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Ari's Rite of Passage

Date: Unknown

Auggy-"ST" mode: *Stakes claim*

Ari Ford: ((*L*))

Auggy-"ST" mode: ((Right then)). *Ari can hear the moot continuing even as she walks to the gate, through the bawn and out along the paths. That sense of warmth that comes with being in a caern slowly fades, leaving a very...alien sensation, like the cheerleader doesn'tr fit in anymore.*

Ari Ford: *she glances back over her shoulder once...never thought she'd be sorry to be walking away from that place* Ok, Arizona...buck up...

Auggy-"ST" mode: *Moving through the streets, you check the map that Dendaddy Twomoons was nice enough to provide, along with an address. It's about 15 miles from the caern. And the night is getting colder.*

Ari Ford: *pulls panda bear gloves on, along with the matching ear muffs...and congratulates herself for thinking to pack her backpack for "just in case" kind of things* Wonder if the damn shop is even open at this hour...

Auggy-"ST" mode: *Figuring it's about 10 pm, and it'll easily be 2 am by the time you arrive...the closed sign'll probably be up.*

Ari Ford: *trudges along, keeping watch for any unsavories following her..mumbling to herself* May as well pin a fifty to my butt and yell "victim here!"

Auggy-"ST" mode: *It's a test as to who's more unnerved by Ari walking alone through the streets...Ari, or the street punks who shy away as she passes. One group even crosses the street to avoid the petite blonde*

Ari Ford: *quirks a brow at that, and idly wonders what would happen if she yelled "Boo!" at them...but doesn't. She checks the map one more time* Lesse....

Auggy-"ST" mode: *Three blocks up and to the left*

Ari Ford: Little further...then what the hell are you going to do, Ari? Hmmm? *talking to herself as she walks, watching her breath plume in the cold air*

Auggy-"ST" mode: *The place looks like...a dump. Hand letter sign reading "Rich's Ahmy Suhplus" on the top of the door, a nasty looking skull and crossbones on the front window. Overall, not exactly the place where you want to buy your next pendent.*

Ari Ford: *wrinkles her nose a little...she grew up in suburban America, this is a bit out of her experience* Well... ok... *moves to look in the window, cupping her hands around her eyes so she can see through the glass*

Auggy-"ST" mode: The interior is similarly grunged out, cammo netting hung from the ceiling, racks of camoflage clothes, unit patches, and a glass case of red and blue metal bracelets, helmets, and various other 'collectors items'*

Ari Ford: *well, that explains what a P.O.W. bracelet would be doing here...her eyes go to the ceiling, trying to see if there are cameras in there*

Auggy-"ST" mode: Yep. Cameras in two corners and one apparently pointing to the back room, where a light is on.

Ari Ford: *two cameras..that's going to be a problem if she just wanted to pop in and out through the umbra...wonders if anyone is in the back room...well, we'll just look... With a small grin, she focuses on her reflection in the glass and attempts to step sideways*

Auggy-"ST" mode: *It gets easier and easier...The umbral reflection of this place is, to put it mildly, unhealthy. Ropy strands of the weaver have a thin oily sheen to them, coated with something that smells like pus. There are some weaver-spirits here and there, and a bane or two cackles in the near distance*

Ari Ford: *winces...this was maybe not such a good idea...come to think of it, she doesn't even know if doors locked in the real world are still locked in the umbra*

Ari Ford: *winces...this was maybe not such a good idea...come to think of it, she doesn't even know if doors locked in the real world are still locked in the umbra*

Auggy-"ST" mode: *You do remember Twomoons discussing things like this, in the not so distant past. In that yes, a spiritual reflection of something is indeed the same on both sides, but destroying something on this side will not immediately cause it to be destroyed in the physical. It will merely weaken and break of it's own accord soon thereafter*

Ari Ford: *hmmm... well, can't hurt...she tries the door*

Auggy-"ST" mode: The door is yes, locked. Not that unusual, considering time and neighborhood.

Ari Ford: *glances around, then rolls her eyes at herself...who's here to see her? She shifts up to Crinos and attempts to bust the door open*

Ari Ford: *glances around, then rolls her eyes at herself...who's here to see her? She shifts up to Crinos and attempts to bust the door open*

Auggy-"ST" mode: *Nobody but the spirits hears Ari crash through the umbral door, with a more hollow and duller-sounding crash then the normal tinkle of glass and rending of wood as the dorr...well, disintegrates*

Ari Ford: *blinks a little at! Not subtle, but it worked... She goes to look in the glass case, first, looking for the bracelet in question*

Auggy-"ST" mode: *The bracelet in question makes itself easily known, as its' the only one of the dozens in the case that has a spirit slumbering within it. The name and information on it are barely readeable, but after concentrating the words make themselves known: "MSGT D'Arcy Maiers 10/23/1972 Cambodia USA"

Ari Ford: *she blinks at that...* Oh...! *so that's why he wants it...oh poor Twomoons-rhya... Next, she goes to investigate the room with the light on*

Auggy-"ST" mode: *The room with the light on is the office. The light casts a sickly greenish glow on the area, and what's working at the desk might have been human...once. From this side though, it looks like something poured dayglo paint into its' skeleton, nerves, and circulatory system, creating a network of...thin lines through its' body. A small...gaffling, or some kind, whispers to it in a high, grating voice*

Ari Ford: *catches her breath and tries to just peer around the doorway, not wanting to be seen...what in the hell IS that??? Definitely do NOT want to wake that up... Ugh... Ok, bracelet and get the hell out of here. She goes back to the case, this time moving around to the side with the door*

Auggy-"ST" mode: *Moving back around, not that difficult to do....*

Ari Ford: *glances to see where the second camera is pointing, if the first is pointing to the office*

Auggy-"ST" mode: *The second camera is basically over the cash registers' shoulder, getting a good look at anyone who would try and rob this slag joint. Might actually have a little view of the display case.*

Ari Ford: *she first forces open the case door, then shrinks back down to her homid size. She reaches into the case and tries to pick up the bracelet, just to see what happens*

Auggy-"ST" mode: *The door doesn't open, instead breaking, sending glass shards again falling to the floor. The bracelet, doesn't budge*

Ari Ford: *she sighs, she figured as much... Glancing once more at the camera, she slips out of the letter jacket and turns it inside out so the name isn't facing out, then drapes it over her head to hide her face. Still crouched behind the case, she steps back to the real world*

Auggy-"ST" mode: *Stepping back into the real world presents surprise number one. The door of the case, is still locked.*

Ari Ford: *she knew it would be...but maybe, just maybe, it'll be a little easier to jimmy open...she tries to do so, holding her breath for noise from the other room*

Auggy-"ST" mode: *Any tools?*

Ari Ford: *ooh, wait....she does have, in her backpack, a small pocketknife...again, she congratulates herself for being prepared, though she really brought it along more for the nail file part...she works on the lock with the smallest blade*

Auggy-"ST" mode: *Which leads us to surprise #2 of the evening. An alarm. A very loud alarm. Of the type used to protect valuables. Like war memorabilia.*

Ari Ford: *jumps, startled, and tries to think quick...smash and grab, or sidestep...? Um..think quick, Ari... Oh the hell with it. Since her hand is covered in her jacket anyway, she shifts to Glabro and tries to punch through the glass* ((*L*))

Auggy-"ST" mode: *On the up side, the door swings open casually just as our heroine is rearing back to punch the door out. On the down side, a loud voice is hollering, "What the ~fuck's~ goin' on out there?", punctuating his question with some metallic clicks that are rather familiar....*

Ari Ford: *she snatches the bracelet quickly, and tries to sidestep, praying to Gaia...what a thing to remember at a time like this...that she can get through the gauntlet again*

Ari Ford: *she snatches the bracelet quickly, and tries to sidestep, praying to Gaia...what a thing to remember at a time like this...that she can get through the gauntlet again*

Auggy-"ST" mode: ((Get da roller on...))

Ari Ford: (( *wince* Ari sidestep: 1 ))

Ari Ford: ((The ONE time I need to...))

Auggy-"ST" mode: *The glass in the case shatters into...dust, and nothingness. Meanwhile, Joe-bob has come around the corner, and is taking aim.* ((Roll init))

Ari Ford: ((Ari dodge: 3,7,8,10,3)) *trying to dive behind cover, gripping the bracelet tightly, she's not about to let that go*

Auggy-"ST" mode: *Trying and succeeding. The sound of the bullet going ~wheeeet~ part Ari's ear is almost lost in the din of the gunshot and the alarm going off.*

Ari Ford: *has NEVER in her life had someone shoot at is not a pleasant experience...and she can't shift, those damn cameras!!!...with a quick gauge of distance and height, she jumps at the creature with a dancer's grace (but damn strong legs), trying to kick the gun away long enough to give her time to flee*

Auggy-"ST" mode: *Joe-bob is rather surprised at the little spitfire, as she does a neat little flipkick adn the gun skitters from his hand, going off a second, and even a third time...he screams in new pain, as he gets creased and something...really foul enters the air* ((init))

Ari Ford: *taking advantage of his surprise and pain, she focuses on the front shop window, her reflection...and tries to step sideways again*

Auggy-"ST" mode: *Ari fades, slowly, but's fast enough to keep any other spirits from showing up, as the one on his shoulder bolted as soon as he lost his gun*

Ari Ford: *hauls ass for the caern*


********************Back at the Caern.....*********************


Ari Ford: *comes running down the sidewalk toward the gate, and just rattles it when she gets there* Damn, let me in! Shit...! *breathing heavily*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *For some reason, a soft smile touches his face*

Alexi Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities ~ -Guardian-: Do not be sorry

Chase: Why did every one answer his questions with vaugeries ? He'd rather the threats to get eaten then keep having that happen. " Got ya... gonna tell me where ? "

Ari Ford: *she only slows down to a stop once she hits the gathering area...bent over, breathing hard like she's run a long way, not giving a good goddamn who's in the caern right now*

†Threat-Seeker† (Taint of Suspicion): **steps from the sweat-lodge...slipping on his shirt,shoes and trench **

Latisha Sturgis: *Pauses and looks at him* You sure you're ok babe?

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *quirks a brow at Ari's appearance, almost standing up to see what's chasing the girl*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): Ari>>What's the score?

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne: *walks in smoking her cig and her headphone blaring music*

Ari Ford: *looks up at Twomoons-rhya's voice...and grins, holding out one hand, clenched tightly shut around something*

†Threat-Seeker† (Taint of Suspicion): **strides to the his packs car hood...scaning the GA as he does**

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *looks around* Find Kinsey. Have her show you to where it is.

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): Ari>>You get followed?

Ari Ford: Don't...think so...hope not... *shaking her head* Don' matter...we...gotta go back...

Latisha Sturgis: *waves to Threat, in the circle with Alexi, practicing*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): Ari>>S'up wit dat?

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *watching Twomoons and Ari*

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne: *she has a jade chess piece in her hand she smoothes with her finger repetively*

Chase: Gah... and he'd jsut been speaking to her last night too..dammit it all. Circles and circles for sure. " Kinsey, 'Tides Alpha. Right, thanks for your help Wyrmfoe. "

Alexi Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities ~ -Guardian-: *Nods* I'm fine *Looks to Medea when his alphas name is mentioned*

†Threat-Seeker† (Taint of Suspicion): **stops..looks at Medea** Have Lash show who where what is, ...rhya...?

Latisha Sturgis: *Also glances over, eager*

Ari Ford: *finally standing upright, walking in a tight circle to keep her legs from cramping* There's...something nasty there. I could tell, from the was all messed up... I think it used to be man. *wracks her brain for the word* Fomor? Is that it? He had a gun, shot at me...I couldn't stay myself to...kill it, so we gotta go back...

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne: *gwen makes her way to where twomoons is and slide her headphone off* hey... any word?

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ : *the prison van rocks abit and Ben's homid head the dark green scales still covering most of his face comes to the bars...his hands sticking out with a lit cigarette as he starts cracking jokes with the two guards set to watch him...*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Nods* Fomor. You done good. Medea, you wanna send a pack to the pawnshop to make fomor falldown go boom?

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *glances toward the prison van, and the slight smile she had is erased*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): Gwen>>He gets out of Erebus, we go from there. I'll do what I can.Ari Ford: *takes Twomoons' hand, pressing the bracelet into it* It's yours, right? Like...your dad's, maybe?

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne: *looks at Jason her cig slips from her fingers* okay one more time .. in english.. use little words .. where is he?

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): Ari>>*Softly* My uncle. It's yours, you earned it tonight. Come talk to me another night, I'll tell you a story.

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne: *she walks toward the van and to the where the guards are standing her knees shaking just a bit*

Ari Ford: *she blinks* I can't take this! It's special!

Ari Ford: Anything. *she nods, pumped from her escape, she can do anything*

†Threat-Seeker† (Taint of Suspicion): **almost sners as he is ingorned by Medea...wyrmfoe or not, the rudeness is irratable**

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): ((Threat>>> Probably missed a post. I'm multitasking big time. *s*))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *looks away from the van in disgust, and then gets up* Jace, Medea, I'm callin' it quits fer tha night.

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ : *the two guards...Mikey and Johnny .. are trying not to laugh as Ben tells some old school funny stories about people that never exsisted...Ben looks up and smiles at Gwen* Hey there ya doin?

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ : *the two guards...Mikey and Johnny .. are trying not to laugh as Ben tells some old school funny stories about people that never exsisted...Ben looks up and smiles at Gwen* Hey there ya doin?

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): (( For the record, I have company coming in this weekend, and so I may not be on at all again until Tuesday evening! This has been a public service announcement ))

Chase: Attention jumping back and forth between everything, head cocking to a new angle every so often depending on who or what he was looknig at, and since he wasn't deaf and could easily track multiple conversation, he looked back between Medea and Threat-Seeker. Then to Seeker " Hive... I need to know where it is, was, used to be, however you prefer to think of it. "

†Threat-Seeker† (Taint of Suspicion): **continues on his way to his packs car hood.....**

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne: *she swallows the lump in her throat* you get back to town and you don't call a girl...

Chase: ( gah, left half of it out ) --"--- Was told Kinsey could tell me. "

Alexi Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities ~ -Guardian-: *Comes back to reality having zoned out for a moment. Looks at Tish* Care to continue?

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *nods at Danni* I'll take care of things here for a while.

†Threat-Seeker† (Taint of Suspicion): Chase>> I can show you when ever you wish...**said as he takes a comfortable 'perch' on the hood**

Latisha Sturgis: *grins at Alexi* Yeah, sure!

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): Ari>>You can. you ~earned~ that, this night. You're also...well, as a full sept member, we're family. Thus, you are to be inducted into the sacred traditions. First among these. *looks up at the crane* We find out whether you prefer boxers or briefs.

Ari Ford: *she blinks at Twomoons* Excuse me?

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): Or panties. It's a test of skill. *keeps a straight, dead-serious face*

Ari Ford: *looking up to the crane, realization dawning* I have to climb it?

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Nods sagely* And leave 'em up there for at least 2 hours.

Ari Ford: *she blinks, then looks suspicious at Twomoons* You're joking, right?

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Absolutely straight of face* Nope. Every cub does it, upon a successful completion of their passage.

Ari Ford: I haven't seen any other undies flying in the breeze... *granted, she doesn't think she's seen any other RoPs since she's been here, either*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): Ari>>That's because it's for cubs only. We figure cliaths have already proven themselves, fully.

Ari Ford: *she sighs* I have a feeling this is something similar to Medea-rhya and the shaving cream... *but chuckles* But hey, what the hell, right? *grins a little, patting her backpack* Good thing I always have clean undies with me.

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): Definitely a good thing. Your mother taught you well.

Ari Ford: *she giggles a little and goes trotting toward the crane*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Nudges Medea, pointing out Ari's final rite of passage. Some would call it hazing. But what the hell*

Ari Ford: *they can all see her climbing up the crane...quite nimbly, actually...and when she reaches the top, she hangs something there... In the dark, no one will ever see it, but come morning everyone will see something dangling there, wispy and black...a pair of thong undies*

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