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Linda in the yard or a Tornado?

April 7, 2004

Note: There were two scenes tonight, but I logged on-line after they got started and was having connection problems so I only got the scene that was happening in the Junkyard. Reminder, I missed the begining of the scene,

Michael Stevens: [IR10Z] Nikki>>the snarls mean stay down. Don't draw attention by pokin' your head up like a target in a shooting gallery

Justin "Sparky": [YJCEB] ((*picks a Frenzy color*))

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] Completely ignoring the shots from Niklas, the thing that looks like Linda just walks towards Rane, a big smile on her face.

Robert E. Lee : [4S8GR] *Whatever's screwed up his mind, it doesn't have him stumbling. George catches his eye first, a red blur that needs to die immediately in a very messy manner. Swipes viciously.*

Nikki Warner ~too much too young~: [2DAFC] *Eyes widening, ducking back down again, not having looked long enough to get any sort of idea on what's happening*

Swante Taggart (Bloody STAT!): [QUCO0] *Oh, bloody hell... Rips out the full-auto from his perch and just starts ~pouring~ rounds into Linda.*

'Twomoons' Maier: [S9C83] *Oh great. His packmates' going ballistic on him. No, it's not Monday-damned if it doesn't feel like one though*

Gorgeous George Hammond: [A20PB] (steals sparkey's cool idea) ~ht~ Must eat.... *Insane eyes scan his allies quickly.* Twomoons *before rushing forwards with his giant salivateing maw spread wide, tongue lulling in anticipation of some tastey Child of Gaia.*

Georgia Hooper: [376A] ((*L* @ Frenzy color. That's a good idea.)) *Not aware anyone's frenzying yet, as she's on the way to take out the wolf that looks like a less-scarred Twomoons*

Janet Santos {hold your breath... }: [UTHGQ] *She moves to hold nikki's hand* shh, it will be alright. C'mere. when was the last time you prayed?

Nikki Warner ~too much too young~: [2DAFC] *Hand tight in Janets* Um. Never?

Justin "Sparky": [YJCEB] *Clawing mindlessly at Twomoons... jaws snapping... anger... hate... frenzy... you get the idea...* ((*whimper*))

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] The tree, so recently planted, is suddenly starting to tear free from its roots. The wind - not just a wind, a miniature tornado - is whipping junk into the air painfully. A branch smashes into the side of the van where the kinfolk crouch. ((We're going to go to combat turns in just a moment. Everyone who rolls, take a -2 penalty to initiative, and -2 dice on all actions. Those in a frenzy only take the -2 dice.))

Niklas Kohl (GoF Kin, PB4): [QZM3K] *He almost wants to cry in annoyance, these may be his last silver rounds, but that dog looks to be a little too smug... he takes aim for it instead... headshot first*

Robert E. Lee : [4S8GR] *And as the red blur turns its back to attack that other red blur, Robert strikes--his blow is clumsy but his arm, fueld by more Rage than he actually ~has~ strikes wickedly deep.* ((damn, 9 agg))

Robert E. Lee : [4S8GR] ((Ditch that damage roll....))

Janet Santos {hold your breath... }: [UTHGQ] You've never prayed to gaia ? *she blinks slowly... her head jerking as the branch crashes into the side of the van*

Georgia Hooper: [376A] (Init 15))

Michael Stevens: [IR10Z] *raises the gun at the thud, just waiting for some slavering beast to tear the door off the hinges. Licks dry lips, his hands suddenly very clammy*

Nikki Warner ~too much too young~: [2DAFC] Th' church ladies made us pray so we could get clothes an' stuff. *Shrugging* I jus' stayed real quiet an' faked it.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW) : [WPL3A] ((init 23))

Swante Taggart (Bloody STAT!): [QUCO0] ((10 lethal))

Robert E. Lee : [4S8GR] ((4 agg to George))

Janet Santos {hold your breath... }: [UTHGQ] *she shrugs slightly at Nikki* this is different. You know Gaia exists, right?

'Twomoons' Maier: [S9C83] *George first...grappling first and then getting ready for a reverse-dwarf-tossing, hopefully Sparky'll come out of this fairly shortly*

Niklas Kohl (GoF Kin, PB4): [QZM3K] ((Init 10))

Justin "Sparky": [YJCEB] ((Init 13))

Justin "Sparky": [YJCEB] ((For what it's worth))

Nikki Warner ~too much too young~: [2DAFC] Anja says so.... *Though faith doesn't seem to come quiet as easily to her...*

'Twomoons' Maier: [S9C83] ((init 12. Eugh.))

Janet Santos {hold your breath... }: [UTHGQ] S'not what I asked you *she takes in a shaky breath as the wind whips around the van, crying through the loose plates in the metal....*

Robert E. Lee : [4S8GR] ((16 init))

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] ((If you haven't rolled for Init, roll now, please.))

Nikki Warner ~too much too young~: [2DAFC] *She should have gone to George's, like he said. But then, she didn't want to be alone...* I dunno. I guess?

'Twomoons' Maier: [S9C83] ((check that. 10 ))

Michael Stevens: [IR10Z] OOC:Soul>>need the non-combat kin also? (7 if so)

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] ((If you're not actively involved in the fight, no need for init. *s*))

Janet Santos {hold your breath... }: [UTHGQ] Do you, with everything you have and are... want them to succeede?

Gorgeous George Hammond: [C21DQ] (booted!)

Georgia Hooper: [376A] ((Adjusted init (Doi!) 13))

Gorgeous George Hammond: [C21DQ] (20 init)

Nikki Warner ~too much too young~: [2DAFC] 'Course I do. *Nodding. Not sure which group she's talking about. Not caring, really. The answer would be the same either way*

Honeysuckle: [EHR8D] Steps out of the green house and listen more closely to the noises.. and promptly goes back into the green house. grabbing a random gardening tool.. and moving to opposite side of the house from the main door.

Georgia Hooper: [376A] ((Ack, no, it's 15. Back ina sec after caffeine and ibuprophen.))

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] ((Okay. If you haven't rolled at this point, sorry, you're last.)) The first spirit, the one wearing the shape of a wolf, lopes towards Niklas, fangs bared. The Linda-looking spirit just stops, and black lightning starts to crackle off her body...((Everyone, do your thing. Anyone attacking the spirits, they're not dodging, so just roll through to damage.))

Janet Santos {hold your breath... }: [UTHGQ] its a matter of just letting.. the universe know it..... I have a tendancy to pray to wendigo... cause.. well... he likes me... and he's part of Gaia.

Michael Stevens: [IR10Z] *softly* c'mon Rane... *but with the wind rocking the van, he's not jumping up to watch*

'Twomoons' Maier: [S9C83] ((splitting first action one time to grapple George and toss him , spending a rage))

Nikki Warner ~too much too young~: [2DAFC] *She looks just vaguely confused....* So... i jus' gotta wan' them ta be okay?

Robert E. Lee : [4S8GR] ((2 Rage. Attacking George while he's being grappled.))

Niklas Kohl (GoF Kin, PB4): [QZM3K] *lets the gun drop and reaches back to bring out the oversized gladius that is strapped to his back, swinging hard to cut down the beast before it can get to him, but holding a little something back to defend himself... just in case it does.* ((Attack and parry if he's faster, parry and attack if not *g* ..*and waits until 10 to roll it*))

Swante Taggart (Bloody STAT!): [QUCO0] ((Loading in a fresh clipand letting loose again, with WP))

Justin "Sparky": [YJCEB] ((Rushing to attack Twomoons, and doing so if within range. Also praying for a chance to WP out of the frenzy...? *bats eyelashes*))

Honeysuckle: [EHR8D] Like Janet is suggesting to Nikki......... She prays to Gaia, though this is not foreign to Honeysuckle she does it all the time.

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] ((Nope. No WP helps. It's Thrall of the Wyrm. *s* Everyone just roll through and do your thing. Nik, go ahead and roll that attack.))

Cassy Nix (DoW): [6ZSPA] *Makes her way to the scene of the fight. Wearing the war form of course, and carrying the Hammer of Garm. She is barely recognizeable seeing as how her fur is seperated into sparce patches and her skin is a dark leather brown with warts and pussy boils cover her from head to two. She even has two little horns sprouting form her head. And she REEKS. bad*

Georgia Hooper: [376A] ((Shittitest damage roll.. 1 success on the wolf))

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW) : [WPL3A] *she's not afraid of or otherwise...and she barrels into the Linda looking spirit* ((Rane claw: 5 suxx. damage 8 suxx))

Niklas Kohl (GoF Kin, PB4): [QZM3K] *adjusts his grip and swings hard, it becoming readily visible that he is a master of his art...* ((5 sux after WP))

Robert E. Lee : [4S8GR] *Robert's second swing, wild as it is, is far more accurate, cutting deep into George's back. ((4 suxx to hit, 6 agg))*

Niklas Kohl (GoF Kin, PB4): [QZM3K] ((A pathetic 4 dam, though, if there's no dodge))

Justin "Sparky": [YJCEB] ((Claw Twomoons Damage- 4 suxx.))

Gorgeous George Hammond: [C21DQ] (takes five agg)

'Twomoons' Maier: [S9C83] (( heh. Twomoons soaks))

Justin "Sparky": [YJCEB] ((YES! DEAR GOD YES!! *Whew*))

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] ((Just roll through to damage if you're attacking spirits, or anyone not defending.)) Rane tears a massive chunk out of the Linda thing's midsection...And finds that her hand is stuck there, like she just put her arm into the hollow of a log and twisted it wrong. The Linda-thing grins. "Hey, Rane." The wolf, on the other hand, is just leaping for Nik, when it's pounded by Georgia and Nik both. It whips through the air. The tree in the middle of the gathering area starts to creak, as the mini-tornado gains more power...

Swante Taggart (Bloody STAT!): [QUCO0] ((Crap. 18 dice, 1 suxx. 7 Lethal, though.)) *Slams in a fresh clip and lets loose again at "Linda".*

Cassy Nix (DoW): [6ZSPA] *Skids to a hault next to her Alpha, and snarls furiously seeing the abomination that is Linda. Had she not been warned of this earlier she might be more suprised than she is, but at the moment, her rage clouds anyother emotion except anger. With a angry howl she moves to protect her packmate by bring the hammer to the side of Linda's skull*((Assuming I'll have to go last. Declare 2 rage, Gonna do a hammer smash to Linda's head

Justin "Sparky": [YJCEB] ((Um, er, uh... oops... sorry.))

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] ((Roll through, Mike. *s*))

'Twomoons' Maier: [S9C83] (( psst-George: roll through man- Twomoons aon't dodging))

Niklas Kohl (GoF Kin, PB4): [QZM3K] *seeing the wolf come in at him, he decides it's a better-used defense than the lizard then, turning his grip and attempting to bat its airborn body away with the blade...* ((Only 2 sux.. bad day on the roller))

Cassy Nix (DoW): [6ZSPA] (( 4 lethal ))

Honeysuckle: [EHR8D] The high winds should be shaking the greenhouse too (I would think) ... and has Honeysuckle pretty damn scared, as she looks up at the lights.

Gorgeous George Hammond: [C21DQ] (6 agg) *George takes a big sick wet bite out of Twomoons and chews.*

Janet Santos {hold your breath... }: [UTHGQ] *she nods lsightly* yes.. but it has to be not just a mental want.. it has to be somthing you want to the very core of who you are

Nikki Warner ~too much too young~: [2DAFC] *No problem there. These are the people she loves here. Her family, as close to one as she's had in years* Wha' do I gotta do?

'Twomoons' Maier: [S9C83] ((Soaks 5.)) *Damn tough, oldass CoGgies.*

Janet Santos {hold your breath... }: [UTHGQ] *To nikki* Just close your eyes and ask... *she says softly*

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] The Linda-thing's head jerks to the side...And then she turns to regard Cassy with a smile. "Hey, girl. Been a while." The black lightning is building around her, building, building...

Nikki Warner ~too much too young~: [2DAFC] Ask who? *Eyes closed, though*

'Twomoons' Maier: [S9C83] *Whiffs the grapple, and again whiffs* ((*fistshakes at the roller*))

Janet Santos {hold your breath... }: [UTHGQ] Gaia. the Mother... Pegasus. Wendigo... anyone you think would listen...

Cassy Nix (DoW): [6ZSPA] *Regards her back with a smile* Tonight I will set your spirit free. *sees the build-up, and if she can...gonna uses a rage action to pull Rane off of her, so Cassy takes most of the damage from the lightning.*

Nikki Warner ~too much too young~: [2DAFC] How 'bout all'a 'em? *Please, please let them be okay. Please let them all come back.*

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] ((Anyone who hasn't gone, roll/post actions now, please.))

Robert E. Lee : [4S8GR] ((Rage actions yet?))

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] ((Unless anyone needs to go yet in the main phase, take Rage actions now.))

Janet Santos {hold your breath... }: [UTHGQ] That works too *she says with a soft smile closing her eyes taking a breath in as the van is rocked again... her hand running over her forhead.... praying to wendigo, mainly*

Cassy Nix (DoW): [6ZSPA] ((What should I roll to yank rane a safe distance behind her?))

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] ((Flat Strength, difficulty 6. Beat a mighty two successes.))

'Twomoons' Maier: [S9C83] ((chucking George one more time))

Cassy Nix (DoW): [6ZSPA] (( 4 sux on Str. Roll))

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] Rane's arm pops free with a sudden jerk of force from Cassy. Her fur is frozen solid on her arm. Cold. So cold. Like outer space.

Robert E. Lee : [4S8GR] *Snarls mindlessly, sinking claws again into George's back. ((3 suxx to hit, 5 agg))*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW) : [WPL3A] *happening so fast, she manages a snarl as Cassy tears her arm free...having enough time to think that she can't feel her fingertips*

'Twomoons' Maier: [S9C83] (( 0 successes to grapple.))

Nikki Warner ~too much too young~: [2DAFC] *It didn't work, though. It didn't bring Eddie back to her. And the church ladies told her way back then that God hates sinners. And isn't being selfish a sin?*

Gorgeous George Hammond: [C21DQ] (where's the ~love~ Rob?) *His skin refuses to give way under the secound attack* (soaked)

Janet Santos {hold your breath... }: [UTHGQ] *Her eyelashes brushing her cheeks.... she sits back on her heels... give them strength to do what they need to.. no more.. no less...*

Cassy Nix (DoW): [6ZSPA] *Pulls Rane away from Linda and moves in front of her with her hammer already on it's way for another collision with Linda's face*((Will wait to roll until instructed))

Robert E. Lee : [4S8GR] ((This is why Frenzy sucks... 2nd Rage, 3 suxx to hit, 7 agg..)) *Unknowing and at the moment uncaring of the rest of the battle around him, Robert's massive arm swings again, burying razorsharp talons into George's back.*

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] ((Roll the attacks on the spirits straight through, so we can wrap up this round and go to round 2. *s*))

Gorgeous George Hammond: [C21DQ] (blocked)

Robert E. Lee : [4S8GR] ((can't block, man, you're in Frenzy.))

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] ((George can't block. He's in a berserk frenzy.))

Cassy Nix (DoW): [6ZSPA] (( 6 lethal ))

Gorgeous George Hammond: [C21DQ] (ok soaked five take two more and i'm at incapacitated)

Michael Stevens: [IR10Z] Janet>>what do you think'll happen if that tree falls on this van?

Nikki Warner ~too much too young~: [2DAFC] *She wants more. She wants it all. Eyes closed tight now, lips moving slightly as she talks to anyone willing to hear her quiet pleas*

Janet Santos {hold your breath... }: [UTHGQ] *quietly, to michael, without looking up* the van will be wrecked, but this thing was made before fiberglass became vouge. the steel will keep it from crushing us to death, and we'll bolt for the Kudzo.

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] ((Kari>>> Regarding what you asked Auggy, that's fine. *s*))

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW) : [WPL3A] ((*L* Thanks))

Michael Stevens: [IR10Z] *grimaces and ((will wait for next turn if it matters)) starts grabbing for blankets to toss to the other two* in case the glass shatters...cover up.

Janet Santos {hold your breath... }: [UTHGQ] *she nods to michael, and touches nikki's shoudler then goes under the blankets with her*

Gorgeous George Hammond: [C21DQ] (don't sappouse anyone would heal my character eh?)

Nikki Warner ~too much too young~: [2DAFC] *It takes a second to get her attention, her whole attention wrapped up in her prayer now*

Erin Williams: [VGU2K] ((sorry, an ahroun and way too late to hop in on this one))

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] ((No time, doesn't matter, can't ask people OOCly anyway.))

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] ((Erin>>> Next round, okay? We're about done with this one.)) The wolf-thing is just picking itself up. Linda is covered in an absolute absence of light suddenly, and...((I'll finish next round.))

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW) : [WPL3A] ((Going to bed y'all, Soul has the helm. *L* G'night!))

Robert E. Lee : [4S8GR] ((init 8))

Justin "Sparky": [YJCEB] ((Init 13))

'Twomoons' Maier: [S9C83] (( 15))

Swante Taggart (Bloody STAT!): [QUCO0] ((init 11))

Gorgeous George Hammond: [C21DQ] (19)

Cassy Nix (DoW): [6ZSPA] (( Init 23))

Georgia Hooper: [376A] ((Init 11))

Niklas Kohl (GoF Kin, PB4): [QZM3K] ((17, reduced to 15 by wind))

Gorgeous George Hammond: [C21DQ] (so how many enemys are left? the full 13 or 12?)

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] ((George, are you going to Rage-heal, or no? I sort of need to know. And also...)) Suddenly, the lightning flashes out. The antithesis of everything living, it is pure oblivion. And, what's worse, it's a shockwave. Everyone in the junkyard is suddenly engulfed by the wave of oblivion, of cold. ((Everyone in the JY needs to soak 4 aggravated damage, and then make a Stamina roll at difficulty 8. Count every die that doesn't succeed. Kin just take 4 agg.))

Georgia Hooper: [376A] ((Init actually 9 heh))

'Twomoons' Maier: [S9C83] (( shit, 13...))

Gorgeous George Hammond: [C21DQ] (yeah healed four)

Erin Williams: [VGU2K] ((initi 17 comming in hispo))

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] ((Ooh, shit...Sparky, you need to roll Wits diff. 8.))

Niklas Kohl (GoF Kin, PB4): [QZM3K] ((Armor count on the soak?))

Swante Taggart (Bloody STAT!): [QUCO0] ((3 failed dice))

Janet Santos {hold your breath... }: [UTHGQ] ((ow...)) *a yelp.... knocked back, flat on her ass.... *

Georgia Hooper: [376A] ((Ick. Soaked 1)) *Staggers momentarily from the shock*

Robert E. Lee : [4S8GR] ((soaked 1, 5 failed dice on the Sta roll))

Honeysuckle: [EHR8D] In the green house this round, Honeysuckles moves to the wheelbarrel that inside flipping it over and takes cover under it... She can at least keep herself safe from shattering glass and other flying object if the build shakes apart.

Nikki Warner ~too much too young~: [2DAFC] *She's taken totally by suprise, the old, unrefined Nikki showing herself for a moment, the sudden damage she takes punctuated by a long string of profanity*

Cassy Nix (DoW): [6ZSPA] ((Cassy Soaked the Agg. and has like 9 failed dice on the Sta roll. Yikes?))

Swante Taggart (Bloody STAT!): [QUCO0] ((Healed 4? I don't see the rage-roll...))

Gorgeous George Hammond: [C21DQ] (why is it the more stamina you have the more prone to getting hurt by it's effects?)

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] ((Nope, armor doesn't help. Swante's in the crane, so he's safe.)) The wave seems to pass through solid, unliving surfaces as if it they don't exist. It's...Cold, infinitely cold. It sucks the will to live. ((Any failed die on the Stamina roll means a point of lost temporary Willpower.))

Gorgeous George Hammond: [C21DQ] (well i rolled it on the same roller i've been rolling everything. wtf)

Michael Stevens: [IR10Z] *the shout of pain's caught in his throat as he vomits blood and stomach acid, suddenly contorting painfully as the shockwave rips through him and throws him away from the door in the van*

Swante Taggart (Bloody STAT!): [QUCO0] *Grunts, flung back against the other rail and holding tight to both rail and rifle, groaning as flesh crystalizes.*

Niklas Kohl (GoF Kin, PB4): [QZM3K] *is blasted back and knocked to the ground... the damage exceeding his Stamina, he's down for the round...*

Cassy Nix (DoW): [6ZSPA] ((Welp...there goes Cassy's WP))

Swante Taggart (Bloody STAT!): [QUCO0] ((NM, then.))

Robert E. Lee : [4S8GR] *Doesn't even grunt as the wave washes over him, lost in a Wyrm-induced insanity.*

'Twomoons' Maier: [S9C83] (( soaked one, blew chunks on the willpower))

Honeysuckle: [EHR8D] (ouch!)

Gorgeous George Hammond: [C21DQ] (it was on there)

Georgia Hooper: [376A] ((Stam roll 1 succ))

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] ((How many dice failed, Georgia?))

Gorgeous George Hammond: [C21DQ] (someone with stam 3 only risks looseing three while someone with six can loose six)

Janet Santos {hold your breath... }: [UTHGQ] *her head slammed back against the floor - trickle of blood running down the side of her neck from her ear.... *

Georgia Hooper: [376A] ((Diff was 8 correct?))

Swante Taggart (Bloody STAT!): [QUCO0] ((George, the time for that is ~after~ the scene is done.))

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] ((Yup, difficulty 8.))

Justin "Sparky": [YJCEB] ((Soak 2, lose 5 wp.))

Erin Williams: [VGU2K] *there is a crash through the front end of 'his' van as he comes through front windshield just in time to get knocked off the hood by the wave.. though does recover easy enough and snarls ready*

Georgia Hooper: [376A] ((Lost 4))

Erin Williams: [VGU2K] ((soak 1, lost 5 wp))

Gorgeous George Hammond: [C21DQ] (any extra effect to haveing no wp left i should know about?)

Nikki Warner ~too much too young~: [2DAFC] *She's fairly sure that something just hit her in the stomach. A truck, maybe. Doubled over, prayer forgotten*

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] The tree, which is just starting to get yanked out of the ground, is flash-frozen. That doesn't make it any less dangerous, though. The bark is bleached white as bone, and the leaves are dry missles of ice. The tree itself is yanked free, and starts to spin around the gathering area...

Honeysuckle: [EHR8D] (bloody hell can't open up the WW roller, again.)

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] ((If you don't have any WP left, soak the number you would've lost as lethal damage.))

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] ((I'll roll for you, Anna. How many dice?))

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] ((Oh, except in Kin. The lethal damage is bashing damage for them.))

Michael Stevens: [IR10Z] OOC:just to be sure. Kin in the van _just_ take 4 agg? or take 4 agg and make the sta roll?

Honeysuckle: [EHR8D] (Stam of 2)

Cassy Nix (DoW): [6ZSPA] ((Soaked 6. Takes 3 lethal -1pen))

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] ((Kin in the van take JUST the damage.))

Michael Stevens: [IR10Z] ((gotcha))

Honeysuckle: [EHR8D] (Honey's not in the van.)

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] ((Honey loses one temporary WP.))

Honeysuckle: [EHR8D] Soul> (thanks.)

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] ((Okay. Everyone who hasn't soaked that can, roll the soak. If you're supposed to lose more points of WP than you got, then soak the difference as lethal damage if Garou, bashing if Kin, and let's move on.))

Gorgeous George Hammond: [C21DQ] (can you make dodge rolls when in frenzy?)

Robert E. Lee : [4S8GR] ((No, you can't.))

Cassy Nix (DoW): [6ZSPA] ((Oh...if she's only supposed to soak the difference then she soaked it all...still at Healthy))

Gorgeous George Hammond: [C21DQ] (christ, four damage from the two garou trying to kill me until goodbye then)

Honeysuckle: [EHR8D] Feeling like a ghost just swooshed right through her or something. Shivers like she fell through the ice on a pond and can't get out.

Cassy Nix (DoW): [6ZSPA] *Her thick hide saves her from the damge of the wave as it passes through her, though her eyes suddenly lose their fire, like the life was just sucked out of them. In that instant she drops her hammer to the ground, unwilling to go on anymore*

Niklas Kohl (GoF Kin, PB4): [QZM3K] ((Took 4 agg, knocked down, Sta: 8,6,10.. -1 WP. Good to go until next turn.))

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] ((And did you soak the four from the shockwave? If so, I need Initiative rolls again so we can keep this moving. I'll explain about the tree in a moment.))

Cassy Nix (DoW): [6ZSPA] ((Init 22))

Robert E. Lee : [4S8GR] ((already done. 8))

Swante Taggart (Bloody STAT!): [QUCO0] ((11))

Gorgeous George Hammond: [C21DQ] (19)

Erin Williams: [VGU2K] ((init 18, hispo gets +2 to dex forgot about that))

'Twomoons' Maier: [S9C83] ((12))

Michael Stevens: [IR10Z] *just clutches his chest*

Niklas Kohl (GoF Kin, PB4): [QZM3K] (Init 8))

Cassy Nix (DoW): [6ZSPA] ((Do those of us who lost our WP even get to make an aggressive action?))

Gorgeous George Hammond: [C21DQ] (can we stop frenzying if we are out of wp?)

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] ((No, you can't stop frenzying until you're unconcious, and yes, if you're out of WP, you can still take aggressive action. The WP thing is bad enough. *s* Also, Sparky-p, did you roll Wits?))

Robert E. Lee : [4S8GR] ((No. We can't.))

Honeysuckle: [EHR8D] Honeysuckle's not moving from under the wheel barrel in the green house.

Cassy Nix (DoW): [6ZSPA] ((The DLP that part about her being unwilling to go on...she's gonna woop ass, though...carelessly at that.))

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] ((Okay. Everyone can go before them, for simplicity's sake. Roll straight through to damage. I'll deal with the tree at the end of the round.))

Robert E. Lee : [4S8GR] ((George>>No, Rage isn't mandatory, but if your character isn't actively acting like it's in Frenzy it goes to ST control.)) ((Holding off on mine with my puny Init))

Justin "Sparky": [YJCEB] *And assails poor Twomoons again*

Justin "Sparky": [YJCEB] ((For 5 agg))

Niklas Kohl (GoF Kin, PB4): [QZM3K] *rolls hard to the side, trying to find safe cover from this shitstorm somewhere... lifting his pistol, he takes another shot at the damn wolf...*

Swante Taggart (Bloody STAT!): [QUCO0] *Slams his third clip in, praying he doesn't need more than the fourth or he's down to the pistol, and unleashes the hell onto "Linda". ((3 suxx out of 14 dice. 5 Lethal))*

Cassy Nix (DoW): [6ZSPA] ((Declaring 2 more rage))*Growling, she lunges foward, fueled only by rage, and swings her hammer against Lindas knees(( 7 Lethal))

Niklas Kohl (GoF Kin, PB4): [QZM3K] *Misses, but saves some effort to defend himself if needed*

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] Linda staggers back at the assault from Swante, but it's not doing enough. The wounds are pouring black ooze. With Cassy's strike, the thing starts to stagger, to fall, its form losing cohesion...The wolf, meanwhile, is...No longer a wolf. Suddenly, a column of nothingness, a hole in the world, spouting a hundred psuedopods, is lashing out at Niklas.

Erin Williams: [VGU2K] ((okay whom are the targets here?))

'Twomoons' Maier: [S9C83] *Twomoons gets promptly hammered before clocking Sparky* ((2 moreagg - ick - Sparky, soak 6 bashing))

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] ((Something that looks like Linda Hits-Heads-With-Pipes, and a column of black ooze.))

Justin "Sparky": [YJCEB] ((Takes 1 Bashing))

Gorgeous George Hammond: [C21DQ] (what about zee cancer lizards?)

Georgia Hooper~: [DI432] ((Spending 3 rage)) *Takes another razor-claw shot at the wolf* (4 succ)) *And tears in* ((4 damage))

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] ((No sign of them. Everyone go, please. *s*))

Erin Williams: [VGU2K] *the hispo erin lauches itself at the thing going after Niklas sinking it's fangs into it as hard as possible while throwing the bulk of his momentum into it* ((2 bites 1) 4 suxxs 6 dmg agg, 2) 2suxxs, 2 agg))

Niklas Kohl (GoF Kin, PB4): [QZM3K] ((2 sux to parry after WP.. wound penalties are tearing him up..))

Gorgeous George Hammond: [C21DQ] (five agg to Rob i guess)

Gorgeous George Hammond: [C21DQ] (unless i'm allowed to do something other then attack a gaian that i'm not aware of)

Cassy Nix (DoW): [6ZSPA] (( Rolling both Rage actions to speed this up. Rage#1 6 lethal, Rage#2 6 lethal. Both attacks are with her hammer))

Robert E. Lee : [4S8GR] ((Well, crap. Soaked one, took 4. Add that to the 3 from the blast and Rob's down. 1 suxx on the Rage-revive)) *Robert doesn't even feel the teeth crushing his ribcage, but his body feels the damage even if Robert does not, and he collapses.* ((right down at Incap, 1 suxx on Rage-revive.)) *His Rage flares in his eyes as it heals his body--but only a fraction.*

Gorgeous George Hammond: [C21DQ] *He turns and takes a taste of Rob, a big taste.*

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] The column of blackness grabs Nik, freezing him with the cold of its strikes, as it sucks the life from him greedily...Then tosses him away, into the piles of junk. The Linda-thing is fading, her form losing consistency.

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] ((Sparky, George, I need a Wits roll from both of you, please.))

Janet Santos {hold your breath... }: [UTHGQ] ((Playewr has to go, will be gone for the weekend, allowing good recovery time.. TTYL))

Gorgeous George Hammond: [C21DQ] (three sux)

Cassy Nix (DoW): [6ZSPA] ((G'night Janet-P Happy Easter))

Nikki Warner ~too much too young~: [2DAFC] ((bye, girl... *snugs* ))

Georgia Hooper~: [DI432] ((Night Janet-P))

Gorgeous George Hammond: [C21DQ] (good night)

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] ((Okay. Has anybody NOT gone?))

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] ((That's a no. I need everybody to roll one die. Just one. Kin in the van, nominate one person to do it.))

Cassy Nix (DoW): [6ZSPA] ((9))

Robert E. Lee : [4S8GR] ((5))

Swante Taggart (Bloody STAT!): [QUCO0] ((2))

Gorgeous George Hammond: [C21DQ] (3)

Georgia Hooper~: [DI432] ((9))

Honeysuckle: [EHR8D] (Can some one roll one for me, Please.)

Michael Stevens: [IR10Z] OOC:Hell, I got the roller open if you want, Nikki-p. or you can do it if ya want.

Erin Williams: [VGU2K] ((2))

Nikki Warner ~too much too young~: [2DAFC] ((want me to?))

'Twomoons' Maier: [S9C83] (( lucky 7?))

Nikki Warner ~too much too young~: [2DAFC] (you've already got it open, go ahead. *s*)

Michael Stevens: [IR10Z] OOC:go for it

Robert E. Lee : [4S8GR] ((First roll for Honeysuckle was a 2))

Justin "Sparky": [YJCEB] ((6))

Michael Stevens: [IR10Z] OOC:alright. 2.

Honeysuckle: [EHR8D] (Thank you.)

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] With a sudden gust of wind, the van the Kin are in is suddenly rolling across the ground, tossing them around madly before it comes to rest upside down against a junk pile. ((Soak 3 Bashing, people in the van.)) Erin is suddenly tossed backwards, smashing into a junk pile, sharp leaves slicing his face open. ((Erin-p, soak 4 Lethal.)) Honeysuckle's wheelbarrow is suddenly gone, icy leaves raking across her face, scoring lightly. ((Take 1 lethal.)) And George and Robert...They are rather suddenly smashed with the tree as it whirls around, tossed by tornado-force winds. ((Soak 4 lethal.))

Robert E. Lee : [4S8GR] ((George>>No, that just means you don't commit any atrocities--i.e., feasting on Rob's flesh when he falls. You're still in Frenzy.))

Gorgeous George Hammond: [C21DQ] (tg, soaked the tree)

Gorgeous George Hammond: [C21DQ] (oops, i've been feasting on him all along)

Erin Williams: [VGU2K] *he gets tossed back but thankfully his thick fur compensates for most of it* ((soaked 3 @ wounded -2))

Robert E. Lee : [4S8GR] ((Soaked 2. Down to -8, but 2 of them lethal.)) *Still in the throes of Frenzy--a normal one at least, now--Robert ears back one massive taloned arm to strike George--and is in light enough Frenzy to register surprise as well as fury when he is suddenly airborn--both emotions wink out when he slams into the tree and he falls to the ground, out cold.*

Gorgeous George Hammond: [C21DQ] *The frozen wood shatters against his short pelted hide.*

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] ((No, you didn't botch.)) And then...The path is clear between George and the enemy. His world is red, and he knows he can now attack. ((Okay. Next round. George, the path is now clear between he and the spirit, so....))

Gorgeous George Hammond: [C21DQ] (sweet!)

Gorgeous George Hammond: [C21DQ] (what target is left? do i act now?)

Cassy Nix (DoW): [6ZSPA] ((Init 23))

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] ((Nope, initiative.))

Gorgeous George Hammond: [C21DQ] (14)

'Twomoons' Maier: [S9C83] *There are bad days....and then there are ~really~ bad days...this is one of the really bad days. Twomoons Growls rather inarticulately, and makes a nice wicked leap on...* ((init 11))

Erin Williams: [VGU2K] ((10))

Swante Taggart (Bloody STAT!): [QUCO0] ((ugh. init 7))

Michael Stevens: [IR10Z] *hadn't gotten over the shock of the shockwave... and with no time to brace himself, he bounces around in the van with the others. When it comes to a stop, he's not moving anywhere* OOC:cripppled. took 2 bashing.

Georgia Hooper~: [DI432] ((Init 11))

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] Sparky gets whacked across the head, and is suddenly out, in Homid form, with a cracked skull. He'll live, but it's going to sting. ((Bye Sparky-p.))

Justin "Sparky": [YJCEB] ((Night all- godspeed! (Gaiaspeed?) ))

Honeysuckle: [EHR8D] Honeysuckle goes rolling to, she only weight 90 lbs. cold, cut up, the wall stops her or the stud of the wall does. curls up into a ball her arm shielding her face and head now.

Honeysuckle: [EHR8D] (night)

'Twomoons' Maier: [S9C83] ((No prob. Attacking George, splitting dice 2 times, spending one rage ))

Georgia Hooper~: [DI432] ((Night Dave))

Justin "Sparky": [YJCEB] ((*Poof*))

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] These spirit-things are slow this round again, and though their damage is immense, they fight on...((Everyone, go before them.))

Gorgeous George Hammond: [C21DQ] (you didn't happen to miss the post about my declairing to attack the spirit eh twomoons-p?)

Swante Taggart (Bloody STAT!): [QUCO0] ((are both creatures still there?))

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] ((No, he didn't. Roll, guys.))

Cassy Nix (DoW): [6ZSPA] ((Spending 1 rage. God I love Wolverine. Crushing Linda's head with her hammer))*With a snarl, she razes her hammer high and brings it down on Linda's head with a thud* Good-bye sister...May Gaia save your soul. (( 8 lethal for main action. 8 more lethal for Rage action))

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] ((Yup. The wolf is now a column of nothing with a hundred psuedopods, and Linda is more or less a cloud of nothingness.))

Erin Williams: [VGU2K] ((spending 4 rage 1 rage to ignore wounds pens, 3 rage for extra actions))

Swante Taggart (Bloody STAT!): [QUCO0] *Slaps his last clip in, desperate now, and unleashes at the cloud that had attacked Rane emptying the entire clip into it.* ((ugh. 3 suxx out of 14 dice. 4 Lethal))

Georgia Hooper~: [DI432] *Swipes her heavy-handed claws down once more at the spirit formerly known as a wolf.* ((6sucesses)) ((Absolutely no successes on damage))

'Twomoons' Maier: [S9C83] (( attacking george...does 5 agg and ...*wince* 8 agg ))

Gorgeous George Hammond: [C21DQ] *He cocks his head as Rob is swept away by the tree, only to bolt towards the spirit with a might chomp of his maw.* (seven agg to linda)

Erin Williams: [VGU2K] *erin snarls and lunges himself forward at the psudoblob again that got Nik driving it's mawl deep clamping down with the force of a vice* ((3 suxxs, 6 dmg agg))

Gorgeous George Hammond: [C21DQ] (whoa!...)

Gorgeous George Hammond: [C21DQ] (dude he could see george isn't fighting any other werewolfs now couldn't he?)

Cassy Nix (DoW): [6ZSPA] ((It doesn't matter man...You're in the thrawl you are being ridden by the wyrm. You are a liability now...not an ally

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] ((It has nothing to do with that. Twomoons is also in a frenzy now, which is the reason I didn't post a public action last round for the Linda-thing.))

'Twomoons' Maier: [S9C83] (( *Got nailed by incite frenzy* ))

Gorgeous George Hammond: [C21DQ] (well congrats, dead)

Cassy Nix (DoW): [6ZSPA] ((What are you at on HL George-P))

Gorgeous George Hammond: [C21DQ] (unless anyone can save me somehow. like st pitty or something)

Erin Williams: [VGU2K] *and as his rage kicks in he continues to bite into the damned thing repeatedly* ((1 attack 7 agg, 2 attack 3 agg, 3 attack 6 agg))

Gorgeous George Hammond: [C21DQ] (i thought you couldn't split actions in frenzy)

Gorgeous George Hammond: [C21DQ] (how come only the dead person is posting)

Swante Taggart (Bloody STAT!): [QUCO0] ((George, that's enough. You saw the rules at the beginning and agreed to them. Be quiet and let the rest of us continue.))

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] ((Checking on something, but in the meantime...)) The psuedopod thing is shocked by the brutality of Erin's sudden assault, and before he knows it, he's got nothing but oily, foul-tasting smoke in his mouth. The thing is vanished back across the Gauntlet, brutalized beyond measure.

Swante Taggart (Bloody STAT!): [QUCO0] *Searches the 'yard, reaching for his pistol, all his ammunition for the rifle spent.*

Swante Taggart (Bloody STAT!): [QUCO0] ((I explained in the last post what the hell I'm chastising you for. Be quiet, and let the scene continue.))

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] ((Auggy's rerolling the single attack with a full pool. I assumed he was just doing his Rage action, but it looks like he'd split. It's being fixed.))

Georgia Hooper~: [DI432] ((Which rage action are we on?))

'Twomoons' Maier: [S9C83] ((Shoot. scratch that. one attack, one rage attack - 5 agg damage on his regular attack ))

Georgia Hooper~: [DI432] ((Oh, never mind. We were rolling straight through. Darf))

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] ((I want everybody to take all their actions, including Rage actions. The one spirit Erin just fucked up is gone, and all that's left is the glittering cloud.))

'Twomoons' Maier: [S9C83] ((rage attack does 6 damage))

Cassy Nix (DoW): [6ZSPA] ((Cassy did 8 lethal on her main, and 8 on her rage as well. To Linda))

Georgia Hooper~: [DI432] ((Remaining rage actions are to grab the BFG and aim it at the Linda thing))

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] Cassy's strikes simply pass through the cloud. The chill envelops her weapon, and is spreading down her arms...

Honeysuckle: [EHR8D] (I am archiving.)

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] ((George, if you could soak the 5 damage and 6 damage, please, then Rage-heal as necessary...)) The wind dies suddenly, the junk no longer blown around by tornado-force winds. The cloud still hangs there in the air, glittering, almost beautiful in a strange way, like the opposite of a photograph of a cloud - a negative, a hole in reality, a void.

Robert E. Lee : [4S8GR] ((can't Rage-heal. He already did once this scene.))

Cassy Nix (DoW): [6ZSPA] *Drops the weapon obviously, but that doesn't deter her...even as her arms begins to go numb from pain she fights on*((Resist Toxin))

Michael Stevens: [IR10Z] *slowly drags himself towards the door of the van once he figures out which direction it's in*

Nikki Warner ~too much too young~: [2DAFC] *She's not hurt ~much~ more... but it certainly doesn't help. The blanket still covers most of her, but she's still suddenly very, very cold.*

Honeysuckle: [EHR8D] She's not moving, she remains curled up in a ball with her arm shielding her face and head.

Erin Williams: [VGU2K] *head creens around for the next enemy to to sink his fangs into.. fur bristled sniffing.. and snarling.. drool pouring from his mouth*

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] And the only sound now is the two frenzied Garou, still up and active, still tearing at each other madly, despite the fact that George is bearing wounds that should have, by all rights, killed him. ((The only people still in combat should be Twomoons and George.))

Cassy Nix (DoW): [6ZSPA] ((Cassy Can't act?))

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] ((Oh, she can. *s* She can't hurt the cloud, though. She can swing at it all night if you want.))

Cassy Nix (DoW): [6ZSPA] ((DLP))

Erin Williams: [VGU2K] *seeing the two battle, one he doesn't like the other he doesn't know.. his form shifts up to crinos and he moves twords where Niklas was thrown looking for him* NIKLAS! *his crinos voice booms out*

Georgia Hooper~: [DI432] ((Inits?))

Michael Stevens: [IR10Z] Nikki>>you... *takes a breath to work up for the next word* alive? *and damnit, why won't things stop moving?*

'Twomoons' Maier: [S9C83] (( 8 init. suckage. ))

Swante Taggart (Bloody STAT!): [QUCO0] *Keeps an eye out, the grenade launcher rather than the pistol ready, for anything else approaching.*

Cassy Nix (DoW): [6ZSPA] *Once she figures out the cloud cannot be harmed...she turns her murderous gaze on the two frenzied wolves and...reluctantly...leaves the cloud hanging, and takes a swing at TM's back with her hammer*

Gorgeous George Hammond: [C21DQ] (15, anyone else joining this init?)

Cassy Nix (DoW): [6ZSPA] ((24))

Nikki Warner ~too much too young~: [2DAFC] *She makes a wierd little sound. Probably a good indication of yes.*

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] ((Cassy probably won't be able to make it in time, actually. Twomoons intercepted George before he got near the cloud.)) Still, the cloud hovers there, lazily floating over towards the wounded Garou.

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] ((At least not this turn. If she's spending Rage she could act during the Rage actions, though.))

Cassy Nix (DoW): [6ZSPA] ((She'll spend a Rage))

Erin Williams: [VGU2K] *and goes about digging around for Niklas*

Michael Stevens: [IR10Z] *bites down a groan as he drags himself another couple of feet, reaching up for the doorhandle with a groan of pain before dropping back down without grasping it*

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] ((Okay. She's moving during the regular round, can act during Rage.))

Georgia Hooper~: [DI432] ((Init 7))

'Twomoons' Maier: [S9C83] (( one attack, one rage. ))

Helping ST: [8ZKTN] ((Covering for a minute while Soul's AFK for somethin'. George, actions?))

Gorgeous George Hammond: [C21DQ] (three rage one attack)

Helping ST: [8ZKTN] ((Roll the first one.))

'Twomoons' Maier: [S9C83] ((roll straight thruogh, Twomoons ain't dodging))

Gorgeous George Hammond: [C21DQ] *He wants to live, he wants to eat, unaware of close he is to dieing in the worst possible way he lashes out with his teeth for Twomoons.* (seven agg)

Erin Williams: [VGU2K] *he disappears down a hill of scrap... a few minutes later he comes climbing back up into view with the dead body of Niklas Kohl cradled in his good arm... and he moves over to the hood of the former SR van and lays him there.. reaching inside the van, pulling out a blanket and covers the poor kinfolk... then goes to check on the others.. heading for the van that rolled and knocks on the outside* anyone... in... there? *a rough garou tounge is heard on the otherside*

'Twomoons' Maier: [S9C83] (( Soaked...all of it. Jesus.)) *the bite does nothing visibly, as Twomoons rears back to kill whatever it is that he's fighting*

Michael Stevens: [IR10Z] Erin>>get Theurge.. Nikki's hurt. *and there's a thump as disorientation kicks in again*

'Twomoons' Maier: [S9C83] ((and does...6 damage.))

Niklas Kohl (GoF Kin, PB4): [QZM3K] *No body... just pieces.. fingers, foot, jaw, forearm, lumps of flesh... he body-surfed across a long sum or sharp and jagged objects.. the rest of it is most likely beneath a number of junk-landslides his rough passing caused...*

Erin Williams: [VGU2K] *at the responce he grunts and forces the sliding door open.. the crinos wolf reaching inside to give Michael a hand out* who all in? *motioning with his head*

Gorgeous George Hammond: [C21DQ] (takes three now i'm two over incap)

Michael Stevens: [IR10Z] *gonna take more than just a little help. He's fairly out of it... -6 HLs.* Nikki an' Janet... *trouble focussing on the furred form? oh yeah.*

Helping ST: [8ZKTN] ((Alright, who got higher init, Cassy or TM?)) *George falls to the ground, nearly torn open, but Twomoons' Frenzy hasn't yet run its course.*

Erin Williams: [VGU2K] *he reaches in pulling the injured kinfolk out and sitting his down next to the van while barking out* ~GT~ need healers kin injuried!!.. *and moves back inside the van to carry Nikki out*

'Twomoons' Maier: [S9C83] (( definitely Cassy. ))

Cassy Nix (DoW): [6ZSPA] (( 4 lethal. That sucks))

Helping ST: [8ZKTN] ((Alright, Cassy, make your shot. -1 diff since he's a bit busy at the moment so she'll be flanking him.))

'Twomoons' Maier: [S9C83] ((Yep, soaked dat too. swinging at Cassy now.))

Cassy Nix (DoW): [6ZSPA] ((Roll Through))

Edward Morgan: [GYV8T] ((*is tempted for a spying ratkin to do everyone a favor and lethal TM down with a few shots... but that'd be unratlike... just as saving Dennis would have been* Heh heh))

Helping ST: [8ZKTN] *The black cloud... or really the cloudshaped area where nothing is, an emptiness that black doesn't even define--drifts closer, slowly; perhaps two feet closer from where it was, drifting.*

'Twomoons' Maier: [S9C83] (( 8 agg. Sheezits. ))

Georgia Hooper~: [DI432] ((Heck, any Ratkin would love to lay him out I bet))

Cassy Nix (DoW): [6ZSPA] ((Cassy Soak>>7,8,7,5,9,9,5,9,6,5,2,5,3, = 7. Damn...this bitch is TOUGH))

Helping ST: [8ZKTN] ((any more Rage actions for Cassy?))

Cassy Nix (DoW): [6ZSPA] ((Any more rage left? or New round?))

Erin Williams: [VGU2K] *he comes back out carrying Nikki and sits her down beside the van frowning deeply.. and then moves back inside the van pulling out Janet... and sits her down beside the van... glancing around trying to find a healer he knows*

Cassy Nix (DoW): [6ZSPA] ((Nope))

'Twomoons' Maier: [S9C83] (( no rage left outta Twomoons. ))

Helping ST: [8ZKTN] ((New round, and TM can roll WP to break off the Frenzy now.))

Cassy Nix (DoW): [6ZSPA] ((27))

Gorgeous George Hammond: [C21DQ] (killed by the only healer, how ironic. good night everyone it was fun being part of the jy game, honestly had a lot of fun for the three or so weeks)

Cassy Nix (DoW): [6ZSPA] ((You're not dead George))

Cassy Nix (DoW): [6ZSPA] ((You're only 3 below incap...You're still alive mano...just reallllly fucked up))

Michael Stevens: [IR10Z] Erin>>Rane? Val? Jason?

'Twomoons' Maier: [S9C83] (( 10! ))

Helping ST: [8ZKTN] ((At 3 past incap, with Agg, that's dead.))

Erin Williams: [VGU2K] *shifts to glabro and shakes his head* don't see rane, val neither, and it looks like twomoons is gonna be takin a nap here in a second.. *glances to michael from the fight* were there any other kinfolk around before this thing attacked? Niklas has already been located... *his voice drops just a bit* he died like a warrior.

'Twomoons' Maier: [S9C83] (( Twomoons willpower: 4,7,4, Yay, he's freakin' ~out~ of it. ))

Helping ST: [8ZKTN] ((*G* Meant the rating, not what's left, but it's cool. Declare?))

Robert E. Lee : [4S8GR] *And laying unconcious, ~very~ badly wounded, among the limbs of the tree.*

Cassy (DoW): [W1F07] ((Cassy is gonna Hammer his Chest again))

Michael Stevens: [IR10Z] Erin>>he... *and his head bounces back against the van, shutting his eyes* fuck...*groans. either from the update or the injuries. damn kinfolk bein' all fragile and shit*

Cassy (DoW): [W1F07] (( 8 lethal...oops))

Helping ST: [8ZKTN] ((Alright... TM is busy getting his mind back, so go for it.))

Erin Williams: [VGU2K] whoa.. *panics a bit* careful Michael don't put yourself out.. i need you to keep yourself stright.. were there any other kinfolk?

'Twomoons' Maier: [S9C83] (( Twitching like a grand mal epileptic. *nods* )) *bringing it back for another slo-mo shot on Cassy and...freezes for a moment, before he begins to do a full-body looks weird, really*

Helping ST: [8ZKTN] ((Cassy, with the higher Init, you can see what's going on and pull the blow if you want.))

Cassy (DoW): [W1F07] ((She would have only swung hard enough to bust him up bad, not kill him))

Cassy (DoW): [W1F07] ((DLP))

Helping ST: [8ZKTN] ((*G* He'

Cassy (DoW): [W1F07] ((She pulls her shot))

Helping ST: [8ZKTN] ((Fricin' browser.))

'Twomoons' Maier: [S9C83] ((He's freakin' busted up as it is.))

Helping ST: [8ZKTN] *The hammerhead stops with a great outpouring of strength a few inches from Twomoons' breastbone, and a moment later the fog is out of his brain.*

Cassy (DoW): [W1F07] *With full head of steam behind it...The last thing TM might see before convulsing is a Steel Skull whistling straight for him, a testament to her abilities she pulls the shot at the last moment, causing it to woosh above his head*

Cassy (DoW): [W1F07] ((DLP)

Cassy (DoW): [W1F07] ((Haha))

Robert E. Lee : [4S8GR] ((Stop, whoosh, whatevah.))

Cassy (DoW): [W1F07] *Leaves the hammer there and waits for him to come to* HT- You are one lucky son of a bitch...

Georgia Hooper~: [DI432] Where's Robert?

Erin Williams: [VGU2K] *glances to the fight now that they aren't absorbed anymore* we have injuried kinfolk!!

Robert E. Lee : [4S8GR] *Stuck in what's left of the tree--but he's not saying anything.*

'Twomoons' Maier: [S9C83] *Oh, shitty beans there's someone trying to kill him and it's...cassy? *

'Twomoons' Maier: [S9C83] *blinkblink, that gets his attention*~ht~ Whowhawhere?

Georgia Hooper~: [DI432] ((When can people from the other scene arrive back?)) *Runs over to help haul Robert out of the tree*

Cassy (DoW): [W1F07] *Turns to Erin* Triage them...the most injured first...We'll be there. *turns back to TM* You're needed doc...are you ok to do some healing?

Helping ST: [8ZKTN] *And, of course, that... anti-cloud... is still there.*

Cassy (DoW): [W1F07] *The fact that the hammer is only inches from his chest, means she was close...very close.*

Michael Stevens: [IR10Z] *shakes his head a little* Erin>>just us three... I think

'Twomoons' Maier: [S9C83] ((I'd say pretty much any time at this point)) ~ht~ Yeah. *lopes on over and looks them over*

Cassy (DoW): [W1F07] TM>> Get outta the kinfolk...*Turns to the Cloud and shifts umbral, hopefully she can keep it occupied or do some damage to it there*

Michael Stevens: [IR10Z] OOC:Janet was -4 agg and her player had to go before the van rolled.

Georgia Hooper~: [DI432] *Points the BFG at the anti-cloud, just in case*

Niklas Kohl (GoF Kin, PB4): [QZM3K] ((Alright, this window is beyond moot *LOL* Gonna close it down and stick around with the ed window...))

Honeysuckle: [EHR8D] (Yep, no one knows Honeysuckle is in the greenhouse.)

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [8DMI5] ((Since I need to go...)) *She arrives and simply, immediately, goes into M.A.S.H. mode in the medical van, and will ask questions in the morning.* ((Has 7 gnosis, and will gladly blow it all on healing))

Erin Williams: [VGU2K] *glances to twomoons* Niklas is dead.. *motions to micheal* he seems to be in the worse shape.. and Nikki ain't in no better.. *motions to Janet* she seems to be alright though.. can wait.. *glances to him awaiting an order*

Helping ST: [8ZKTN] *And on the other side are several spirits--rat'spirits, the Chimera that watches over the Lone Wolves and the Wolverine that guides the Dogs of War. Several of them are semi-transparent, bearing deep gashes, but all are alive, and the destroyed and drained husks of the Scrags are clearly not.*

Helping ST: [8ZKTN] *The Cloud on the other hand grows smaller, tendrils drifting away and disappearing like a shedding cat in a high wind. In a few moments, the thing is gone.*

Cassy (DoW): [W1F07] *Cassy will leap right into battle with her claws and teeth in aid of her totem spirit and everyone else's as well*

Georgia Hooper~: [DI432] *Leaves Robert with medical help and goes to look for Honeysuckle* ((Will eventually find her probably, since she knows where Honeysuckle goes.))

Robert E. Lee : [4S8GR] ((6 Agg, 2 Lethal. About as close to dead as one can get and still breathe.))

'Twomoons' Maier: [S9C83] *Looks and heals Janet (heals 3) first, before going to Nikki (3) and then Michael, (2) *

Michael Stevens: [IR10Z] TM>>pregnant first... *lolls his head towards Nikki*

'Twomoons' Maier: [S9C83] ~ht~ Go umbral.

Helping ST: [8ZKTN] ((*G* Cassy--the things are dead. Their battle's done.))

Georgia Hooper~: [DI432] ((Good night folks **Gone**))

Erin Williams: [VGU2K] *tilts his head at maier and just shakes his head a bit.. going completely opposite of what he said and just pats maier's back hard.. that irked him a bit... and he moves off to see to others*

Swante Taggart (Bloody STAT!): [QUCO0] *Climbs down, rushing in to make sure Rane is alright.*

'Twomoons' Maier: [S9C83] *how the hell the bloody clawed, distinctly beat to shit Garou can work on the kinfolk as rapidly as he does may be a minor miracle. Or just tons of practice.*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [8DMI5] ((Night all. Gone))

Michael Stevens: [IR10Z] *aaand... apparently whatever deity's got a hardon for him shows a little mercy* OOC:Cursed roll: 7. that MT went through. down 4 agg

Cassy (DoW): [W1F07] *She moves to Wolverine...her Totem spirit, and kneels down* BS- The could of nothin is moving toward my you know how I might defeat it?

Helping ST: [8ZKTN] *The wolverine spirit concentrates a moment, then shrugs.* Gone now.

Erin Williams: [VGU2K] *and he slips umbral at Maier's request... glancing around the umbral scene shaking his head a bit.... he notices Cassy and moves near her.. but stops giving her a respective distance.. and just stands there with his arms folded*

'Twomoons' Maier: [S9C83] *And a second go round, Nikki ( 3 ) Michael (3 ) and finally Janet (2 ). And that is ~it~ for Twomoons for the moment*

Robert E. Lee : [4S8GR] ((And assuming he got somewhat-healed by Val.)) *STands, staggers, looks around.* Aw, hell...

Honeysuckle: [EHR8D] (grrr) Honeysuckle with show up after Georgia finds her... looking a mess as well, but walking at least. (I think)

Cassy (DoW): [W1F07] *Sighs with relief and then rubs his uninjured scalp* As always you all are owed a great debt to this caern...thank you...I must help with the injured....*Stands and turns to see Erin* The battle here is are the injured?

Michael Stevens: [IR10Z] *apparently the pissy deity's mercy only goes so far* OOC:Mike Cursed: 4... MT fails. BIC:*remains propped up, catching his breath as the bruising fades* TM>>what 'appened?

Meredith Turner (Timings a bitch): [QWBEZ] *Walks into..... holy shit....*

Erin Williams: [VGU2K] *frowns a bit and looks down* so far... one garou.. a new one i didn't know.. and one kinfolk.. *takes a deep breath* i'm sorry cassy.. it was Niklas.

Lost-Claw-of-Hjarta-Villtnur (DoW PB1): [NV6LH] *steps in from the maze at a sprint... and for the first time in. uhm. well the first time since he's shown up, he looks ready to rip something apart*

Meredith Turner (Timings a bitch): [QWBEZ] *She drops her bag and moves over towards Two Moons* Who needs attention?

Honeysuckle: [EHR8D] cuts on her face, bumps bruises and scrapes.. she looks like she went through that whirl wind.

Robert E. Lee : [4S8GR] *Looks over the scene, then limps hurriedly to Honeysuckle.* You alright?

'Twomoons' Maier: [S9C83] *shifts back to homid, looking officially shitkicked.* I unno. Things showed up, George and Sparky started beating me down, the world got fuzzy and red, was over/

Helping ST: [8ZKTN] ((in HT. Robert's still in Crinos.))

Michael Stevens: [IR10Z] TM>>*nods a little* we won?

Cassy (DoW): [W1F07] *Looks down and clenches her fist...hard enough to bleed. Its several moments before she speaks* The Garou was George...a brave warrior. *looks back up with gritted teeth* Niklas's death will felt very hard amongst the Fenrir. This caern will also feel the loss of the two very deeply...*Sighs and takes a deep breath, before expelling the rest of her engergy to sing a song of lement for them both...her voice beautiful, like a chorus of several garou. It is obvious now that underneath her Ahroun like attitude, that she is still wholey Galliard*

Honeysuckle: [EHR8D] Wide eyes taking in the scene and shaking visible.. she jumps several inches off the ground when Robert speaks to her, it was like she didn't see up until just then and just nods.

'Twomoons' Maier: [S9C83] Meredith>>*Looks around a little* Uhm...everyone?

'Twomoons' Maier: [S9C83] Michael>>I think so.

Lost-Claw-of-Hjarta-Villtnur (DoW PB1): [NV6LH] *doesn't get in anyone's way... just paces back and forth, slowly rising to glabro*

Erin Williams: [VGU2K] *winces at that cassy* i'm sorry cassy i tried to avert the thing's attention from Nikals but it wanted him more then I.... *swallows a bit and drops quiet listening to her sing*

Honeysuckle: [EHR8D] so she doesn't nod.. she just looking at the crinos Robert. she recognizes him.

Meredith Turner (Timings a bitch): [QWBEZ] *She snaps her head up to Cassy, hearing her. Her features grow clouded for a moment but swallows hard and moves for the COD van, grabbing the med kit.. people are hurt..mourn later*

Cassy (DoW): [W1F07] *Just continues to sing her song...beautifully hypnotic, yet heavy with sorrow as she honors them both and sings a prayer for their wayward spirits*

Cassy (DoW): [W1F07] ((Cassy Is Umbral))

Edward Morgan: [GYV8T] *Returns and helps move the wounded about, but there's little more he can do than that. Once everyone is cared for, he looks for some way to save the poor tree...* ((Not gonna stick around for tonight.. getting late, but mistake him not for 'unaffected' by the losses...))

Meredith Turner (Timings a bitch): [QWBEZ] (COD? heh COG)

Robert E. Lee : [4S8GR] *Shakes his head, then forces himself to Glabro, then to Homid, both rather painfully.* It wasn't purty...

Soul(ST Style): [3WDKB] ((I'll post Renown and XP to the list either later tonight or tomorrow. *sigh* I'm really sorry, folks. That scene got out from under me really, really fast. I'm really sorry. Closing this window, probably come back IC in a while.))

Erin Williams: [VGU2K] ((we're umbral)) *he softly shakes his head and lets cassy be alone.. she usually preffers that anyways... and steps back to the materal world*

Meredith Turner (Timings a bitch): [QWBEZ] (Ohhhh nevermind hearing then) *Moves towards Honey first*

Cassy (DoW): [W1F07] *Funny enough...she is only a few seconds behind Erin, fading into view and making her way back to the GA...looking as if she has lost all will to live...her eyes drained of the fire they once possessed*

Honeysuckle: [EHR8D] Robert> "Yeah.." nodding.. and looking him over, for injuries.. funny that then she looks injured herself.

Lost-Claw-of-Hjarta-Villtnur (DoW PB1): [NV6LH] *Catches sight of Rane and rushes over to do some nonspecific helping-type things. For once, his strength of will low enough for his rage to be fetl somewhere beneath the surface*

Robert E. Lee : [4S8GR] *And his left arm's about mangled, but otherwise Val healed him up.* You alright?

Robert E. Lee : [4S8GR] ((Oh, and Swante's over with Rane, after getting a few fresh clips.))

Meredith Turner (Timings a bitch): [QWBEZ] *She looks to Honey and Robert* ok.. let me take a look at you ok?

Cassy (DoW): [W1F07] *She moves to Rane immediatly though..hoping that her actions prolonged her life.*LC>> Take her to the doc...she took a hell of a beating before I got here....*kneels down and rests a hand on his shoulder* We lost Niklas tonight mano...he...he fought so hard but couldn't withstand the assault.

Honeysuckle: [EHR8D] "I'm Ok.." ignoring her aches and pains.. "You're not." ------- Looks at Mere, "Robert first."

Erin Williams: [VGU2K] *and he moves twords his van and drops down beside the front end.. bringing up his knees and drops his head against them.. his face still bleeding pretty badly from the cut.. and his body still aching from that hit of voidless.. his fire is gone... and the death of the two... drain him even more.. and he just sits there... unmoving.. and usually.. unseen as well*

Robert E. Lee : [4S8GR] *shakes his head.* I'll heal up jus' fine on m'own. I'll throw a bandage on it later.

Meredith Turner (Timings a bitch): [QWBEZ] *She looks over to Rane and she swallows.... this could be bad... then looks up to Robert and Honey*

Meredith Turner (Timings a bitch): [QWBEZ] Honey> He'll be alright and will won't.

Lost-Claw-of-Hjarta-Villtnur (DoW PB1): [NV6LH] Cassy>>*Speaks slowly. The cold emotionlessness overpowered at the moment* who attacked? Who hurt Rane? Killed the cousins? Killed Niklas?

Anja Stormbringer(Shattered): [2OL1T] *walks in, eyes downcast*

~end archive~

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