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Ben's Attack

January 16, 2002

Kinsey Lash : Instead of just standing around she leaps onto a car hood and has a good look around, not that she can see much. "We should go and patrol pack, but we'll wait for the Elders word."

Laughs-Like-Rain: *stays in tsitsu so he can use his guns. hes better with those anyway*

Jeremiah Seymore: *heads over to the CoG van, looking around to see who the other kin are*

Justin "Sparky": ((Any other Kin besides Jer?))

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ : *Except now there's a few changes...the first obvious one is the lack of the Bane Klaive...his sword arm is torn bleeding and ragged ... and his shadow is actually giving the finger to anything behind him rather than attacking him...there's bits of slime on the shoulders of the armor and the cloth hangings are torn and ripped in places...*

Latisha Sturgis: *She shifts to crinos instead... alert and ready*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *her hackles rise and a growl rumbles deep in her chest, spying the traitor*

Jeremiah Seymore: *puts his hand on the doorhandle of the van and looks behind him to see if anyone is coming*

Justin "Sparky": *Opens the van door for Jer with a dry-humored joke* Watch out for what ya touch.

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *approaching warily, checking for anything Ben might have up his sleeve before even considering healing him*

Wren: She goes into the larger of the wolf forms, and pads around, the growl in her chest rumbling...this Ahroun is ready for a fight.

Kinsey Lash : She shifts up to crinos, scenting the air.. looking around the area carefully and keeping an eye on the members of her pack.

Justin "Sparky": ((Any other Kin besides Jeremiah?))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *stalking forward on Ben*

Jeremiah Seymore: *nods to Justin and climbs in*

Laughs-Like-Rain: DANNI>>do i fire?? *taking aim with the automatic rifle*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *blinks* Gaia...It's happening tonight...*looks around and speaks quickly and quietly to Twomoons* Get Sparky. Tell him to fetch two of Granfather David's talens. The ones that call the Wyrm. Have him take one, and give the other to another Garou. Have them make ready to run on my signal. *shifts up into Crinos, preparing herself*

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ : *the Rat spirits quickly surround Ben as he vaults the Umbral fence...Ben snarls back and roars at them* ~HT~ Fuck off! Go get whoever took over for Dave ya blithering fucking rejects!

Angeline Rose (Ostracised): *she raises her bow, looking for any others that might be following ben in*

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ : *nothing's following Ben...least it seems that way*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: *watches Ben in Crinos...awaiting some leaders orders to attack*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha PITA): *Puck appears next to Angeline Umbrally.. Looking a lot better but still a bit out of it*

Alexi Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities ~ -Guardian-: *Shifts up into crinos vaults up ontop of his van, his nose to the air*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Nods* Gotchagotcha. *Flips himself back to the physical, racing to the stash point for the talens Medea was talking about*

Laughs-Like-Rain: DANNI>>do i fire danni!? *still aiming with teh auto rifle*

Dylan Ford: *shifting to Glabro..cant hold his gun in crinos. Is oh so ready to kill something.*

Janie ~Whipsnake~ Boyer: Moves to higher ground.

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *watches Ben, hackles raised...This isn't going at ALL like she was told by her informant...Something is wrong*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha PITA): *Looks to Laughs* Wait.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *motions for Laughs to stand firing yet...*

Jeremiah Seymore: *slides the van door shut and takes a position near one of the windows, with his gun ready*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha PITA): *Puck shrugs to Danni with a smirk*

Kinsey Lash : {ht} "No Wren. Not by yourself. There are gaurdians they will howl out if something is approaching.. Then we go. Until then we wait for orders." Soft grunts and growls. Stalking around from car to car, ears flicking.

Justin "Sparky": *He stands near the CoGvan, watching Twomoons come back* What is it?

Wren: She dances on her front paws anxiously, stalking the area in front of the maze, not darting off until she gets permission.

Latisha Sturgis: *paces a bit, staying with pack....*

Justin "Sparky": ((What other Garou are physical?))

Wren: (Physical)

Kinsey Lash : ((*Hands up* I am.. and so's her pack, Dylan, Tish, Alexi and Wren.))

Angeline Rose (Ostracised): *umbral: she simply waits, glad she knows resist pain..*

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ : ((wasnt Puck barred from the Caern for a month?)) *snarls right back at Danni* ~HT~ No they dont and they're about to play less nice in I'd say ohhh 30 minutes tops...I must say the Nexus Crawler wasnt happy when I spanked it's master's will and tried to impale Rahzoreg with that fuckin glorified silver toothpick...

Matthew BlueMoon: (umbral)

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): ~ht~ What are you doing here?

Janie ~Whipsnake~ Boyer: (physical)

Alexi Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities ~ -Guardian-: *Fucking huge...but how many garou aren't? He's over nine feet tall by a few inches and obviously no stranger to battle. His has many cosmetic scars along his chast and abdomen, ranging from bullet wounds to claw and knife slashes. The two most noticable scars are on his stomache where it looks like a large blade was plunged in and came out of his back, and his right arm which remains completely furless except for the hand and the shoulder. His fur is dark, ruddy grey color*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Grabs the talens and makes a fast look-see before tossing a talen to Sparky* When Medea signal, activate it and run like hell . It'll call the wyrmspirits to you. Run fast. *looks around tossing the other talen to Alexi*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *blinks in shock, loping up next to Danni...Tact be damned* ~HT~ Where is the blade?

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha PITA): (Yes, Spuds, Puck was banned from the Caern. But Puck was in the area already and Hadrian never said anything about the Umbra, which is where Puck is.)

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ : Danni>>~HT~ Well yanno I'm good but as good as I am a Nexus Crawler is just a teeeensy bit out of my league to grease alone...

Laughs-Like-Rain: ((godamit i have to go in 15 mminutes yall....sorry but i have stuff i have to do))

Justin "Sparky": *Snatches the talen and nods* Gotcha. *he stashes it safely somewhere on his person.*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): ~ht~ Why?

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha PITA): *PUck grunts* Ah don't tell me that Ben's supposedly a good guy now..

Justin "Sparky": *Knocks on the van door* Jer- if I take off running, just stay tight.

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ : Medea>>~HT~ Well if I'm lucky when I slung it at the Crawler it impaled it's head...but I don't think I'm that lucky so it's probably lying on the floor by Rahzoreg's friggin nasty ass lil labrotory ...

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *makes sure that's taken care of, then heads back to the Umbra, taking a position somewhat to the rear*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *nods slowly at Ben* ~HT~ How many are coming?

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ : Danni>>~HT~ Why what? Why am I not that good to take out a Crawler single handedly? That one should answer itself...

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ : Medea>>~HT~ Just the Crawler...I suckered the other packs into trying to kill it so I could bugger off back here to warn ya'll...

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): ~ht~ Why are you HERE! You're a dead man anyway, no matter which side gets their hands on you.

Dylan Ford: *getting fidgiting* Whats going on...nothing's happening.

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha PITA): *Puck chuckles at Ben* That's great.. Does this mean you were duping the hive the entire time, Ben?

Jeremiah Seymore: Justin- *cracks the window* You always seem to get kin duty when this crap happens.

Kinsey Lash : Pacing around the clearing, keeping an eye out. In crinos form, of course.. {physical}

Laughs-Like-Rain: DANNI>>okay hes warned us can i shoot him now?

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ : Danni>>~HT~ And duh? I'll see that Crawler dead first tho...

Wren: She stalks the entrance to the GA...waiting for something to come through...the growl deep in her throat.

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Listens, kicking in Truth of Gaia, just to make sure*

Alexi Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities ~ -Guardian-: *Grabs the talen and looks at Twomoons, nodding*

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ : Puck>>~HT~ Eh only for the last 12 hours or so when I finally shut Havaragorn's punk ass will into a tiny little box and then stepped on it...tried ta sucker em longer but *shrugs*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *nods once* ~HT~ I trust you, Ben. But if it turns out you're betraying us, I'll yank your heart out of your chest. *looks around* Make ready, my fellow Garou. A Nexus Crawler approaches.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *to whomever is listening* Get Kinsey and her pack in here! *to Medea, never taking her eyes off Ben* The talens should still work like we wanted, get everyone ready.

Justin "Sparky": Jer- *He smiles* Somebody's gotta look after ya- as long as I'm doin' my part, I can't complain.

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ : *hasnt lied yet* Medea>>~HT~ Won't argue with ya since it aint gonna happen anyways...

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: *looks confused*

Fade: ((Everyone go ahead and start getting all their shiznit activated))

Latisha Sturgis: ((MoF and RT))

Wren: (MoF. *G*)

Angeline Rose (Ostracised): ((already activated resist pain))

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: (Resist toxin is activated)

Kinsey Lash : Lets out a soft snort. A quick glance to see where the others are, making sure her pack's sticking together.

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha PITA): *Readies his Coyotes Fang and checks for his gun.. Staying in Tsitsu.. he's not in a jersey tonight, learned that lesson a while back*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): ((Activates absolutely nothing! Bwahahaha!!!))

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): ((Active: Resist Pain, Lunas armor (2 succ) ))

Jeremiah Seymore: Justin- *spins his gun around on his finger* Hm, at least you have a good attitude about it.

Kinsey Lash : ((*Ditto with Danni*))

Wren: Is still in GA, stalking the entrance very diligantly in Hispo.

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *looks over at Danni and nods* ~HT~ Send out the spirits, rhya. Let them warn us of its approach, so that the plan has time to be put into action. *turns around* My fellow septmates. It has been an honor fighting by your sides. *closes her eyes, kicking her Gifts in* ((Activating Luna's Armor and Master of Fire...Medea Luna's Armor: 7,6,10,6,1,8,9,7,9...Five extra soak dice...Will activate Rend once she's sure it's coming))

Alexi Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities ~ -Guardian-: *Concetrates on a silent prayer to luna, acivating "Lunas Armor"* (( 1 Gnosis and rolling Base Stamina+Survival=7 dice ))

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha PITA): (Readys Snake's Skin)

Jeremiah Seymore: ((*activates "Resist munchies"* I just has a snack, musn't eat more....))

Matthew BlueMoon: (doesnt have any gifts to get ready)

Justin "Sparky": Jer> *he nods* You gonna be all right if I gotta run? Need anything?

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ : ((Luna's Armor...5 sux))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *looks to the rat spirits* ~ht~ Be our eyes, small friends... *hoping against hope that they'll mind her as they once did David*

Justin "Sparky": ((*Ponders activating Mercy... uhm.... no.*))

Alexi Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities ~ -Guardian-: Lunas Armor > (( 7,8,6,5,4,6,9. Difficulty was 7 so 3 extra dice to soak pool. ))

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ : ~HT~ So uhhh...someone wanna toss me a weapon so I can do more than gawk and drool at this fuckin thing?

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha PITA): *Puck cocks his Glock and stands between Danni and Angeline*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): ((*thwapthwapthwapthwapsparky*))

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha PITA): Hey Ben, how good are ya with a Glock?

Dylan Ford: *paces back and forth..sense open.*(physical)

Alexi Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities ~ -Guardian-: (( Damnit...I want Bens roll! ))

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ : Puck>>~HT~ I blow with guns...*looks around* Where's my damn axe anyways?

Alexi Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities ~ -Guardian-: *Jumps off the van and lumbers over to Wren, walking on all fours*

Jeremiah Seymore: Justin- I'll be fine. That's why mankind invented guns. *holds up his colt, then starts spinning in on his index finger again*

Justin "Sparky": ((Just because they're Wyrm doesn't mean they don't have -feelings-!!))

Kinsey Lash : Is still waiting for orders from the Elders in the Umbral, surely they're not all dead... A slight blink, and a flick of her ear. Nope, they wouldn't be.

Justin "Sparky": Jer> *He nods* You gotta teach me that sometime.

Wren: Watches Alexi approach her, and waits for what he has to say...turning her head to watch the entrance to the GA.

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): Ben>>Jube's got it. ((And you say ~I'm~ smokin' crack?))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *raising her voice* ~ht~ Somebody fucking get Kinsey and her folk in here!!! *doesn't dare try to step back herself, not when she's so bad at it*

Latisha Sturgis: ((Grrrr... *debates playing Andrea too... * Need to get her invilved......))

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: *nods and tries to step sideways back*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *just closes her eye, her black fur shining with what looks like moonlight...Anyone close to her can hear her murmuring a prayer to herself in the High Tongue*

Kinsey Lash : ((BRB))

Alexi Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities ~ -Guardian-: *Sits near Wren and watches the entrance as well, ready to spring at any moment*

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ : Twomoons>>~HT~ Really? Fuck...*looks at the armor...* well hell don't think using this would make much of a damn differance at this point anyways...*scrapes his claws against the ground* ((Razor Claws))

Jeremiah Seymore: Justin- I just learned... *spins it around some more.*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *He appears to be the messenger boy tonight...flips to the physical* ~ht~ Kinsey, Grab yer pack and get a roll on. Crawler's comin' and it ain't fer the pizza.

ANdrea Jenkins: *Comes out of the van she crashed in*

Angeline Rose (Ostracised): *is just waiting*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha PITA): *Puck winks to Angeline*

Latisha Sturgis: *barks to Wren and Alexi* ~ht~ Stay with pack Ahrouns!

Alexi Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities ~ -Guardian-: (( *Is on a quick pause until the Alpha aka Kinsey-p- gets back* ))

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: *She manages to cross and looks at the pack there* I dunno yer names...bosslady needs you across like NOW!

Wren: Barks out at Latisha..~ws~ "Got the lecture from Kins already, dear.."

ANdrea Jenkins: *Shifts to crinos, since it seems to be the thing to do*

Dylan Ford: *goes beside Latisha...good to have someone watching your back.*

Kinsey Lash : ((Back. I hate shitty diapers.)) Nods to Twomoons. "Ethereal Tides. We have incoming Nexus. Lets move it." She flips to the Umbral side.

Justin "Sparky": Jer> *He cocks hs head to Twomoons and looks back to Jer.* Shiiit... Well- hopefully this shit's staying umbral...

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *lopes over to Sparky with some fast instructions before he heads back to the umbra* Best thing to do with that is bounce back and forth between the physical and the spiritual. Makes the spirits use their energy to come across. You can do it. *slaps him on the shoulder* Game time. *then he flips once again into the spiritual*

Alexi Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities ~ -Guardian-: *Goes umbral as well*

Dylan Ford: (and I am guessing silver does nothing to a Nexus.) *he puts his gun away, and steps sideways.*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: *tries stepping sideways again*

Wren: Waits for the others to go for it, and then flips over herself. Once over she lets her form slip up into Crinos.

Latisha Sturgis: *Follows Alpha flip side*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *suddenly looks up at Twomoons* Who did you give the Talens to? They're our only chance. The Wyrm creatures won't know what to do when they're activated at the same time in different directions. Enough time to strike.

Jeremiah Seymore: Juston- 10 to 1 it will. *sets his gun down*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): ((Last was in High Tongue, of course.))

ANdrea Jenkins: *Stays in the JY, ready*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *flexes her claws, letting herself grow calm, waiting*

Kinsey Lash : {Umbral} She's in her Crinos forms, sporting all her glorious scars.. Sneers a bit seeing Ben. With her pack with her she remains tight with them and near the Elders.

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha PITA): *Puck scratches his goateed chin, nodding to Medea* Good strategy.

Wren: She really has a hard time not attackign the Spiral inside the Caern...the growl in her throat, but the Nexus Crawler is a bigger threat.

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: *returns back across**sulutes Danni military style*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *looking to the others* ~ht~ Split into groups, attack it from all sides the split second it hesitates. We only get one shot at this.

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): Medea>>~ht~ Sparky an' Alexi got 'em.

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ : *Answers for Medea* ~HT~ Of course it was a good plan...who do you think gave it to Medea?

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *looks over at Alexi* ~HT~ When I say run, you run. Run for exactly thirty seconds and then activate your talen. You question me and we're all dead.

Angeline Rose (Ostracised): *she looks to puck for a moment at danni's orders and moves towards wherever it looks a bit empty*

Justin "Sparky": Jer> Be careful though, Doc says I should pop between physical and umbral now and then, so I'll let ya know what's comin'.

Alexi Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities ~ -Guardian-: *It takes awhile to struggle through the guanlet but he eventually makes it, standing with his pack in crinos, the talen from Twomoons clutched in his hand*

Kinsey Lash : Looks at Danni, nostrils flaring gently. Nods once. {ht} "Am I keeping my pack together? Alexi is already on other orders from Twomoons with the talen."

Dylan Ford: *once he gets in the Umbra, he shifts to Crinos. A Dark gray werewolf.*

ANdrea Jenkins: ((Go co Gadget normal font!))

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha PITA): *Laughs and salutes Ben*

Jeremiah Seymore: Justin- Sounds like a plan.

Alexi Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities ~ -Guardian-: *Nods the Wyrmfoe. Run, 30 seconds, activate.*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha PITA): *Puck moves up to the side Angeline's on*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: *Nexus Crawler? oh shit...but nods to Danni's orders waiting*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *looks to Kinsey* ~ht~ Use your pack bond to your advantage.

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ : Twomoons>>~HT~ Yo Twomoons...can I get a healing? *glances at danni* Unless of course El Butcho Grande has an issue with that...

Wren: She clenches her fists, claws needing to rip into stuff.

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Looks to Danni for a yea or nay*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *snarls at Ben* ~ht~ If this doesn't kill you, I'm going to. Know that.

Latisha Sturgis: *Stands with Pack, looking at Alexi, hoping they let him stay with them*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *nods assent to Jace* ~ht~ Patch him up.

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ : Danni>>*winks* ~HT~ Already knew it before ya said it...

Matthew BlueMoon: *goes to which ever group looks short on ppl*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Moves to Ben and lets the blue glow go*

Kinsey Lash : Glances to her pack, nodding. {ht} "We stay together. Alexi, you must follow the Wyrmfoe's orders. Do us proud ahroun." Fully expecting to die in this upcoming battle. It's a Crawler for Gaia's sake. But isn't going to give up.

ANdrea Jenkins: *In crinos, hanging in the gathering area... unless everyone went umbral?*

Dylan Ford: *going down in blazing glory...cant be that bad.*

Justin "Sparky": Jer> *He nods* So... you got a mate?

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ : *and the healing does...well damn near nothing* ~HT~ Twomoons>>I thought you were good at this...

Angeline Rose (Ostracised): *she just waits again, her bow still at ready*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha PITA): *Puck can't help but chuckle* Oh, the irony.. For all those Get that arrived here to help out, and trashed the members of this sept, who's here when the big fight's happening..

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *whatever thoughts she has, they're hidden behind her calm hazel eyes as she waits for some sign from the spirit sentries*

Wren: ~ht~ "Just so you know, pack. I love you all...." Yup, that's about as touchy feely as she's going to get right now, getting ready to just go off on the thing.

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): ~ht~ I are, but you a hard headed mutha...*Wondering what the hell's up with the glowy thing not working...*

Dylan Ford: Wren>> ~ht~ I'd blow you a kiss..but I got a muzzle..dont work.

Kinsey Lash : Snorts softly at Wren's words, a quick flick of her tail in amusement..

Jeremiah Seymore: Justin- Nope.

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ : ((Well hell I just noticed Nate's offline...gimme a second to open a new window folks...))

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ : Twomoons>>~HT~ Well try it again...

Latisha Sturgis: ~ht~ Pack, remember... if any of you get killed, I'm personally going to kill you again.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): ((*and the Nexus Crawler howls in defeat as his internet connection bombs* *LOL*))

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Takes another shot at it...this had better work...*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha PITA): (Woohoo!)

Kinsey Lash : ((*LOL@Danni*)) {ht} "Pack, remember.. You stray and I'm going to kick your ass." A broad, Crinos grin, if that's at all possible. But she's serious all the same.

Wren: (*chuckles* If only it were that easy) ~ht~"Aw, thanks sweetheart, I feel so loved.."

ANdrea Jenkins: *looks at Sparky and the kin, nodding to them, still patrolling around*

Fade : ((Alright since Nate is uhh dead in the falls to me to kill you a- errr to run the scene...yeah that's it... As could be expected this scene is will NOT post rolls until you are told and you WILL hold all arguements until the end of the all this understood?))

Alexi Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities ~ -Guardian-: *Nods to his alpha with a low growl, happy to be in combat..iven if it is a Nexus Crawler*

Latisha Sturgis: ((*cries as Spuds takes over, starts ripping char sheet now*))

Wren: (Yessir! *salutes*)

Matthew BlueMoon: ((yup understood))

Angeline Rose (Ostracised): ((gotcha spuds))

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ : *and the next shot does alot better...fully healing Ben's screwed up arm he smirks at Twomoons* ~HT~ Yanks...

Justin "Sparky": Jer> *Nodding* Any lucky ladies in mind?

Kinsey Lash : ((Yes Ma'a--Uuuh Sir!))

Justin "Sparky": *Nods to Andrea*

Alexi Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities ~ -Guardian-: (( Sir Yes Sir ))

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha PITA): (Lemme think about that... *Chuckles* No prob, Spuds)

Jeremiah Seymore: Justin- Not at the moment.

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): ~ht~ Second time's the charm.

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: (Yup)

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): ((*knuckle crackin'* Let's get this thing on...))

Justin "Sparky": ((Hmm... death... well, Sparky'd be in good company.))

Justin "Sparky": Jer> *he smiles* What tribe are ya kin to?

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha PITA): (*Warms up dice roller and settles with caffiene*)

Fade : *the spirits can only give so much warning...and the little they do give is only seconds before ~IT~ is upon the's big it's nasty and it makes no sense...tendrils of flesh whirl chaoticly around a thick bloated squid like body...tendrils of slime and flesh extend in all directions like psuedopods and while some are blunt some are carrying claws and some are carrying little mouths with sharp teeth ... the head of the beast is recognizable as the resembling the thing that killed Dave...the bane creature Fade...and as it comes to the Umbral gates it unleashes a bolt of pure entropy annhilating the spiritual fence easily...the battle has begun...* ((Everyone give me ONE count that ONE IC response and then stop))

Jeremiah Seymore: Justin- Glass Walkers.

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha PITA): *Puck's jaw drops* Uhhhh........ Shit.

Latisha Sturgis: *A little taken aback by the sight of it... and follows her pack to the End*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: (You mean a Nexus Crawler in another form killed David?)

Jeremiah Seymore: ((Does that count for the people not in the Umbra?))

Alexi Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities ~ -Guardian-: *Snarls and stands ready with his pack*

Dylan Ford: *no point in being afriad..its too late. Claws outstreaded..ready to dig in.*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *shouts at Alexi* ~HT~ Go! Go to the real world and tell Sparky! Run for five seconds and then use the talen!

Fade : ((Yes that counts for those not in the Umbra and no Mira they just sacrificed the original Fade to summon the Nexus it took Fade's charactistics))

Angeline Rose (Ostracised): *she instinctively aims at the Bane when it appears, waiting for the order to attack*

Wren: Every hair on her body bristles, and she takes a biiiiiig deeeeep breath the keep herself from just running the other way. It's big, it's ugly, it's fuckin' impossible to kill, but she's gotta do her part to try to save the world. She hoped she would -never- have to face one of these things, but that's now out of the question. She growls and sets low, getting ready to follow any order given to her.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *crouches, getting ready to spring when the talens are activated, awaiting Medea's signal*

Matthew BlueMoon: *has a look of surprise on his face seeing the nexus crawler* (1st time character has seen one)

Alexi Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities ~ -Guardian-: *Growls his aknowledgement and shimmers back into the real world, ready to carry out the orders*

Kinsey Lash : ((Etheral Tides, we workking on pack intiative? If anyone wants different lemme know.)) {ht} "Stick tight pack! We work together on this." She roars out when she see's the darn thing coming. Moving into Hispo form and ready to lead her pack to the death.

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ : *Ben turns his head and spits to the side* ~HT~ I have had more than enough of this shit...*and Ben's the first to charge his strong Galliard voice ripping out the Anthem of War*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *shifts a little to the left* ~ht~ You put your head in that thing, Medea...

Dylan Ford: (pack int...fight togeather, might as well die togeather)

Justin "Sparky": *Sparky, in Glabro, still stands by the CoGvan* So... they say a Nexus Crawler's coming.

ANdrea Jenkins: *Whips her head*

Fade : ((And everyone roll initative))

ANdrea Jenkins: ((Finishes post: *at Justin's words*))

Alexi Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities ~ -Guardian-: *Steps into the real world and shouts at Sparky* ~HT~ Time to go! *Bolts for the required amount of time stated by the Wyrmfoe befor acivating the Talen*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha PITA): (15)

Kinsey Lash : ((15))

Wren: (*grrs at roller* 14)

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): ((oooh, lucky 7.))

Justin "Sparky": ((11))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): ( 11 )

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): ((You and me Sparky, whoohoo! *L*))

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): ((Dex 5 + Wits 3 = 8 + 8 on the die = 16 + 10(SotF) = 26))

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: (init 15)

Jeremiah Seymore: ((base 5 + 10= 15 Does it really matter though?))

ANdrea Jenkins: ((Ini 8))

Matthew BlueMoon: (init: 12)

Justin "Sparky": ((*does the got-the-same-init-as-the-GE gonna-run-like-hell play-wyrm-bait blues*))

Angeline Rose (Ostracised): ((init 12))

Fade : ((Waiting on Dylan and Latisha))

Dylan Ford: (13)

Fade : ((And since I aint having a 3 hour combat round you all need to be ready to post IMMEDIATELY when I say too...))

Latisha Sturgis: ((Thought we were doing pack ini... 11))

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: (Will try)

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: (Nate's back online)

Fade : ((Okay Ethereal Tides acts on 15 (except for Alexi who has two rounds of running to do) Sparky also has 2 rounds of running to do ... starting off Twomoons, Andrea and Danni declare ))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): ((Nate's back online))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): ((splitting dice pool for two claw attacks, spending 3 rage))

ANdrea Jenkins: ((Since there's nothing in the real world... staying put this round))

Kinsey Lash : ((*Kicks computer* Sorry guys, got booted.))

Fade : ((Okay ... Matthew, Angeline and Ethereal Tides declare))

Fade : ((And Puck too))

Dylan Ford: (spending 1 rage, claw and bite)

Angeline Rose (Ostracised): ((firing her bow, spending 2 rage to re-load and fire at Fade again))

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha PITA): (Puck's going to use his Coyote's fang and cut a swath on the Nexus Crawler.)

Matthew BlueMoon: (attacking with a claw and spending rage to dodge)

Kinsey Lash : ((Spending one rage. Leading pack to the opposite side of where Medea's pack is attacking. Biting.))

Latisha Sturgis: ((one rage, bite and dodge))

Wren: ((1 rage, claws with Falling Touch for one, dodge for other action))

Fade : ((Linda declare too))

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: (splitting first action for two claw attacks, spending 2 rage)

Fade : ((Alright...Fade is going to Warp Reality ...Ben declares...))

Ben Hawking/Fade: ((Do it this way instead...Ben is going to try and grapple it and is spending 3 Rage...Medea declare and roll))

Ben Hawking/Fade: ((And on another note...everyone's difficulty to hit is 9...yes I said 9 ))

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *lashes out with her claws, trying to scrape some of its armor off, the Anthem of War ringing from her lips* ((Spending two Rage...Medea Fur Gnarl: 1,6,6,2,8,6,4,1,8))

Jeremiah Seymore: ((Ouch, a botch!))

Ben Hawking/Fade: *and Medea slips and strikes Twomoons instead* ((Roll straight claw damage on Twomoons Soul))

Ben Hawking/Fade: ((actually pause that for a moment for a rules check...))

Matthew BlueMoon: ((damn that 9 diff is gonna make this along night)) :)

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): ((*listens as 24 people say* "d'OH!"))

Ben Hawking/Fade: ((Okay strike that...the diff for DAMAGE is 9 not to hit))

Ben Hawking/Fade: ((So go ahead and roll damage Soul ya hit with 3 sux))

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha PITA): (Whew)

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): ((Now THAT'S going to make this a long night. Ouch. Medea Damage: 1,8,7,5,7,8,6,3,9,5 ))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): ((*and there was much rejoicing* Yay.))

Ben Hawking/Fade: ((Actually ya know what...F that noise cuz that'll make this impossible...make that diff 8 to damage...))

Jeremiah Seymore: ((I'm going to put Jere on NPC mode, night everyone))

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha PITA): (More yay.)

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: (*chuckles*)

Ben Hawking/Fade: ((And it soaks 2...Ben's up with his grapple))

Wren: (*is gleeful...really*)

Axereaver: Help, I'm being oppressed!..... Sorry, couldn't help myself.. *Dips back out to watch from afar*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha PITA): *Puck goes for one of the crawlers legs with his Fang* (5 6 9 7 3 4 8 5 5)

Angeline Rose (Ostracised): ((spuds, what about me?))

Ben Hawking/Fade: ((Puck>>Roll damage...))

Ben Hawking/Fade: ((Angeline>>Yer comin up too after Ethereal Tides...))

Alexi Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities ~ -Guardian-: (( Go Ethereal Tides, it's yer birthday! ))

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha PITA): (8 7 7 4 5 7- Aggy Damage from the Fang)

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: (Missed with both my split action claw botch though)

Ben Hawking/Fade: ((and it soaks Puck's damage))

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha PITA): (Curses. This IS going to be a long night)

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: (4,6,6,1,1,8 1st, 7,1,5,2,6, claw...oh wait that second one was a botch)

Wren: (Do we want this logged?)

Ben Hawking/Fade: *Puck strikes but his Fetish is unable to deal any real damage...Linda just outright misses...the chaotic form of the Nexus Crawler eluding her comprehension...* ((Ethereal Tides yer up post it...Angeline get ready yer next))

Latisha Sturgis: Tish attack: 2,3,4

Wren: ((*bawls*)) ((wren claw : 2,1,2,2,1,1,5,3, botches REALLY badly..))

Ben Hawking/Fade: ((Mira>>Diff to hit is still 6...diff to DAMAGE is 8 ))

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: (I can't play and be an archivist at the same time)

Kinsey Lash : She leaps up, in Hispo form, biting at the Crawler. ((bite: 10,10,8,7,6,6,10,5, ))

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): ((Anna's logging now, and I'll take over if she has to go.))

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: (Oh....then first claw would hit by one suxx so would the second)

Ben Hawking/Fade: *and Wren the Ahroun strikes Latisha right in the back with her wild swings* ((Wren>>Roll damage normally and Tish you soak it))

Wren: (alright. *G* I'm willing to do so if need be. *is glad it's a negative though*)

Ben Hawking/Fade: ((Mira>>Roll damage//Kinsey>>Roll damage))

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: (roll dmg for both?)

Wren: (*hides under a rock* wren dmg to Tisha, SORRY: 10,9,6,8,8,5,4,4,5, )

Ben Hawking/Fade: ((Mira>>yes))

Ben Hawking/Fade: ((Tish>>Soak 5 aggro))

Latisha Sturgis: Tish soak: 3,6,2,1,6,2,3 -- not good....

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: (0 dmg for first claw, 2AG for second)

Latisha Sturgis: ((Spuds... you do the 1s subtract from dmg and soak?))

Kinsey Lash : ((Dmge: 7,7,6,8,8,10,5,6,5,2,3,2,3, ))

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: (No you don't)

Ben Hawking/Fade: ((Takes 1 from Linda and 1 from Kinsey...))

Ben Hawking/Fade: ((Tish>>No))

Ben Hawking/Fade: ((And Dylan is gone...Angeline, Matthew and Danni yer up go ahead))

Angeline Rose (Ostracised): (( diff 7: 5,1,8,2,10,1,3 = no sux..))

Kinsey Lash : ((we lost Dylan.))

Ben Hawking/Fade: ((Andrea go ahead))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): (( 1st claw attack: 5,7,2,9 2nd claw attack: 10,3,3,7 ))

Matthew BlueMoon: ((Claw Attack: 8,8,8,9,8,5))

Ben Hawking/Fade: ((Matthew>>Re-roll that on the White Wolf Dice Roller...))

Ben Hawking/Fade: ((Danni>>Roll damage))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): ((1st damage: 5,6,9,4,9,1,3,6,1 2nd damage: 10,4,7,8,8,6,6,6,10))

Matthew BlueMoon: claw attack: 1,10,5,1,4,10,

Ben Hawking/Fade: ((And it takes another Essence loss from Danni's attacks...Twomoons yer up...those with Rage actions get ready))

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Howling the Anthem of War, taking a serious cut at this bad boy* ((Twomoons claw (wp): 5,10,2,9,2,10, ))

Ben Hawking/Fade: *the Ethereal Tides pack flies at the Nexus Crawler...Kinsey delievers a small wound...while Wren slams her own packmate...Angeline's arrow goes do Matthew's claws...Danni knocks another small peice of it off and the fight continues*

Ben Hawking/Fade: ((roll damage))

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): Twomoons Damage: 5,8,5,2,5,10,5,

Ben Hawking/Fade: ((Go ahead Medea with your Rage action))

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): ((First Rage action: Spending one Rage(three spent so far) and one WP, activating Rend: Medea Rend(WP): 9,2,9,10,3,9,1,8,6...It's up for six turns))

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *channels her Rage into her talons, then slices the blasphemous creature* ((Second Rage action: Claw Medea Claw: 10,7,9,6,2,6,2,4,4))

Ben Hawking/Fade: ((roll damage))

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): ((Medea Damage: 7,5,6,9,7,6,6,8,7,4,5,10))

Ben Hawking/Fade: (Everyone else get ready with yer 1st Rage attack))

Matthew BlueMoon: (my rage action is to dodge)

Latisha Sturgis: *Dodge... should have dodged the packmate *laughs**

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: (will be attacking)

Ben Hawking/Fade: ((Okay whoever had a Rage action that was attacking...go ahead and roll it and post))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): (( Claw attack #1: 5,1,9,9,4,5,8,6 ))

Wren: (will attack again)

Wren: A breif pang of guilt as her claws rip into Latisha, but having not killed the Philodox, rather sending the frustration to fuel her anger and she again launches herself at the Crawler, hoping for better luck this time. ((*dances this time* Wren rage claw: 5,5,2,8,10,8,1,2, ))

Ben Hawking/Fade: ((And go right on ahead into damage too...)) *Medea tears a nice sized chunk of it away...ben standing on it's neck starts gnawing on it's head...but it doesnt seem to be doing anything*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: (1,5,8,10,4,8,1, ...clawing, 1suxx...roll dmg?)

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): ((Same deal, attacking the same place Medea does: Twomoons claw: 3,8,9,6,2,3, ))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): (( Damage: 6,5,10,5,9,6,10,2,9,5,4 ))

Angeline Rose (Ostracised): ((auto-reload arrow, firing her bow again again, +1 diff (8) for firing twice on a one shot weapon: 6,8,6,6,10,2,6, = 2 sux ))

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: 7,5,10,2,5,9,6,8....3AG*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): ((*thhbt* Twomoons Damage: 6,9,1,3,6,1,8,3, ))

Wren: (Wren damage: 1,9,10,1,10,3,6,7,10,10,7, )

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): ((2 ag))

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: (saving last rage action for a potential dodge)

Kinsey Lash : ((Kinsey dmg: 4,7,7,3,6,2,2 *LOL*))

Ben Hawking/Fade: ((Any other Rage actions go ahead and spit em out roll damage as well))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): (( Claw attack #2: 9,5,3,3,1,2,8,4 Damage: 8,4,10,5,5,9,4,6,4 ))

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: (In other words nothing to dodge?)

Angeline Rose (Ostracised): ((damage: 7,2,5,7,8= 1 lethal (arrows are lethal damage) ))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): (( and last but not least, Claw attack #3: 6,9,1,3,5,8,3,1 Damage: 6,7,7,8,2,1,9,3,8 ))

Ben Hawking/Fade: ((Mira>> only has one action and it used it already trying to squish Ben...))

Latisha Sturgis: ((WP spent to change action: Tish attack: 9,5,3 Tish dmg: 10,5,1,8,5,8,))

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: (claw 4,7,8,7,4,9,3..4suxx, dmg 3,5,9,9,2,7,1,10,1,4,2...3AG)

Angeline Rose (Ostracised): ((damage: 7,2,5,7,8= 1 lethal (arrows are lethal damage) ))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): (( and last but not least, Claw attack #3: 6,9,1,3,5,8,3,1 Damage: 6,7,7,8,2,1,9,3,8 ))

Ben Hawking/Fade: ((Mira>> only has one action and it used it already trying to squish Ben...))

Latisha Sturgis: ((WP spent to change action: Tish attack: 9,5,3 Tish dmg: 10,5,1,8,5,8,))

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: (claw 4,7,8,7,4,9,3..4suxx, dmg 3,5,9,9,2,7,1,10,1,4,2...3AG)

Matthew BlueMoon: (WP spent to change action Claw attack : 1,4,6,8,9,6 ((diceroller says dodge forgot to retype action)

Ben Hawking/Fade: ((Matthew>>Like I've said to everyone else...roll on damage))

Matthew BlueMoon: ((Claw Dmg: 8,7,8,1,7,2,2,7,4,))

Latisha Sturgis: ((16!!!!))

Kinsey Lash : ((15))

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): ((Initiative 25))

ANdrea Jenkins: ((11))

Angeline Rose (Ostracised): ((init 10 ))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): (( Init 8. Well, my luck on the dice roller is used up, I think. *L* ))

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): ((10 baby!))

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha PITA): (17)

Wren: (15)

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: (init 12)

Justin "Sparky": ((8))

Matthew BlueMoon: (init 16)

Justin "Sparky": ((Oh God... same init as Danni... twice in a row... a sign? Perhaps...))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): (( Oh, that's just creepy ))

Ben Hawking/Fade: ((Alright...Ethereal Tides goes on 16...Sparky is still running...Danni, Twomoons, Angeline, Andrea and Linda declare))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): (( Bite attack, spend 1 rage))

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): ((spending a rage, claw and claw. As always, aiming at whatever Medea hits))

Angeline Rose (Ostracised): ((is re-loading, going to spend 3 rage, to fire, reload and fire again))

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: (spending 1 rage, also spliting first action again for two claw attacks)

ANdrea Jenkins: ((Grrrr... staying in the real world, waiting for the things to go off... ))

Ben Hawking/Fade: ((Ethereal Tides and Matthew declare...and I guess I'll let Puck declare too *chuckle*))

Alexi Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities ~ -Guardian-: *Run, jog, stride, leap and bound!*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: (*Whaps Spuds*...stop bugging Joe)

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha PITA): (Gee, thanks. *G* Puck's going to do the same thing, try and hack a leg off. "I stab at thee.....")

Kinsey Lash : ((Fur Gnarl. Spending two rage, both for bite attacks.))

Latisha Sturgis: ((Attack, no rage))

Ben Hawking/Fade: ((Mira>>*grins* Would you prefer I said no he can't declare?))

Wren: (another rage, claw first attack.)

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: (You know then we'd be having issues on another level...lets not go there)

Wren: (*rage for more clawing*)

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: (*pokes**tickes Spuds into submission*)

Matthew BlueMoon: *attacks with his claws again spending 1 rage for 2 claw attacks*

Ben Hawking/Fade: ((Alright...Ben's gonna use that armor of his ...Fade is going to Warp Reality or try to at least...and go ahead Medea))

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *looks at the thing's condition and decides to try to finish it off...Her claws glint in the Umbral moonlight as she plunges them into its side, taking a bite at the same time* ((Splitting pool for Bite/Claw and spending one Rage...Medea Claw: 8,2,2,8,4,8,2...Medea Bite: 3,8,6,1,9,7))

Ben Hawking/Fade: ((Roll damage))

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): ((Medea Claw Damage: 9,2,5,2,5,5,9,1,9,2 Medea Bite Damage: 7,10,10,1,9,3,2,5,2,10,5))

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: (?)

Matthew BlueMoon: (brb getting coffee and munchies during this interlude in the combat) ;)

Ben Hawking/Fade: ((Was busy making a few rolls...)) *Medea's attacks tear away at it more...and then Reality twists and for seemingly no reason at all blood starts dripping from Ben's mouth as the entropy tears him up inside...he grabs hold of it and kicks the armor into gear...the symbols and glyphs on the black cloth start to glow...and the stench of burning goo arises as the glyphs start burning into the Crawler's body...* ((Go ahead Puck...))

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha PITA): (Attack with the Fang-3,3,1,10,8,4,1,10,9, )

Matthew BlueMoon: (ok back from my coffee run)

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha PITA): (Damage- 6,9,10,6,1,4,)

Ben Hawking/Fade: ((roll damage...))

Ben Hawking/Fade: ((And it soaked...dude if Puck had killed this thing I was gonna cry...Ethereal Tides go ahead))

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha PITA): (:P)

Kinsey Lash : ((Kinsey Fur Gnarl (wp1): 7,2,3,10,9,8,8,1, ))

Latisha Sturgis: Tish attack: 5,8,4 Tish dmg: 10,9,7,5,5,1

Kinsey Lash : ((Dmg: Kinsey dmge: 10,7,9,4,6,5,5,8,8,))

Ben Hawking/Fade: ((roll damage Mel))

Wren: Lunges at the thing...claws a flyin', willing for the whole not getting another packmate. ((Wren Claw (wp) : 5,7,2,2,10,3,10,4, Wren dmge: 8,2,6,6,9,6,1,6,4,3,5, ))

Ben Hawking/Fade: ((and That is That)) *Kinsey's last claw attack is just too much and as it was's just as quickly gone...reforming elsewhere in the Umbra...Ben falls to the ground and lands hard...and silence rolls over the Yard*

ANdrea Jenkins: *Still waiting for the hoards*

Kinsey Lash : ((*Victory dances* ))

Angeline Rose (Ostracised): *she stares at the place where she was going to shoot and takes a deep sigh of relief*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *teeth clack hard on empty air, and she stumbles as the body she'd been slashing her way through vanishes*

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *Swingannamiss...nothing to hit. Takes a long look around, listening for anyone hollering medic or oh shit...*

Wren: OKay, the thing is gone, and she lands, having clawed at empty air....

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *pants slightly, then looks around, realizing the Nexus Crawler didn't hurt anyone except...Lets out a soft, almost-human cry as she rushes to Ben's side*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: *Howls out in victory seeing Kinsey's stroke*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha PITA): *Lets out a whuff of relief*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *snarls at Medea as she approaches Ben*

Kinsey Lash : Slams down to the ground when the Crawler vanishes.

Kinsey Lash : Looks around, not realising it was even her that made the thing go down with the last blow. Checks to see if her pack is alright.

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *just kneels next to Ben, either ignoring Danni's snarl or not hearing it*

Justin "Sparky": *Still running... ready to activate the talen...*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: *looks around wondering if there is anything else*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *grabs Medea's shoulder and shoves her away from Ben* ~ht~ NO!

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *Boogies over to Ben*

Latisha Sturgis: *She roars in triumph*

Ben Hawking/Fade: *the spirits inform Alexi and Sparky of the victory so they dont do somthing stupid like draw more nasties with the Talens...*

Matthew BlueMoon: *looks around incase there's more coming* (brb wife needs something)

Wren: She doesn't turn to her packmate yet, she waits for somethng more to happen, wishing upon wish that she can finish fighting...take out the taint still in the caern.

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha PITA): *Looks to Angeline*

Alexi Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities ~ -Guardian-: *Run, run, hop, skip, jump*

Justin "Sparky": *He stops slowly, screeching to a halt and mutters...* That was too easy...

Kinsey Lash : She checks over each of her packmates, making sure they're alright. Her eyes and ears flit to listen go the Grand Elder.

Ben Hawking/Fade: *Ben grunts and gets to his knees and claws...vomiting up blood...*

Angeline Rose (Ostracised): *she lowers her bow and the noched arrow, falling onto her knees now panting as resist pain wears off, pain now searing through her back*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: *watches Medea, Danni and this...strange armored Crinos...awaiting orders....something*

Alexi Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities ~ -Guardian-: *Stops running and thanks the spirits...that would of really sucked*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *gets thrown to the side by Danni but is on her feet immediately, growling long and low, eye blazing*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: (goes to the little girls room...BRB)

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *Watches, kneeling next to medea*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *towers over Medea, growling* ~ht~ No.... He dies. *one might guess that, on this issue, Danni is not entirely rational*

Ben Hawking/Fade: *holds his hand out to motion for Twomoons to stop where he is...getting to his feet and tearing the black cloth away from the armor...then the armor itself shoving it off angrily and kicking it away from him*

Alexi Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities ~ -Guardian-: *Turns and walks back to his destination, still on edge and keeping alert, despite the news of there victory*

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *Holds up, slowing down but still close*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): ~HT~ No. He lives. You'll have to go through me to kill him, Danni-rhya. He gets the same trial that Devin had. We need him. We have to retrieve that blade. *is very, very still*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: *watches silently*

Justin "Sparky": *Heads back, catching sight of Alexi and starts to sings- badly- to the tune of the song of Sir Robin's minstrels...*"Brave Alex' and Sparky, rode forth the the caern/ they were not afraid to die, oh 'lex' and Sparky / to have reality warped / and be turned into balls of cheese / brave, brave, brave 'lex' and Sparky..."

Angeline Rose (Ostracised): *she's really hurting but she simply tries to collect herself*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha PITA): *Wonders if he should say something*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): ~ht~ Through you? That can be arranged...

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): ((Knew I shouldn't have said that....))

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: *wonders why they bother with trial, finially connecting this guy with the stories at the moot, the trial, they killed that other one for the sword's wyrm thing...why not just kill this one and be done with it?*

Kinsey Lash : She pads up to stand near Danni, showing the Elder her support.

Justin "Sparky": ((Stolen from Jason- I asked him what reality warp could do and he said something like "mess up reality- turn people into balls of cheese"))

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *flexes her talons* ~HT~ You don't want to do that, Danni. I don't want to hurt you but I will if I have to. It isn't justice to kill him like a dog when he came back here to warn us, and nearly sacrificed his own life in doing so.

Angeline Rose (Ostracised): *she winces horribly as puck helps her to her feet.. figuring he can't get into any trouble for helping since.. well.. they're both facing the same punishment, just at different degrees*

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): Danni-rhya. Listen...the blade is still out there. We need to take care of it, or this is going to happen again. If not here, somewhere else.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *roaring, rage just rolling off of her in waves* ~ht~ MY MATE IS DEAD BECAUSE OF HIM!!!!!

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: *sort of rests on her crinos heals, listening*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha PITA): *Winces* Ohhhhh Sheet.

Matthew BlueMoon: *not seeinh any more enemys at the moment he turns his attention back to the others waiting to see what they do*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *readies herself to move, seeing that Danni's nearly ready to frenzy* ~HT~ No. Your mate is dead because of that sword. It had nothing to do with Ben. It would've happened no matter who the host was.

Wren: She half agrees with Danni...kill the tainted one, especially if he's turned traitor, but then again, Medea has her point as well...need him to find the icky-blade...She just stands still, making sure nothing else tries to attack.

Latisha Sturgis: *Stands with her pack, watching*

Justin "Sparky": *Looks to Alexi* So... that was anticlimactic.

Alexi Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities ~ -Guardian-: *Walks with Sparky, listening to the twisted mockery of what one could imagine was a song*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha PITA): *After making sure Angeline's all right, Puck does a brave thing, and walks up to Danni, putting a hand on her shoulder* Ben did not kill Dave. That Bane did, Danni. Come on...

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: *looks at Justin* HT Who says it's over, the call the old GE put out to us streettrash was of a Spiral hive, well do you see them? This aint over yet.

Ben Hawking/Fade: *just stands there only about half concious at this point...knows what they're arguing about but can't really find it in him to join on either side right now...*

Alexi Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities ~ -Guardian-: A ragabash could have done our job. But my pack was in the attack so I am happy for them *Would have much rather been with his pack, but he had orders and he wasn't about to disobey*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *turns on Puck too, snarling...but the only sane part of her brain right now keeps saying "he's hurt...can't hurt Puck, he's already hurt..." She blinks a little in confusion, not finding an outlet for her anger*

Kinsey Lash : ((Darn computer! *KICKS IT*))

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *narrows her eye at Danni* ~HT~ You're not thinking this through, Danni. *tenses her legs, ready to get between Danni and Ben*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha PITA): Danni, go right fucking ahead... *Grits his teeth, in a defensive stance* If you need to boil the Rage off I'll take it, Danni.. But we can't kill Ben.. If he's out of the sword's grip he's going to be very, very valuable right now. Dave would keep Ben alive. And you know that.

Kinsey Lash : Grunts looking between the squabbling Elders.

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha PITA): *Puck holsters his Glock and clips his Coyote's Fang to his belt so if Danni does hit him he won't accidentally hurt her*

Ben Hawking/Fade: ((Kari had ta go...she said Danni would faint from exhaustion and Puck could take her home))

Justin "Sparky": *He nods* As was my pack- but it was that, or stay back and guard the kin. I need to run and die, I run and die. *shrugs* Well, when we get back, I owe you a coke.

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *shifts down into Homid as Danni faints, looking over at Twomoons* Heal Ben.

Angeline Rose (Ostracised): *she winces horribly when puck offers that.. oh she'll kill him if danni doesn't.. *

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha PITA): (Okies..) *When Danni faints, Puck catches her, grunting from his back but goes towards her apartment, carrying her*

Alexi Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities ~ -Guardian-: *Walks back into the caern and makes the way through the maze into the gathering area*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: *looks awkard but speaks* HT I'm just a Claith phily, backhand me to shut up if needbe. Bosslady is out like a light, folk still aint sure what to do with this Ben guy...inprision him like you all did that other and hand it over to a TC. *shrugs*

Alexi Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities ~ -Guardian-: Sparky > That would be good

Justin "Sparky": *Walks bac into the maze with Alexi*

Angeline Rose (Ostracised): *she returns to the real world, not quite sure if she'll be able to walk home tonight.. her back is just hurting too much..*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: *and Angeline gets ignored by all I guess*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): ((Here?))

Matthew BlueMoon: ((ok back had to resart my comp, it was timing out)

Kinsey Lash : {ht} "I wanted Devin alive upon sight. But fair is fair.." Obviously not liking the idea of having Ben running around, but if they want to be hypocrites.. by all means, kill Ben! Yeah, this is her duty done for the year. Speaking up on a bad guys behalf.

Wren: She then slowly shfits down, the threat gone and checks on Latisha...making sure she is okay from her little miss.

Angeline Rose (Ostracised): ((*nodnod*))

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Nods* Agreed. Medea...let's lock him up.

Kinsey Lash : ((Alive? *LMAO@Self* DEAD damnit.. Twomoons stop giving me that crack!))

Latisha Sturgis: *She claps Wren on the back with a grin, obviously, no harm no foul*

Angeline Rose (Ostracised): *she stops in the clearing only long enough to put her bow and her quiver away in their niche*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: *of course...Medea's wisdom...sure why not? smiles to herself and goes back into reality*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): ((*grabs pipe* Mine...Preciiiousss....))

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *nods, breaking out the blue flame of healing....*

Ben Hawking/Fade: Medea>>What about? *gargled a sound as it is as he spews more blood on the ground*

Latisha Sturgis: *And, so there's no confusion... yes, she is hurt*

Wren: She smiles softly.."I'm...really sorry...I don't know what happened..."

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): ((Twomoons Grandmothers Touch: 2,10,2,6,9,7,10,8,2,))

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *looks over at Twomoons and smiles faintly* I think you're rubbing off on me. *looks back at Ben* The Hive is broken?

Angeline Rose (Ostracised): *and she painfully makes her way home..*(( and good night folks, thanks for the rp!))

Kinsey Lash : Shifts to her Crinos form and looks to her pack, listening to Ben and Medea.

Ben Hawking/Fade: *ohhh yeah that did it ... and Ben shakes his head and sits up* Medea>>~HT~ Dunno ... if not they will be soon unless a strong leader shows up real quick and claims control real quick...

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: *She doesn't get too close, but she sits on her heals, quiet, and with the same intensity...looking at Ben, studying Ben...listening to Medea*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha PITA): ~(GONE, like, extinct, baby)~

Justin "Sparky": *He steps into the clearing* ((Who needs some Mother's Touch?))

Latisha Sturgis: *grins widely at Kinsey*

Matthew BlueMoon: *is still in crinos just listening to Medea and the one called Ben*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: (this character didn't get hurt)

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *nods* Then we rout them tomorrow. That blade is going into the Abyss. *frowns* I need a Truthcatcher. Now. *sighs in frustration*

Alexi Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities ~ -Guardian-: *Looks at the nearly completley empt clearing and peeks into the umbra*

Ben Hawking/Fade: *shakes his head* ~HT~ Blade's probably gone by now...Rahzoreg probably snatched it as soon as I dropped it and took it somewhere else...

Matthew BlueMoon: (wasnt hurt either) :)

Chase: (Ok, I got here in time to watch, but I'm still slightly lossed. Who's Umbral and who's Physical right now ? )

Alexi Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities ~ -Guardian-: (( Physical, with a look of extreme concentration on his face ))

Ben Hawking/Fade: ((Guys the whisper font is screwy dont use it please))

Matthew BlueMoon: (umbral)

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: *looks at Medea* I aint TC, lost the challenge. But I got truthsense gift.

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Nods, deferring to Linda*

Kinsey Lash : {Umbral} Grunts at Latisha, amused.

Latisha Sturgis: As do I Wyrmfoe.

Matthew BlueMoon: (thought Ben and Medea were still in the umbra?)

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *slight shrug* Then I track him. *glances around with a soft sigh, then looks back at Ben* You're in quite a mess this time. *looks over at Linda and smiles, glad to see an exuberant youngling who's willing to help* I need a Truthcatcher, Cliath. I have a suggestion for Ben's punishment.

Latisha Sturgis: ((Umbral))

Justin "Sparky": *He heads to the CoGvan to check on Jeremiah*

Alexi Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities ~ -Guardian-: *Goes umbral to meet with his pack*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: (thought they crossed)

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): ((Umbral))

Chase: ( No prob Ben-P. And ack, sorry for my interuption, those physical just let me know via PMs if you'd be so kind. ) with this, and that, and who knew what else to take care of, he hadn't been around earlier though perhaps that was a boon. The slightly larger then average raven flew in ove the yards fencing, akward flight easy only when gliding, and took up a perch on a junk pile. Beady black eyes searched around and looked over who ever there was to see, skittering back and forth even as his head cocked and turned to get better angles.

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: (Is whereever Medea and Ben are)

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : ((As much as I loathe this to no damn end...Crusher is ONCE AGAIN not here so it'sleft to me )) *Hadrian comes into the Umbral area of the Caern from recently having a run in the woods and cocks an eye at the people gathered around*

Kinsey Lash : Nods to Alexi when he joins.

Ben Hawking/Fade: ~HT~ Wont have ta track him he'll end up back here eventually...

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF Pb 3): *He stands in the shadows.... The shadows do not embrace him. The shadows do not wrap themselves around him. The shadows do not acknowledge him as master, recognize him for one of their own, or flock to him. In fact, the shadows don't give a shit. They're just shadows.*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *shakes her head* No. We track him. This way he won't be able to build up his strength or choose a new host for the blade.

Alexi Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities ~ -Guardian-: *Nods to Kinsey and looks around at the rest of his pack.*

Ben Hawking/Fade: *isnt up to arguing* ~HT~ If you say so Medea...

Wren: SHe shifts up then back to lupus, and curls up in a ball by Tisha's feet.

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: (Night Nate)

Wren: (night nate)

Matthew BlueMoon: (later Nate)

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF Pb 3): *Steps into the area and shifts to Crinos.*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF Pb 3): ((Later, Nate.))

Alexi Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities ~ -Guardian-: *Looks at the Warder as he comes in after the attack. How convenient*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *looks over at Hadrian* Good. We need a Truthcatcher. Ben has returned, free of the blade's influence. I have a suggestion for his punishment after you've determined his guilt or innocence.

Justin "Sparky": *After checking the Kin, he steps sideways and rolls up his sleeves to see who needs help*

Kinsey Lash : {ht} "We just killed a Nexus Crawler." She huffs at Hadrian, grinning.

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : *cocks an eye at Medea and then stomps over to Ben...looks at him and then Medea and shrugs* ~HT~ Lie and I kill you...explain yourself...

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: *looks at Hadrian* This...Bane.thing...*thinks hard* First that guy (Ben) appears looking all kinda rushed...peeps were about to kill'm but he said a Crawler was coming and he was free from some blade. He was already wounded. The sure nough, Crawler comes. Me thinks we was lucky, had enough Garou to repell it. Now I guess'n that guy prisioner...*scratches head*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF Pb 3): HT--A Nexus Crawler? ((ugh, my job sucks....))

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: *nods vigerously at Jubs question* Yeah.

Justin "Sparky": *His eyes go wide...* Ben?!?

Alexi Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities ~ -Guardian-: *Smiles at his packmates*

Kinsey Lash : Lets out a happy growl, nodding at Jublain. {ht} "Yes -Rhya."

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Just quietly waits*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Nods* You got it, Sparky.

Latisha Sturgis: Alpha got the killing blow! I think. *then winces a little, hurting*

Justin "Sparky": *He lets out a soft, soundless whistle and looks to Doc* Anyone need medical help?

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *barely even breathes...Right now, only Hadrian and Ben exist to her*

Ben Hawking/Fade: *sighs and let's the story rip* ~HT~ Couple weeks maybe a month ago I defeated the Alpha of the Spirals at that time and took the BaneKlaive he carried as a war trophy...over the next few days the spirit within the blade the spirit of Havaragorn a Legendary Black Spiral Dancer Ahroun...started to eat at my will and take over my body...twords the end realizing I could not fight it forever I simply gave up to it...I found that while I had no control over my body in the greater sense I could exert small amounts of influence and keep certain parts of my knowledge hidden from time grew on and Havaragorn used my body and name to wreak havoc here I ate away at his will as he had eaten away at mine...when ... *pauses here* when Dave died it enraged me to the point where I was able to gain almost a majority...and about 14 hours or so ago I managed to defeat Havaragorn and regain control over msyelf...I waited posing as what I was err try and derail (cont)

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-Pipe~: *looks at Latisha* Yeah I saw it...hers was the last blow before it went POOF.

: (Stops archiving)

Wren: (*turns into a ball of puff and disappears*)

Kinsey Lash : Flicks an ear, listening to Ben.

Ben Hawking/Fade: whatever plans the Spirals what I could against the Hive like what I did to Havaragorn...kill from the inside so to speak...but I'm not as good as I thought and the blade's protector and creator Rahzoreg discovered my ruse...and sicked the Nexus Crawler he had recently summoned after me...I suckered two of the Hive's packs to delay the Crawler...and as I ran my arm was wounded and I dropped the BaneKlaive...not that it matters since I mastered it and it had no effect on me anymore...I cam back here to warn the Sept and to help grease the Crawler...*shrugs* There it is in a nutshell...

Alexi Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities ~ -Guardian-: (( See ya Wren *s* ))

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