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Glass Walker-Tribal Meeting
Meet the man in charge
 'Major' Kane ~Mars~ Englund

April 9, 2004

Rabid ST: [7M9S6] *as folks begin to arrive at NTI, they realize the parking lot's more full than it's been since the shutting of the doors. There's definately some action going on tonight. Lights are on, people can be seen moving inside, though mostly those related to security, as well as several faces in windows that hadn't been seen previously. Security isn't lax, but it's also not as if they're expecting an attack. Everyone's allowed in as normal as they head through the first several floors* OOC:yeah. takes time feel free to chitchat ICly and whatnot. I don't have any massive hurry tonight, and the tribe needs to socialize with each other a bit more anyway. *G* anyone on limited time?

Rabbie Metal-And-Blood (ULS Something or Other): [P7X4S] ((i'll have to decline that offer *g*)) *arrives with Brad cause they're both in the same pack*

Brad Mullins "Smack Down" (ULS Beta): [OCH92] *heads in..... having no problem since he's on the security staff here*

Krez 'Night Flier' Harrington: [7ZZOK] *follows in behind rabbie and brad and taps them on the shoulders.. he didn't get to really make friends before he left* heyin you twos... havin ya'll seen hide or hair o da See-n-Eye dog pack? ain't seen 'em since i returned.

Brad Mullins "Smack Down" (ULS Beta): [OCH92] ((*ammends post*)) *has Rabbie with him when he heads in.... smiling and chatting with her*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: [TFL1B] Arrives with Dominic and she's not the one driving.. what a shock if her pack saw her.

Brad Mullins "Smack Down" (ULS Beta): [OCH92] Krez>> I think they're gone, bro.... only Cassy and Flea left.... and Cass is a Dog of War now....

Dominic Vinitolli: [8VU0Z] **A masterpiece of Detroit history rolls through the night. A throaty growl of dual tuned tunnel mufflers precedes the vehicle out of the darkness..... Wow, a 37 Buick Limo, rodded out. It's a mean black chrome trimmed bullet. Chopped 6 inches off the roof, and lowered 2 inches to to the ground, the rebuilt outblown fenders give it the feel of a liquid panther about to pounce. Thick chrome bumpers wrap around the fenders and lead into chrome trimmed running boards. It rolls with the obvious threat of rubber breaking loose, and speed that could rip the fabric of reality, but it is caged within a forged steel beast that is chained to the road by BF Goodrich Comp T/A® ZR tires, and the spirit of the asphalt bullet train resides within a custom grilled housing under the hood. Much time and effort has been put into this classic to make a mean street beast, but it is wrapped in beauty, nobility, and a kickass sound system.**

Enters-the-Password® (GW bigwig): [JF5XN] *parks his truck and heads in....* 

Kayla ~Silent Witness~ Marks (STAT GEEK!!): [Q4CPW] *Stands herself...dressed in full uniform. Waiting for her pack to show up, but not mingling with anyone*

Jessie Wright: [UXEEH] *he pulls up in his old 79 Duster that runs like a dream.. and climbs out.. heading into the building.. though he doesn't really talk to anyone... no one he knows is here except enters* yo adam!!

Rabid ST: [7M9S6] *Even Brad sees a few new faces. There seem to be two groups among the security staff at the moment... the old NTI Staff, several of whom are still on their way in if Brad asks any of his coworkers where the rest are... and the second group, that seem to all have extensive previous experience with each other. Aside from a slight awkwardness, there doesn't seem to be any troubles or ill will between the two groups. each just does their thing and follows the orders that came down from the top without question*

Rabbie Metal-And-Blood (ULS Something or Other): [P7X4S] *glances about as she's accompanied by Brad* Y'know, this is the first time I've been here.

Enters-the-Password® (GW bigwig): [JF5XN] Jess>> ya? *heading in* 

Dominic Vinitolli: [8VU0Z] **busts out of the car and runs around to open Amber's door for her if he gets the chance.**

Krez 'Night Flier' Harrington: [7ZZOK] *follows them up and frown spitting into a little cup that black chew crap* yer kiddin me?! *sighs a bit* dangit.. so ah losta pack afore ah even did anythin wit 'em... story of me life ah be tellin ya'lls. Foggy Moutian still 'round these parts?

Brad Mullins "Smack Down" (ULS Beta): [OCH92] Rabbie>> they been doing remodeling..... y'know I work as security here *smirks* I get to rough people up when they break the rules *smirks, joking*

Jessie Wright: [UXEEH] *comes up behind him* how ya been man.. haven't seen you in awhile.. *heads up beside him*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: [TFL1B] (this is being archive... remember I do not edit these things usually)

Rabbie Metal-And-Blood (ULS Something or Other): [P7X4S] *nods* I know. *grins* But it's still the first time I've been here.

Brad Mullins "Smack Down" (ULS Beta): [OCH92] Krez>> Yep.... tho Wields is running it now..... I think Cindy's the Beta....

Enters-the-Password® (GW bigwig): [JF5XN] ((flutterby>> does that mean if I call you {Post has been Edited.} ))

Krez 'Night Flier' Harrington: [7ZZOK] ehh wields.. man things be changin so much.. be kinda losin yerself in everathin.. ya cityfolk move too fast.. *grins a bit*

Brad Mullins "Smack Down" (ULS Beta): [OCH92] *chuckles at Krez* 

Rabbie Metal-And-Blood (ULS Something or Other): [P7X4S] ((Heh heh heh)) 

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: [TFL1B] Dom gets to the door, just as she starts to open it.. she's a bit surprised to see him there, not use too doors being opened for her. She steps out, "thank you."

Dominic Vinitolli: [8VU0Z] **he follows the rest in, going into "cool mode" cause he knows these fuzzy types smell fear and stuff.**

Erin Williams: [BA3TB] *erin arrives in his nice fancy Alfero Romero and heads on inside... nodding to those few familar faces he reconizes from Marconi's reign as Don*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: [TFL1B] Ryan> (I'll likely edit that out. *s*)

Enters-the-Password® (GW bigwig): [JF5XN] *the former Don strolls in, looking the place over..... wearing his standard 3-piece Armani*

Enters-the-Password® (GW bigwig): [JF5XN] ((b-fly>> dammit! *L*)) 

Dominic Vinitolli: [8VU0Z] Welcome. Figured ya rode in style, had to arrive in style, know what I'm sayin? 

Krez 'Night Flier' Harrington: [7ZZOK] seriously though... *glances around* ah mean why ya gotta have dis here meetin so far up? ah mean ah like havin mah head in da clouds.. but.. dang 'ere is kinda rid-cul-ous eh?

Rabbie Metal-And-Blood (ULS Something or Other): [P7X4S] ((*snickers*)) *gives the place one more look about then looks to Brad*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: [TFL1B] Dom> She chuckles, "I'm more use to jumping out of vehicle and wearing BDU's."

Rabid ST: [7M9S6] *one of the old staffers stands by the Elevator leading up, nodding respectfully to Enters as the semibigwig and Brad as a coworker.* Evening... *he steps on out of the way as he does a mental roll of who's in the group* checl point at the twelfth floor... Wish I knew more, rhyas.

Brad Mullins "Smack Down" (ULS Beta): [OCH92] *nods to the guy as he goes by* coo, thanks...... *shrugs at Krez* I dunno Bro.... I didn't build the place *smirks and gets in the elevator with Rabbie*

Enters-the-Password® (GW bigwig): [JF5XN] *nods back to the guy.... stepping into the elevator* 

Rabbie Metal-And-Blood (ULS Something or Other): [P7X4S] *accompanies Brad* 

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: [TFL1B] She gives the guy at the elevator a nod and steps into it. Running her hand down the front of her coat... and this coat being tailored it easy to note she isn't wearing her shoulder holster.

Erin Williams: [BA3TB] *he moves down the corridors alone.. dressed in his traditional getup.. looking like a very classic and well bred Wise Guy. Afterall he was nearly ontop at one point.. apart of a Don's pack... and apart of a New Made House that crumbled... memories just flood back as he walks these halls*

Brad Mullins "Smack Down" (ULS Beta): [OCH92] *drapes his arm around his packmate's shoulders as a friendly guesture..... smiling*

Rabbie Metal-And-Blood (ULS Something or Other): [P7X4S] *glances to Brad* 

Krez 'Night Flier' Harrington: [7ZZOK] *steps into the elevator as the others do. spitting another thick black chew crap into that lil cup* yeah.. but ah be prefferin heli-co-pters ta elle-vators.. anyday... *smriks*

Enters-the-Password® (GW bigwig): [JF5XN] *absently plucks a stray hair off of the shoulder of Amber's coat, tossing it away*

Jessie Wright: [UXEEH] *and hurries rushing inside with enters* oh by the way enters.. have you seen riley around lately?

Dominic Vinitolli: [8VU0Z] **pulls back his long coat to reveal the holster, and let his Pocket-Howitzer be taken by security., and the backup .38 Midnight Special gets removed from his pocket.**

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: [TFL1B] Just raises a brow at Enters, when he touches her shoulder.

Enters-the-Password® (GW bigwig): [JF5XN] Jess>> not in a while... might ask around the yard... 

Erin Williams: [BA3TB] *and comes to the elevator.. and glances to the guy with a small frown* go ahead.. i'll catch the next one.. *his voice proper and trimmed as he tips his hat to those within*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: [TFL1B] She does have an ankle holster though.. heads for the conference room when the reach the correct floor.

Rabid ST: [7M9S6] *it's not a slow ride to the 12th, but not fast either. The light for the floor's already lit, ensuring anyone heading up has to stop by it rather they'd like to or not. As stomachs lurch just a little from the rapid negative acceleration, the light goes off. less than a second later the elevator stops with a soft tone and the doors open to reveal two figures... the lately-absent DeTox and The Wall... each clad in their respective business suits. Austin with his AS115 Zeus propped against his shoulder while a seemingly liquid silvery ball rolls around in his palm. The even more broad shouldered Wall stares into the elevator with his fetish sunglasses, his trusty M60 held ready just in case. A solid scowl sits on his face... he just hasn't been the same since The Don's death. not that he was the most affectionate of people beforehand*

Dominic Vinitolli: [8VU0Z] **moves on to the conference room when he's cleared.**

Jessie Wright: [UXEEH] *jessie frowns spotting the guns.. and steps back a bit.. thinking they've ridden into ambush... but his fear is swallowed quickly and he waits for the others to move out*

Rabid ST: [7M9S6] *the two ahroun look at each other a moment, Austin pausing as The Wall steps inside, hitting the button combination for the thirteenth floor. The constant rite of the same name ensuring that no one not meant to be in it will accidentally stumble across it.*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: [TFL1B] (backs up a little) Her eyes fall on Austin and she goves him a slight nod.

Krez 'Night Flier' Harrington: [7ZZOK] whoa.. now dat dere be secruity.. *glances to the wall's M60* betcha could killa whole forest o squrrils wit dat dem dere... *as he wanders on by and awaits to be cleared into the confrence room*

Krez 'Night Flier' Harrington: [7ZZOK] ((okay kill the wanders on by and what not but the other stuff he said))

Erin Williams: [BA3TB] *he awaits quitely for the elevator to return*

Rabid ST: [7M9S6] Austin) *opens his mouth to speak to Jax, but as the doors begin to shut he just lower hs gaze slightly. He may've been told the news already...* *The Wall just looks to Krez a moment. doesn't acknowledge the statement and turns to face the doors again* Enters>>I'm not liking this. Not at all...

Rabbie Metal-And-Blood (ULS Something or Other): [P7X4S] ((Urk good thing this is being archived, I gotta go for a bit. BBL))

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: [TFL1B] She takes a breath when the door closes, and rubs the back of her neck and does not look at anyone around her.

Brad Mullins "Smack Down" (ULS Beta): [OCH92] *silent.... arm draped around Rabbie's shouders..... smiling*

Rabid ST: [7M9S6] *The Elevator stops and opens again, The Wall leading the way out and down the hallway silently*

Enters-the-Password® (GW bigwig): [JF5XN] *nods to the Wall* 

Rabid ST: [7M9S6] *and the Elevator returns to the bottom floor as the last person exits* 

Jessie Wright: [UXEEH] *follows quitely behind the wall and whispers softly to enters* why does this feel like we're being marched to the Dutch Ovens?

Swante Taggart (Bloody STAT!): [VEV4N] *Along with his pack, in dress uniform. The pistol at the small of his back is still present, as always, but his own AS-115 is absent.*

Enters-the-Password® (GW bigwig): [JF5XN] *falls in step with the Wall* 

Erin Williams: [BA3TB] *erin waits quitely.. as the elevator doors opens.. he steps inside and waits for the ride's completion*

Krez 'Night Flier' Harrington: [7ZZOK] *comes wandering off the elevator.. even now the big mouth has shut his hole.. something is overcast and bleary here.. it's like bad weather is blowin in.. and he don't like it none*

Brad Mullins "Smack Down" (ULS Beta): [OCH92] *heads in with Rabbie*

Dominic Vinitolli: [8VU0Z] **He's not worried, no, not at all. He's calm, cool, collected, and totally bent. Things just aren't like they used to be, and he's getting that itch between the shoulderblades...... the one that says knife blade penetration imminent.**

Rabid ST: [7M9S6] *at the end of the hallways is a set of double doors, an armed guard on either side of it. As they see The Wall coming with Enters, each reaches back to grab a door and pulls it open, snapping to attention with a salute until they've passed. Both men in their late twenties recognizable to the DU as kin from the Australian training camp*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: [TFL1B] (Okay, I'm confused.. as to where folks are so jax will follw or go to where she needs to be. while I turn off some IMs and the phone.)

Krez 'Night Flier' Harrington: [7ZZOK] *he blinks a bit and glances to the others* yer kiddin me.. *said softly as he continues to walk*

Swante Taggart (Bloody STAT!): [VEV4N] *Nods in recognition, seeing as with his rank it's likely not him they're saluting, nor does he wait for replies, not expecting them to break their salutes to reply to him. Instead he follows his pack on in.*

Jessie Wright: [UXEEH] *jessie just watches without a word as they pass by the other two guys.. and just keeps on walking*

Rabid ST: [7M9S6] OOC:Jessie and someone else stayed downstairs for the second elevator trip. They get a repeat of the same but with Austin. Everyone else is on the illustrious thirteenth floor. At the end of a hallway, just through a pair of double doors that lead into a lobby of sorts for the primary conference room. a rather cooshy and expensively furnished area. The doors definately meant to resist (at least for a few seconds) crinos assault.

Enters-the-Password® (GW bigwig): [JF5XN] *nods to the soldiers as he goes in with the Wall* 

Erin Williams: [BA3TB] *whistles and waits for his trip on the elevator to be done* 

Enters-the-Password® (GW bigwig): [JF5XN] Wall>> *quiety* let's me and you try to stick together.... 

Rabid ST: [7M9S6] OOC:er.. not Jessie, then. but someone said they'd catch the second elevator, I recall. 

Erin Williams: [BA3TB] ((erin and someone else)) 

Erin Williams: [BA3TB] *he walks in slowly seeing the two kin.. his teeth grit together and he knows what he faces on the otherside of these doors.. and he knows he ain't gonna like it one bit*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: [TFL1B] She nods to the two kin ath the door as she steps into the room.

Dominic Vinitolli: [8VU0Z] **is just moving along in the wake of pack. A lone kinfolk wondering if this was the best idea........ Maybe they won't even let him in.**

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: [TFL1B] dd: since she's the only one in her pack so far not in uniform. A woman that is all business judging by her appearance, she's opted for black tailored business suit, in the style of a man's suit right down to the dark green silk tie, rather then the silk blouse under her suit jacket that is the normal style of a woman. Over the suit is a long leather coat, trench coat.. you could say that, but it's more sleek and stylish instead of the private eye look. Her hair is done up in a French twist, make-up is minimal, no jewelry and black heels on her feet finishes out her attire.

Rabid ST: [7M9S6] The Wall)*nods once in agreement to Enters. As they pass through the double doors another familiar face greets them. Ash Graham, in yet another expensive pin-striped business suit. Somehow manages to look more Wiseguy than Corporate Wolf in the getup. Could be the carnation pinned to his lapel... Standing beside him is another man armed with an AS115. Silently looks over the group, going through a mental list of names to match to the faces. For those who keep their ears open about renowned GWs and check the GWnet often enough for updates of deeds, this guy stands out. Donald Yearns-to-Kill Salaz... Athro Ragassasin, and damned good, too. To the DU, its the equivalent of seeing a rumored war hero in person. Ash looks more than a little uncomfortable being placed next to the man, let alone without his pack. As Jax and Swante step into sight, his shoulders straighten a little. Donald speaks first, looking straight past the Wall and to Enters* Adam Johannson... Are there any others joining

Enters-the-Password® (GW bigwig): [JF5XN] as far as I know.... all that are coming are in the building now....

Enters-the-Password® (GW bigwig): [JF5XN] Wall>> ~ms~ Why are there so many armed guards? I don't like this... stay ready for anything....

Swante Taggart (Bloody STAT!): [VEV4N] *A dark purple, the ancient color of riches and among Garou a uniquely Glasswalker color, dating from the ancient days when purple die was simply much harder to make than any other. His goatee is trimmed as neatly as ever, and a black beret sits upon his head. One one shoulder is his unit patch--a black wolf's-head crushing a spider in its jaws with STAT embossed above it in gold. White gloves and combat boots polished to a mirror shine, the pants bloused into them, complete the ensemble.*

Rabid ST: [7M9S6] (continued)... or is this all? Ash)*keeps his face neutral and the AS115 shouldered* The Wall)*makes no effort to hold back his look of resentment and disgust towards Salaz. Apparently the two have already encountered each other*

Erin Williams: [BA3TB] *glances to Salaz then the The Wall and back to Salaz.. not looking pleased.... no.. not very pleased at all.. eyes leveled on the man*

Rabid ST: [7M9S6] The Wall)Enters>>~ms~ overcautious paranoia or show of force. Don't let it affect you. 

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: [TFL1B] Her eyes fall on her Alpha, damn he still looks good in a suit, runs though her mind. Then her gaze moves to Yearns-to-Kill.... she looks him up and down discreetly, I mean who wouldn't do that when meeting a legend.

Jessie Wright: [UXEEH] *doesn't like all the guns being sported about while he remains unarmed.. and kind of puts a couple known fuzzies between himself and them*

Enters-the-Password® (GW bigwig): [JF5XN] Wall>> ~ms~ I don't plan on letting it affect me.... but be on guard just in case....

Swante Taggart (Bloody STAT!): [VEV4N] *Holds back a smile--or any other reaction--as he steps in with his pack and snaps to attention.*

Krez 'Night Flier' Harrington: [7ZZOK] *claps his hands together a couple of times at the extreme show* havta admit.. ah be impressed wit da display ya'll be puttin on 'ere...

Rabid ST: [7M9S6] Yearns-to-Kill)*asks once more, his voice quiet enough to have been missed the first time, but still full of confidence* Is this all that are arriving?

Enters-the-Password® (GW bigwig): [JF5XN] ((he did answer *G*)) as far as I know... all that are coming are here now....

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: [TFL1B] Glances at Enters, since he is the one Yearns-to-Kill was addressing.

Rabid ST: [7M9S6] Ash)*returns the salutes quickly and resumes his stance. Maybe trying a little too hard to be impressive* Yearns)*glances to the salutes after a moment before returning them much more casually so the Soldiers can resume*

Krez 'Night Flier' Harrington: [7ZZOK] *glances to erin a bit and then to the others.. droppin silent again spitting a big wad of black spit into a cup*

Rabid ST: [7M9S6] OOC:sorry Ryan. my mistake *G* BIC:*Austin brings up the rear with Erin just as Ash and Donald nod at the head count. Ash rededicates his rifle as it reconnects through his torso, stepping aside to allow the higher ranked garou to head in before he does.* Yearns)*Nods and turns, pushing the double doors open to reveal and even more expensively furnished room complete with a massive marble-topped conference table in the center. a Plasma TV for displays sits behind the high backed chair at the head of the table, currently featuring a screensaver of roachs crawling against the screen. At the end of the table nearest the door sits Dustin Ellsworth, his hands folded on the table, not looking pleased. The Wall immediately stands behind him, facing the others...*

Erin Williams: [BA3TB] *he walks in with the others at the rear and moves to take a seat*

Jessie Wright: [UXEEH] *just kinda wanders in and glances around not sure what to do.. and a little shaken at this point*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: [TFL1B] Moves into the room with her pack.

Enters-the-Password® (GW bigwig): [JF5XN] *steps over with the other Athros* 

Brad Mullins "Smack Down" (ULS Beta): [OCH92] *heads into the room with Rabbie* 

Krez 'Night Flier' Harrington: [7ZZOK] *moses on in with his swagger... glancing around* dis place 'ere be *spots dustin and spits into his cup shutting up and waits to be addressed afor taking a seat*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: [TFL1B] Glancing back to make sure Dominic it is still present.... then her gaze moves to the others.

Rabid ST: [7M9S6] *Y2K casually and confidently walks to the head of the table, taking the chair to the right of the Man sitting directly at the end. The Elder at the head of the table smiles with a bit of pride as the Garou and kin begin to enter...Clearly a man who's seen his fair share of atrocities in both the stock market and the battlefield. Kane's just over six feet when standing, dressed impeccably in a dark tailored silk suit. His hair, complete with the graying streaks, is buzzed short in a military cut, yet slicked back for that cliched professional look nonetheless. Solid brown eyes Lock with each and every face, giving them a taste of the warior's soul behind them.*

Rabid ST: [7M9S6] Donald ~Y2K~ Salaz)*Dressed similarly to his alpha, in a navy blue suit over a black shirt for a slightly casual look, yearns-to-Kill looks something like an agitated James Bond, though with features much more forgettable. Of the pack, his is the only hair with length, the black strands trailing silkily from a ponytail at the nape of his neck to his shoulders. Doesn't say a word, yet his eyes constantly roam, as if deciding the best way to eliminate everyone and escape as some sort of mental game to pass the time.*

Krez 'Night Flier' Harrington: [7ZZOK] *mutters* he bez lookin like mah gran'pa afore he toke to me wit da switches.. *spits into his cup again getting antzy*

Dominic Vinitolli: [8VU0Z] **Yeah, he's right there, hanging back of the crowd, but he appreciates someone remembering him. He stands at a cool, casual respectful distance and stance.**

Swante Taggart (Bloody STAT!): [VEV4N] *Stands there like a black goatee'd statue.* 

Rabid ST: [7M9S6] *to Kane's left sits Maxwell, whom several had already seen and all had the opportunity to see on the files left in NTI"s GWNet files. Now looking a bit more rested and far more prepared. His own business suit straightened perfectly, almost habitually, while his body language speaks of calm casualness that comes from many experiences. The prematurely gray streaks in his hair just add to his dignity*

Erin Williams: [BA3TB] *the look is nothing new to him... he's seen it dozens of times before.. and felt it's wrath personally on a few occassions.. he has taken a seat... before any other.. he looks back.. and just hopes.. that he didn't do something idiotic.. but he continues to sit.. not relenting he might have made a mistake.. resting his overcoat in his lap and waits*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: [TFL1B] Frez's disgusting happen make her stomach turn.. she fits a brief glare at the man for not putting the stuff aside before the meeting.

Krez 'Night Flier' Harrington: [7ZZOK] ((*pokes anna* krez certianly does not wear a fez *g*))

Rabid ST: [7M9S6] *and to the other side of Maxwell sits a new face. Even to the Soldiers, it's a new face. Gian Guitterez, according to the dog tags creatively hanging as a tie pin.The babyface of the group, Gian seems to have everything someone barely past their teen years could ask for. Money, connections, looks... and more responsibility than anyone sane would ever ask for. His hair's just barely long enough to part slightly off center and the collection of peach fuzz at his chin indicates he barely ever has reason to shave. But those eyes.. they reach out, grab ya, and try to show some of the crushing weight of his duties, leaving those who look at him too long just a little pitying.*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: [TFL1B] (Oops, menat Krez) She hasn't settled in a seat, she standing behind one of the chairs.

Rabid ST: [7M9S6] *Ash takes his own seat to the free side of Yearns. Austin takes his with a one seat buffer between he and Ash.* Kane)*silent with a slight smile as everyone takes a seat* My name is Kane "Mars" Englund... Elder Ahroun Soldier of the Dies Ultimae Glass Walkers and Alpha of Forward HQ Beta... The meeting hasn't gone formal just yet, in case we've got any stragglers joining soon. Everyone take a slow breath, smoke if you got 'em, and relax.

Enters-the-Password® (GW bigwig): [JF5XN] *sits near the Wall and Dustin* 

Brad Mullins "Smack Down" (ULS Beta): [OCH92] *plops his ass in a random seat.... Rabbie next to him* 

Krez 'Night Flier' Harrington: [7ZZOK] *he goes ahead and takes a seat.. turning to the side a bit to hide him pulling out that sicken wad of black chew with a stomach turning splash int the cup... and begins pushing another round of dip into his bottom lip*

Jessie Wright: [UXEEH] *nerviously takes a seat near the back.. by the door* 

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: [TFL1B] After Ash and Austin sit, she slip her outer coat off, draping it over the back of her seat then settles into the seat next to Austin.

Jeremiah Seymore: [Q0SXC] *sits there quietly with his resting on the arms of the chair.* 

Swante Taggart (Bloody STAT!): [VEV4N] *And takes a seat, relaxing and wondering if he should have brought a Piss.*

Erin Williams: [BA3TB] *has already seated himself.. he reaches into his coat pocket producing a nice smooth looking cigar.. as the old time looking WiseGuy takes a strike anywhere match and lights up the rich smelling cigar and puffs away slowly*

Dominic Vinitolli: [8VU0Z] **he moves to the side of the conference room, and takes a "subordinate's chair" along the wall behind the STAT pack. He drapes his coat over his chair, which reveals the conspicuously empty holster for the .50 cal pistol he left downstairs. He sits.**

Swante Taggart (Bloody STAT!): [VEV4N] ((Damn, gotta reboot. BRB))

Rabid ST: [7M9S6] *and it's like a mushroom cloud for a moment as cigars begin lighting up before the ventilation system begins to clean the air again. Guitirez whips out a pack of PallMall unflitereds and goes nuts, his fingers twitching impatiently over the keyboard of a laptop* Kane>>Its good to see so many of you could join us.. I must apologize for my delayed arrival. I believe my brother explained I had lose ends to tie up *Yearns smirks slightly at an inside joke of some sort* but now that matters are taken care of, my full attention is now here. Dustin)*snorts* I'll try to contain my glee.

Enters-the-Password® (GW bigwig): [JF5XN] Dustin>> *softly* easy..... *no reason to make waves...... this Ragabash is actually a surprisingly good diplomat*

Erin Williams: [BA3TB] and why are you here? this has been a wise guy controled city for years... what? did the central house in Vinece give up on us or sommin?

Swante Taggart (STAT): [VEV4N] *Nods, listening.* 

Enters-the-Password® (GW bigwig): [JF5XN] *glances at Erin.... he's not really sad to see the Wiseguys gone..... but are these Rambo wannabe's any better really? Where are the Corporate Wolves when you need them?*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: [TFL1B] She glances at Ash then Austin... she sure could use a stiff drink right about now.

Jessie Wright: [UXEEH] *swallows a bit as erin starts provoking as usual.. isn't this just grand puts his head down and mutters* he's gonna get us all shot for sure.

Rabid ST: [7M9S6] *Kane looks to Dustin a moment, its not really discernable if he's about to shoot the theurge or laugh.* Mr Ellsworth, I can appreciate your humor under the right circumstances. But if you attempt any form of the Colostomy bag incident tonight, I'll have more than your rank. *and with a nice thump, first one set and then the other of double doors are shut* Before we begin, I'll say this to all of you. Tonight, because of specialized circumstances, we'll keep things relatively informal and relaxed. But there will be no infighting. Regardless of rank *pointedly fixes his eyes on the Wall then Donald*

Enters-the-Password® (GW bigwig): [JF5XN] *keeps his face neutral.... his one natural eye and one bionic eye scanning the faces in the room....*

Swante Taggart (STAT): [VEV4N] *Nods. He already knows his role here is to listen up and keep his bloody mouth shut.*

Rabid ST: [7M9S6] Kane) Erin>>Straight to the point... I like that. *he takes a big drag from the cigar, exhaling from his nostrils as he speaks* and before the wise-guys, who controlled it? Time change, Mr Williams. And we change with them or die. The Wise guys can no longer retain the power they once controlled. They had their time, and it was a glorious time for the tribe. But it's now passed. As far as anyone's concerned, there are no longer any true houses. This was one of the final major cities of Wiseguy domination. And now it is not. There simply aren't enough of their elders and athros left to spread around.

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: [TFL1B] *The 21-year old Scotch she has stashed, just waiting for her. ----- Quietly listening and scanning the faces of those present.*

Krez 'Night Flier' Harrington: [7ZZOK] *bites his lip hard at that* the Houses should still be retrained.. they are good basis for orginization.

Krez 'Night Flier' Harrington: [7ZZOK] ((dlp)) 

Erin Williams: [BA3TB] *bites his lip hard at that* the Houses should still be retrained.. they are good basis for orginization.

Erin Williams: [BA3TB] ((retained*))

Rabid ST: [7M9S6] Krez>>They are an outdated basis of organization.. and the basic idea to better organize efforts did much for our tribe, but the system didn't evolve.

Rabid ST: [7M9S6] ((Erin, then))

Erin Williams: [BA3TB] So what you are saying, everything we worked and struggled for over the past few years was wasted? *rises up and slams his fist hard into the table* then i suppose you expect all of us Wise Guys here to be absorbed into your camp? since ours is effectively dead by your words. *moves twords the wall and begins to pace as he puffs on his cigar*

Enters-the-Password® (GW bigwig): [JF5XN] Erin>> Sit down... 

Jeremiah Seymore: [Q0SXC] *glances at his watch when Erin raises a fuss*

Rabid ST: [7M9S6] *Kane leans back in his chair slightly, watching Erin patiently* The Wall)*nods in agreement with Erin* Fuck that.

Erin Williams: [BA3TB] *glances to enters at the command.. and retakes his seat... he's getting really antzy*

Jessie Wright: [UXEEH] *leaps at erin's display and scoots back.. yeah he's ready to bail at the tension erin is adding here*

Krez 'Night Flier' Harrington: [7ZZOK] *does his chew.. spitting into the cup.. humming a bit... his seat rotating this way and that.. looking up at the ceiling... ohhh yeah.. if he only had a banjo*

Enters-the-Password® (GW bigwig): [JF5XN] *holds up an hand to the Wall, speaking quietly* easy.... let's keep our tempers under control, ok? *looks pointedly at Erin*

Swante Taggart (STAT): [VEV4N] *Damn he could use a grog right now...*

Rabid ST: [7M9S6] Kane)*gives Enters a slight nod and speaks to Erin once more* never wasted. The tribe is still here, and we all owe the Wise Guys for this. However, and you have to have known this already, the camp is hardly what it used to be. The Corporate Wolves are far better adjusted for modern society. And of course, without the Random Interrupts *he gives a nod of indication to Dustin* we all could very well have been cybernetic slaves by now. So while yes, the Wise Guys did well, they are not the only ones, nor are they the greatest. And while the camp is dwindling and weakening, Dies Ultimae has no intention of absorbing the camp. That has never been our way as a tribe.

Erin Williams: [BA3TB] *glances at enters* you..... *and bites his tounge* i am under control sir.. thank you.. i am making a point... a point about my camp.. you're fine because you're camp isn't on it's death bed.. *points to himself and the wall* ours is... and we just lost probably our last major american city... *glances to the wall* unless Chicago is still ours. *sounding a bit hopeful at that*

Rabid ST: [7M9S6] The Wall)Erin>>I don't think we'll ever lose chicago *maybe a hint of wishful thinking*

Enters-the-Password® (GW bigwig): [JF5XN] these are the Garou's last days, Erin...... we're ~all~ on our death bed.... regardless of camp.....

Erin Williams: [BA3TB] *raises his hands* okay.. alright.. i'm done 'ere.. forgettabouit.. jus get dis done and over wit. *lounges back in his seat focusing on calming himself*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: [TFL1B] she discreetly takes her cell phone from her coat pocket and turns the ringer off. How could she forget to do that during a meeting... Maybe because someone she cares about is being re-assigned.

Rabid ST: [7M9S6] What _is_ happening, is that we're moving in here. We're not forcing membership into Dies Ultima, nor are we running anyone out. Changes will be made. Changes have to be made, in light of the approaching final chapter of the garou nation. We no longer have the convenience of playing monopoly while sending one house out to undereffectively destroy our political foes. We'll continue to run a front, but from this point on it will be put to good use for our duties to Gaia, Cockroach and the flock.

Swante Taggart (STAT): [VEV4N] *Nods, smiling.*

Enters-the-Password® (GW bigwig): [JF5XN] Kane>> may I ask something?

Rabid ST: [7M9S6] Enters>>*nods* of course, Mr. Johannson.

Enters-the-Password® (GW bigwig): [JF5XN] *indicates all the soldiers* are the armed guards truely a nessecity here? There are a few kinfolk here who are unaccustomed to this type of situation *nods to Jesse as an example*.... it would seem to me, Rhya, that if you wanted a truely open forum with all feeling free to speak... perhaps it would be best if they merely laid their weapons aside..... to ease the tension a bit..........

Swante Taggart (STAT): [VEV4N] *Looks up and speaks for the first time, offended.* Should we lay down our weapons as well, Mr. Johannson?

Rabid ST: [7M9S6] *only Ash, The Wall, Austin and Yearns were armed and inside the room. Ash and Austin's rifles are rededicated and Yearns' is casually set beside him. The Wall's the only one with a good grip on his, and at Enter's remark, he hangs it on the back of Dustin's chair, forcing the theurge to lean back slightly* Kane)Enters>>I'd rather the kin get used to it and realize we aren't here to harm our family. The guards are for their protection as much as anyone's. I give my word that no harm will come for a question or comment delivered with due respect. Even kin rudeness won't be treated with bullets. This is no longer a glorified social club.

Enters-the-Password® (GW bigwig): [JF5XN] Swante>> *looks at him* Honestly? In all fairness...... everyone should.... they shouldn't be needed at this meeting of the minds.... we're going to attack each other here... *looks around*

Swante Taggart (STAT): [VEV4N] *Looks to Ash for his view.*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: [TFL1B] She too looks to Ash.

Enters-the-Password® (GW bigwig): [JF5XN] Kane>> my first impression was just that it seemed like we were almost entering a prison... I merely felt that some may feel ill at ease in such an environment.... but I'll take you at your word, Rhya..... *nods*

Erin Williams: [ITIHA] ((oi dang connection))

Jessie Wright ~Scarab~: [PNQHU] *glances up as he's mentioned* no.. *motions twords erin* i just know how unstable that guy is... and i'd rather not be caught in the middle of a gun fight.

Krez 'Night Flier' Harrington: [AYDQT] yeah.. *as he swivels his chair* unstable, stupid, loud, ignorant, charach scum.. that was sheltered by the previous Don.. *looks to erin* tha be about it describin ya riah, dere lil baby boy ahn h'es poor lil wittle camp.. *spits into his cup and looks back up humming again*

Rabid GW ST: [B3LI6] OOC:booted. back. BIC:Ash)*shakes his head no to Jax and Swante* Enters>>Security, not a prison. After all, as the new offices for Mars Security Inc, the sight of high security should become common.

Erin Williams: [ITIHA] *glances at jessie and looks down* you'll have to excuse me.. i was not trying to provoke a fight. *and that pretty much calmed him*

Enters-the-Password® (GW bigwig): [JF5XN] Krez>> *glances at him* enough

Swante Taggart (STAT): [VEV4N] *Nods and looks to Krez, wondering who's going to do the honors.* 

Rabid GW ST: [B3LI6] The Wall)*Snarls at Krez* how about you shut your damn mouth before you're spitting that crap into a cub through a tube? *Ellsworth looks up just slightly... and it's odd for him to not comment on a retort as lame as that, but considering the rising tempers, it might just be the wiser call* Kane)*Slams a fist on the table once to bring attention back to himself* knock it off, all of you, or be escorted from the room. I will not tolerate this petty bickering. If you have issues, deal with them outside so you aren't wasting the time of the rest of us.

Erin Williams: [ITIHA] *and he stands up snarling like a wolf.. his form shifting to glabro as he rises.. and makes like he's going to go across the table for krez* wait until i get a chance for justice boy.. *points his finger* i'm of higher station then you.. and yer ass is gonna be mine...

Rabid GW ST: [B3LI6] OOC:cup... not cub 

Erin Williams: [ITIHA] *and he retakes his seat focusing on calming himself again* 

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: [TFL1B] A slight nod to Ash, and then looks to the mouthy ones, but remains silent.

Enters-the-Password® (GW bigwig): [JF5XN] Erin>> Shift down, Sit down. 

Jeremiah Seymore: [Q0SXC] *grimaces in annoyance at garou in general* 

Jessie Wright ~Scarab~: [PNQHU] *at this point jessie just sits there.. it looks like he's accepted the fact that he's going to die.. right here*

Krez 'Night Flier' Harrington: [AYDQT] *and he just keeps swivelin in his seat doesn't look to have a care in the world.. but he's gone quite*

Erin Williams: [ITIHA] *and after a few moments of calming himself.. he retakes homid and just sits there focusing really hard... to keep himself calm*

Enters-the-Password® (GW bigwig): [JF5XN] *looks at Krez* don't do that again... 

Krez 'Night Flier' Harrington: [AYDQT] *and there's that slight shrug.. with a nod and continues to swivel his chair back and forth stairing at the cieling*

Jeremiah Seymore: [Q0SXC] Sir, we've been here for quite a while. I suggest you not take any more questions or comments until you say what we're all here for.

Swante Taggart (STAT): [VEV4N] *Sighs and hopes the meeting gets back on track.*

Rabid GW ST: [B3LI6] Kane)*waits a moment for any more bickering before beginning again* As I had said... we will have a new front. Mars Security Inc. The transition will be completed within a week, and doors will reopen on May 1st.Those of you who had jobs with NTI will cntinue to have them, though some of you may find your duties more valuable *nods to Brad in indication* All of you will be recieving an employee ID and may come and go as you please. Those of you who wish to form packs, I can place you on the payroll as one of our units and may send you on jobs, be they mundane guarding jobs or simply covers for raids. Several of you I wish to speak with in more detail later. For now, Mr Seymore... You were the former Consigliari, correct?

Jeremiah Seymore: [Q0SXC] *nods in replay to Kane's question* 

Enters-the-Password® (GW bigwig): [JF5XN] *looks around* Listen, people.... the fact of the matter is *nods to Kane* they're here to run this city.... you can bitch and moan and cuss till you're blue in the face.... but at the end of the day.... they'll still be running the city.... now, how about... instead of arguing... we pitch in our knowledge of this area and the problems around here so that we, as a tribe, can be better prepared for the coming times?

Rabid GW ST: [B3LI6] I see that much of your effectiveness came from having the Don's name behind you,as such much of your usefulness in that regard is highly diminished, however, your other duties were fulfilled quite adequately. I'll need a Liason to the sept, and the reports have indicated you have a bit of raport with the authority there, Yes?

Jeremiah Seymore: [Q0SXC] We're on speaking terms. 

Brad Mullins "Smack Down" (ULS Beta): [OCH92] *nods back to Kane... hey, maybe he'll get a raise, too....*

Rabid GW ST: [B3LI6] Jere>>then if you accept the job, I'll accept speaking terms as decent enough for now. I'll give you one moon to see how it works out. I expect regular reports in person to myself or my brother. If you'd prefer not to, I'll find another opening for you.

Jeremiah Seymore: [Q0SXC] Rabid- *nods* Alright.

Rabid GW ST: [B3LI6] Enters>>You seem to have your act together... I'd like to see you continue as you're doing. Help teach these youngsters manners and discipline. *looks to Ash* STAT will remain stationed here as our on-call strike team. I wish to speak with you and your Beta after the meeting *and looks over the group trying to see if there's anything else*

Erin Williams: [ITIHA] *puffs on his cigar lightly* 

Jessie Wright ~Scarab~: [PNQHU] *clears his throat* if i may? 

Rabid GW ST: [B3LI6] Any further questions? If not, I'll dismiss the meeting. Feel free to sit and talk amongst yourselves afterwards

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: [TFL1B] She does look at Ash and Austin when Kane says he wants to speak to them after the meeting.

Rabid GW ST: [B3LI6] *nods to Jessie* 

Enters-the-Password® (GW bigwig): [JF5XN] Kane>> *nods.... smirking a bit* as I'm sure you're aware... you don't get to be Don without knowing how to manage the people in your tribe....

Rabid GW ST: [B3LI6] Enters>>*nods in agreement*

Jessie Wright ~Scarab~: [PNQHU] hi.. *clears his throat* Jessie Wright, Army Retired.... anyways.. i'm a mechanical genius.. just came back to the area.. if you all have a motorpool.. i'd be willing to join up.. i have experince working on civilian and miliary vehicles of all calibar.

Rabid GW ST: [B3LI6] Jessie>>*nods slowly as he takes anoher puff of the cigar* Speak to Gian after the meeting and he'll schedule something for you.

Jessie Wright ~Scarab~: [PNQHU] *nods to him and retakes his seat*

Rabid GW ST: [B3LI6] *slowly stands once more, his pack as well as Austin and Swante rise to their feet* Kane)now if there are no more questions... this meeting is dismissed.

Brad Mullins "Smack Down" (ULS Beta / Thug): [2WTFV] Kane>> Rhya.... I'd also like to ask about my new duties here and what all's involved....

Erin Williams: [ITIHA] thank you my don.. *he rises and makes for the door as quickly as possible.. throwing on his overcoat.. and hits the elevator.. doesn't even wait for anyone else.. and decends.. walks hastily out of the building.. to his car.. and drives off with wheels peeling the entire way*

Krez 'Night Flier' Harrington: [AYDQT] *stands a bit and stretches with a yawn glancing around* ehhhh.. *moves to leave not caring to talk to anyone* ((gone))

Rabid GW ST: [B3LI6] Brad>>Speak with me after the meeting. We may have something interesting for you.... OOC:Read as: I'm tired as hell and can barely see out of my left eye from earlier tonight.

Jessie Wright ~Scarab~: [PNQHU] *jessie just stays put.. in his seat.. glancing as the others get ready to leave*

Brad Mullins "Smack Down" (ULS Beta / Thug): [2WTFV] Kane>> *nods* cool... 

Jessie Wright ~Scarab~: [PNQHU] ((well if you're tired rabid.. i'll just wait.. tired too.. g'nite all))

Rabid GW ST: [B3LI6] *the color slowly drains from Ash's face as the private meeting becomes iminent. Forces a weak smile to Jax* Dustin/The Wall)*remain seated... apparently not finished* OOC:and there will be more of it on the list tomorrow. probably at night.

Swante Taggart (STAT): [VEV4N] *And waits for the debriefing.* ((Later, man.)) 

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: [TFL1B] Jax doesn't return the smile, she knows, or thinks she knows what this private meeting is going to be about. But she does give him a slight nod and one to austin as well.

Rabid GW ST: [B3LI6] OOC:thanks for showing up, all. And remember, any feedback y'all wanna give via ICQ is good. Means I can better tailor things to how the players want them. better descrips, less descrips, more dice, etc. feedback's good.

Rabid GW ST: [B3LI6] OOC:Feel free to hang and chat in the 'lobby' and whatnot. If the archive continues I'll read the rest of it. but for now.... ***gone***

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: [TFL1B] (Night Greg)

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: [TFL1B] (If folks are going to go their own ways I'm going to end the archive.)

Enters-the-Password® (GW bigwig): [JF5XN] *just stays where he is... watching*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: [TFL1B] Jax will wait around for the end of the private meeting... and isn't talkative tonight, but that's not really unusual for her unless it's just the pack.

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: [TFL1B] (okay then I think I'll end the archive here.)

Swante Taggart (STAT): [VEV4N] *And does the same, waiting to see what other news is coming.*

~end archive~

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