitude to Janet, for her assistance in this matter.

Michael Stevens: [L23JO] *raises an eyebrow and gives a nod to Janet*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [N1E1S] *Pumps the air with her right fist in a silent cheer for Searches for Faith*

Jesus "Graffiti": [UKXF7] *blinks a little, wondering what kinda keen drugs those guys have*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [A2ZG8] *catches Vivian's glance...and offers her a small smile*

Michael Stevens: [L23JO] *note to self. leave a sign reading "Faith" in the couch cushions for Sparky to find*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC): [UJLXE] *a small grin...he's always gonna be Sparky to her*

Lost-Claw-of-Hjarta-VIlltnur (DoW Pb1): [C9QAI] *no response. Apparently doing some soul searching. It's gotta be in here somewhere*

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [YP8ZP] *she nods slightly... lowering her eyes... *

Ivy Thomas: [OWDRY] * she goes back to what she was doing*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [OIH7L] HT: Val..can yea step forward now

Vivian Weiss: [A18PP] A return smile goes to Rane.

'Twomoons': [3LHT8] *steps back a little to see what Val wants*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [N1E1S] Steel> I can? Sweet. Ok, it looks like songs and tales now. Janet has something to offer tonight.

Jesus "Graffiti": [UKXF7] *Looks up at Ari from his sitting crouch-thing*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [A2ZG8] *steps up* Before we begin tales?

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [N1E1S] *Looks at Steel* If that's what you intended. *With no G.E., it's a little confusing tonight*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC): [UJLXE] *looks to Jesus, asking quietly* Did you want to say anything?

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [OIH7L] HT: *chuckles* not yet Val...i cant do the Rite for renoun..can you?

Jesus "Graffiti": [UKXF7] *shakes his head a little*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [N1E1S] *Shakes her head "No" at Steel* Sorry.

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [OIH7L] HT : anyone know the Rite

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [A2ZG8] *figures...she's only part way through learning the rite herself*

'Twomoons': [3LHT8] *speaks up quietly* I know that particular rite, if there are any who wish their accomplishments recognized.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [A2ZG8] *ah, good...* I do, rhya. For Wisdom. And afterwards, I have a request to make of the Warder.

Ash Graham (STAT Alpha): [3JY3G] *steps forward when it's time for a RoA for honor*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [OIH7L] *nods* HT anyone need renoun step up..

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: [A18PP] Her gaze follows Ash as she steps forward.. but remains silent, like she has been all evening.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [N1E1S] *When the time is right, comes forward for Glory*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC): [UJLXE] *stroking her stomach as she watches*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [OIH7L] *looks at Rane*..HT your request?

Jesus "Graffiti": [UKXF7] *very quiet and wide-eyed, generally*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [A2ZG8] *after all the rites, she looks to Steeleyes* Warder... I would ask your permission to depart from the caern for a short while. I wish to return to my home, to challenge for the rank of Adren.

Lost-Claw-of-Hjarta-VIlltnur (DoW Pb1): [C9QAI] *twitch*

Vivian Weiss: [A18PP] Wonders if Rane would like someone to go with her to watch Aaron.

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [OIH7L] *nods*...HT how long yea think youll be gone?

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [A2ZG8] I have no way of knowing. My hope is not long.

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [OIH7L] HT: well cant stop yea so good luck..*nods*...

Michael Stevens: [L23JO] *grins silently. go Rane*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [A2ZG8] *nods and steps back among her pack again*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC): [UJLXE] *wow...everybody moves up...*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [N1E1S] ((Whew, back now))

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [OIH7L] HT: if there are no more problems... i got an announcement...and you all can thank Val for this one...for my adren challange, Val set up a raid..and a target...well guess what yea mutts...i liked the idea..SO were gonna do it again..and ALL packs are gonna get a chance

Vivian Weiss: [A18PP] Course if she goes, someone at the Sept might want to find her a mate... she is nearly 22 and has never had a mate.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [N1E1S] *Smirks wryly*

'Twomoons': [3LHT8] *grins hugely and pokes Val* ~ps~ Trendsetter. Now everyone gets to jump into a vat of astroglide and get freaky.

Ivy Thomas: [OWDRY] * she finishes with what she was doing and slides the palm pilot and folder back into her bag*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [A2ZG8] ((Time for me to go turn into a pumpkin, ya'll.... G'night!))

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS, TC): [UJLXE] ((If anyone needs the TC tonight, Auggy's got permission to NPC Ari... G'night!))

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [N1E1S] *Grins and flashes some handsigns* They'll be lining up for it.

Vivian Weiss: [A18PP] (night Kari)

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [N1E1S] ((Good night Kari))

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [OIH7L] HT and first pack has already ben decided..*grins*...and when this raid gonna occur..*raises hands* who for the Target*grins at OH so nuts grin of his..looking RIGHT AT MICHAEL*....

Jesus "Graffiti": [UKXF7] *huddles next to Ari*

Vivian Weiss: [A18PP] Sees Steeleyes looking toward her and Michael, "What did you do Michael?" she asks quietly.

Michael Stevens: [L23JO] *blinks as the eyes come to him* I think I just missed something...

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [N1E1S] *Golf-claps for Michael*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [OIH7L] Val: HT you can let the bait know

Michael Stevens: [L23JO] *softly to Viv* just the thingy in the garage. that's it, as far as I know.

'Twomoons': [3LHT8] *Does a quiet running translation for the kinfolk*

Michael Stevens: [L23JO] *grins at Val's golf clap* did I do something go-*and catches TM's translation* aww shit.

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [YP8ZP] *She lets out a breath and gives michael an "i'm sorry" look*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [N1E1S] Michael> Congratulations, Mister Bait.

Ivy Thomas: [OWDRY] ( player needs sleep but charcter will stay)

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [OIH7L] *crosses arms grinning*...HT you accept Bait position Michael?

Vivian Weiss: [A18PP] After the translation, "Just don't break him.." under her breath and for Michaels ears only, "That's my job."

'Twomoons': [3LHT8] *smiles a little* This is gonna be so goddamn fun.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [N1E1S] ((Night Iii-VEeeeeeeeeeeeee!))

Cassy Nix (DoW, Fuck you too): [L4KG7] *Climbs outta the van with a 40oz in her hand and plops down into her chair*

Michael Stevens: [L23JO] Steel>>Do I get a nifty title with it? *chuckles* and yeah, I guess I accept so long as castration isn't a risk.

Lost-Claw-of-Hjarta-VIlltnur (DoW Pb1): [C9QAI] OOC:Mike>>Already posted the challenge

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [N1E1S] *Seems to stop, about to say something and looks disappointed at the "no castration" comment by Michael.*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [OIH7L] HT: RULES OF THIS THING: 1: NO fight to subdue the invaders..2: .the Invaders will NOT have themselves identified..3: if the bait dies...the raideing pack gets a bonus..what it is now..ill have to thiunk on it...4: EVERYONE.. and i mean everyone will do this you not in a JOIN one...

Vivian Weiss: [A18PP] Viv flinches at that comment from Michael.

Michael Stevens: [L23JO] *mutters to Viv* that's as much for your benefit as mine.

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [OIH7L] Micael: HT The Mister Baiter works

Michael Stevens: [L23JO] *chuckles at Steel*

'Twomoons': [3LHT8] *keeps up the running translation with no small tinge of amusment in his voice*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [N1E1S] *Translates* Michael, Mr., or the English "Master" Baiter is thine title.

Vivian Weiss: [A18PP] Michael> Quietly, "I think you need a body guard."

Michael Stevens: [L23JO] *smirks* "master of the bait". *and grins towards Val and TM* y'all are liking this idea way too much.

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [OIH7L] HT main reason were doing to see problems with the yard..your trying to STOP the attackers...also..if the Bait wishes it..he can CHANGE the bait..and only I know who the baitsa gonna be...

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [N1E1S] Steel> If he's hurt, is he out of the bait position? He's a real bitch to offense Michael.

Michael Stevens: [L23JO] Viv>>last time Steel was it. I guess this time the whole sept's supposed to be.

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [OIH7L] HT BUT he cant change on tyhe first raid...only if he doesnt want to go threw it another time

Cassy Nix (DoW, Fuck you too): [L4KG7] *Guzzles from her 40 and listens*

'Twomoons': [3LHT8] Speaking from a totally medical perspective, I'm agreeing with Val. The boy is a cast-iron bitch to heal.

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [OIH7L] Val: *nods*..he gets hurt..he can change unless hes a masakist(sp?))

Vivian Weiss: [A18PP] Michael> "I mean some that's will you all the time when you're here."

Michael Stevens: [L23JO] *his lips crease to a thin line bordering a frown as the healing thing's brought up.*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [N1E1S] Michael> *Translates* He says you can change places with some other bait after the first time if you want.

Michael Stevens: [L23JO] Viv>>not a bad idea. *pushes his temporary irritation aside to speak up* Steel>>will you be assiging a temporary 'bodyguard' for each raid like last time?

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [OIH7L] Micahel:*nods and points with a ..pick someone jesture*

Vivian Weiss: [A18PP] Michael> Mutters softly, "I have to protect my..... accountant."

'Twomoons': [3LHT8] ((bbiab))

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [YP8ZP] *She smirks at michael, said quietly to viv and jeremiah and michael* Pick kin and really piss them off when we win. *she bats her eyes at the trueborn innocently*

Vivian Weiss: [A18PP] Chuckles at Janet, "I like you're thinking." she says quietly.

Michael Stevens (Master of the Bait): [LK2QT] *waves a finger around a moment as if choosing before settling on Viv for this time around. hell.. she volunteered*

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [YP8ZP] *she bows her head to viv*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [N1E1S] *Curious what Janet was plotting with the kin, tilts her head a little but can't hear it*

Steeleyes(Warder)*IN CRINOS*: [OIH7L] Michael:*nods* starting tommorrow...the raids MAY start *grins*..*Looks to Val*..Storytime

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [YP8ZP] *offers a high five to viv* go team evil

Vivian Weiss: [A18PP] Looks at Michael's finger pointing at her... "Me?" and pinches his leg.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [N1E1S] Cool. Stories and songs- and Janet has something.

Vivian Weiss: [A18PP] High five back to Janet.. --- "Now I have to gather up the kin to protect your ass." said to Michael

Michael Stevens (Master of the Bait): [LK2QT] *grins to Viv* you volunteered.

Vivian Weiss: [A18PP] "I did not.. I said you need a bodygaurd. I wasn't expecting that bodyguard to be me."

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [YP8ZP] *She looks up as val calls her name, giving her a weak halfsmile.. standing slowly and streching, moving closer to the fire so everyone can see her*Tonight I have less of a story to relate to you, then a question: and an introduction.

Vivian Weiss: [A18PP] Listening to Janet..

Michael Stevens (Master of the Bait): [LK2QT] *leans back against the arm of the couch, pulling Viv to lean with him as he listens to Janet*

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [YP8ZP] *she runs her hand over her hair nervously... and strangely enough, takes off her glasses he pauses a moment, her voice taking on a quailty only true preformers have - a hypnotyzing tone, that draws a speaker into the discussion* What I hope you will gain from this is simply- somthing to think about. *she closes her eyes and takes a breath,before diving in*When we are born, we are given a name. That name starts us in the definition of who we are and what we become. As a warrior of the mother, garou are given names upon their rebirth into society, to help direct who they are and what they will become. This has become second nature to many of our nation, the deed done without hesitation.

Vivian Weiss: [A18PP] Lean into Michael, nice and comfy... course one might wonder how comfortable those tight leather pants she wearing can be.

Michael Stevens (Master of the Bait): [LK2QT] *ever wear leather pants against another pair of leather pants? daaaamned comfy*

Lost-Claw (booted): [VHQU2] *and for the first time since his twitch, looks up, foccusing his right eye on Janet as she speaks*

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [YP8ZP] This is an introduction of a man who is remarkable in the true sence of that word. What does that mean? *she shrugs softly to herself and lets her eyes drift to the sky for a moment* It means He. Is. *she accents the two words as if they had meaning within themselves, her dark hazel eyes moving back to the crowd - meeting each one's gaze.* He is a man, set apart by men for his calling to the Mother. He is a man, set to join and fight - which he does so willing, and without complaint. He does not demand recogntion: although he has quietly earned respect in the eyes of the spirits, few tales are sung, few rumors are spread. He just fights, because it is his duty.

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [YP8ZP] But recently, the question has come upon him. As, perhaps the question should come on each of you. Why. Why is this fight important? *her eyes gain an edge of fire or of ice- an edge some may not have seen if she had left her glasses on* Why does his friends suffer around him. Why is the path that was set upon him so many years ago - by a name, a word, a string of letters - why was it set before him. Why him? *her voice had built on the icey fire in her eyes... then she looked away from them to the ground. as if bringing herself back to the topic at hand*

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [YP8ZP] This question, he does not ask in anger, nor spite, nor grief. He seeks no blame, nor does he *She pauses slightly, choosing her next word* - yet - *she seems satisfied* seek rebellion. What he seeks is an answer. What he seeks to to know here *she puts her hand over her heart* what he knows.... here. *she touches her forhead* This *tapping her forhead* has been taught to him over, and over and over.... given to him every day bit by bit. He works: he fights without questioning, because he knows he must. It is his duty, and one he does with pride. He knows. *she taps her temple again* But he still, has yet.. to know... *she lays her hand gently over her heart* That is the question, submitted for your thought. How many of you know *tapping over her heart.. two fingers.. like she was mirroring her heartbeat* why you fight.

Lost-Claw (booted): [VHQU2] *snorts softly and returns to his thoughts*

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [YP8ZP] *she pauses and turns as if she was going to walk back... then turns back to the gathering.. her eyes haunting almost meeting each garou, each kin as they watch her in silence* And for the introduction. I am honored to speak the first words of a man, a warrior of the Mother - Justin "Searches for Faith" Lombardo, Homid Philodox Fostern of the pack the Lone Wolves. *and she steps back into the crowd, putting her glasses back on... *(and for those who must know numbers, she's got a charisma of 4 (specialty in stage presence) a expression of 4 (specialty in spoken word) and a preformance of 4 (specialty also in the spoken word)

'Twomoons' Maier: [NW93B] *nods a little*

Vivian Weiss: [A18PP] She nods slightly when janet is finished.. remains quiet, indeed thinking about what she said.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [N1E1S] *Raises a freshly poured cup of coffee in salute*

Janet "Kissed by Wendigo" Santos: [YP8ZP] *she sits down in her seat.. quicketly.. cleaning her glasses*


Note: I lost the rest of the archive when the archive decided to shut down on it's own... Nothing too important was lost that I can remember. If something is missing, and the player whishes it to be added to this archive, just send me the information. ~Anna

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