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The Last Battle

December 28, 2004

Ash Graham: [MBZJ4] *stands up quickly...* shit... Swante, Sonia.. Take my 7 and 5. Kayla, take position and kill everything you can.... *fuckfuckfuck. scrounges together all the dip from the cans Robert gave him, plugging it into his lips*

Graffiti ( You wouldn't kill a geek, wouldja?): [H2DFB] Yyy-yeah? *oh hell.*

Robert E. "Patriarch" Lee (GE): [SHUH2] *Looks about carefully. (Pulse of the Invisible.).* Nothin' so far. Spirits is ready, but they ain't alarmed.

Steeleyes(Warderdude): [FLQIY] *points to the watch tower*..STAT best sniper up there GO..

Kayla Marks (STAT, Locked, Cocked, and Ready To Rock): [AYMSR] ((Starting Archive now since I got in late))

Michael Stevens (let death come): [3HX9P] Swante>>we'll take care of him! *rushes for Rane's van*

Steeleyes(Warderdude): [FLQIY] *then looks to the DOW* SHIT,..SWANTE...AARON..

Robert E. "Patriarch" Lee (GE): [SHUH2] *Nods to Jesus, heading over to the Reno-Matic and giving the start-cord a yank. FMT-made, the engine fires up without flaw, chugging contentedly.* When you fire off th'BFG, switch th'this'ere. Make damn sure you don't hit none of us with it.

Kayla Marks (STAT, Locked, Cocked, and Ready To Rock): [AYMSR] *Nods and takes position behind a car that gives her the best view of the GA*

Sonia Sanchez (STAT, wheee): [JQKHQ] *moves into position behind Ash*

Swante Taggart: [XA2K6] *Glances to Ash, waiting for his consent before he follows Steel's order.*

Ash Graham: [MBZJ4] *snaps for Swante to take the tower... running to guard near the base of it himself. Shifts to crinos.. and with electricity crackling and arcing about his fur as Jolt lends a little enhancement.. his very fur becomes pure steel, causing a rattling as he moves*

Steeleyes(Warderdude): [FLQIY] *his body starts to swell up.. snarling as his he starts activateing his gifts*

Graffiti ( You wouldn't kill a geek, wouldja?): [H2DFB] *scuttles and prays*

Ash Graham: [MBZJ4] *lowers to a crouch... plugs the last two clips he'll ever need into the ASs and takes a crouch, using his body to provide cover for Sonia*


Swante Taggart: [XA2K6] *Staggers at a limping, jolting run to the tower, scrambling up as quickly as he can and activating the comlink.* Comm check, commm che--oh, bloody FUCK... Bloody hell, sir, there's ~hundreds~....

Kayla Marks (STAT, Locked, Cocked, and Ready To Rock): [AYMSR] *Shifts to Crinos, and makes sure her endless clip talen is good to go* ((Activates that mother))

Wields-Plastic-Death: [MBZJ4] Wields)*activates blur of the milky eye.. shifts to crinos and draws Chainsmoker... revving it up. hopefully the sound's lost with the renomatic running*

Robert E. "Patriarch" Lee (GE): [SHUH2] Jesus>>'fore that, fire off this'n. *Similarily starts up the Artasery.* fire it at whatever's biggest.

Ash Graham: [MBZJ4] Steel>>~ht~ Rhya! report in from Swante.. there's no coming back from this one. It's _THE_ end.

Kayla Marks (STAT, Locked, Cocked, and Ready To Rock): [AYMSR] *Hollars over the bustle to Ash* We got the explosives in place in the walls?

Michael Stevens (let death come): [3HX9P] *comes back out of Rane's van, carrying Aaron, a small bag of stuff, and heedless of the sounds of protest*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS): [HYFEI] *swallows hard, but moves to take up a position atop the former CoGie van, readying her rifle*

The Redneck ST (You can't have lived well until you die well.): [YEGRY] *The Tent City is first. Some of them came to help, some of them came ~for~ help, some came for the stability Garou might offer in a changing world... they ended up on the front-lines. Shots ring out--a few automatic weapons, and a lot of small-calibre pistols, shotguns, and hunting rifles. At least one explosion from a home-made explosive, and shouts of triumph alongside screams of fear.*

Ash Graham: [MBZJ4] Kayla>>~ht~ roger!

Robert E. "Patriarch" Lee (GE): [SHUH2] *Nods to Wields.* Stay with me, boy. An' keep all y'weapons ready...

Kayla Marks (STAT, Locked, Cocked, and Ready To Rock): [AYMSR] *Hears the shots, and aims toward the entrance of the GA* HT- STAND FAST!!!!

Graffiti ( You wouldn't kill a geek, wouldja?): [H2DFB] *nodnods a few times, wondering what the hell to do ~now~*

Wields-Plastic-Death: [MBZJ4] Wields)*glances to his belt, making sure the Lynard Skinner and Molly Hatchet are locked and loaded... shakily crouches at Robert's side*

Abel Dunn: [XA2K6] *Waits in the bed of the truck, crossbow in one hand, coaxing the rest of Flea's litter up into the bed of the truck with him and Red-Dust-Moon.*

Michael Stevens (let death come): [3HX9P] *sets Aaron into the floorboard with blankets on top.. hoping it'll help cover him from injury*

Robert E. "Patriarch" Lee (GE): [SHUH2] Wields>>Been good knowin' ya, son. Y'made me proud. *Looks once towards his wife, in the cab of the General E. Lee's totem-truck... but there's too much to say and there'll never be enough time to say it. Shifts to Crinos, hairless skin gleaming as he activates Luna's Armor.*

Sonia Sanchez (STAT, wheee): [JQKHQ] *crouches on one knee... ready*

Steeleyes(Warderdude): [FLQIY] *snarls increase in steels throat...he starts slashing his claws against each other*

Wields-Plastic-Death: [MBZJ4] Wields)~ht~ ...gonna miss you, paw.

The Redneck ST (You can't have lived well until you die well.): [YEGRY] *The resistance isn't much--in stories, mobs armed with pitchforks and bricks stave off armies, but in real life it just don't work that way. Screams of fear outside the gates give way to screams of pain, and the shots grow fewer. The earpiece crackles with Greg's voice.* Dammit, they're getting slaughtered out there. The fuckin' things ain't even slowin' down, just washing over 'e... damn right, Ken. *There's a snatch of static as the radio is thrown to the ground, and before the radio goes out those with radios can hear the door to the guardshack slam.*

Ash Graham: [MBZJ4] *shifts his head to homid a moment.. though his eyes taken on an odd reddish tinge as his vision transfers to the infrared* STAT! this is it! this is the end of all we've trained for and done in our lives. No life is complete without a good death in service to Gaia... now let's give 'em hell and teach them what it means to be a child of War Incarnate!

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS): [HYFEI] *quiet, alone, just waiting*

Robert E. "Patriarch" Lee (GE): [SHUH2] *the firing's dulled down to sporadic potshots, as those few who have survived have holed up and started taking potshots. The screams cut off, mercifully quick, although mercy probably wasn't the aim.*

Swante Taggart: [XA2K6] *Swante is already at work, popping HE grenades into the mob outside the gates.*

Kayla Marks (STAT, Locked, Cocked, and Ready To Rock): [AYMSR] *Takes a deep, nervous breath and flicks the thumb switch from 3 round burst, to full auto*

Sonia Sanchez (STAT, wheee): [JQKHQ] *dead silent as she waits..... ready..... ready to die*

Ash Graham: [MBZJ4] *braces his toe-claws into the ground... with the weight of Steel fur up, at least recoil should be negligeable. Thumbs both rifles to full auto and waits for the first sign of furred movement in the maze*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS): [HYFEI] ((Gotta duck off for a bit, most likely won't be back on in time to do anything cool. Ken has control of Ari, it's been a hoot, guys))

The Redneck ST (You can't have lived well until you die well.): [YEGRY] *Soon the heavy boom of a double-barreled shotgun echoes from the gates, along with the concussions from Swante's grenades. Each of the guards fires one once, and there's a sharp grunt, a shout of "You sons a--" cut off abruptly, and a roar of fury from a Crinos, before the horde simply washes over him. Then begin the explosions from the Maze.*

Ash Graham: [MBZJ4] *... with all of Robert's talens crammed into his crinos jaw... there's no longer any chance of communication. Trigger finger's twitching, muscle mass seeming to swell beneath the fur... his eyes nearly exploding as the veins pulse at unnatural speed.. words now coming as an unnatural redneckish growl*

Robert E. "Patriarch" Lee (GE): [SHUH2] *Digs out two more of the Can-Talens, using one and tossing the other in wields' direction.*

Wields-Plastic-Death: [MBZJ4] *expertly plops a plug of super-baccy in his jaw*

Sonia Sanchez (STAT, wheee): [JQKHQ] *waiting... deathly still... and silent....... almost peaceful*

Kayla Marks (STAT, Locked, Cocked, and Ready To Rock): [AYMSR] *Lights the last cigarette she'll ever have, and puffs away expertly with no hands as she waits for the first wave to meet there deaths*

The Redneck ST (You can't have lived well until you die well.): [YEGRY] *And with the traps working full-time, one would expect the horde to slow... one would be wrong. Swante's switched from grenades to shots, and this two has no effect, as every one that falls is replaced by a dozen. And those with spiritual awareness can feel it--those with Pulse of the Invisible can see it... an army of Banes, perhaps as large as that on the physical side. Chimera, remaining at the caern with her last child, turns to fight, as do the rat-spirits and raccoon-spirits and lost-dogs... all of what's left leap to the forefront, but there ain't many.*

Ash Graham: [MBZJ4] *tries to call a rallying cry for the Fog of War to feed off the combat... but only manages to snarl and drool saliva and juice down his shining fur*

Robert E. "Patriarch" Lee (GE): [SHUH2] *Bursts forth with his own Anthem of War, the roar ringing out over the chaos and gunshots and firing the blood of his Sept, rallying his family for their last battle.* ((Everyone gets 1 Rage a turn. *G* Which doesn't mean too much, seeing as its for cinema, but by all means, use it.

The Redneck ST (You can't have lived well until you die well.): [YEGRY] *And the assaults, both physical and umbral, strike at the same time. From half a dozen pathways into the gathering area they come--fomori, of all sorts and sizes. Some of them standing a full 12 feet tall and covered with spikes, others three feet tall and seeming to be mostly arm and claw, while still others look pretty much normal, weilding axes and clubs and knives.*

Kayla Marks (STAT, Locked, Cocked, and Ready To Rock): [AYMSR] *Snarls as her blood boils, her eyes narrow and her resolve unshakeable*

Robert E. "Patriarch" Lee (GE): [SHUH2] *Waits until there's a nice, unbroken line, then turns and points to Jesus.* NOW, BOY! CUT LOOSE Y'DAWGS!

Ash Graham: [MBZJ4] *no need to conserve ammo.. snarls something that might be an order to open fire... and fills that first entrance with a nonstop stream of ammo from both weapons*

Kayla Marks (STAT, Locked, Cocked, and Ready To Rock): [AYMSR] *And with that...all hell breaks loose. It's like something out of the last Matrix movie as she just dumps lead into the entrance, not even trying to aim, just spraying back and forth...snarling*

Steeleyes(Warderdude): [FLQIY] *waits watching as the auto fire and range attacks start*

Swante Taggart: [XA2K6] *Lets those with a clearer field have the front-lines as he opens up with the AS-115, the surprisingly quiet chatter cutting a swath through the ranks of the Wyrm-twisted like wind through a wheatfield.*

Sonia Sanchez (STAT, wheee): [JQKHQ] *mutters quietly* padre, estoy viniendo.... *and cuts loose with full auto, just spraying the mass*

Graffiti ( You wouldn't kill a geek, wouldja?): [H2DFB] *cranks and squeezes and remembers - shit, he should be in Crinos for this*

The Redneck ST (You can't have lived well until you die well.): [YEGRY] *Honeysuckle fires up the truck as any other Kin who are leaving pile in--there's no more time to wait. With an expert skill granted by the Totem, she throws dirt behind her, roaring towards the wall of junk at the other side of the Gathering area--but before she can hit it, the Totem opens up its moonbridge, and the truck flies into the flash of light before it closes. At least their family are safe.*

The Redneck ST (You can't have lived well until you die well.): [YEGRY] *The automatic fire from no less than three guns mows down the troops rather effectively, but they keep coming, using the bodies of their comrades as shields not by deliberate choice but because they're simply pushing on too hard to let them fall. It's the BFG--not the chatter of a machine-gun but a full-throated roar--that destroys that little idea, not just killing but slamming bodies back, literally cutting them apart in blasts of buckshot and slugs. High-pitched screams arise as rock salt punches through skin--but they're closer, and still coming on.*

Robert E. "Patriarch" Lee (GE): [SHUH2] *Opens up with Goldstrike, cylinder rolling as he fires into the general mass--no need to aim here, after all.*

Georgia Hooper: [OS9T8] ((Only on for a whort while since I'm one sick wench tonight.)) *Comes tearing over the piles in crinos form to join her pack.*

Kayla Marks (STAT, Locked, Cocked, and Ready To Rock): [AYMSR] *And now is when the fun starts...with one hand firing into the wave of enemies, she reaches down with her other and starts lobbing grenades, one after the other, into the masses after having pulled the pins with her teeth*

Swante Taggart: [XA2K6] *Slaps in a new clip from the literally dozens he's wearing, before he opens up again into the horde.*

Georgia Hooper: [OS9T8] ((Heh, I said whort, not short.))

Wields-Plastic-Death: [MBZJ4] Wields)*knows he's not gonna save the day here... but at least he can stall. Begins popping gouts from Chainsmoker at the alternate entry points.. coating in small, rapid blasts meant to leave fire on the ground and maze*

Georgia Hooper: [OS9T8] *Shakes off some torn fur and gore, heading to the Chunker*

The Redneck ST (You can't have lived well until you die well.): [YEGRY] *In the Umbra, Rat stands over the center of her caern, snapping viciously at any who come too close.. In the Physical, Ari is the first to go. Kayla's heavy fire can't reach through the bodies of the frontline, and before they fall there's a virtual flood into the caern--the line is broken. Ari's last round fires, and in panic she drops the rifle and goes to her claws. One goes down, then a second, but they don't even slow down, and in moments she's literally covered by a moving, slashing, stabbing swarm.*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS): [YEU3S] ((Lookee who made it back!)) *silently and efficiently popping off single shot after single shot, barely making a dimple in the horde, but doing what she can*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS): [YEU3S] ((Or not! *L*))

The Redneck ST (You can't have lived well until you die well.): [YEGRY] *The others don't even pause before racing through the fire--they can't, in fact, but in at least two of the entrance points they try. Those who stop are immediately borne to the ground, screaming as the fires roast them and their comrades trample them.*

Steeleyes(Warderdude): [FLQIY] ROARS his rage as ari drops.. his claws turning silver and he rushes forwards

Kayla Marks (STAT, Locked, Cocked, and Ready To Rock): [AYMSR] *With constant fire being layed down at the moving wall of wyrminess, she gets up, and falls back from her position, making her way to the heart and trying to avoid friendly fire*

Sonia Sanchez (STAT, wheee): [JQKHQ] *swaps clips.... then resumes fire*

Swante Taggart: [XA2K6] *Drops another empty clip, popping off another grenade into the horde with the M203 as he loads again. something streaks towards the top of the crane. Taking aim cooly, Swante fires, and the rocket explodes in midair--but at least three more follow it.*

Georgia Hooper: [OS9T8] *Since the Chunker is primed already, she whips off the tarp and aims...*

The Redneck ST (You can't have lived well until you die well.): [YEGRY] *Jesus can feel it--she's not dead yeat, but she's being stabbed, slashed, pounded, stomped. Jaws latch onto a leg, snapping bone and filling her mouth with acrid blood, and that one, too, dies with her, trampled alongside her as Jesus feels the link between himself and Ari sever.*

Sonia Sanchez (STAT, wheee): [JQKHQ] *still firing on full auto... partially behind Ash*

The Redneck ST (You can't have lived well until you die well.): [YEGRY] *Steel dives into the fray, claws slicing through flesh and bone as easily as through paper. They surround him, and he's hard put to stay on his feet as he starts bleeding from half a dozen places, but he's just too tough to go down.*

Wields-Plastic-Death: [MBZJ4] Wields)*keeps nearly pressed to Robert's side, firing tiny blasts here and there.. Chainsmoker's far more effective at close range. which isn't where he wants to be*

Kayla Marks (STAT, Locked, Cocked, and Ready To Rock): [AYMSR] *Continues lobbing grenades into to the enemie...bodies flying about, squeeling as their comrades cut them down too in an attempt to keep the momentum going*

Georgia Hooper: [OS9T8] *Fires into the thick of the enemies- one whole engine block, with the force of a cannon.*

Swante Taggart: [XA2K6] *Fires again, hastily now, at another of the rockets.*

The Redneck ST (You can't have lived well until you die well.): [YEGRY] *Georgia has a moment of satisfaction, as the block plows straight through one of them and knocks a second down and into others like bowling pins--these, too, die, trampled by their brethren in the all-or-nothing rush. And despite the losses their taking, it's working... Ash's spray of fire catches a rocket, making it explode. A second bullet catches the second rocket at the back fin, causing it to turn abruptly and fly straight up into the air before exploding like a firework. Swante's shot destroys the third, and no more are aimed at him.*

Robert E. "Patriarch" Lee (GE): [IV1HD] *Waits--no reason to rush to them when they'll be to him in a matter of seconds--and then flows into action, Rage flying as he smashes with the chain, knife moving, ever moving--here to slice deep into a fist, there to knock aside a club, and again to cut deep into a throat.*

Kayla Marks (STAT, Locked, Cocked, and Ready To Rock): [AYMSR] ((Smoke Break))

Sonia Sanchez (STAT, wheee): [JQKHQ] *pops in her third clips into Needletooth.... resuming fire*

Kayla Marks (STAT, Locked, Cocked, and Ready To Rock): [AYMSR] *Growls, and continues firing as she dowses her bayonette and claws with the water from the fetish at her side, prepared now to take this fight straight to them if need be, but for now, just spraying and praying*

Steeleyes(Warderdude): [FLQIY] roars slashing with his claws...even his ruined arm slashed into the hoard((forgot that..-1 dex))

Georgia Hooper: [OS9T8] *Pulls up a Slingrose and begins spinning it with her great strength and the Gift "Desperate Strength", flying destruction to skulls and other body parts it might hit. And she enters the fray bodily.*

Ash Graham: [MBZJ4] *holds his ground... he's not, for any reason, leaving his pack behind. Without the pack, there is no him. Continues to fire full blast.. passing Ragnarock to Sonia as the tide prepares to break into him.*

The Redneck ST (You can't have lived well until you die well.): [YEGRY] *The next tactic is more vicious. The first of the rockets explodes in the horde directly in front of Steel, throwing men and creatures about like dolls. It clears the path, though, and the second slams directly into Steel's chest, throwing flesh and fur and bone as it explodes, throwing him aside with its force and wounding him damn near to mortality. The third flies through the open space where he was, exploding at the base of the crane. It tilts almost majestically, giving Swante enough time to fire another grenade into the horde before it--and he--fall into the Maze.*

The Redneck ST (You can't have lived well until you die well.): [YEGRY] *Wounds open on Georgia's chest with the effort of her throw, but the Georgia Satellite is damn near as effective as the rockets, plowing through no less than four as she moves to the small open area Robert and Wields are clearing.*

Kayla Marks (STAT, Locked, Cocked, and Ready To Rock)2: [3F43M] *Howls her anger and rage as she fires with extreme prejudice...signalling to her Alpha she falls back to the heart itself where she'll make her final stand knowing that Jax has already layed enough cemtex inside it to turn the entire place into a smoking parking lot*

Ash Graham: [MBZJ4] *snarls wetly at the rocket explosions... and even louder when a link on his spiritual dog tags fade. Rises from his crouch, determined to make every step they take coated in their own blood.. gallons for every drop of Swante's*

Steeleyes(Warderdude): [FLQIY] *tries to get back up.. letting his rage flow..*((or did i get killed?? LOL))

Swante Taggart: [XA2K6] *As soon as STAT hears it, they realize that it wasn't extra armor Swante was wearing... and that all or most of Jax's Claymores are probably missing. How long he's planned this is unknown, but the solid boom of at least two pounds of C-4 seems to cut a line of silence through the caern, one that's immediately filled by howls of pain, the crackle of flames, and roars and shouts of fury and bloodlust. Strike Team Alpha Tango feels their packmate go, a moment of heat but not pain, and then peace.... and then the link is severed.*

Ash Graham: [MBZJ4] *begins trying to clear a path for Steel.. their warder's the best warior they have now. If he can buy the warior a few seconds.. maybe the warder can buy those heading for the heart a few more*

Kayla Marks (STAT, Locked, Cocked, and Ready To Rock)2: [3F43M] *In a voice so strong, that it causes the hackles on even the enemy to stand, this Galliard voices her distaste as hunkers down at the heart entrance, throwing grenades, and cutting down all those she can, before making her way into the heart itself and rigging the remote denonator for the other half of the explosives cache that she's been hording and requisitioning in the dark for a long time*

Ash Graham: [MBZJ4] *eyes go wide.. mouth goes wider in a steady, pained bellow... it's as if he's on spiritually enhanced steroids. Screaming steadily as the unnaturally unreloaded clip continues to fire... trudging towards Steel and praying his armor gift lets him make it*

Sonia Sanchez (STAT, wheee): [JQKHQ] *keeps firing... getting low on clips*

Sonia Sanchez (STAT, wheee): [JQKHQ] *stays where she is when Ash moves*

The Redneck ST (You can't have lived well until you die well.): [YEGRY] *In the Umbra, Rat concentrates, sending a call to her own Animal Mother, as something that defies recognition blasts green flame over her, calling. Steeleyes drops another as those with the rocket-launchers rush into the clearing, propelled by the flood of once-humanity, and gets the extreme pleasure of cutting one of thebastards down like a dog--but the next one is loaded, and as Steel's claws tear through its skull it punches the button. The range is less than a foot, and the rocket literally flies into Steel's body before exploding. Even in this, he takes more than a dozen with him.*

Ash Graham: [MBZJ4] *blasted back by the explosion.. the rattle of metal unheard in the concussive aftermath. Globs of Robert's talen run out his lips and down his jaws.* ~HT~ Kayla! Heart! Protect Jax! *turns to face the incoming tide again*

The Redneck ST (You can't have lived well until you die well.): [YEGRY] *Ash staggers back, nearly falling as bodies slam into him. Georgia takes a vicious spear-thrust through the shoulder, and a club cracks painfully against Sonia's ribs, driving her to the ground. Robert suffers a nasty cut across his stomach... and Rat's call is answered.*

Wields-Plastic-Death: [MBZJ4] *backs up as quickly as he can for the heart... Chainsmoker on full now. It's not going to last for long, but maybe the fire can buy a little time to make it in*

Sonia Sanchez (STAT, wheee): [JQKHQ] *falls to the ground... swinging her gun up to fire at whoever hit her before rolling away to get to her feet*

Ash Graham: [MBZJ4] *keeps his finger on the trigger as shards of metallic fur go flying with blood and saliva* ~ss~ Jolt! NOW!

Kayla Marks (STAT, Locked, Cocked, and Ready To Rock)2: [3F43M] *Kneels inside the heart entrance, having exhausted all her grenades. Jax is read...oh she ready. To bad she won't be around to see the culmination of her lifes work. Kayla keeps firing...those massive beasts trying to force their way into the bottle neck entrance of the heart get cut to fucking pieces as an unlimited stream of bullets tear through them*

The Redneck ST (You can't have lived well until you die well.): [YEGRY] *A hammer comes flying out of nowhere, its howl ringing through the air as a trail of frost settles to the ground behind it. Hjarta-Villtnur--ghostly, ephemeral, but ready to kick some ass--races across the clearing from the caern heart, his good eye blazing with Rage and the pure joy that only a Get of Fenris killing things can carry. Marconi stands aside, smiling easily as he fires both crome-plated .45 pistols, each shot blasting through an eye faster than sight. Rane's spear impales another as she races to catch up with her alpha, and at Jublain's left runs Beast-of-Garm, claws blazing with fire as he tears a swath through the crowd beside his alpha. On his right runs Hadrian, Fenris'-Dark-Reflection, roaring in fury and pure pleasure as he does what he was made for, what he's finally realized he was made for, claws slicing through flesh without even slowing.*

The Redneck ST (You can't have lived well until you die well.): [YEGRY] *Wielding the massive Ironhammer like a feather, Jublain opens a path that his pack widens... Doomhammer flies, literally blowing a head apart before returning to Volgar's hand, the horned Get of Fenris howling with delight. From another angle comes Twomoons, the silver-headed staff whirling so fast both ends are a blur, smashing bone and flesh as if each fomori were packed with explosives. Valeries claws blaze with a white flame, and what doesn't die howls with pain as the tide of bodies intot he caern first halts, then begins to reverse... to no avail. Remembers-the-Pain laughs uproarioiusly as his axe flashes and shimmers, spiked armor slamming into bodies, and beside him, his lover in life, Medea Rage-like-Fire shows her name as silver claws slice and tear. Others can be seen--Marty, Mitch, even Puck, grinning cheerfully as his Manhabozho form dances through the horde.*

The Redneck ST (You can't have lived well until you die well.): [YEGRY] *Edward, and David Lost-n-Found, and Gaia's Drunken-Fist. Flea-Bitten Mongrel and Cassy alongside their pack. Kylie, and Sparky, and even Anja, wearing a grin that has never been seen on the body that lies somewhere in the maze surrounded by those she sent to the time after this with her. And everywhere they appear, blood flies and fomori scream in fear. The cavalry has arrived....*

Robert E. "Patriarch" Lee (GE): [IV1HD] *Grins, scooping up his pistol and shouting in a voice that carries for miles.* HT--HEY, LADY--YOUR FOMORI WASN'T WEARIN' NO ORANGE!!

The Redneck ST (You can't have lived well until you die well.): [YEGRY] *The Dancers, now impatient to enter the fray, tear into their own lesser allies from the rear, roaring at them to turn and fight, and at least one goes down to fomor weapons as the fallen of the Talking Junkyard Sept tear into them from the rear. But the Wyrm has its own cavalry to call....*

Ash Graham: [MBZJ4] *with the momentary reprieve from the cavalry, Ash takes a moment to back up for the heart, determined to hold the entrance with his now very short life*

Sonia Sanchez (STAT, wheee): [JQKHQ] *gets back to her feet.... snapping her last clip into Needletooth.... and opening fire*

Kayla Marks (STAT, Locked, Cocked, and Ready To Rock)2: [3F43M] *For her...time slows down. The fallen have risen to defend their home, her pack is slowly but surely being overun. The Grand Elder and his mates are giving as good as they get. But for her, it's as if this whole scene is coming to a climax...she doesn't even hear the sound of her own weapon as it bucks relentlessly against her shoulder. Like something from an epic action, she can see it all, and what she sees only fuels the desire to die this is what it's like when all is lost, but EVERYTHING is gained*

Ash Graham: [MBZJ4] *takes a knee once more to allow fire over his shoulder... grunts as a spattering of bullets pound into his steel fur, most being stopped but causing bruised bones nonetheless... many pierce through.. and his leg goes numb*

The Redneck ST (You can't have lived well until you die well.): [YEGRY] *There's a short moment of rumbling earth, and then the caern's heart launches into the air. Not many have seen a Thunderwyrm, and of those who have the only ones who have seen one larger didn't make it back from Malfeas. A mouth as wide as three Crinos Garou standing on each others' shoulders opens wide, then snaps shut over the trailer that houses the Caern's Heart. There's a momentary call from Jurg--"FUCK YOU--YOU CALL ~THAT~ A THUNDERWYR-" before the power of the caern is cut off. Those who Rat has called with its power disappear, with no power to keep them in reality, and the Dancers of the Black Spiral stumble slightly before racing forward again.*

Sonia Sanchez (STAT, wheee): [JQKHQ] *no longer behind Ash.... she's on her own out there as her pack has retreated to the heart.... she stands her ground... firing around her on full auto.... avenging all those she loved who fell.... eventually her last clip runs dry and she just drops the gun... pulling her Desert Eagle out... and taking shots with it, but not giving any ground*

Robert E. "Patriarch" Lee (GE): [IV1HD] *Here it is... Maybe, just maybe, he can pull it off... Belts out another Anthem of War, charging into the Spirals.*

Georgia Hooper: [OS9T8] *And now it's only about taking them with her..*

Kayla Marks (STAT, Locked, Cocked, and Ready To Rock)2: [3F43M] *And in that ~one~ moment of clarity, she knows why it has to be this way...why it couldn't end any other way. In ~that~ moment...all her questions are answered. And in ~that~ moment...everything goes dark*

Ash Graham: [MBZJ4] *the Caern heart's gone.. now there's nothing to defend. nothing to save... The only thing to do is die valiantly... both guns train their firepower in a steady line, trying to carve at Head level for the spirals, snarling a garbled and liquid litany of death and destruction* ~HT~ in the name of Clashing Boom Boom, Athena, Freya, The Fog of War, the Great General, all the names given to war herself, I stand before you Gaia's willing servant and living claws. Come to your death, your funeral's waiting... Eat of my holy Caseless Sacrament in her name! Jolt! Unleash your fury!

The Redneck ST (You can't have lived well until you die well.): [YEGRY] *And if asked how much explosive Kayla and Amber packed into the caern's heart, the answer, undoubtedly, would be a smiling, "Enough". The blast rips apart the night, and black, ichorous blood flies everywhere. Flaps of reeking flesh, some the size of a Garou, fly about like confetti, and everyone can feel the caern disappear. All they'd fought and bled and died to protect... gone.*

Robert E. "Patriarch" Lee (GE): [IV1HD] *Howls again, in pain this time, ignoring his sliced stomach as he charges forward. Three die before he reaches them, Goldstrike nearly cutting them in half, and for a moment three surround him, knife and pistol-barrel flying as he tries to deflect blows. But a burst of green balefire strikes him, making his back arch and his head fly back in agony, and in that moment three sets of claws and one set of teeth tear into him, ripping him apart at throat and hip and belly and chest. With one last weak swing of the knife, easily batted aside by one of the Dancers, the Grand Elder has fallen.*

Georgia Hooper: [OS9T8] *She stands over Robert's body clawing now in total frenzy- undirected, hell on wheels Hillwoman gone mad.*

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT): [EJI7M] AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! *Chainsmoker drops and the lucky bastard yanks out the Molly Hatchet and Lynard Skinner. It takes a lot to rile him up, and he's hardly heroic or strong... but when Robert goes down, Wields loses his shit, rushing for the Spiral that batted the Cap'n* ~HT~ meet Earnhardt in Hell!

The Redneck ST (You can't have lived well until you die well.): [YEGRY] *The Spirals leap forward, thick, reeking hide carved with blasphemous glyphs protecting them--at least in part--from Ash's bullets. But in the moment before the strike, Ash simply disappears, replaced by a Crinos-sized mass of lightning, cracking sharper and louder than any explosion, and the four Spirals who expected to put him down instead simply disappear within it. From Ash and four of the Shield-Brothers of Adders, the lightning disappears so quickly it's hard to believe anything was there... except for the five small piles of fine gray ash that lay on the ground in their place.

Sonia Sanchez (STAT, wheee): [JQKHQ] ((guess not)) *keeps firing with her Desert Eagle until it click empty...... then drops it and draws her knife..... almost daring them*

The Redneck ST (You can't have lived well until you die well.): [YEGRY] ((Sonia>>Nope.)) *A Spiral drops, it's head nearly exploding under the impact of Sonia's bullets, and three turn to face her. There's easily two dozen in the Gathering area now, and the Umbra is an empty wasteland except for the Banes roaming hither and yon, mocking the last of Gaia's Defenders.*

Sonia Sanchez (STAT, wheee): [JQKHQ] *just watches them.... her knife ready.... she takes her helmet off and tosses it away.... meeting the eyes of her killers....... but damned if she's going down alone*

The Redneck ST (You can't have lived well until you die well.): [YEGRY] *Jesus grabs the Artasery, panicking now, and hits the button. It works just as indented, both of the foot-long darts launching into one of the creature's bodies. They don't pierce deep, but they don't need to--with a crackling arc, the voltage of no less than twenty car-alternators pours into the pack alpha, and he's still twitching before he realizes he's dead. And electricity still pours into him, crackling and filling the air with the reek of ozone and burning fur. But the pack has its retribution--six of them turn, followers of Green Dragon, and spout bursts of sickly green flame from their maws. Covered head to foot as he races for the Reno-Matic, Jesus has no time to even scream before he's dead, roasted whole.*

The Redneck ST (You can't have lived well until you die well.): [YEGRY] *Wields is no warrior, but the Spiral who started to sneer as the Molly Hatchet bites into his hide instead howls in pain as he's coated with steam. Another similarily loses his sneer--the Lynard Skynard pierces his chest by less than an inch, but the extra little surprise--twin shotgun barrels--cuts him in half. But Wields is no warrior, and they have their revenge--a huge Crinos jaw latches onto one of Wield's arms, the Molly Hatchet dropping from a shattered hand and wrist. A second latches onto the second arm, then a leg, then the other, all in less time than it takes to blink. Acting with perfect pack-coordination, the entire pack yanks fiercely, and Wields is... plain and simply dismembered, his entire body a sheet of pain.... for just a moment, at least, and then there's nothing.*

The Redneck ST (You can't have lived well until you die well.): [YEGRY] Sonia, unfortunately, is no contest. Her blade slides almost sweetly into a Crinos throat, but she just doesn't have the strength to kill a Crinos with it, and all three bust loose with the Rage. There's a flurry, claws and fur and blood flying, and when it's over, there's nothing recognizable of Sonia left.*

The Redneck ST (You can't have lived well until you die well.): [YEGRY] *The Black Spiral Dancers gather round--more than 20 of them--and one grins at Georgia.* HT--Come to me, hillbilly girl, and I'll see to it you're not harmed... well, not all over, at least....

Sonia Sanchez (STAT, wheee): [JQKHQ] *keeps fighting for the precious few seconds it takes for her to become a fine, red mist....... then bloddy knife falls to the dirt.... surrounded by pieces of its former owner*

Georgia Hooper: [OS9T8] *Frenzy, even Thrall, as long as she's killing and killing and get the picture.*

Georgia Hooper: [OS9T8] *And for a second it breaks, just long enough for her to call on Desperate Strength when she realizes Wields, and everyone else, is gone. Summons it up beyond all physical hope, and lays into them.*

The Redneck ST (You can't have lived well until you die well.): [YEGRY] *One of them steps forward easily, with a grin that purely lecherous, and reaches up to grasp Georgia's arm--only to find her arm smashing through his fingers, breaking each one, and slamming into and through his chest, more than a foot of bloody, gore-encrusted arm sticking out the Spiral's back. In a fury, the other Spirals tear into the young Gnawer, but it's no use. She's already dead, her heart exploded with the pure mystical force of her blow.*

Georgia Hooper: [OS9T8] ((My Gnawer Kung Fu is superior!)) *Drops, a torn and blood-slicked corpse, dying clean- the last thing she could do for the Caern.*

The Redneck ST (You can't have lived well until you die well.): [YEGRY] *Even if she weren't dead, they don't stop, tearing into and violating first the body of Georgia, then back to Robert, then anyone else who's still got enough flesh left to tear, running rampant with cannibalism and depraved lust and thirst for blood. Finally, their theurge steps through the mess, grinning widely at the acts committed, acts that make murder seem a slap on the wrist and rape a stolen kiss, and stands in front of the caern heart... only to snarl in fury and curse. Each word, each phrase, is a blasphemy, and there are many words and many phrases. He calls upon the power of Green Dragon, upon the power of Whipoorwill, even upon the power of the Wyrm itself, but to no avail. They have killed every defender--and worse--but true victory is denied them.*


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