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Junkyard Moot

April 8, 2004

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] ((Alright, tradition out the window... I'm setting the book in my lap and going down the list.. *g*)) ALRIGHT EVERYONE!!! GET YOUR BUSINESS DONE AND GATHER ROUND! *his voice booms out across the yard, trying to reach any stragglers in the maze* (Howl of summons... check.)

Lost-Claw-of-Hjarta-Villtnur (DoW. PB1.){ST}: [2XGWV] *just said they wouldn't hurt Rane. wyrmspawn's another matter... shifts to Crinos, placing himself at the entrance to Rane's van. the penultimate guard dog. The left eye open unlike usual. Yellowed and milky as if dead, it seems to have no trouble focussing*

Leon "Screams-Rat's-Litany" Javert: [7XQ4K] "I was always going to be there for them, baby. Always."

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [HBNNZ] *she makes no move to leave the van....or to even join the moot crowd, huddled there in her blanket. She looks to Lost-Claw*

Erin ~TitaniumFist-GlassJaw~ Williams: [A2T8I] *gets hit in the head and looks over at steel* okay *said lightly as he smokes his cig*

[ Lacey Langstrom ¤ GW Cub ¤ ]: [H1POR] --half squeaks as the loud voice is heard suddenly and she jumps slightly.. moving toward the middle.. yet keeping to the back away from everyone.. she bites her lip keeping quiet.. if you dont draw attention to yourself then you won't have to talk.. yeah thats it.. -

Steeleyes(Warder): [M0QBE] *snarls yanking him by his hair to his feet... heading to the main area*,,,you heard poppa..*letting his hair go*

Gerald Grooms: [YO3KH] *he pushes off from the junkpile moving towards the center of the GA*

Nikki Warner ~The moon glows, the river flows, but I die, without you.~: [U62AV] *She glances to Simon, shaking her head just slightly. Why should she listen? She'll just lie. Tear her down, just like Leon said she would...*

Dr. Drake (Head Mad Scientist): [C5LAX] *Brushes the dust off his duster and reaches inthe car and pulls out an old brown western style hat that matches the duster and kills the last of his beer*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [HL7SO] ((Urk, here))

Anja Stormbringer(The Lost): [Q0TRU] *if this half-mad, pathetic, begging thing even heard the Grand Elder, she doesn't show it. Still frantically trying to grab Nikki's hand* Nikki, please, please, please don't do this. Please listen to me. Please talk to me. Please. I'll do anything. Just talk to me.

Nikki Warner ~The moon glows, the river flows, but I die, without you.~: [U62AV] *Then, watching Leon again. Waiting.*

Dominic: [H1O8D] *Hands in pockets moves towards the GA*

Dr. Drake (Head Mad Scientist): [C5LAX] *Lights up another cigarette and heads over to the moot begining to start*

Justin "Sparky": [CK0G8] *Gathers around* ((Not much time))

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [HL7SO] *Appears from the Penumbra for a look around pre-moot, and moves toward Anja and Nikki*

Steeleyes(Warder): [M0QBE] *stands next to Ed*

**Note: I may of missed some posts here, sorry.

Leon "Screams-Rat's-Litany" Javert: [7XQ4K] "God, Anja. Don't do this to yourself."

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] Kin, gather up too... a lot of this is gonna be for everyone's ears... *nods as what guardians are here OOC go off to their posts to guard the moot*

Nikki Warner ~The moon glows, the river flows, but I die, without you.~: [U62AV] *She looks over to Edward, then back to Leon* We should go.

Lost-Claw-of-Hjarta-Villtnur (DoW. PB1.){ST}: [2XGWV] *snarls sharply and quickly to get Val's attention... hates to break in on the moot as it begins, but,...*~HT~ Blackout! here. quick.

Anja Stormbringer(The Lost): [Q0TRU] *without getting up from her knees, she looks over at Leon and snarls* Don't you talk to me. Don't you EVER talk to me. It's your LIES that have poisoned her against me.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [HL7SO] Anja, I think we're about to begin. *Takes a general overview of peoples' mental conditions*

Leon "Screams-Rat's-Litany" Javert: [7XQ4K] "Go where?"

Steeleyes(Warder): [M0QBE] grunts and snarls just laud enough for erin to hear

Leon "Screams-Rat's-Litany" Javert: [7XQ4K] "Funny, that's exactly what I used to say about you."

Nikki Warner ~The moon glows, the river flows, but I die, without you.~: [U62AV] Over. *Gesturing vaguely toward the gathering*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [HL7SO] *Nods and goes to Lost Claw*

Lost-Claw-of-Hjarta-Villtnur (DoW. PB1.){ST}: [2XGWV] *mental condition... on edge. irritable, angry... but still under more control than he'd like to be*

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] Val, go look at Rane while we get started here... *he nods to her as the other collect* Do we have a Master of the Howl, or are we still taking Galliard volunteers each month? *glances to Steel, that question being mostly to him, though he'd take an answer from anyone*

Lost-Claw-of-Hjarta-Villtnur (DoW. PB1.){ST}: [2XGWV] *drops his voice for Val's ears*

[ Lacey Langstrom ¤ GW Cub ¤ ]: [H1POR] -just keeps to hte side and listens.. twisting her ring around her finger absently--

Dr. Drake (Head Mad Scientist): [C5LAX] *Looks back and actually raises his voice at all three of them* Deal with it after the moot damnit.

Anja Stormbringer(The Lost): [Q0TRU] Nikki, please. I love you. You know I love you. You know I didn't do this. *gestures at where her left eye used to be* Gaia, Nikki, I plucked out my eye bargaining with the spirits today trying to find a way to bring him back. No matter how much you hate me, would I have done that if I'd had him killed in the first place?

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] *his eyes scan over everyone around a few times.. he is obviously paying attention to see if anyone attempts to ditch the moot*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [HL7SO] *Listens with care as this seems urgent*

Michael Stevens (kin): [897DC] *pulls himself upright again, edging out of Valerie's way*

Steeleyes(Warder): [M0QBE] *shrugs* .we dont have any that i know of...

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [HL7SO] *Without saying a word, drops into a squat by Rane* It's just me Rane. *Quietly* It'll be okay. *Places a hand on her side and feels, then uses Mother's Touch*

Nikki Warner ~The moon glows, the river flows, but I die, without you.~: [U62AV] *Nothing to deal with. Anja may as well not exist, for all the attention she's paying her words. More lies. More assurances, to make her feel safe, so she can destroy her again. More lies, to keep her from Leon. To keep their children from getting strong.*

Leon "Screams-Rat's-Litany" Javert: [7XQ4K] "When you have but one eye to see the world with, you can only afford one way of seeing it." Not explaining what that means, Leon moves over to the gathering.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [HBNNZ] *she glances to Michael...and reaches out a hand to rest on his foot, a warmth flooding from her touch..this much she can still do for him...*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [HBNNZ] *there are no wounds to heal, Val's MT isn't necessary....and what she feels would appear to be the rounded belly of a woman six months pregnant*

Vivian Weiss: [6V35H] Honeysuckle will reappear as well.

Erin ~TitaniumFist-GlassJaw~ Williams: [A2T8I] *nods to steel and glances back to Edward puffing on his smoke*

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] One galliard with a good set of lungs- get us started. *By those words it's obvious he intends to make the howl more traditional to a gnawer caern... one howl, in the physical*

Nikki Warner ~The moon glows, the river flows, but I die, without you.~: [U62AV] *She follows, pondering the words as best she can, standing between he and Simon quietly. Standing with her family.*

Dr. Drake (Head Mad Scientist): [C5LAX] *Takes a drag off his cigarette, aggitated but there all the same*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [HL7SO] Rane, have you been in a Realm? Moonbridge, maybe?

Gerald Grooms: [YO3KH] *he glances about, noting those about, slightly frowning about something*

Anja Stormbringer(The Lost): [Q0TRU] *anguished* Please, Nikki. Have a Philodox test my words. I speak the truth. *she stands as well, and it's only through sheer coincidence that she ends up over at the moot...Her addled mind has no idea anything's even occurring*

Michael Stevens (kin): [897DC] *shuts his eyes and takes a deeper breath as Rane relieves the pains a little. It breaking through whatever problem with healing he seems to have*

Dominic: [H1O8D] *Looks around waiting to see if anyone steps up to the GE's call...and eventually sighs*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [HBNNZ] No.....I was injured last night, I've been sleeping most of the day....

[ Lacey Langstrom ¤ GW Cub ¤ ]: [H1POR] --idly looks around pressing her lips together wondering where all the drama is coming from and why they can't set it aside.. this guy seems adamant about having everyones attention.. she looks around.. wide eyed and curious.. half wondering if she should go back into the den and curl up with her laptop.. gotta remember to head downtown to charge that battery--

Dominic: [H1O8D] *steps forward, taking a deep breath; following with letting out a howl to call the moot to order. When finished steps back to he was orginally*

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] Dom. Do it. *nods to the Gnawer, not wanting to doddle... also, he's the only Galliard he reocgnizes both name and auspice of* And after that, see to Twomoons about taking the position. Let's hear it.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [HL7SO] Mind if I do a simple exam over your skin later? Measurements, feel bumps, and stuff like that? There's some explanation. Don't worry. It'll be okay. *Rests her hand on Rane's arm for a moment and then stands*

Krez 'Night Flier' Harrington/ Jessie Wright: [C3NR9] *krez shifts into the physcial realm glancing around and joins into the howl* ~Jessie comes walking through the maze slowly.. looking somewhat pale at something~

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [HBNNZ] Do whatever you think is necessary....

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [HL7SO] Rane> Can you go to the Moot or do you feel the need to rest?

Justin "Sparky": [CK0G8] *watches the moot*

Hadean 'Hades' Murphy (Weaverdog, bad luck follows): [61RRI] *Whistles loudly as he passes by what was once the guard shack and gate, having chosen such a bad time to show up. He carries a simple laptop under one arm, and a big white sack over the other..the Native American pausing* Hmm, 'announce yourself at the gate indeed...that's gonna be easy'

Steeleyes(Warder): [M0QBE] lifts his voice to howl

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] *He nods* Alright... we have no Caller of the Wyld either, correct? *almost chuckles there... they are at the bottom of the totem pole of Caern strengths to begin with...* Ten seconds for a Theurge to volunteer, otherwise I do it. Everyone with something to offer rat, place it in the center... *with that he walks off to grab his own pile of personal loot... cheetos, m&ms, and a sweetly fragrant box marked "Tony's Pizzaria" that the FMT seemed to have little use for...*

Erin ~TitaniumFist-GlassJaw~ Williams: [A2T8I] ((the gate was fixed, looks second rate but fixed and no guardshack exsists at the front any longer))

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [HBNNZ] I have no clothing to wear, Valerie... *still clutching that blanket tightly around her*

Cassy Nix (DoW): [FZL3M] *Steps up* I'll do it

Erin ~TitaniumFist-GlassJaw~ Williams: [A2T8I] *moves to his van and comes back with a box of day old pasta and sets it in the center*

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] *lifts a finger to Krez and Steel, cutting them off...* One voice tonight... that's how we do it now. *not scolding... he is changing the old tradition after all.. it'll take getting used to*

Honeysuckle: [9EQMN] Comes back out of the van..

Dominic: [H1O8D] *Walks forward pulling out a bag of candy, and placing in the center*

Lost-Claw-of-Hjarta-Villtnur (DoW. PB1.){ST}: [2XGWV] *looks to Rane a moment. shifts to glabro and promptly strips... considering he's got a bit more bulk than she, it might work. Besides, which is more important, a fashion statement or the moot?*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [HL7SO] Hold on a sec. *Walks to the storage pickup that holds her "overflow stuff" and takes out a flat folded set of sweats, grey with a blue stripe down the leg of the pants, extra large and brings it to Rane* Here. There's always some in there. Take whatever you need.

Steeleyes(Warder): [M0QBE] *reaches into his pockets..pulls out some old popcorn tosse into the center*

[ Lacey Langstrom ¤ GW Cub ¤ ]: [H1POR] ((heh.. is a theurge though she doesnt know it.. adn wouldnt have a clue how to start anything anyway)) --she looks up at Edward and then moves over whispering close to him-- umm excuse me..

Anja Stormbringer(The Lost): [Q0TRU] *she's silent...She has nothing to offer the totem. Instead, she reaches out, trying to grab Nikki's arm again*

Krez 'Night Flier' Harrington/ Jessie Wright: [C3NR9] *krez glances to cassy and tilts his head* thought you were ahroun.. not theurge... *glances to around a bit more before spitting into a cup* /~Jessie moves slowly through the crowd nodding to those he knows.. and stops next to steel nudging him a bit in greetings~

Steeleyes(Warder): [M0QBE] *nods*

Dr. Drake (Head Mad Scientist): [C5LAX] *Steps forwards* If you got no objections.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [HL7SO] I'll have to go now. Mistress of the Rite and all that. It'll be all right, it really will Rane. I'll be back if you don't come. *Sprints to the offering with her usual valerian and honey wrapped in beef jerky strips*

Hadean 'Hades' Murphy (Weaverdog, bad luck follows): [61RRI] ((Thankee Erin-p...) Edit: Grunts faintly at the locked gate, momentarily debating simply opening it...but common sense reminding him that being shot isn't a good way to introduce oneself to a Sept...and then the howl brings a little groan to his lips..just great..he could be out here a long long while

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [HBNNZ] Lost-Claw.... *shaking her head at him, but she takes things from Valerie* going to

Cassy Nix (DoW): [FZL3M] *Is already at the front of the group* I'll perform the howl

Lost-Claw-of-Hjarta-Villtnur (DoW. PB1.){ST}: [2XGWV] OOC:DLP. forgot about the spare sweats. BIC:*pulls his shirt back on then reverts to lupus asVal retrieves the stuff*

Steeleyes(Warder): [M0QBE] *looks at Jessie..nods*

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] *gives Cassy the thumbs up to do the glorified "asking" that Rat typically responds to... leaning his ear to Lacey, whispering back* What's up?

Vivian Weiss: [6V35H] Still next to Rane, listening..

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [HBNNZ] ((Guys, I gotta bail, see ya'll tomorrow night!))

Lost-Claw-of-Hjarta-Villtnur (DoW. PB1.){ST}: [2XGWV] OOC:night, Kari

[ Lacey Langstrom ¤ GW Cub ¤ ]: [H1POR] -she bites at her lower lip and looks down at her hands as she speaks softly-- umm.. what is an offering for and why do you give it to a rat?

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] ((Oops, correction.. he gives Drake the thumbs up. Dominic already did the Howl. Just one person doing it tonight. No "chior" *nodnod*))

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [HL7SO] *And adds gnosis to the offering hastily*

Krez 'Night Flier' Harrington/ Jessie Wright: [C3NR9] ~jessie kinda nods back to steel and moves over to the couch flopping down~

Gerald Grooms: [YO3KH] *he slings his bag to his front, zipping it open, tossing a white paper bag filled with glazed donuts, probally day(s) old, with a tempting Boston Creme falling out of the bag*

Nikki Warner ~The moon glows, the river flows, but I die, without you.~: [U62AV] *Stiffening just slightly when Anja touches her, eyes still straight ahead*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [HL7SO] ((Later Kari))

Cassy Nix (DoW): [FZL3M] ((She'll step up to do whatever...The player just misread the post))

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [HBNNZ] *she disappears into the recesses of her van, leaving Lost-Claw, Vivian, and Michael clustered in the doorway*

Asheford Graham (STAT Alpha): [DSZ2E] *enters a little later than he'd like. but shows up with a bag of cheesey-corn* OOC:and heavily multitasking

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [HBNNZ] *)(*gone*)(*

Justin "Sparky": [CK0G8] ((Gotta split... later all))

Cassy Nix (DoW): [FZL3M] ((DLP...Ok...let Drake do just started fucking up...gonna be on and off tonight...sorry))

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [HL7SO] ((Night Dave))

Screams-Rat's-Litany, Walker-in-Darkness, Plum-Wine-Song: [ZSFEL] From the maze, Mark Richter walks in, dressed all in black slacks and red silk shirt, a black leather should holster carrying his piece. Shortly afterwards, Zhao approaches. It's the first time anybody's seen the elderly sorceror in weeks.

Michael Stevens (kin): [897DC] *eases from the van* Viv>>c'mon... best thing we can do is let her rest for now. we probably need to be with the others right now.

Cassy Nix (DoW): [FZL3M] *Stands with Rane and LC as Dr. Drake steps up to the plate*

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] *chuckles lightly* Cub, huh? Rat is our totem spirit... big ole godlike being.. God of Rats and Survivors... like us. She looks after us and keeps us safe... and powers our holy place, the Caern. *nods for her to go hang out with the otehrs again* Just play along for now, and try to pick up what you can. We'll find you a good tutor in a bit...

[ Lacey Langstrom ¤ GW Cub ¤ ]: [H1POR] --she nods a bit and bites her lip- umm you want me to give her something too? i have well.. rats like to eat food right? i got some old pizza crust.. if you want.. -she starts to walk off then as he shoo's her away-

Asheford Graham (STAT Alpha): [DSZ2E] *frowns as he inspects the damage to the area, but only for a moment. Takes a stand in an area with enough space around him for the rest of the pack*

Vivian Weiss: [6V35H] Michael> "Yeah..." After rane is settled she come out with Michael.

Anja Stormbringer(The Lost): [Q0TRU] *just lightly curls her fingers around Nikki's wrist...The part of her brain that's not wracked by days of no sleep, madness, and Harano knows something's going on, so she doesn't plead...Yet. She's just quiet, hand gently on Nikki's wrist*

Lost-Claw-of-Hjarta-Villtnur (DoW. PB1.){ST}: [2XGWV] *remains at Rane's van, looking towards the moot with his ears aimed thataway*

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] ((Night to those leaving. *g* Alright Drake, go ahead and ask Rat to come down and take some munchies... *g* I'm flipping pages, and I actually think this is done in the physical. Don't forget, we're probably doing this closer to the Caern heart.. where there is no gauntlet.))

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [HL7SO] ((Besides, Rat can Materialize, right?))

Screams-Rat's-Litany, Walker-in-Darkness, Plum-Wine-Song: [ZSFEL] Stricken with shock and surprise, Mark stares at Anja in her wrecked condition, mouth slightly agape.

Krez 'Night Flier' Harrington/ Jessie Wright: [C3NR9] *crouches on top of the car spitting a big wad of crap into a cup.. eyes watching*

Nikki Warner ~The moon glows, the river flows, but I die, without you.~: [U62AV] Leon...? *Quietly. Certainly not loud enough to disturb the proceedings. Still, it's filled with pleading as Anja's fingers wrap around her wrist*

Screams-Rat's-Litany, Walker-in-Darkness, Plum-Wine-Song: [ZSFEL] Leon nods to Nikki. "Yeah?"

Nikki Warner ~The moon glows, the river flows, but I die, without you.~: [U62AV] *Her gaze clearly says "help". Like Anja's grip is some foregin thing, that she needs to be saved from suddenly*

Cassy Nix (DoW): [FZL3M] *Stands with LC...arm resting on his shoulder. Also looking foward to tonights events*

Dr. Drake (Head Mad Scientist): [C5LAX] We have gathered in this sacred place of Gaia, having called our brothers and sisters of Gaia, and now we call our brothers and sisters of Luna. *Faces the east* East Wind! Bringer of the dawn and of clean air! You who showed us the Mirror side, the other side of the velver curtain, come to us! We thank you for your clear thought and bright light *Turns to the south*

[ Lacey Langstrom ¤ GW Cub ¤ ]: [H1POR] --just finds her place not worrying about the offerin thing.. watching and trying to learn something.. --

Screams-Rat's-Litany, Walker-in-Darkness, Plum-Wine-Song: [ZSFEL] Looking back to Anja, he gives a pained, sympathetic expression, unsure of what to do. How can he tell Anja to just walk away? He understands how this feels.

Dr. Drake (Head Mad Scientist): [C5LAX] South WInd! Bringer of the Eternal Fire! You who gave us the fire of rage within, that we strike swiftly against our enemies, come to us! We thank you for your firey anger and protection *Turns to the west* West Wind! Bringer of the Rain! You who gave us the changing ways, come to us! We thank you for the many shapes you've shared with us *Turns to the north*

Vivian Weiss: [LHRDK] Viv sits with Michael.. and now that she can she looks him over wishing she was a healer.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [HL7SO] *Observes with bemusement, how Drake performs the Rite, finding it well done despite difference from her own way*

Honeysuckle: [LHRDK] Honeysuckle is sitting on the steps in front onf the FMT van.

Dr. Drake (Head Mad Scientist): [C5LAX] North wind! Bringer of the cold fromt he moutains! You who brougth us the gifts and sacred ways, come to us! We thank you for your wisdom and strength * Raises his hands above him and looks skyward* Inner wind! Bringer of blessings from Gaia from within us! You who hold the mother's power, come to us! We thank you for your spirit and peace! *Looks towars the caren's heart* Rat guardian of this Caern. We come before you to bring you blessings. We hope that you will recieve them from us in the manner they are given. Protect us and look over us in these hard times and the hard times that come ahead

Michael Stevens (kin): [897DC] Viv>>*he's a bit better of after Rane's MT. not running any marathons, but he's not in danger or massive pain. just sits quietly and listens*

Dr. Drake (Head Mad Scientist): [C5LAX] *He pulls out his boot knife and slashes his wrist* This is my offering to you. May it be split to protect your home. *looks to see who is next with their offering*

Nikki Warner ~The moon glows, the river flows, but I die, without you.~: [U62AV] *She swallows hard as Leon leans over to whisper to her, then nods. A few long seconds later, her wrist twists free from Anja's hold, hand moving just enough to take hers, a cold shiver running down her spine*

Erin ~TitaniumFist-GlassJaw~ Williams: [A2T8I] *steps back a bit from Steel keeping his eyes on what's happening as he shifts about.. and moves beside Michael.. dropping a hand on his shoulder and squeezes with a small shake. for some reason he'd rather be next to a person that was there lastnight*

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] *and with that, chittering and whuffing can be heard from all directions.... and the swarm emerges... rats rushing in from all angles for the offerings... the mass of the somehow thickening and growing in number as it nears, even though the new rats cannot be seen entering. In a swift, scurrying pass, everything is taken. A single rat remains, staring up at Simon. It's whiskers twitch a few times, and it dashes off with the rest, popcorn-in-mouth...*

[ Lacey Langstrom ¤ GW Cub ¤ ]: [H1POR] --sits there quietly now.. half thinking this sounds a lot like that movie the craft.. wondering if hes gonna envoke the spirits.. or if this is how he does so..she watches curling her legs to her chest watching and listening-

Vivian Weiss: [LHRDK] Michael> "I know why you didn't answer you phone last night. What happened?"

Nikki Warner ~The moon glows, the river flows, but I die, without you.~: [U62AV] *She makes a soft, dry, humorless chuckling sound, remembering*

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] *He nods in approval... only realizing after he started that Drake was a Walker... the style of invocation rather unexpected, but the rats seemed to like it... He nods and steps back to the center again* Cracking of the Bone... *he looks about for both Ari and Anja, this part of the moot being theirs to lead... he notes Anja seems to be busy, and gives her a brief "want me to handle it?" raised eye*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [HL7SO] *One eye narrows at Nikki and Leon, advising them to be respectful during the Moot*

Cassy Nix (DoW): [FZL3M] *Although there appears to be no physical damage to her, her expression is sullen and emotionless. The fire in her eyes is just...not there*

Anja Stormbringer(The Lost): [Q0TRU] *looks so pathetically grateful as she takes Nikki's hand, giving it a soft squeeze...She nods absently to Edward, too lost in the fevered world in her brain to really process the fact she's in the middle of a moot*

Cassy Nix (DoW): [FZL3M] PS- Is it...tainted?

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] *without skipping a beat after her nod, he looks around* Challenges, concerns, justice and recognition... *raises his hand up and lifts a single finger for each as he goes down the list* Let's hear them in that order. *Already has his own hand up at '4' fingers to illustrate his intent to get a Rite of Accomplishment*

Steeleyes(Warder): [M0QBE] steps forward...waiting to be called on

Erin ~TitaniumFist-GlassJaw~ Williams: [A2T8I] *raises his hand with two fingers raised*

Cassy Nix (DoW): [FZL3M] *Removes her arm from LC's shoulder, expecting that he'll stand and speak*

Dr. Drake (Head Mad Scientist): [C5LAX] *Raises 4 fingers*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [HL7SO] *Flips a four-fingered wave briefly, intent established*

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [WBI9E] *has been here the whole time....... no, really...*

Steeleyes(Warder): [M0QBE] *holds both a 1 and a 4*

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [WBI9E] *watches..... pondering*

[ Lacey Langstrom ¤ GW Cub ¤ ]: [H1POR] --just sits there wondering what they are doing and why they all raise just 4 fingers.. maybe its like those girl scouts do... she keeps quietly fidgeting-

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] Alright Steel, what's your challenge? *nods to recognize him*

Gerald Grooms: [YO3KH] *he holds up 4 fingers glaning at Ed, seeming to be looking for the answer to some other question*

Jeremiah Seymore: [KR2IV] *wanders in and moved to the back so he doesn't disturn things*

Lost-Claw-of-Hjarta-Villtnur (DoW. PB1.){ST}: [2XGWV] *raises four claws briefly*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [HL7SO] *And a concerns sign too*

Steeleyes(Warder): [M0QBE] well Poppa..first i gotta get a rite of accoplishment for glory..THEN i can challange for adren

Dr. Drake (Head Mad Scientist): [C5LAX] *tips his hat to Jere as he walks in*

Jessie Wright: [8LADM] *there's a small raise of a fist to Jere as jessie spots him*

Steeleyes(Warder): [M0QBE] *nods waiting to see if any questiin his glory...if not..turns to Val*

Jessie Wright: [8LADM] *there's a small raise of a fist to Jere as jessie spots him*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [HL7SO] *Slight dip of her head at Steel*

Honeysuckle: [LHRDK] Honeysuckle quietly watches and listens.

Erin ~TitaniumFist-GlassJaw~ Williams: [A2T8I] *pulls out a smoke and lights up watching quietly*

Jeremiah Seymore: [KR2IV] *waves discreetly the the people that wave to him*

Steeleyes(Warder): [M0QBE] *nods head to val..steps back*..

Ash Graham (STAT Alpha): [MYDG1] *correction, Ash raises his fingers for the RoA, not LC*

Anja Stormbringer(The Lost): [Q0TRU] *as far as she knows, she's not even at the moot. She's just clutching Nikki's hand, lost in her own little world. Some subconcious part of her mind realizes that she is, in fact, in a solemn setting, and thus, she doesn't make a scene...She just stands there, clutching Nikki's hand*

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] Alright... the challenge will most likely be recognized... I wish you the best of luck, Steeleyes. *looks around* With no other challenges... we move on to concerns. This is one of the reasons I asked everyone to attend tonight, Kin included. If you're not already aware, there was a horrible battle last night... if you need details, ask someone who looks to be handling it well. I'll fill any any blanks I feel need filling after everyone has had their word... *Looks first to Val to air her concerns and inform the Sept of what she feels they need informing of.*

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [WBI9E] *waiting for a bit... for a chance to speak*

Jeremiah Seymore: [KR2IV] Ed- I have something to announe when there is a moment.

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] ((Cindy>> general concern, calling for a punishment on someone, challenging for something?))

Cassy Nix (DoW): [FZL3M] ((Just got off work...gonna skip out for a few minuits then I'll back))

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] *he nods to Jere, looking first to Val to say her piece*

Nikki Warner ~The moon glows, the river flows, but I die, without you.~: [U62AV] *She looks up at Leon again, hand tugging away from Anja's testingly. Please, please don't make her hold this woman's hand through this part....*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [HL7SO] Thank you Ed rhya. *Looks around at the others* Last night the physical and spiritual defenses weren't enough to stop what happened. I want every witness' view on what weak point allowed it to happen. See me soon. We won't do it right now. But come and talk, please.

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] ((*LOL* Tempted to offer "Kin can't soak agg..." *nods sagely*))

Screams-Rat's-Litany, Walker-in-Darkness, Plum-Wine-Song: [ZSFEL] Looking over at Nikki, Leon frowns again, and whispers to her again.

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] *He nods, gaze continuing on to Erin* You're next.

Dr. Drake (Head Mad Scientist): [C5LAX] *Lights up another cigarette and crosses his arms leaning against a van*

Nikki Warner ~The moon glows, the river flows, but I die, without you.~: [U62AV] *Snorting softly* No, she had Twomoons do it for her.

Michael Stevens (kin): [897DC] *nods to Val's request*

Screams-Rat's-Litany, Walker-in-Darkness, Plum-Wine-Song: [ZSFEL] Frowning at her, Leon softly shakes his head.

Nikki Warner ~The moon glows, the river flows, but I die, without you.~: [U62AV] *Whatever. As he wishes. She grows quiet again, hand still in Anja's, eyes straight ahead*

Honeysuckle: [LHRDK] Honeysuckle was in the yard last night, but didn't really see anything until it was over.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [HL7SO] *Eyes Nikki and Leon again*

Erin ~TitaniumFist-GlassJaw~ Williams: [A2T8I] *erin nods* alright we lost two of our best gate gaurds lastnight.. *glances around* the front gate is now undefended... cap has sent word back to another sept so we can get two new guards.. but the question is.. we've seen time and time again how effective having a 'front door' has been for us... maybe it's time to start thinking about other ways... and with the more aggressive actions of the wyrm and weaver.. maybe even isolation... *steps back*

Dr. Drake (Head Mad Scientist): [C5LAX] *Leans over and whispers something to Nikki*

[ Lacey Langstrom ¤ GW Cub ¤ ]: [H1POR] --sits there watching throughout it all and then heads back into the den.. only speaking to any who speak to her- ((ok im out.. didnt know know how long this would take.. i'll catch up later ))

[ Lacey Langstrom ¤ GW Cub ¤ ]: [H1POR] -gone-

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [HL7SO] *Nods at Erin, looking as if this is of interest*

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] ((Lacey>> Usually there's an archive on the site a few days afterword *nodnod* See you 'round)) Alright... Steeleyes and Valerie control the layout of the defenses, and the Sept itself. If you'll concur, I propose we have a meeting to have an open forum for all to make their suggestions on the defenses... how's that sound?

Steeleyes(Warder): [M0QBE] *nods* for me Poppa

Honeysuckle: [LHRDK] "Robert.. not Cap." though it not said loud enough to really interrupt or even any one to hear her.

Erin ~TitaniumFist-GlassJaw~ Williams: [A2T8I] *nods to edward* yes sir.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [HL7SO] Sounds good Ed.

Ash Graham (STAT Alpha): [MYDG1] *raises a hand slightly to indicate he wishes to add something*

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] Jeremiah.. you're up... ((I may have missed the post.. what genre was Cindy stepping up for? Concern, Challenge, Justice(call for punishment) or Recognition(renown)?))

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] Ah, go ahead Ash... real quick. *nods apologetically to Jere*

Nikki Warner ~darkest dreaming~: [9ZV8J] *She looks up at Simon, looking completely confused for a moment, but nodding slowly*

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [WBI9E] Ed>> ((*G* concern.....))

Anja Stormbringer(The Lost): [Q0TRU] *suddenly hearing Simon, a completely mad idea flashes through her short-circuiting brain...She holds up her free hand, and, since she wasn't paying attention when Edward laid down the rules about numbers, she doesn't bother trying to do so*

Jeremiah Seymore: [KR2IV] The new Glass Walker don has asked me to announce that the Glass Walker Tribe is responsible for destroying the main distribution point of crystal meth in the city. *finishes and site down*

Erin ~TitaniumFist-GlassJaw~ Williams: [A2T8I] *rubs the bridge of his nose.. a new don.. wonderful*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [HL7SO] *Gives Jeremiah a "Thumbs up"*

Erin ~TitaniumFist-GlassJaw~ Williams: [A2T8I] ((blarg i'm sorry guys but this illness has killed my energy.. i'm out for the evening... goodnight))

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] ((*timewarps to save DLPs and other silliness*)) *After Jere speaks, he nods in thanks for the information and approval of their actions...*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [HL7SO] ((Night duder))

Anja Stormbringer(The Lost): [Q0TRU] *just holding her hand up, waiting to be acknowledged*

Ash Graham (STAT Alpha): [MYDG1] *once Jere's said his bit, looks to Edward with a respectful nod. Seemingly a bit more out of place and uncomfortable without his pack behind him* Rhya, I'd like to make the recomendation of assigning an experienced ragabash to Rolling-Blackout-rhya and Steeleyes-rhya to help find any weak points in defenses they concoct before they're put to the test.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [HL7SO] *Looks around for an experienced Ragabash and shrugs a little*

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] Ash>> Like to attempt to penetrate our defenses repeatly and illustrate weak points?

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: [LHRDK] Jax is sitting by the STAT tent.

Ash Graham (STAT Alpha): [MYDG1] Ed>>that would work as well. Although the input of a questioner of the ways would be beneficial in the planning stages as well. To point out the loopholes those who think sanely wouldn't notice outright.

Hadean 'Hades' Murphy (Weaverdog, bad luck follows): [61RRI] *happens to be asleep on the curb, snakeskin cowboy hat tugged over his eyes..he can wait until busines is done to annoy a new Sept*

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [WBI9E] *looks at Ash* me an' Wields could help with that..... *oops, out of turn, she looks at Ed*

Steeleyes(Warder): [M0QBE] sounds like a good idea to me poppa

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] *he nods* We'll look for volunteers.. I don't know how many ranked Ragabash we actually have. If that fails, we might consider negotiating with 'outsiders' if the need is strong enough... *they probably have an idea of who he's referring* Alright... Anja, let's hear it... *nods apologetically to Cindy.. she should have been first, but he figures the Gnawer has better patience than the emotionally stricken Lord*

Anja Stormbringer(The Lost): [Q0TRU] *looks completely intent to wait, but as soon as Edward calls on her, she speaks, not moving an inch from her position* I wish to subject myself to the attentions of any Philodoxes in the sept. I want to prove that I had nothing to do with the death of any of my septmates last night. If I am found guilty of involvement, I will happily turn my klaive over to the Grand Elder and submit myself for execution this very night.

Ash Graham (STAT Alpha): [MYDG1] *nods and backs away to sit on the now-sideways ammo crate by the re-righted pack tent, sitting within a comfortable distance of Jax*

Nikki Warner ~darkest dreaming~: [9ZV8J] *Another soft snort. Why not just try to make her do it again?*

Robert E. Lee (Late? I wasn't late): [TIU1] ((Just got in.))

Screams-Rat's-Litany, Walker-in-Darkness, Plum-Wine-Song: [ZSFEL] Mark frowns at this, and looks over the crowd to see their reaction.

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [WBI9E] *shakes her head a bit at Anja.... of course she had nothin to do with anything..... she sighs a bit*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: [J7TPT] A nod goes to Ash, not wanting to speak while the cracking of the bone is going on.

Cassy Nix (DoW, Rage...It's the quicker picker upper): [ZS6RL] *Listens quietly outside Rane's van. Stone faced and unmoving.*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [HL7SO] *Crosses her arms over her ribs and tilts her head back slightly to look at Leon and Nikki and Anja as a unit.*

Dr. Drake (Head Mad Scientist): [C5LAX] *Takes a drag off his cigarette and looks at Edward* I'd like to sugguest Rhya that the questioning be done by philodox not in her pack or in El Hermanidad, not that we have any, so there can be no questions or accusations later over how legitmate it was

Anja Stormbringer(The Lost): [Q0TRU] *shrugs at Simon* I would have any Philodox in the sept do it. It matters little to me. I am not guilty, and I have nothing to fear.

Robert E. Lee (Late? I wasn't late): [TIU1] *Watches this new development, trying to keep suspicion from his eyes.*

Honeysuckle: [J7TPT] No reaction for Honeysuckle.

Nikki Warner ~darkest dreaming~: [9ZV8J] *Of course not. She didn't kill him. Twomoons did.*

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] *He sort of pauses* Well. I'm an Athro... I suppose this can be quick. *Sure.. he'll humor this once. He hits on truth of Gaia* Alright... Truth of Gaia is on. Anja, did you have any hand in the death of George, be it with your own physical form, spiritual energies, spirit servitors or through coercion with another?

Vivian Weiss: [J7TPT] Vivian looks at Anja, but doesn't really have a reaction.

Michael Stevens (kin): [897DC] *shakes his head a little and eases an arm around Viv's shoulders*

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [WBI9E] *shrugs* sounds like a job for the other Truthcatcher..... she neutral...

Nikki Warner ~darkest dreaming~: [9ZV8J] *Lie, Anja. Lie and make people belive you. It's what you're good at.*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: [J7TPT] Jax doesn't even look toward Anja... just listening.

Anja Stormbringer(The Lost): [Q0TRU] No. None. I had nothing to do with it, I had no spirits do it, I coerced no one to do it. In no way did I have anything to do with George's death. In fact, if it had been within my power, I would gladly have changed his life with mine. *all true*

Robert E. Lee (Late? I wasn't late): [TIU1] *Speaks quietly, assuming Cindy's nearby.* Quiet, Cin.

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] Actually Drake, you bring up another thing I should mention... I intend to withdraw from the Pack of the Lone Wolves... and after this moot, I will meditate to seperate my connection to them. Personal issues aside, I cannot abide by being seperated from the totem my blood calls for- Rat. *Beyond that point, Ed also has 10 permanent honor.. in effect, unquestionable in fairness*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [HL7SO] *One eyebrow rises a quarter inch*

Robert E. Lee (Late? I wasn't late): [TIU1] *Nods, equally unsuccessful in hiding his satisfaction.*

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [WBI9E] *just shrugs at Robert.... knowing he'd just as soon see Anja burned at the stake...*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Rage...It's the quicker picker upper): [ZS6RL] *Nods to LC*

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] *Looks to Nikki, noting her expressions* She's not lying.. I was even with her during the attack, as we stormed the warehouse. Had she made any attempts to contact Twomoons, I'd have noticed. After all... *taps his earring* I hear all. If that's not enough for you, she can go through keep going through this.. but Truth of Gaia is better than any lie detector... *shrugs sort of absently* If you want more Philodoxes to check her, do that on your own time. Cindy, what do ya have?

Honeysuckle: [J7TPT] Honeysuckle moves closer to Robert slipping her hand into his.

Anja Stormbringer(The Lost): [Q0TRU] *looks over at Nikki, quiet, still holding her hand*

Nikki Warner ~darkest dreaming~: [9ZV8J] *She looks at Edward, then up at Leon, as if requesting permission to speak*

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [WBI9E] Ed>> um... well, I was jus' kinda wondering..... what with um... Flea, bein Wyrmfoe an' all.. is she like.... still Denmomma, too?

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] *Looks at Nikkie nods, but thumbs to Cindy. She asked first.*

Vivian Weiss: [J7TPT] Viv leans lightly into Michael side when he arm goes around her shoulders.

Nikki Warner ~darkest dreaming~: [9ZV8J] *No need, apparently. The moot continues. Just as well. Let them believe as they wish. She's seen the danger, and escaped.*

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] Ah, the question of two positions... Because of our small size, I've seen no qualms with holding more than one sept position.. for example, Valerie is both Keeper of the Land and Master of the Rite, and I thing few would content she's not the best candidate for both positions. If you'd like to challenge her for Denmother, though, ask Flea- she might give it to you, and if not, you can ask Twomoons to arrange the challenge. It never hurts to try if your heart is set on it. *nods and gives her a second to reply if she wants, then nods that Nikki can speak if Cindy doesn't have more*

Robert E. Lee (Late? I wasn't late): [TIU1] *Smiles and squeezes Honeysuckle's hand lightly, still watching and listening.*

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [WBI9E] *nods to Ed*

Anja Stormbringer(The Lost): [Q0TRU] *she just waits...She knows what's coming, what Nikki's about to do. She steels herself for the betrayal*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Rage...It's the quicker picker upper): [ZS6RL] *Continues arm drooped over LC's shoulder, leaning on him absently.*

Nikki Warner ~darkest dreaming~: [9ZV8J] *She just shakes her head a little. Nothing to say, really. Those to whom the truth matters already know it*

Lost-Claw-of-Hjarta-Villtnur (DoW. PB1.){ST}: [2XGWV] *easily supports Cassy's weight.. even in lupus. Continues to watch seemingly silently*

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] Last chance, Nikki... *slows down a bit there, having run the moot on heels most of the way so far* Don't assume you're wrong just because you're kin. This is a Gnawer sept, kid... everyone gets a voice.

Anja Stormbringer(The Lost): [Q0TRU] *squeezes Nikki's hand lightly* It's fine. Go ahead and tell them.

Nikki Warner ~Life's too short baby, time is flying. I'm looking for baggage that goes with mine~: [95IBG] There ain' nothin' ta say. Leon tried ta warn me, but I din' listen. I though' I knew better. *Looking up to Leon again* I'm sorry.

Ash Graham (STAT Alpha): [MYDG1] *looks from Anja to Nikki to Leon.. hmm.. now what does this remind him of?*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Rage...It's the quicker picker upper): [ZS6RL] *Just grunts and shakes her head. Sick of all this "Love Triangle" Bullshit that this whore of a kin seems to like so much.*

Nikki Warner ~Life's too short baby, time is flying. I'm looking for baggage that goes with mine~: [95IBG] (awww.... the love... *sticks tongue out at Cassy*)

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] Well, this is your chance to air anything in public... trust me.. Gossip is gonna be all abounds tomorrow if ya don't.

Anja Stormbringer(The Lost): [Q0TRU] *just shakes her head* No. Fine. It's been long enough anyway. *a long pause* She was going to tell everyone that it was me who killed the old Grand Elder, when he was trying to leave the caern during the Hunt.

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [WBI9E] *frowns... hearing Anne Heche speak..... feels so bad for Anja*

Ash Graham (STAT Alpha): [MYDG1] *triangle? it's a damn gordian knot*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: [J7TPT] Jax notices Ash and pinches his arm rather the smacking it.

Nikki Warner ~Life's too short baby, time is flying. I'm looking for baggage that goes with mine~: [95IBG] *Her eyes get huge, and she looks at Anja finally* Shhh!

Robert E. Lee (Late? I wasn't late): [TIU1] *Grunts--he's suspected her of damn near everything else, he should have expected this just on general principle.*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Rage...It's the quicker picker upper): [ZS6RL] *Now THIS get's her attention. she growls* Now why does that not suprise me. Disregarding the terms of the hunt to serve your own selfish agenda. *spits*

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [QD2EM] *Professionally unemotional exhalation*

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [WBI9E] *blinks and looks at Anja....*

Dr. Drake (Head Mad Scientist): [C5LAX] *mumbles something and lights up another cigarette*

Ash Graham (STAT Alpha): [MYDG1] *just looks back to Jax with a slightly innocent shrug.. until Anja drops the bombshell. Whips his head back around with his eyebrow skyrocketed*

Screams-Rat's-Litany, Walker-in-Darkness, Plum-Wine-Song: [ZSFEL] "You did what?"

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [QD2EM] *Raises a hand with two fingers pointedly*

Steeleyes(Warder): [M0QBE] *turns to anja*...

Nikki Warner ~Life's too short baby, time is flying. I'm looking for baggage that goes with mine~: [95IBG] *Leaning close to her, words hissed* Wha' are you doin'? They'll kill ya!

Screams-Rat's-Litany, Walker-in-Darkness, Plum-Wine-Song: [ZSFEL] Mark smacks himself in the face in disbelief.

Lost-Claw-of-Hjarta-Villtnur (DoW. PB1.){ST}: [2XGWV] *rises from his lying position, smoothly beginning the shift to Crinos*

Michael Stevens (kin): [897DC] *oohboy... promptly lights another filterless cigarette. this one's a doozy*

Anja Stormbringer(The Lost): [Q0TRU] *looks over at Nikki and shakes her head, eyes sad* No. It's what you were going to tell them. It doesn't matter anymore anyway, does it? *looks back at the others* Yes. It was me. I killed him. And I'm sorry I did it. I wish I hadn't. I wish to Gaia I could take it back. I thought I was doing my job. I was wrong. I should have let things take their natural course.

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] *He nods* I figured it had to be someone with a klaive... and you did come to mind. Still, as secrets come and go- it's not a powerful one. You killed someone markled for death before anyone else got a chance to kill him... a minor loss of wisdom, I suppose. Should anyone choose to challenge you for an apology or atonement, it will be conducted at the -next- moot. I won't tolerate hotheaded reactions tonight... not after last night's losses.

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [QD2EM] *Keeping her hand up, walks to stand by Anja's side. The woman's gonna need a lawyer...*

Nikki Warner ~Life's too short baby, time is flying. I'm looking for baggage that goes with mine~: [95IBG] *Blinking, staring at her in disbelief* I wasn' gonna tell'em that.....

Steeleyes(Warder): [M0QBE] *body intently snaps up to crinos..snarling*

Jeremiah Seymore: [KR2IV] *watches unemotionally*

Robert E. Lee (Late? I wasn't late): [TIU1] *Steps a little bit in front of Honeysuckle in case it hits the fan.*

Honeysuckle: [J7TPT] No visible reaction from Honeysuckle, but she does suddenly squeeze Robert's hand.

Steeleyes(Warder): [M0QBE] then shifts down..

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [QD2EM] *Hearing Nikki has ANOTHER secret, just rolls her eyes painedly*

Hadean 'Hades' Murphy (Weaverdog, bad luck follows): [61RRI] [and this is why all moots need Raggies...too much rage in the room ;) ]

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] *looks around at the others, a warning glance that the woodshed will be packed if they do anything stupid* Go ahead, Val...

Cassy Nix (DoW, Rage...It's the quicker picker upper): [ZS6RL] *Steps aside as she packmate begins his shift. He has every right to be upset and so does she* You denied an Elder garou his last chance to die with some dignity! You waited in the shadows and cut him down like a coward. *spits again* And you wonder why I question your honor...*Looks to Edward* This demands retribution...

Cassy Nix (DoW, Rage...It's the quicker picker upper): [ZS6RL] ((DLP))

Anja Stormbringer(The Lost): [Q0TRU] *just shakes her head...Her hand doesn't go to her klaive. She's prepared for the attack she's almost sure is coming, Edward's words be damned. It doesn't matter anymore anyway. She just waits in silence*

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [WBI9E] *just sitting there.... quiet.....*

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [QD2EM] Shut the fuck up and don't interrupt the Grand Elder! *Lays it out in "schoolyard attendant thunder-voice"*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Rage...It's the quicker picker upper): [ZS6RL] ((Yah know what...fuck it...let the post stand))

Cassy Nix (DoW, Rage...It's the quicker picker upper): [ZS6RL] *Snarls at Val. Here she comes once again to try and save her packmate from another just accusation*

Gerald Grooms: [YO3KH] *he slightly shake his head, finding it nice that cause he's new hes not as 'emotional' about these matters*

Ash Graham (STAT Alpha): [MYDG1] *looks around the gathered for a moment... wondering in some dark recess of his mind if anyone can top that particular revelation. Learning that Rane is a transvestite would be hard-pressed to do so*

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [QD2EM] *Shakes her head silently at Cassy, a "don't even start" look.*

Anja Stormbringer(The Lost): [Q0TRU] ((Soul's right here, but I bet I know what it's about. Just one moment, and I'll PM you.)) *she just looks over at Cassy, shaking her head, eyes downcast...If only they knew how sorry she was. How the guilt's been wracking her. The old man was the only person who ever really gave a damn, who ever gave her a chance. And she cut him down. She's quiet, looking down*

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] Retribution will not be denied... while in the letter of the law, Anja, you're transgression isn't a grave one, you have taken the life of someone cared for by many members of this Sept when the official order was given to another. Again, no challenges on this topic will be honored until one moon has passed... no one will be allowed to challenge until they have better control of their emotions. Anja, until then you will have to deal with the ire of your septmates, and understand that some may use this month in preparation for this challenge. *nods, a little solemn* Twomoons will still oficiate over any challenges to prevent unfair terms or quantities.

Vivian Weiss: [J7TPT] Viv remain quiet, but is leaning forward a bit ready to get her and Michael out of harms why if things get furry.

Nikki Warner ~Life's too short baby, time is flying. I'm looking for baggage that goes with mine~: [95IBG] *Oh. Well then. No need for her to worry. Not with her buddy Twomoons having her back.... She sits up again, the look of pure disgust clear on her face*

Michael Stevens (kin): [897DC] *remains in place... diving over the couch not really an action he plans to take short of certain maiming at the moment*

Anja Stormbringer(The Lost): [Q0TRU] *her voice is small when she speaks up again* I made a grave mistake in doing what I did, Edward-rhya. I accept the consequences of my actions fully. I ask for mercy from my septmates, because I know how wrong what I did was. But I do not expect it. *falls silent again*

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] Now, if anyone has an issue with that call, step up.

Jeremiah Seymore: [KR2IV] ((Jere gave her a chance,. :p))

Cassy Nix (DoW, Rage...It's the quicker picker upper): [ZS6RL] *She remains in Crino's, her only means of channeling her rage without exploding. At least she's keeping quiet though, that's a change.*

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [WBI9E] *stands..... and walks calmly over to Anja*

Lost-Claw-of-Hjarta-Villtnur (DoW. PB1.){ST}: [2XGWV] *an expression of disgust, skepticism and cynicism... firm in the knowledge than an objection would be pointless with the good-ol'-backstabber network in operation*

Robert E. Lee (Late? I wasn't late): [TIU1] *Watches Cindy.*

Dr. Drake (Head Mad Scientist): [C5LAX] *looks over at Edward* Not an issue but can I make a sugguestion rhya?

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] *Give an "oh come the fuck on" look...* So I take it there are people here unsatisfied by the inherit honor of an Athro Philodox.... if you want someone else to officiate, raise a hand. Drake, if it's not this- let's hear it.

Lost-Claw-of-Hjarta-Villtnur (DoW. PB1.){ST}: [2XGWV] *raises a claw*

Dr. Drake (Head Mad Scientist): [C5LAX] First that Anja stay with at least two of her pack mates and is restircted to the caern and bawn until the next moot or else there's a decent chance she won't be around for the challenges. Two, while I am not quesioning Twomoons honor I would sugguest that the challenges are overseen by someone who is not a member of her pack. People probrably do now or will have major issues with it

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [QD2EM] *Glances at the Dogs of war and cannot suppress a wry sad smile of reminiscence.*

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [WBI9E] *walks up to Anja.... and waits to be acknowledged by her*

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] ((TM never rejoined the Lone Wolves after being placed in the pack with Jublain and the Don, right?))

Anja Stormbringer(The Lost): [Q0TRU] *nods at Simon* Let someone else oversee it. I have no problem with that. *looks around* But I will not stay here for my own protection. I know I made a grave error here. But I trust my septmates would not compound my dishonor by murdering me.

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [WBI9E] ((I think he did))

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [QD2EM] ((He rejoined at the last Moot))

Anja Stormbringer(The Lost): [Q0TRU] *doesn't acknowledge Cindy, just looking down quietly*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Rage...It's the quicker picker upper): [ZS6RL] *Nods*

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [WBI9E] Anja.... *softly*

Steeleyes(Warder): [M0QBE] *steps forward* i was the last MoTC..before the time i...went back to NY...anyone got a problem with ME overseeing it?

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [QD2EM] ((He's our omega byatch now and has to do the dishes and wash the underwear, scrub the floor..stuff like that. *Ducks thrown shoes*))

Robert E. Lee (Late? I wasn't late): [TIU1] *Sighs--he really doesn't want to do this--and steps forward.* Anybody tries to... take matters int' their own hands, they'll be eatin' eight charges of double-aught soon's I can find 'em. *shrugs.* Call it a dead man's debt.

Lost-Claw-of-Hjarta-Villtnur (DoW. PB1.){ST}: [2XGWV] *nods to Steel in agreeance of the idea*

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [QD2EM] *Feels she's held her hand up long enough and speaks* If Twomoons' work as Master of the Challenge isn't good enough or if anyone doubts his honor, they should challenge for the position. This is getting ridiculous and insulting to us as a race.

Dr. Drake (Head Mad Scientist): [C5LAX] *Nods to steel*

Anja Stormbringer(The Lost): [Q0TRU] *looks over at Robert and gives him a sadly thankful little smile...She doesn't expect it to be returned, of course, but she needs to acknowledge it*

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [QD2EM] And if anyone likes, I'd be glad to summon the Spirit of Justice itself if you all think you could handle it.

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] ((Ah, I stand corrected... he'd have never suggested that if they were still packmates, but we'll buff over that to avoid bogging things down *g*)) I will bind a scab bird for one month to watch her. I expect a donation of gnosis to this spirit from everyone who desires it there... as I know spirits hate being bound for such length, and it's for your own piece of mind. I forget that Jason-yuf rejoined the Lone Wolves... but if we have many other well-ranked Philodoxes, they aren't coming to mind. If you have a problem with -me- overseeing it, raise a hand and suggest a third party.

Cassy Nix (DoW, Rage...It's the quicker picker upper): [ZS6RL] *Raises her hand as well...does so while shifting down to homid...her temporary Rage having dwindled now...not having it in her to be so angry tonight. She's obviously still not herself after last nights battle. She waits patiently to speak...*

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [WBI9E] Anja.... look at me, please....

Anja Stormbringer(The Lost): [Q0TRU] *she can't bring herself to look at Cindy, at Val, at Edward...At anyone, really. These people...They TRUSTED her. And she betrayed them. And it...Bothers her? Perhaps she really is changing. She just shakes her head, silently looking down*

Honeysuckle: [J7TPT]  A returned deed is good but.. she's not so sure about this with how many folk dislike Anja. She goning to worry about that until the next moot.

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [WBI9E] Anja>> please....

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] Steel... much better. Alright, unless I hear otherwise, Steel will act as Master of the Challenge for this disupte. Cindy?

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [QD2EM] *Wonders if a cone of silence has descended over herseld or what*

Robert E. Lee (Late? I wasn't late): [TIU1] *Turns his back on Anja, even if it's only to walk a few feet back to Honeysuckle and turn again to face the rest of the Sept. He already stated why he did it, and judging by his expression, there's no hidden altruism.*

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [QD2EM] ((herseld=herself))

Anja Stormbringer(The Lost): [Q0TRU] *she doesn't even have the courage to look over at Nikki, or even to really know if her hand's still in Nikki's...She turns to somewhat face Cindy, still looking down* What?

Cassy Nix (DoW, Rage...It's the quicker picker upper): [ZS6RL] *Steps up to Speek* I have no objections to your or Steel overseeing the challenge rhya...*looks to Anja* I only wish to know one thing Shadow Lord. For what reason did you take it upon yourself to cut Jacob down, and how long did you plan this attack?*looks to Edward expecting he still has truth of gaia on*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Rage...It's the quicker picker upper): [ZS6RL] ((Oops...she'll save that post until it's her turn...I didn't mean to hit return))

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] ((Sorry the prior post was so belated... got distracted looking at the main page. Have I missed anything else that needs addressing before we go on to RoA's?))

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [WBI9E] Anja>> *rests her hand on Anja's shoulder lightly* ..... I forgive you..... *can see how much Anja's hurting*

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [QD2EM] Yes, I have an issue with Steeleyes being assigned to this. Not because there's anything wrong with ihm, but because nancing around demanding different judges and different masters of the challenge all the time because someone's afraid of favoritism shits directly upon the sacred offices held by those who rightfully challenged for them and won them in the eyes of the nation and the spirits that guide them.

Anja Stormbringer(The Lost): [Q0TRU] *looks up at Cassy* Why? To protect this place. I can give you a hundred reasons that are all true. I didn't want any of you to have to cut the man down. I didn't want to take the chance that he could escape. But at the end of the day, I did it to protect this place because I knew that it was only a matter of time before the Nation stepped in to kill all of you. As a Judge of Doom, I thought I was doing my duty. I was wrong.

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] It's a common tradition for Packmates not to perform judgements, accept rank challenges, or preside over their own. Were Jason-yuf still seperated from the Lone Wolves, I would not allow the request...

Anja Stormbringer(The Lost): [Q0TRU] *looks over at Val, voice quiet* Valerie. Please. I have no problem with someone else overseeing these challenges. What kind of Judge of Doom would I be if I denied justice? I broke the law, and I must be punished.

Steeleyes(Warder): [M0QBE] *looks at Ed* Val does have a point would be llike someone saying they wanted a different Warder for certain things

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [QD2EM] *Folds her arms over her ribs and waits for more*

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [QD2EM] *Turns her eyes aside at Anja and speaks quietly* I know what I'm doing. *Nods reassuringly*

Anja Stormbringer(The Lost): [Q0TRU] *shakes her head* Val...Don't. *the first time she's ever used the short version of Val's name, curiously* It doesn't matter. Not anymore. None of it matters.

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [WBI9E] *leans in to whisper to Anja*

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [QD2EM] *Lets Cindy have Anja's ear for now*

Anja Stormbringer(The Lost): [Q0TRU] *just shrugs at Cindy, quiet*

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] *Runs his fingernails through his hair ans grumbles* Look, it was a fair request... and Twomoons, as a man of honor, I'm sure will be willing to honor it without so much as a trace of indignation... Steel- the task is yours next moot, and if you feel the pressure is too great or would prefer not to act against the desires of your peers... or if anyone with a strong personal relationship to you steps up, I will take over. Are we all through on this?

Dr. Drake (Head Mad Scientist): [C5LAX] *nods to Edward*

Steeleyes(Warder): [M0QBE] ok Poppa..

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [WBI9E] *takes Anja's hand and squeezes it softly.... then releases it and heads back to where she was*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Rage...It's the quicker picker upper): [ZS6RL] *Nods to Edward*

Nikki Warner ~Life's too short baby, time is flying. I'm looking for baggage that goes with mine~: [95IBG] *Barely resisting the urge to roll her eyes. Everyone rally around poor Anja. She doesn't have the courage to kill herself, so she kills others*

Honeysuckle: [J7TPT] Scoots closer to Robert, lightly scratching at the healing cuts on her cheek.

Robert E. Lee (Late? I wasn't late): [TIU1] *Squeezes Honeysuckle's hand again and whispers.* You don't want t'be scratchin' them, darlin'.

Honeysuckle: She moves her hand away from the healing cuts.. Nodding slightly.

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] ((*continues to save time... pretend this comes after anything else if the conversation resumes*)) Alright... now time for the Happiness.. Robert, if you and anyone else with the Rite of Accomplishment could come up and help? ... Simon, Dominic, Steel, Valerie, Gerald, Ash... front and center.. *grins* ((Alright, post what you're stepping up for. Ed's taking his in Glory.. yee haw.))

Dr. Drake (Head Mad Scientist): [C5LAX] (Honor)

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [WBI9E] *sits near Rob and Honey.... she speaks to Rob without looking up* thank you....

Steeleyes(Warder): [M0QBE] ((steel: glory))

Anja Stormbringer(The Lost): [Q0TRU] *the pathetically sad look she gives Nikki is heartbreaking. Quietly, she reaches for Nikki's hand again, hopeful*

Gerald Grooms: [YO3KH] ((Inf... errr Glory))

Ash Graham (STAT Alpha): [MYDG1] *Steps up for one about two months overdue for honor*

Robert E. Lee (Late? I wasn't late): [TIU1] *Nods and steps up.* ((And picking up one in Glory, unless XP for last night lowers it--in that case, he won't have 10 temp.))

Robert E. Lee (Late? I wasn't late): [TIU1] ((Cindy>>No need.))

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [WBI9E] ((honor))

Anja Stormbringer(The Lost): [Q0TRU] ((It's not Honor or Wisdom, so Rob should be fine for Glory. *s*))

Nikki Warner ~Life's too short baby, time is flying. I'm looking for baggage that goes with mine~: [95IBG] *She doesn't take her hand, but she doesn't move hers, either. Leon told her to play nice....*

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [QD2EM] ((Not so much for a Rite of Accomplishment as...)) Just to let anyone know who doesn't, I'm Adren. *Steps back to Anja's side, blank and introspective*

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [WBI9E] ((Robert>> why was that post in parenthesis? *G*))

Robert E. Lee (Late? I wasn't late): [TIU1] ((*G* Because my head ain't on straight.))

Dominic: [EA3I8] ((As funny as this sounds: Wisdom, so I can get back to rank 1 *G*))

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [QD2EM] *Moves around between Anja and Nikki* Anja, we ~so~ need to talk.

Anja Stormbringer(The Lost): [Q0TRU] *laces her fingers with Nikki's, giving her hand a light squeeze* Nikki. Please.

Anja Stormbringer(The Lost): [Q0TRU] Not now, Val. *shakes her head*

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [QD2EM] No, not now, but soon. As in tonight. ((We can email later, eh?))

Anja Stormbringer(The Lost): [Q0TRU] No. ((Yes. *s*))

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [WBI9E] Rob>> but still..... thank you...

Nikki Warner ~Life's too short baby, time is flying. I'm looking for baggage that goes with mine~: [95IBG] *Saved by the bell. Or the Val. Or maybe not...*

Lost-Claw-of-Hjarta-Villtnur (DoW. PB1.){ST}: [2XGWV] *nods his crinos head to Val, acknowledging her new rank with a hint of bitterness hidden behind his eyes*

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] Alright! That's it for the official business... anyone who wants to stick around for the tales or the revel-hunt, be my guess.... ((Since nothing I'm aware of is foolishly lurking in the Bawn, the revel-hunt can be OOC'ed after the tales are through *L*))

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [QD2EM] Edward, could we have a few moments to talk?

Vivian Weiss: [J7TPT] Viv speaks up "Didn't you want to know what kinfolk were here last night during that battle?"

Nikki Warner ~Life's too short baby, time is flying. I'm looking for baggage that goes with mine~: [95IBG] When will the pyres be? *Quietly, but still with enough strength to gain attention.... she hopes*

Hadean 'Hades' Murphy (Weaverdog, bad luck follows): [61RRI] *Retires to his hotel room, cursing his Player for not being awake enough to bring him in, but resolving to make his appearance known on the morrow*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Rage...It's the quicker picker upper): [ZS6RL] *She would step up for the tale singing, if she hadn't had most of her willpower drained out of her. She just shrugs with a sighs and sits in her chair...waiting. The rage having all but returned to it's bottle where it will explode from her at the very wrong moment as always.*

Robert E. Lee (Late? I wasn't late): [TIU1] *Nods and steps forward again.*

Anja Stormbringer(The Lost): [Q0TRU] *squeezes Nikki's hand, repeating her question more loudly*

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [QD2EM] ((*G* See you later Hades-P))

Nikki Warner ~Life's too short baby, time is flying. I'm looking for baggage that goes with mine~: [95IBG] *Watching Ed, quiet still*

Dr. Drake (Head Mad Scientist): [C5LAX] *Grabs the box of bullets from the car's hood and tosses the shotgun shells in the trunk*

Hadean 'Hades' Murphy (Weaverdog, bad luck follows): [61RRI] ((*chuckles* Night Val-P, thought I'd have enough left to bring him in after the moot, ah well))

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] Oh, and one last thing- if you were at the fight here last night.. you ARE to report to Val to be checked out.. one of their attacks has had an unexpected side effect we need to see examine others for... *nods and with that steps away to speak with Val*

Nikki Warner ~Life's too short baby, time is flying. I'm looking for baggage that goes with mine~: [95IBG] When will the pyres be? *Louder this time. Too loud. There's no way she can't be heard*

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [QD2EM] *Walks around a corner with Edward*

Robert E. Lee (Late? I wasn't late): [TIU1] *Nods, as it's apparently done.* Steel-rhya.

Michael Stevens (kin): [897DC] Viv>>*sighs* guess I've gotta get inspected. Was kinda hoping to talk you into playing nurse tonight instead...

Dr. Drake (Head Mad Scientist): [C5LAX] *Watches robert move up and decides to wait a few moments*

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [QD2EM] *Walks around a corner with Edward*

Robert E. Lee (Late? I wasn't late): [TIU1] *Nods, as it's apparently done.* Steel-rhya.

Michael Stevens (kin): [897DC] Viv>>*sighs* guess I've gotta get inspected. Was kinda hoping to talk you into playing nurse tonight instead...

Dr. Drake (Head Mad Scientist): [C5LAX] *Watches robert move up and decides to wait a few moments*

Steeleyes(Warder): [M0QBE] yea Robert?

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] *follows, already untucking his shirt to relieve some of the pent up stress the moot gave him.. naturally blaming his formal attire for the discomfort*

Anja Stormbringer(The Lost): [Q0TRU] ((*swats Crusher* Pyres, dude.))

Vivian Weiss: [J7TPT] Michael> "I can stay here tonight.. I want you to be check out and Rane too."

Nikki Warner ~Life's too short baby, time is flying. I'm looking for baggage that goes with mine~: [95IBG] *Tugging her hand from Anja's, turning to walk away, disgusted. The let him die, and can't even make the show of a proper goodbye....*

Robert E. Lee (Late? I wasn't late): [TIU1] I made a call last night, to the Sept of Freedom's Lost. We should have two new Gate Guards on th'way. Either t'night or t'morrow, they oughter be here.

Cassy Nix (DoW, Rage...It's the quicker picker upper): [ZS6RL] *Nods to LC* Figures....I suppose I need to let Val check me out...and don't give me that look you're about to give me...I'll be fine. *Gives his pelt a quick rub then steps over toward Val...waiting until she's done with Edward*

Anja Stormbringer(The Lost): [Q0TRU] *turns to follow Nikki, quickly* Tomorrow. We'll do it tomorrow.

Nikki Warner ~Life's too short baby, time is flying. I'm looking for baggage that goes with mine~: [95IBG] *Back to Simon's car, at least until she figures out where to go from there....*

Steeleyes(Warder): [M0QBE] Rob*nods* good..damm i hate this sometimes

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] (( DAMN IT!!.. right!!! *timewarps back* I knew I'd do that... and one of 'em is even mine! *L*)) *BEFORE they break up for the tales* For those who wish to show their respects... we will burn the pyres for our fallen in the training area. After that, should anyone have a tale to tell of any of them, they would be greatly welcomed... ((And since it's short notice, can be e-mailed to the list later on...))

Honeysuckle: [J7TPT] still quiet, wait for Robert to be finishes...... and scratches at the healing cuts on her cheek again.

Dr. Drake (Head Mad Scientist): [C5LAX] *Walks over to the car, shifts to glabro and slams his fist through the passanger side window* Need to borrow a gun with a silencer for about 47 seconds from somebody *Looks at Steel* I"ll watch the gate until they get here once I'm done with that.

Lost-Claw-of-Hjarta-Villtnur (DoW. PB1.){ST}: [2XGWV] *gives Cassy the expected look, his eyes slowly sliding to Robert.* Cassy>>they'll try.. but they won't fill the cousins' shoes...

Nikki Warner ~Life's too short baby, time is flying. I'm looking for baggage that goes with mine~: [95IBG] Simon> Where're ya goin'? *Not quite a demand. Quite*

Dr. Drake (Head Mad Scientist): [C5LAX] ((OKay HUng out for the Pyres then did his post))

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [WBI9E] Honey>> *looks at her* lemme see your cheek...

Nikki Warner ~Life's too short baby, time is flying. I'm looking for baggage that goes with mine~: [95IBG] *She doesn't get to come. Anja doesn't get to come, and tell more lies about how sorry she is. She's careful to keep her eyes on Simon, ready to leave if he is*

Steeleyes(Warder): [M0QBE] *nods*..ok Doc

Cassy Nix (DoW, Rage...It's the quicker picker upper): [ZS6RL] PS- The cousins didn't even fit into their own shoes...did you ever see how they were all split at the seems.

Anja Stormbringer(The Lost): [Q0TRU] *quiet* Nikki...Please. Please just let me talk to you. I'll beg again if you want me to. Just let me talk to you. Please?

Dr. Drake (Head Mad Scientist): [C5LAX] *looks at Nikki* I am going to put holes in something that is not considered a member of this Sept. Then I am either going to get drunk and pick a fight or work at the gaurd house until relief arrives.

Nikki Warner ~Life's too short baby, time is flying. I'm looking for baggage that goes with mine~: [95IBG] *Shifting from one foot to the other, focusing on Simon still* C'n I come?

Dr. Drake (Head Mad Scientist): [C5LAX] *Looks at Steel* Any objections to me using something without a silencer for about 12 to 24 rounds?

Robert E. Lee (Late? I wasn't late): [TIU1] *Nods to Steel.*

Lost-Claw-of-Hjarta-Villtnur (DoW. PB1.){ST}: [2XGWV] Cassy>>~ps~ that was Bob's fault. He used Bubba's to prop up his chair while he was taking a nap. got retaliation for it.

Dr. Drake (Head Mad Scientist): [C5LAX] If you want to you can

Honeysuckle :  Cindy> "It's healing.." she says softly. the cuts, not deep, are over her whole face and some on her hands then she tried to protect her face. (ice leaves in a tornado.)

Anja Stormbringer(The Lost): [Q0TRU] *looks over at Simon, her eyes silently begging him for help*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Rage...It's the quicker picker upper): [ZS6RL] *Snickers for the first time tonight...remembering those two with at least some fondness*

Steeleyes(Warder): [M0QBE] Drake:*thinks* after all the shit that happened last night.. no ones gonna show for gunshots...where you gonan due it?

Michael Stevens (kin): [897DC] *rises slowly, strething just a tiny bit* Viv>>I'll be back as soon as I can... *sighs and starts off towards where Val dissapeared to wait his turn*

Nikki Warner ~Life's too short baby, time is flying. I'm looking for baggage that goes with mine~: [95IBG] Simon> Yeah. I wan'. *Nodding*

Dr. Drake (Head Mad Scientist): [C5LAX] Firing range or the training area. Take your pick

Steeleyes(Warder): [M0QBE] firing range

Dominic: [EA3I8] *Makes off towards training area*

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [WBI9E] Honey>> *moves over to her... and touches her cheek lightly..... activating the gift she learned merely a couple days ago...* #Mother's Touch# ((Cin MT: 1,8,3)) *and apparently doesn't do jack shit.... she frowns softly* I'm sorry....

Robert E. Lee (Late? I wasn't late): [TIU1] *Nods to Honeysuckle.* Want t'head on over an' see if Val can make sure we ain't gonna explode?

Anja Stormbringer(The Lost): [Q0TRU] *reaches out to grab Nikki's arm again* Nikki...Please. Please just let me talk to you. Just give me...An hour. Two hours. Just let me talk to you. I know you still care.

Dr. Drake (Head Mad Scientist): [C5LAX] *NOds and heads over to the firing range and draws out his revolver quickly and causes a tight cluster of six shots, reloads the revolver and does it again*

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] *Heads off as well to watch the last rites and such... yeah, he didn't know any of the four particularly well... but it's still solemn to see all four of those bonfires stacked side-by-side... so many corpses to be burned...*

Vivian Weiss: [J7TPT] Viv nods to Michael, "All right."

Nikki Warner ~Life's too short baby, time is flying. I'm looking for baggage that goes with mine~: [95IBG] *Her eyes like ice when she finally does look at her* Do we really gotta do this? *Glancing behind Simon, then back to her* I'm comin' ta get Kimmy in 'bout an hour. *Her meaning is pretty clear. Say your goodbyes while you can*

Dr. Drake (Head Mad Scientist): [C5LAX] *Reloads and does it again and again, well he's a good shot each group in a tight cluster*

Honeysuckle: [J7TPT] Cindy> "Sorry for what? --- then nods to Robert, "Yeah.." she is nervous, wonder why she ... the kin need the check up.

Anja Stormbringer(The Lost): [Q0TRU] Yes. Please. Let's walk? *gestures at the maze*

Gerald Grooms: [YO3KH] *he just watches from a distance, waiting for both Dom and Ed to finish up whatever they need to take care of*

Nikki Warner ~Life's too short baby, time is flying. I'm looking for baggage that goes with mine~: [95IBG] *Shaking her head* I'm talkin' ta Simon. *Looking away, starting to move around her*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Rage...It's the quicker picker upper): [ZS6RL] *Still waiting on Val to clear her, so she can go to bed*

Cindy Payton-Ramirez: [WBI9E] Honey>> that you're hurt... *looks at her hand... why didn't it work?*

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [QD2EM] ((Val will be out soon *g*))

Dr. Drake (Head Mad Scientist): [C5LAX] *Whispers in SS to the revolver for a second* Nope don't feel better. Need to find somebody else to watch over the Dove or I'll end up shooting myself. Nikki give her one hour and listen to what she says, after that Anja WILL agree to leave you alone perminately if you still want nothing to do with her.

Robert E. Lee (Late? I wasn't late): [TIU1] *Nods, and offers his respects to the dead if that's happening first, then heads to where Val is, standing far enough back to not be eavesdropping, but in plain sight.*

Honeysuckle: Cindy> "I wasn't hurt bad."

Dr. Drake (Head Mad Scientist): [C5LAX] Won't you Anja

Lost-Claw-of-Hjarta-Villtnur (DoW. PB1.){ST}: [2XGWV] *shifts down to homid as he heads for the pyres... spending a moment at each of the four, though oddly spending quite a bit at Bubba's. Reaches into his jacket and removes some sort of purple wadded up cloth. Tosses it somewhere near Bubba's hand and bows his head*

Nikki Warner ~Life's too short baby, time is flying. I'm looking for baggage that goes with mine~: [95IBG] *Sighing* Simon> Fine. *Yep. Fine. In that tone that only a truely pissed off woman can achieve....*

Honeysuckle: [J7TPT] Honeysuckle, definitely pays her respect to the dead, a prayer for each of them in French.

Anja Stormbringer(The Lost): [Q0TRU] *doesn't respond to Simon, just watching Nikki*

Dr. Drake (Head Mad Scientist): [C5LAX] You can both do it in the guard house with me once she agrees

Steeleyes(Warder): [M0QBE] ((ok im and who else died?))

Michael Stevens (kin): [897DC] OOC:Niklas Kohl

Edward Morgan GE ST: [CLJ2B] ((*Nods* I doubt anything more will happen that needs recording...Tales can be send to the list or self-stored if anyone has one tonight... *g* Thanks for archiving..))

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: [J7TPT] Jax quietly slips into the pack tent.

Steeleyes(Warder): [M0QBE] ((players crashing so)) nods to each puyre..then heads deeper intot eh caern,,,((night yeall))

~end archive~

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