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Glass Walkers - New Blood

April 4, 2004

Asheford Graham (STAT Alpha)2: [4OSNE] *Ash leads the man in and waits for Maxwell to stop before he himself snaps to salute at his right*

Kayla ~Silent Witness~ Marks (Bloody STAT Geek): [8ZL4Q] *Still standing at attention*

Jeremiah Seymore: [WZPI5] *stands there with his arms crossed*

Maxwell Englund (GW. FHQD Kinfolk. NPC): [26K2Y] *follows Ash, turning to face the rest and pauses a moment for dramatic reactions. Tucks a stray streak of gray behind his ear as he looks over everyone with the expression of someone who's seen much more than they'd like to have. his hands clasp behind his back relaxedly*

Swante Taggart (Bloody STAT!): [MFRBO] *Stops and salutes in perfect beat with the others, rifle now sling over one shoulder.*

Rabbie Metal-And-Blooded: [EMI2U] *is htere & stuff*

Maxwell Englund (GW. FHQD Kinfolk. NPC): [26K2Y] *nods to STAT* At ease, Soldiers. To the rest of you, good evening. My name is Maxwell Englund, I trust many of you recieved the greeting that Mr Graham was kind enough to upload at my request.

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: [P7UC3] (I can) Attention and salutes.. with her pack..

Asheford Graham (STAT Alpha)2: [4OSNE] *and snaps back into a rigid at-ease,*

Kayla ~Silent Witness~ Marks (Bloody STAT Geek): [8ZL4Q] *Comes to parade rest*

Rabbie Metal-And-Blooded: [EMI2U] ((Okay. AM archiving as well)) *nods. she got the note*

[ Lacey Langstrom × GW Cub × ]: [1LDIY] --just stands there with her hands tucked in her pockets rocking on her heels a bit.. glacing around then to her feet then around again.. quiet as she can be.. the 17 year old a little crispy from her run in with an electric fence.. yeah she coulda taken it on.. yeah.. ok.. so it got her good--

Swante Taggart (Bloody STAT!): [MFRBO] *Snaps to an at-ease that's mostly Parade Rest.*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: [P7UC3] In unison with her pack she goes to 'at-ease' stance.

Maxwell Englund (GW. FHQD Kinfolk. NPC): [26K2Y] My Brother regrets that he was unable to be here at the time he desired to... business for the mother in Belize currently has him occupied with the rest of the pack. They will be arriving by moonbridge sometime this week. I've already met with Dustin Ellsworth *smirks slightly, biting back the next logical remark the comes to mind* With less than... glittering results. I felt it best to approach the rest of you on more neutral grounds until matters are settled. I would assume many of you have questions as to the recent events, and I'm confident I have many of the answers... so without further pomp and circumstance, Mr Seymore, as the former Consigliari, would you like to open the floor?

Jeremiah Seymore: [WZPI5] Max- Alright.............. What is it that you want, exactly?

Maxwell Englund (GW. FHQD Kinfolk. NPC): [26K2Y] Jere>>I assume that means you realize we were behind the buyout. I'm not dissapointed... after all, it was a bit obvious. What we wanted was to prevent the tribe in this area from the inevitable death of the Wise Guys. Our little buyout stunt did a nice job of sending stock prices to an all time high with a little help. It will taper back off in time to a level of less interest, but in the meantime, with the doors of NTI shut, it should keep the tribe in this area running just fine until the conversion is completed.

Swante Taggart (Bloody STAT!): [MFRBO] *Nods, waiting.*

Jeremiah Seymore: [WZPI5] Max- Who is "We?" The Wise Guys?

Kayla ~Silent Witness~ Marks (Bloody STAT Geek): [8ZL4Q] *Of course she knew most of the details about this...with her being the report geek and all, but her expression doesn't show anything.*

Rabbie Metal-And-Blooded: [EMI2U] *is a little confused herself*

Maxwell Englund (GW. FHQD Kinfolk. NPC): [26K2Y] *quirks an eyebrow* of course not... As I said, their fall is quickly becoming inevitable. And with the death of the Don, one of the few remaining strongholds of Wise Guy power was left a void. Dies Ultimae were able to move quickly before matters could deteriorate too much. My brother, Major Kane "Mars" Englund, will be handling matters here soon in person. NTI will undergo a few cosmetic changes in preperation for the coming final battle, but I assure you we will leave no tribemates out in the rain.

Swante Taggart (Bloody STAT!): [MFRBO] *Nods, smiling.*

[ Lacey Langstrom × GW Cub × ]: [1LDIY] --just stands there in the back off to the side a bit listening quietly.. not understanding a word but making note of it for later usage-

Asheford Graham (STAT Alpha)2: [4OSNE] *casts a quick apologetic look to Jax and Swante that he wasn't able to keep them informed from the start*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: [P7UC3] Her expression remains emotionless.

Kayla ~Silent Witness~ Marks (Bloody STAT Geek): [8ZL4Q] *Also can't help but offer the faintest of grins*

Jeremiah Seymore: [WZPI5] Max- What rank is your brother?

Maxwell Englund (GW. FHQD Kinfolk. NPC): [26K2Y] Jeremiah>>the Major? Elder, of course. Recently, so, but Elder nonetheless. It would be folly to send any lesser in for a hotspot such as this.

Kayla ~Silent Witness~ Marks (Bloody STAT Geek): [8ZL4Q] *Nods slightly*

Jeremiah Seymore: [WZPI5] Of course.......... Does anyone else have any questions they would like to ask?

Maxwell Englund (GW. FHQD Kinfolk. NPC): [26K2Y] *reaches into his coat for a Macanudo, biting off the tip and holding it in his teeth as he looks around for more questions*

Rabbie Metal-And-Blooded: [EMI2U] *too confused about the whole thing to even think of a question to ask first*

Asheford Graham (STAT Alpha)2: [4OSNE] *quickly reaches for a matte-black zippo,, lighting it and holding it out for Max to light his cigar from*

Swante Taggart (Bloody STAT!): [MFRBO] *Nods.* Is the STAT pack still stationed within this Area of Operations, sir?

Maxwell Englund (GW. FHQD Kinfolk. NPC): [26K2Y] *lights the cigar off the offered flame with a nod to Ash. Looks to Rabbie and Lacey, eyes lingering on Lacey a moment as he tries to place her face but fails*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: [P7UC3] Just knowing Dies Ultimae is taking over answers a lot of questions for her.

Kayla ~Silent Witness~ Marks (Bloody STAT Geek): [8ZL4Q] *Continues to stand there...not really having any questions to least none that Ashe won't ask on her behalf.*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: [P7UC3] She does glance at Swante when he asks that question.

Kayla ~Silent Witness~ Marks (Bloody STAT Geek): [8ZL4Q] *Continues to stand there...not really having any questions to least none that Ashe won't ask on her behalf.*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: [P7UC3] She does glance at Swante when he asks that question.

[ Lacey Langstrom × GW Cub × ]: [1LDIY] -she looks back to Max and offers a brief smile then looks back down to her hand.. absently twisting the ring around her index finger.. rocking on her heels--

Maxwell Englund (GW. FHQD Kinfolk. NPC): [26K2Y] Swante>>It is. This area is now a forward staging ground for Dies Ultimae packs. Some will simply spend a night here and move elsewhere, some may be stationed here on a more permanent basis. Strike Team Alpha Tango will be the first to be stationed semi-permanently here. You will all be recieving IDs and Badges for Mars Security Inc when the paperwork is completed. *Nods to the others* and those of you who choose to remain employed will as well. Ash>>there is a matter that will be dicussed with your Beta when the Major arrives, but it will be done so privately.

Rabbie Metal-And-Blooded: [EMI2U] *considers asking a question but changes her mind. she's just a lowly cliath & metis at that*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: [P7UC3] The muscles in her jaw tighten when Max mentions Austin.

Swante Taggart (Bloody STAT!): [MFRBO] *Nods, almost sagging in relief.*

Kayla ~Silent Witness~ Marks (Bloody STAT Geek): [8ZL4Q] *Looks down a little at the mention of Austin, then looks back up staring just over the shoulder of Max.*

Maxwell Englund (GW. FHQD Kinfolk. NPC): [26K2Y] *steeples his fingers, glancing to Kayla as he speaks to Lacey* I must apologize... you seem to have me at a disadvantage, ms...? Either you're new or my reports have been severely insufficient..

[ Lacey Langstrom × GW Cub × ]: [1LDIY] --she looks back up to him as she is spoken to and in a quiet voice she replies fidgeting all the while-- im Lacey.. Lacey Langstrom Sir.. umm.. new Glasswalker Mister max.. Sir.. -she nods yeah thats how you do it.-

Rabbie Metal-And-Blooded: [EMI2U] ((*beats the unholy furk outta sbc*))

Jeremiah Seymore: [WZPI5] Max- She showed up just an hour or so ago. She only knows that she is a garou of the Glass Walkers so far.

Maxwell Englund (GW. FHQD Kinfolk. NPC): [26K2Y] *nods slowly as he exhales a mouthful of smoke* well met, Ms Langstrom.. Welcome to the tribe. Im sure I'll be hearing much of you now that you've joined the ranks. *Looks to Rabbie and Jere then* no more questions from either of you?

Maxwell Englund (GW. FHQD Kinfolk. NPC): [26K2Y] *nods in acknowledgement of Jere's update*

Jeremiah Seymore: [WZPI5] Max- *shakes his head* Not at the moment.

Kayla ~Silent Witness~ Marks (Bloody STAT Geek): [8ZL4Q] *Looks offended, and taken back at the suggestion that any report that she sent off would be lacking in detail...the nerve*

Swante Taggart (Bloody STAT!): [MFRBO] *Nods.* Will there be a more regular supply pipeline, sir? As far as munitions, armor, other supplies?

Rabbie Metal-And-Blooded: [EMI2U] *hasnt even asked a single question*

[ Lacey Langstrom × GW Cub × ]: [1LDIY] --she nods in agreeance with Jere and then to Max hoping whatever he hears is good stuff.. these people are mad serious about this stuff-

Maxwell Englund (GW. FHQD Kinfolk. NPC): [26K2Y] Swante>>there will indeed. We will have enough onhand to resupply other packs that come through... however as the on-hand pack, STAT will recieve priority. For replacements for current supplies, at least. New gear will be distributed as deemed necessary.

Swante Taggart (Bloody STAT!): [MFRBO] *Nods, smiling. He stays with his wife, and he's got a steady supply of good grog. Life is bloody good....*

Maxwell Englund (GW. FHQD Kinfolk. NPC): [26K2Y] *clears his throat* however, there is a matter of some... unorthodox requisitions. They were, of course, filled... However, it is being docked out of your alpha's pay rather than your supply funding. *glances to Ash a moment in minor amusement*

Jeremiah Seymore: [WZPI5] *listens to the guy who is taking over his position silently*

Kayla ~Silent Witness~ Marks (Bloody STAT Geek): [8ZL4Q] *Snickers a little at that too...resisting the urge to leer at Swante*

Swante Taggart (Bloody STAT!): [MFRBO] *Crikey, and Ash will have to pay for it? Tries not to grin.*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: [P7UC3] *the beer... least that' what she presumes it is*

Asheford Graham (STAT Alpha)2: [4OSNE] *keeps his expression flat*

[ Lacey Langstrom × GW Cub × ]: [1LDIY] --assumes the guy everyone looks at is the Alpha or leader or whatever they call them... and silently wonders just how he feels about the whole thing-

Maxwell Englund (GW. FHQD Kinfolk. NPC): [26K2Y] now.. if that is all, I believe I have other preperations to handle. Should any questions arise, Mr Graham or myself will have the answers. *pauses for any more*

[ Lacey Langstrom × GW Cub × ]: [1LDIY] --she looks up to Max and speaks quietly-- umm.. what am i supposed to be doing? i mean.. should i be here? -she looks to Jere then back to Max wondering who is supposed to explain all this to her.. this change.. this place-

Jeremiah Seymore: [WZPI5] Lacey- The denmother and the garou will explain things to you later.

[ Lacey Langstrom × GW Cub × ]: [1LDIY] -she looks back to Jere and nods still wondering why shes even here then.. she just presses her charred lips together and pushes back a stray lock of hair-

Kayla ~Silent Witness~ Marks (Bloody STAT Geek): [8ZL4Q] Sir? *she says in her firm...almost brooding voice* My reports sir...If there are any discrepicies I'm sorry sir...Perhaps you could point them out to me at your leave? *Obviously still flustered...more so cause she knows they are perfect*

Maxwell Englund (GW. FHQD Kinfolk. NPC): [26K2Y] *looks around* those of you with no more are dismissed...*motions Lacey Closer* I'll give you the quick and easy answer. The rest of your tribe can fill you in a bit better than I can... after all, my knowledge of being Garou is all secondhand. The short answer is yes, you're in one of many right places. What you are doing, being around tribe, is precisely what you should do. Hang around these men and women, have them introduce you to others. Learn of the war we're fighting and what role you play in it... I won't sugar coat it, our life isn't easy, but the rewards are unimaginable until you've experienced them.

Maxwell Englund (GW. FHQD Kinfolk. NPC): [26K2Y] Kayla>>Like I said, either she's new, or there were discrepancies. She's new, there's nothing for you to worry about. Besides, Graham signs the reports. If there's a problem with them, it's his to handle and accept consequences for.

Jeremiah Seymore: [WZPI5] *waits to lead Lacey back*

[ Lacey Langstrom × GW Cub × ]: [1LDIY] --having moved closer to Max she nods to him and his words and she offers a brief smile.. and she looks around to hte others soon after he speaks and then back to him-- thank you..

[ Lacey Langstrom × GW Cub × ]: [1LDIY] --after she is spoken to she moves over beside Jere again and looks to him--

Maxwell Englund (GW. FHQD Kinfolk. NPC): [26K2Y] Lacey>>*nods* you're very welcome. Just remember you've got a new family now and they'll be watching out for you. *rolls his shoulder slightly with a creak* And with that, I shall take my leave. Mr Graham, Walk with me. We have another matter to discuss.

Jeremiah Seymore: [WZPI5] Lacey- Actually, we can stay here for a bit so I cn explain some things to you.

Asheford Graham (STAT Alpha)2: [4OSNE] *holds in the sigh and nods* yes sir.

Kayla ~Silent Witness~ Marks (Bloody STAT Geek): [8ZL4Q] *Nods* Thank you sir...*discrepencies...please*

Swante Taggart (Bloody STAT!): [MFRBO] *Nods and waits for Graham or Kayla to dismiss them.*

[ Lacey Langstrom × GW Cub × ]: [1LDIY] -she nods to jere and rocks on her heels.. she looks at her arms and wrinkles her nose hoping this heals quickly-

Jeremiah Seymore: [WZPI5] Lacey- Okay, where to start........ Basically, the end of the world is just around the corner. And the garou, people like you, are Gaia's chosen to fight that war for the good guys.

[ Lacey Langstrom × GW Cub × ]: [1LDIY] -she blinks then looks to him with a raised brow- im supposed to fight? i can barely do a push up how can i fight in a war?

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: [P7UC3] Has remained silent the whole time when Max and Ash make to leave she goes to attention again.

Asheford Graham (STAT Alpha)2: [4OSNE] *gives the rest of his pack a "aww hell, save me" hopeless expression as he turns to follow Maxwell out*

Maxwell Englund (GW. FHQD Kinfolk. NPC): [26K2Y] *heads out without another word, confident that Ash'll follow*

Kayla ~Silent Witness~ Marks (Bloody STAT Geek): [8ZL4Q] *After they disappear she relaxes a little...still flustered and turns to the group* Dismissed....

Jeremiah Seymore: [WZPI5] You said you get all hairy, right? In your wat form, you are much stonger, faster, etc. In that form, you could literally tear me in half before I had a chance to scream. *Which means something, since jere looks strong and well chiseled himself*

Swante Taggart (Bloody STAT!): [MFRBO] *And, of course, at Attention as the guy leaves.*

[ Lacey Langstrom × GW Cub × ]: [1LDIY] --she looks surprised at that.. that she could be stronger all hairy and big.. she looks him up and down then back to herself.. hard to believe it.. she just nods taking his word for it-- oh... umm.. what if i don't know how to fight? i've always spent my time behind the computer.. reading and what not.. i was never one for athletics and all that..

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: [P7UC3] Swante> "Rane will be please with the news." she offer a soft smile to him.

Rabbie Metal-And-Blooded: [EMI2U] *looks to Lacy* Someone'll be willing to teach you.

Jeremiah Seymore: [WZPI5] Lacey- Don't worry about that, they'll have you training soon enough. Now, there is a list of rules called the Litany. You'll learn all of the rules, but there are two that are especially important. One, we have this thing called the "veil." Meaning you can never, ever let humans that aren't kinfolk know about the garou.

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: [P7UC3] Eyes drift toward Max and Ash as they disappear.

Swante Taggart (Bloody STAT!): [MFRBO] *Nods to Jax, letting out a sigh.* She's been bloody going nuts since she found out.

Kayla ~Silent Witness~ Marks (Bloody STAT Geek): [8ZL4Q] *Turns to Swante and Amber* I need a drink bout you?

[ Lacey Langstrom × GW Cub × ]: [1LDIY] --she looks to Rabbie and nods with a smile then looks to Jere with a nod-- okay.. understandable..

Jeremiah Seymore: [WZPI5] Lacey- Two, as a garou, you are always obligated to battle the "Wyrm." That would be the bad guys, the ones who are doing a damn good job at destroying the world.

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: [P7UC3] Kayla> "That's not a bad idea."

Rabbie Metal-And-Blooded: [EMI2U] ((Okay.)) *turns & heads back to the gathering area* ((ending archive now))

Swante Taggart (Bloody STAT!): [MFRBO] ((No problem with me.)) *Nods.* I could use some grog...

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: [P7UC3] *back to the yard*

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